Federal Court Decides “Same Sex Marriage” Ban Is “Unconstitutional”


It is only a matter of time before the US federal courts strike down all the bans on “same-sex marriage” in the South:

Note: Salt Lake County is already issuing “marriage” licenses to homosexuals. Gay marriage has come to Utah thanks to the existence of the Union.

“A federal judge struck down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban Friday in a decision that brings a nationwide shift toward allowing gay marriage to a conservative state where the Mormon church has long been against it.

U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby issued a 53-page ruling Friday saying Utah’s law passed by voters in 2004 violates gay and lesbian couples’ rights to due process and equal protection under the 14th Amendment. …”

Shelby said the state failed to show that allowing same-sex marriages would affect opposite-sex marriages in any way. …

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  1. What more do we have to endure, before we take up arms? That seems to be a question no one wants to ask, but how can a person live in denial of his conscience and sanity any longer?

  2. High time we stop lamenting a society we have long lost. It is time to begin the work of starting anew. There is no reclaiming traditional America, it is dead.

  3. Good website, but any real revolt will come from the northern plains/northern rockies, not from the south.

    The South has too many Negroes–sorry, but that’s the truth.

  4. “A federal judge struck down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban Friday in a decision that brings a nationwide shift toward allowing gay marriage” – It is federal judges all the way down isn’t it?

  5. Elgar, you got it. Instead of looking back we should be envisioning the future. It’s always struck me as odd that as both whites and americans we fail to do what we’ve always done – improvise and create anew.

    I also don’t get this seeming compulsion to look aside. The gender wars are just a distraction really. Gays should be content to have civil unions and religion should be content to remain separate from government.

  6. The entire point of a legal marriage ceremony is to protect women and children contractually. Society and the state have no rational reason whatsoever for conferring upon buggery that sort of legal protection.

  7. “Unfortunately they are appointed for life.”

    As you so conveniently forget, R-

    “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment…” [Heb. 9:27]

    We merely act as God’s hands in fulfilling the first half of this verse, and the problem is solved.

  8. The Constitution is no longer worth the paper it’s written on, assuming that it ever was. Demographics and culture determine law, not vise versa.

    You LOS folks are right about secession and I wish you well. One suggestion, “replacement” is really lame. What you are really facing is genocide, like all other White folks. Anti-Whites won’t hate you anymore than they do now for saying “genocide” instead of “replacement”.

  9. Fr. John+ says:
    December 20, 2013 at 10:54 pm
    What more do we have to endure, before we take up arms? That seems to be a question no one wants to ask, but how can a person live in denial of his conscience and sanity any longer?”


    I suggest taking up water balloons filled with vile liquids, rotted eggs, rotted fish, tarring and feathering these types was once an American tradition. Right wing Conservative Americans waste too much time on gun fantasies, guns that are never used, or else used in counter productive ways like invading the US Holocaust Museum and killing a minimum wage Black security guard.

    These vile, pervert judges need to be bombarded with rotted, foul smelling things.

  10. There is no rule of law anymore, only rule of judges….”

    A rule of judges is a dictatorship.

    Wonder if this will just sort of play out, that people will get bored with it or something. BACK IN REALITY, only about 6% tops of any population (and usually said to be about 4%) is actually homosexual.

    It’s really not that many people, the main ones now are like that Cynthia Nixon-or-Dixon, I forgethername, from Sex & the city who got a girlfriend, seemingly to revive her career, people like that mostly. The big money says it’s trendy so they do it.

    If average people just realized the real number is about 4%, (and just stick with that and get off the morality of it) they probably would start asking more questions about the prominence of this in the daily public discourse, about why it’s the only national issue, etc.

  11. “BACK IN REALITY, only about 6% tops of any population (and usually said to be about 4%) is actually homosexual.”

    I think that number is a bit on the high side and this is coming from someone who lives in Portland and has spent a lot of time in SF (queers) /Berkeley-Oakland (dykes) too. Didn’t you say you attended a Catholic school at some point? This may be warping your perspective on the matter given the high rate of homosexuality in the single sex Catholic schools, convents, and seminaries.

    I’d put the rate at 1% or 2% tops.

  12. Jack Ryan Von Brunn didn’t do it. He died at least two weeks before the date of the alleged shooting and further, couldn’t have gotten to the museum much less up the steps with how bad his heart was at 88.

    But they got what they wanted out of him. Now protesters anywhere near the museum who wanted to provide counter-evidence could be arrested for a felony by the Secret Service in violation of I think the 14th Amendment.

  13. Jack Ryan: The Holohoax Museum Attack was not an attack. Many say that Mossad set the whole incident up and blamed it on the older gentleman who was very anti-Jew.

  14. Hunter,

    I thought the woman/creature NYyankees had been banned from posting comments on OD.

    She/it is back violating OD’s comment guidelines that prohibit comments featured wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, Sci Fi paranoia that secret plots of THE JEWS are responsible for all the stupid, counter productive acts confused Right Wing American loons like Cobb and Von Braun. If she/it isn’t banned, please ban her/it. Thanks.

  15. John Thomas your comment violates OD’s comment guidelines prohibiting comments alleging wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories involving THE JEWS, aliens from outer space, some church denomination etc.

    Do not post any more comments like that here.

  16. NYYankees and John Thomas, Von Brunn was responsible for that museum attack. He didn’t die two weeks before the attack, he was alive and kicking a year after the attack. He had a history of abusive, violent, behavior toward his family and society, that was, IMO, fueled by alcohol abuse. And this claim he was the victim of a set up or a Mossad conspiracy is insane beyond words. Even people like John de Nugent said Von Brunn’s anger and rhetoric was becoming more strident toward the time of the shooting. Nope, Von Brunn set himself up by allowing his years of pent up anger and hate goad him into his act of folly.

  17. Stephen, thanks for being a great voice for sanity. As soon as I met you in person at our successful Tennessee demonstrations, I knew you were a stand up guy.

    Are you interested in doing some activism up here in Chicago in the New Year?

    Merry Christmas Steve.


  18. Jack Ryan calling me a ‘creature?’ What the hell?

    In general I consider using pejoratives to designate people a bad idea – it’s not positive, it makes newcomers feel unwelcome and tense. I just don’t get fixating on gays anyway, I think it’s a waste of time.

    Stephen Dalton, I happen to know someone who was investigated in relation to Von Brunn’s alleged shooting. The official story from DHS is that he died within two weeks I think it was, so your version that he lived after that is simply inaccurate.

    Von Brunn didn’t commit this crime. He had died, and was then framed for a shooting that did not, in reality, happen. He was then said to have died a short time after, I know the real story so I haven’t paid attention to the ‘official’ narrative, but I think they said he had been shot in reaction and that he died days later.

    It’s not true. Why does the truth seem like such anathema to some people, like Jack Ryan?

    White people need to wake up and soon. There needs to be unity, hating gays, or truthtellers, or yankees, or whoever gets us nowhere. The main problem is that no one agrees on what the truth is, and how positive is defined. I agree with Clement Pulaski that we need love (check TradYouth under Heimbach’s article Killing Them with Kindness), but highly doubt we’re capable of it.

  19. OD Readers, please ignore any comments posted by NYYankees she/it is an obvious troll who constantly violates OD’s comment guidelines. When Hunter has some free time after Christmas, I am confident he’ll ban her/it.

    It’s a very effective tool of our enemy to confuse our activists by planting wild conspiratorial loon stories, so we wil look at sound like kooks, loons, become obsessed with all kinds of nonsense and start believing :

    That nothing is real, nothing can be believed.

    Most everything in our world of importance is pretty easy to understand. Don’t tolerate or associate with conspiracy mongering loons who are trying to get you to drop out of mainstream society, become a loner, loon, nut case, societal misfit like those loner, loser kooks Von Brunn and North Dakota Cobb.

  20. Yeah it is but von Brunn had not had anything to do with him for five years and wasn’t close to him.

    It’s ‘in’ for family members of castigated WN’s especially ones who call out zionists to be paraded before the media so they can be seen to validate the framing, or whatever. Covington’s brother has done it, and while I deem HAC to be more of an entertainer than a statesman, his brother’s attacks against him were disgusting and mostly exposed jealousy rather than HAC’s alleged ‘mental illness.’

    The FBI threatened to implicate my associate with the murder of the guard, yet he had never even metVvon Brunn in person and had only advised him technically (I won’t fully disclose details). Believe me when I say Von Brunn didn’t do it. I have no investment in the man and am not directly familiar with his writings, etc.

  21. I really think some warning needs to be issued towards Jack Ryan for calling me a creature. So I liked to watch the Yankees with my dad as a kid…so what. How does that relegate me to inhuman status…he’s out of line with that comment.

    • I’m letting y’all fight it out for now – mainly because I find this latest conspiracy theory amusing, but also because I am on the road and don’t have the time to deal with it right now.

      Just of curiosity, who shot up the Holocaust museum then?

  22. “I really think some warning needs to be issued towards Jack Ryan for calling me a creature.”

    A creature? Oh nooooooooooo! That’s actually pretty mild for this joint. Aren’t we all supposed to be God’s creatures anyway?

    Perhaps a Christmas truce should be called.

  23. Who’s to say anyone shot some black guard at the Holohoax Museum? Where’s your evidence? You believe what a black president who replaced most of the whites in the DHS? Are you really so naive Hunter/Brad to believe everything the media tells you?

    I used to be like that. I believed it when I heard about it, like most people. But the government has become both greedy and sloppy. Sandy Hook was what fully awakened me to how common these hoaxes are. There is tons of evidence that the whole thing was a hoax. Some researcher called it a ‘drill within a hoax within a psy op.’

    von Brunn could barely walk from chair to bed, that’s how bad his 88 year old heart was. He didn’t become increasingly angry according to associates of his. He just stopped what had been daily communication with no warning, or change of any kind. Then I think it was 13 days later he allegedly either walked or drove all the way to the museum, journeyed on towards the building and up two flights of stairs with no trouble.

    I’ve mentioned I have associates in the military. It’s never been confirmed from that side, but let’s just say a kabosh was put on questions about it even when there were a lot of things not making total sense. Do you people know who runs DHS? Besides jews, blacks took over many whites’ positions in the years following Obama’s installation.

    I really can’t say anymore. But I’m shocked that people are so incredibly naive. This is what comes of fixating solely on negroes. That’s southerners for ya.

  24. NYYankees, you say you have a source that contradicts the accepted narrative of the Von Brunn story. Name the source so we can examine his/her claims. If you refuse to do so, STHU! We don’t need silly fairy tales like the Boston bombing was a Mossad false flag op on this web site. We want verifiable facts, not nutcase conspiracy theories like you and another woman, whom I’ll not name, have pushed in the past. Please go elsewhere to push this crap. We want reality, not fantasy, here.

  25. @NYYankees

    “Von Brunn didn’t do it.”

    WTF??? He was shot and then arrested on the spot. It was all captured on security cameras and witnessed by at least a dozen people including the two other security guards that shot him.

    Stop posting crazy-ass LIES.

    • Newtown, also, was a hoax within a psy-op.

      For the record, I am allowing this to be posted here because I find it humorous. Like Craig Cobb’s “patrol” of Leith, it is symptomatic of what is wrong with White Nationalism.

  26. Jeh C. Johnson is in charge of DHS. http://waronyou.com/forums/index.php?topic=10340;wap2 What about Gordon Kahl who had his feet and hands chopped off? Brunn arrested (Kidnapped 6) Federal Reserve Officials. Did six year for it and wrote a book called KILL THE BEST GENTILES…After Agent Orange /Dioxin in Vietnam and Depleted Uranium in Iraq and Afganistan–I dont trust the Governemt….. No conspiracy intended..just questions and truthful answers needed.

  27. The moon landing was a hoax. It was all filmed on a Hollywood sound stage. The astronauts suits were filled with helium and there were secret hidden high speed fans hidden from below and invisible wires hanging from above that made it seem like they were jumping around in 1/6th gravity.

    Lyndon Johnson shot JFK from the grassy knoll but nobody actually saw him do it because he was hiding behind a fence. And everyone knows you can’t operate the bolt on a rifle once within three seconds. Plus the bullet found in Gov. Connally’s thigh was secretly deformed by rogue Secret Service agents under LBJ’s command to look exactly like it should be deformed had it hit the bone in Connally’s ribs and arm.

  28. Agent Orange/Dioxin and Depleted Uranium are not funny. Ask the Vets who are still alive and did not die from it and they will tell you…What happened to Gordon Kahl is no joke either. Anyone who stands against the Evil Empire in the open and The Evil Ones decide they need to be Neutralized—they will be Neutralized.. Look what happened to Huey Long… The DHS is no joke Hunter. They have all kinds of lists. James Preston on Veterans Today.com has written articles like the NEW AMERICAN GESTOPO and Secret Space War XI; Comet Ison Gambit….read the part about the DHS Lists. I dont go for Ison either or the out of world crazy stuff either. Better take a closer look at DHS…It is real…I wont say anymore. In the final end maybe Martin Lindstedt is right.. You have good site Hunter–alot of good info. I will refrain from posting anything else…

  29. I have no idea what happened regarding the moon landing. The source who informs me about von Brunn who would be in the know scientifically thinks it did happen, with particular thanks to one of the Nazi scientists commandeered after WWII to work for our government. So I can’t comment on that issue and don’t care too much about it anyway.

    I find it funny that someone, JR, referenced the Nugent character as someone who is some moderate alternative to me. I don’t deal in outer space, thank you very much, and if someone’s a kook then that’s what they are and invoking them to discredit me just exposes how illogical you are, and desperate.

    People on here think Oswald worked alone?! Salvador Astucia lays out the most substantiated and cogent theory I’ve read (although I’m not even close to being an expert on the various theories regarding JFK’s murder). RFK Jr. is on youtube validating that his own father did not think Oswald worked alone. As per Astucia, I think Oswald was a patsy groomed by the CIA in conjunction with the Mossad. There is ample and even some irrefutable evidence for this if you research it.

    I hear you Stephen Dalton, in demanding I name my source(s), but I can’t, so sue me. I’ve already said too much, and the FBI has threatened at least two people I know personally along these lines, who have zero criminal record but happened to come upon the truth.

    So, the facts which are irrefutable: Von Brunn was 88 years old and suffered from heart failure so acute that he could barely walk across his own small apartment. He ceased what had been a chronic (0ver years) daily email semi-spamming 13 days prior to the alleged shooting. His tone had not changed in the slightest prior to the abrupt end of communication and included no mention of violence towards anyone. He had no family who might have been there to watch over or validate (or invalidate) when he died, etc. He was conveniently accused of having child porn on a computer but there is no way to prove when it was downloaded (if they even bothered to make this motion at all which I doubt). He found nudity vulgar and avoided anything pornographic. The associate of his knew him well enough to also confirm that Von Brunn did not evince any signs whatsoever of alcoholism.

    Same source was threatened by the FBI even though he is an upstanding citizen (and highly accomplished one at that) with no criminal record who merely advised von Brunn, more or less, technically. They told him he would have to silence stuff or he was going to be implicated in the alleged murder of the guard, even though von Brunn had not spoken one word about any violence towards anyone and they lived many many states away from one another.

    I can’t speak anymore about it, especially about the government employee. Am I 100% certain von Brunn didn’t do it? No, although I am that sure that Sandy Hook was one giant hoax. Haven’t studied much on the Boston Bombing. But if the governmedia can fake the massacre of 26 dead people then I’m entirely certain they could stage a shooting of one black guard by a totally isolated, stigmatized old ‘white supremacist’ at a museum dedicated to proving 6 million human beings were murdered in gas chambers that never existed – that number was being touted by zionists many decades before WWII BTW.

    Von Brunn’s alleged attack paved the way for further violations of the 14th Amendment in that it’s legal outgrowth was an edict being passed which deprives american citizens of the right to peacefully protest. So if the people who are sober, brave and hardy enough wanted to exercise their constitutional right to protest the myths being propagated in the museum they could (and would) be arrested by Secret Service for a felony no matter how peaceful their set up was. Von Brunn’s framing helped justify this law which stipulates that any person or place assigned Secret Service protection is essentially immune from civil challenges to their assertions.

    What this thread crystallizes is yet another pivotal difference between how yankees and southerners think. We scrutinize the power dynamics and machinations behind the scenes, instead of relying on static, essentialized notions of say, negro DNA, or ‘marriage’ (which we tend to see as purely religious and therefore not under state jurisdiction) to explain clashes between tribes, classes, political ideologies, etc., and ultimately races.

    I am no acolyte of Cobb’s. I never heard of the guy prior to his escapades in Leith, and I see no net worth value in what he did there.

  30. John Thomas, a family member died of Agent Orange in Nam, and father and uncles, one a Marine, served their country there.

    Semper Fi

  31. Re: NYYankees

    Jack Ryan, Stephen Dalton, and Rudel live in the Northern states. They don’t agree with your conspiracy theories.

    As for James von Brunn, he was captured on video shooting up the Holocaust museum and was shot himself there by a security guard in the process. He was condemned by his own son on national television.

  32. “I think Oswald was a patsy groomed by the CIA in conjunction with the Mossad. There is ample and even some irrefutable evidence for this if you research it.”

    Then read this: a single volume of 1,648 pages that once and for all resolves, beyond any reasonable doubt, every lingering question as to what happened in Dallas and who was responsible:


    And I wouldn’t trust one word coming from the mouth of that lying little cocksucker Robert Kennedy who only became an anti-war liberal in 1968 after LBJ lost to Eugene McCarthy in the New Hampshire primary.

  33. There are plenty of southerners who know that Oswald didn’t alone (if even at all) kill JFK, that Sandy Hook reeks of problems, and that the government has been staging hoaxes from time immemorial. Operation Gladio is another fairly widely known instance.

    I can tell you this: no northern territory is going to subsume itself under the banner of Southern anything. You guys will be branded as KKK, or as some analog like CoCC, in about five seconds flat. I personally don’t think a threshold of southerners will subsume themselves under a banner which looks back into a time where middle class whiteness didn’t really exist. It wasn’t just integration which sludged your communities into the sewer; race was not the only factor which caused middle class whites to decline. Larger economic forces, spearheaded by one group particularly, declared war on europeans. They used race as their main weapon, along with gender.

    We know this up here and there’s no telling us otherwise, just as the deniers of reality on here won’t accept anything I or tons of other people say no matter how concretely and rigorously we’d prove it to you.

    You do a lot of right things with these protests, but people aren’t lining up to join with you no matter how many honks and thumbs up you get.

    Whites need to trust in themselves and their accomplishments as a culture with a history, but they need to innovate and look forward, not back. And they need to do it with love and tolerance (yes, I believe in the word not the distortion of it) for one another, not this compulsion to define oneself by negation. So you’re not a negro, or a jew, or a sodomite, or a yankee. Everyone in the movement is negationist and backwards-thinking, whether it be the ‘National Socialists’ trying to conjure Hitler or the Southerners believing their beloved Dixie will rise again. You protest corporations replacing middle class whites but that’s what the Confederate flag symbolized. Slaveholding elites struck a deal with the scots irish; squat in mountainous barren land and fight indians for the right to live and worship freely and to fashion a future for their children. Except for that deal was blood money in the end, as we all know.

    Somehow I don’t see the same bargain being struck again, as that future didn’t work out so well for anyone but a few elite whites and the mercantile jews, and that’s true of Europe and America. But those whites got a taste of true freedom for a time and I doubt they’ll forfeit it for some hoaky pseudo nostalgic hoax called The South. Great music and literature don’t feed the kids or protect them either. You call Covington a crackpot. At least he’s funny.

    It’s the compulsion of looking back, not to mention around you with such social paranoia, that caused northerners to consider you a decadent culture. I’m secure in my sexuality, my faith and my people.

    Michael Hastings’ wife and brother said they were certain Michael wasn’t murdered, just like my source was ‘certain’ von Brunn wasn’t set up after the FBI leaned on him.

  34. “Agent Orange/Dioxin and Depleted Uranium are not funny. Ask the Vets who are still alive and did not die from it and they will tell you…”

    I walked roads sweeping for mines that were covered in Dioxin to keep the dust down and cleared huge swaths of elephant grass with it to build firebase perimeters and clear LZs almost every day for 13 months and I’m fit as a fiddle.

  35. “no northern territory is going to subsume itself under the banner of Southern anything”

    The South didn’t want to subsume the North under the banner of anything. They just wanted to be left alone! The Union armies were the ones who invaded the South.

  36. The irish catholic ‘cocksucker’ was the AG and told his son that JFK, whom he loved, was not killed by Oswald alone. Look that up on youtube.

    Hunter/Brad have you seen this video tape of von Brunn shooting the guard?

    There’s supposedly a video of ‘Adam Lanza’ shooting up 26 people in Sandy Hook. But no one’s ever seen it.

    Rudel are you claiming my cousin didn’t die from constant handling of Agent Orange within 18 months? This federal government you hate one minute and swear by the next even admitted it’s exactly what killed him.

  37. “Rudel are you claiming my cousin didn’t die from constant handling of Agent Orange within 18 months? This federal government you hate one minute and swear by the next even admitted it’s exactly what killed him.”

    When have I ever sworn by the federal government (swore at maybe.) And what does RFK’s family life have to do with JFK’s shooting? Everyone knows Bobby hated LBJ and lobbied vigorously with Jack against including him on the ticket in 1960. The whole clan are nothing but a bunch of murdering, drunken, drug addicts.

    I don’t know jack shit about your cousin and could care even less, unless he was in the Marine Corps. I was responding to someone else’s post. And the government refused to even acknowledge Dioxin poisoning until decades after the war.

  38. “There’s supposedly a video of ‘Adam Lanza’ shooting up 26 people in Sandy Hook.”

    What video and why on earth would you need one anyway with all those eyewitnesses. Not to mention he shot himself dead with his mother’s guns after he shot her and the schoolchildren. The ballistic evidence alone proves it.

    What the fuck is the matter with you? Menopause perhaps? The hormonal changes involved mess with the brain. STFU and GTFO!

  39. Don’t feed the trolls.

    Please ignore this disruptive troll posting comments as NYYankees. OD’s comment guidelines are straight forward easy to understand , strictly forbidding wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. This creature NYYankees constantly violates OD’s comment guidelines.

    When Hunter has some time after Christmas, he’ll ban this troll. Until then, simply ignore it.

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  40. Brad has suggested on this site that the white northerners should unite under the banner of the South, yet there aren’t even any southern whites who want to do that.

    Eyewitnesses report Santa sightings at the local mall.

    Merry Christmas!

  41. Jack, you’re right. “Don’t feed the trolls.” It’s impossible to reason with folks who won’t look at what’s happening or what has actually happened in the real world. They believe a vast conspiracy must be responsible for what can be seen by you and me as the actions of a deranged individual (like Von Brunn) or maybe a couple of wacko’s (the Boston bombing). These poor people have a pre-set demonology in their heads that blames a certain group, (the Catholics, The Jews, the US Government, Neo-Nazi’s, the KKK, etc.) for everything that goes wrong in their scary little world. I’ll be happy as all get out when these poor unfortunates are kept out of the OD corral so they can ride their hobby horses out on the range to their hearts content.

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