Opening on Christmas Day…. Mandela the Conquering Liberator

Vicious, anti White Marxists have been waging a “war against Christmas”. Why? Because they hate us, seek to insult, defile anything the historic, White American nation holds sacred. We’re not allowed to sing Christmas carols in public, or even enjoy a family oriented Christmas movie like “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Bells of St. Mary’s”, “Miracle on 34th Street”. The anti White cultural Marxists have sought to substitute a new series of “Saints” that we’re supposed to worship – Saint Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, the noble Kennedy family of Civil Rights Camelot. The Cultural Marxists have even put up giant idols, temples on the Washington Mall – where our children take field trips to worship Saint MLK (looks like something from North Korea), or our children take religious pilgrimages to the Holocaust Museum – where somehow White Americans are guilty of murderous, racist sins in Eastern Europe in World War II. Somehow these racist sins in World War II mean that we must now excuse Black thugs from targeting White American senior citizens with the…

Knockout game.

One rather new component in the War Against Christmas is the opening of violent, hate White people movies on Christmas Day. Last year it was “Django Unchained”, this year it’s the official South African ANC government’s propaganda movie “Mandela Long Walk to Freedom”

The movie trailer depicts the same old, same old story of evil White SA racists firing in to sainted groups of civil rights protesting Blacks. Mandela’s second wife Winnie Mandela appears to be presented as an angelic love interest, the mother of the revolution. I highly doubt this official ANC propaganda film will show saint Winnie personally directing the abduction, torture and murder of the boy Stompie Moeketsi (link Winnie convicted), or make too many references to her use of necklacing, posing with Jew Communist leaders in front of Communist banners, leading mobs of Blacks in the song “Kill the farmer, kill the Boers”.

A quick look at the credits reveals that the cursed Weinstein Brothers are distributing this terrible hate Whitey movie – and we can guess that this eternally vindictive Hollywood/Babylon tribe made the marketing decision to release the film on Christmas Day.

Who’s responsible for marketing hate White people, Communist propaganda films on Christmas Day?

I’ll give you a hint:

It starts with “J” ends with “W” and rhymes with “Jew”.

What’s to be done?

My advice is to not panic or get too bent out of shape; the war against Christmas has been going on for many years now. The “Nelson Mandela is a saint that we all MUST worship” – that’s also been going on a long time, it’s getting old. Only sell out political prostitutes like Rand Paul go in for 100% Mandela worship.

Instead simply pass the word to our people to pose the Mandela movie opening on Christmas. Ask to meet with the theater manager that will show the Christmas Day opening and state your firm belief that this is very insulting to local Christian community. Ask if the theater would open viciously anti Jewish movies on rosh hashanah , or anti Black movies on Martin Luther King day?

That’s what I did last year when D ‘tango Unchained opened on Christmas. Also gently try to teach your relatives, associates that there is a war against Christmas and these hate White people movies are very, well hateful. Ask why they never seem to defend insults to our people, unlike Blacks, Muslims, Jews even gays.

Ys, Virginia there is a war against Christmas and vicious hatred for our White Indo European people; it’s a world wide phenomena. And if this subject because too defeatist, depressing, please note that the Weinstein Brothers ain’t opening up “Mandela Long Walk to Freedom” or “Django Unchained” on Christmas Day or any other day in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Google what happened to the Marxist punk rock band “Pussy Riot” when they they tried this &$&@ in Russia…

Forced labor camp in Siberia.

Got to love the Russians.


  1. I can’t remember where I got this but it was a good description of apartheid. The writer said most of the Blacks came to South Africa for the benefits of the civilization the Whites created and apartheid was not to keep the Blacks down but to protect the Whites. Whites were allowed urban areas where they would be free from the depravities of the Blacks.

  2. Don’t miss Tim Wise on CNN spewing his Jew. In keeping with happy holiday festivities, that Jew media Ho Ho Ho – the Timster – is calling Jesus “a symbol of genocide”.

    As the Christian world once again prepares to welcome the Christ child into our hearts for this joyous feast of the Holy Nativity and Christ’s Mass, what do we hear from the Jew media and the Screw U campus blabfest circuit? Some blasphemer reduced to kvetching about ‘white genocide’ and playing the righteous indignation card on Whitey for all the genocides evil Whitey has supposedly committed in the name of Jesus ‘a symbol of genocide’.

    Oh please. He should stop schlepping that dead cat and just throw it in the SPLC backyard. Hope it lands smack on ’em. That’ll jingle their bells.

    What Matzoh Man Timster is really doing, of course, is openly calling for the genocide of the White race in its nations and people.

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