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  1. Rudel, how many of those pictured were fat coared to those who were fit? Our demonstrations look totally different from what people expect from the Right wing in the USA. We are overwhelmingly young, in decent shape and well dressed. We always look much better than our opposition.

  2. The one man in khaki slacks with a black XXXL shirt, needs to have his stomach stapled, learn to eat in moderation, and deny himself. And lose close to 100 pounds.

    Rudel is correct on that one.

    As to the rest… Well, yes, you are young. But youth alone in this day and age does not make for the kind of photo opps, that will draw people to your cause. We all need to understand that the Agribiz folk are wanting us addicted to Frankenfood, and HFCS, and genetically-engineered Wheat, etc.

    While I am not a fan of the ‘basic black stormtrooper/Holocaust chic buzzcuts of Golden Dawn’s men, at least they look like they could punch the sh*t out of you, if they HAD to. And it’s that sort of Southern College White Football team look you need to cultivate. Look at the YTC kids- dressed in suits and ties, bagpiper and banner at the ready, standing up for [RC] culture. So, not quite Jared Taylor, and his ‘I cahn’t be bothuhed’ noblesse oblige, nor the skinhead faction of your local whack job, but something in the middle would be a goal for future videos.

    And/or the massive numbers of people in the [Golden Dawn] demonstrations in the videos they show, clearly inspire, and chill those for whom such overt racialism of a native Ethnos, should chill. ( “think of a word that begins with J, and ends with W, etc.”)

    But obese White Men? No way. Why do you think at least the Duck Dynasty nutjobs got a hearing on TV? They may be built like outhouses, but they ain’t FAT.

  3. It is interesting that no matter how much activism we do – even when we are nearly alone in doing this sort of thing – we still meet resistance from pro-White readers on a pro-White website. In this case, they find one very over-weight older man (who, by the way, is very supportive of our cause and has contributed funds towards our demonstrations) in a video full of mostly young folks who are in good shape and choose to focus on this. I attribute this to a hold-over from the WN movement – which has never actually moved anywhere. It’s unfortunate. I do understand that appearances matter. Because of that, we, more than any nationalist group I’ve heard about in the USA, go to great lengths to ensure that we project a positive public image. I realise the resistance we encounter here is very limited. But I wanted to point it out because it’s not the attitude of someone who truly supports our cause – it’s not a pro-White attitude at all. Someone who is actually pro-White would not watch a video such as the one above and describe the demonstrators in general as ‘fat crackers.’ That is what we would expect from the SPLC.

  4. Lighten up Palmetto, considering the thread on Cracker Barrel it was meant as a joke. You Southerners can sure dish it out but can’t seem to take it. I financially supported both those demonstrations. These damyankee this and damyankee that comments get on my nerves.

    You guys think you are so pure that unlike the CSA you can’t accept support from Copperheads? You think the Confederacy didn’t accept support from all quarters? Think again.

    Thousands of Northerners fought for the South in that war including 33 general officers, five of whom died in battle. Thousand more were imprisoned for sedition or were forced into exile. Dozens of Northern newspapers were shut down by Lincoln and their editors and publishers thrown into jail. And anti-war Democrat General George McCllelan almost won the 1864 election without any votes from the South.

    You want a fight about this? Fine, I’ll use my considerable bulk to sit on you till you suffocate. You can get my email address from Brad so we can set up a time and a place.

  5. I did not know that you supported the demonstrations, Rudel. I’m happy to hear that. One of the major problems with the Internet is that it is difficult to tell when someone is joking or serious. I’m not the best at determining this anyhow.

    I don’t see the sort of comments you are referring to in this thread.

  6. “I don’t see the sort of comments you are referring to in this thread.”

    There aren’t except perhaps for my own. Let me sincerely apologize for threatening to sit on you till you were breathless. You generally post reasonable and informative information. BTW, when is your deadline for paying the sign company to put up your SECEDE billboard?

  7. Mr. Palmetto-

    If words meant nothing, then HW would never have put this blog up; you wouldn’t have done JewTube videos, and the demonstrations in which an honest analysis of the visual images were being discussed, never would have happened.

    In discussing STRATEGIES for future CONVERTS (for this IS a RELIGIOUS battle, even if some don’t see it as such), the most important cue for a Visual icon, is to note that, in former years (say, the 1930’s under a certain Austrian Painter’s leadership?)
    young, trim, GOOD-LOOKING white kids were shown, and the mature (fat) Burgher types were in the background. Look at 1940’s Hollywood fare for stirring up Americanism, a la Garland/Rooney films. Same thing. Even Andy Hardy’s dad was not a fat, John Goodman type, but a skinny, Athenian Aristocrat sort.

    Visual images DO matter. And while Mr. XXXXL may contribute, let his money fill your coffers, rather than his visage fill the screen. That’s all I was saying. It’s not personal, it’s the business of effective propaganda… need I remind our readers that ALL is propaganda, on the part of the Enemy? You have to fight fire with fire.

  8. “the mature (fat) Burgher types were in the background”

    Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering was never “in the background” (he saw to that.) Neither was fatty Ernst Rohm.

  9. Sigh. Always ready to argue, aren’t you, Rude…

    Well, guess what. I’m not rising to the bait. I’m going to throw grace in your face….
    Merry Christmas!

    Ha! I dare you to have a blessed season of Incarnation, and love your fellow man, just for once.

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