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Busy Weekend

March 30, 2014 Hunter Wallace 2

Alabama The SN movement has matured to the point where I spent Friday afternoon hanging out with friends visiting Alabama, all day Saturday at the […]

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FBI Dumps The SPLC

March 27, 2014 Hunter Wallace 22

District of Corruption A small bit of good news … “Christian groups are celebrating with the news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation appears to […]

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Gawker Article

March 22, 2014 Hunter Wallace 1

Florida Considering the source, Gawker has a very fair new article up about the League of the South rally in Tallahassee: “I mingled clumsily with […]

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My Son

March 21, 2014 Hunter Wallace 36

Alabama Here’s our first real glimpse of him with a 4D ulrasound: Note: George William will be born on June 8th. If you want to […]

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Kentucky Unionism

March 19, 2014 Hunter Wallace 13

Kentucky I’m currently reading Kent Dollar, Larry Whiteaker, W. Calvin Dickinson’s book, Sister States, Enemy States: The Civil War in Kentucky and Tennessee. The book explores why Kentucky, […]

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White Man’s March

March 15, 2014 Hunter Wallace 6

Alabama The White Man’s March made the local news in Birmingham, AL this afternoon. No less than four of the “Diversity = White Genocide” banners […]

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Coming Soon

March 5, 2014 Hunter Wallace 5

American South Now that winter is winding down, the League of the South is gearing up for a new round of protests and demonstrations in […]