Federal Judges Strikes Down Michigan Gay Marriage Ban


US federal judges have decided to anoint themselves as our rulers. What’s the point of having elections when unelected judges make the law?

(CNN) — A federal judge on Friday ruled that Michigan’s prohibition on same-sex marriage violates the U.S. Constitution, ordering the state to stop enforcing the ban.

“Today’s decision … affirms the enduring principle that regardless of whoever finds favor in the eyes of the most recent majority, the guarantee of equal protection must prevail,” U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman wrote.

Michigan is the latest state in which federal judges have struck down state constitutional bans on gay marriage. …

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  1. The federal judiciary has been out of control for decades, but the derp-American public is oblivious.

    If the GOP ran on a platform of reforming (i.e. gutting) the federal judiciary, would it attract enough votes? Doubtful.

    Oh well, back to March Madness!

  2. While Michigan is a “blue” state, that is because of the black vote, the Ann Arbor liberal vote, and the blue collar union rump. The vast majority of the territory is circle-the-wagons conservative. Consider also the Irish-scale outmigration of many decent white Michiganders.

    American politics is becoming evermore racially polarized which will lead to the fracture of the nation along racial lines, provided a sufficient catalyst, such as an economic collapse or military debacle. If I were a secessionist strategist, I would covet much of the territory of Michigan, leaving the detritus of Detroit to the JWO government out of DC and New York.

    A day will come when locally organized referendums operating outside of the usual channels will ask whether local folks want to secede from DC. The DC government will claim them “illegal”, but there will be enormous support worldwide. I hope to live to see that day.

  3. Afterthought,

    I got your letter and wanted to tell you that I agree and appreciate it. We’re in a very dark time, but decadence is common throughout history. There will be a renewal.

  4. These fucking federal dictators have to go,,,damn,,how much more do we have to take of the Queerocracy..damn..maybe Fred Phelps was right..

  5. Anon..the GOP will never run on a platform of opposing federal judges or any of this crap, They just might WIN if they did! They are gutless wonders who depend on the white vote here in Texas as we get fewer and fewer.

  6. I’ll be glad when the day comes that that curse of a document, the US constitution is burned to bits. It has been nothing but a vehicle for our destruction from the moment it was created. It has been used to legitimize and make legal every evil that man can create in his brain.

  7. Anon..the GOP will never run on a platform of opposing federal judges or any of this crap, They just might WIN if they did!

    The GOP cannot oppose the judges because they worship the US constitution where the judges derive their power.

    Opposing the judges is de facto opposing the United States of America and the constitution or the “rule of law” or whatever BS phrase that describes that piece of paper.

    The GOP will just whine a lot about it and cry about “liberals” while taking another defeat on the chin. When you worship at the ground of the constitution, you really don’t have any other choice.

  8. “The GOP will just whine a lot about it and cry about “liberals” while taking another defeat on the chin.”

    Something we should all know about the GOP is they do not want to win. They are comfortable the way things are.

  9. Well said Ulfric. If there’s one thing William Lloyd Garrison got right, it was when he took a copy of the Constitution and lit it on fire in front of everybody. Course, he did it for slightly different reasons, but he got the right idea.

    Dissolve the Union

    And scorch that Godless anti-white document which was forged in secrecy by rich, greedy merchant criminals. *no sarcasm*

  10. Equality is a lie and is nothing but a mechanism for destruction. Carving reality up can be done indefinitely. Striking down a good law that bans heralding up and normalizing a difference that harms the community because it is not placed in the same “equal” place as straight healthy societal enlarging and strengthening marriage is a lie shielding the truth. The sword of equality could be used to destroy everything as equality in and of itself is destructive de facto equalling death in nature. Our bodies die when their chemicals equalize out.

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