Self Detonating Lone Wolf Vanguardists

Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. at his arraignment
Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. at his arraignment


After sitting down and thinking about it, I have decided not to write a general article about the subject of violence.

Upon reflection, the term “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” and the damage that these people routinely inflict on the White Nationalist movement encompasses virtually all of the recent incidents which I wanted to address.

What is a “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist”? In his book Blood and Politics: A History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream, Leonard Zeskind depicted the White Nationalist movement as being torn between “two political trends” which “vie for strategy hegemony”:

“Within the movement, two political trends, mainstreaming and vanguardism, view for strategic hegemony. The differences between the two are somewhat akin to the distinctions between reformists and revolutionaries. They both seek the same goal but differ over the manner in which they work toward it.

Broadly speaking, mainstreamers believe that a majority (or near majority) of white people can be won over to support their cause, and they try to influence the existing structures of American life.

Vanguardists think that they will never find more than a small minority of white people to support their aims voluntarily, and they build smaller organizations of highly dedicated cadres with the intention of forcefully dragging the rest of society behind them.” (Zeskind, p.xix)

What is a “lone wolf”?

“A lone wolf or lone-wolf fighter is someone who commits or prepares for, or is suspected of committing or preparing for, violent acts in support of some group, movement, or ideology, but who does so alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group.”

In other words, a “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” is someone who is radically alienated from society and who has given up on persuasion, a fantasist who is inclined toward violent methods of bringing about eschatological political change, who usually acts alone or with an accomplice in the name of a movement without the support or assistance of any group, and who typically explodes, lashes out, or “self detonates” without warning in rampage shootings, murder-suicides, and bombing campaigns.

Some examples of the “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” include Buford Furrow, Jr.James von BrunnWade Michael PageKevin HarphamJ.T. ReadyCurt Maynard, and James “Yankee Jim” Leshkevich. Their attacks can range from hopelessly incompetent rampage shootings – Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. – to sophisticated and deadly acts of terrorism – Timothy McVeigh and Anders Behring Breivik.

Here are some thoughts on how to keep “self detonating lone wolf vanguardists” from damaging the Southern Nationalist movement:

1.) Staying Grounded In Reality – Unlike the White Nationalist movement, the Southern Nationalist movement needs to stay a reality-based, face-to-face social movement as it grows, and avoid falling into the trap of becoming dependent on online anonymous forums and blogs. The internet tends to bring out the worst in isolated, marginalized people, and Southern Nationalists should stick to using the internet as a communications tool.

2.) Leadership & Organization – It is demoralized lone wolves who self detonate.

In order to avoid this problem, the Southern Nationalist movement needs to stay tightly organized with established leaders who can emphasize that resorting to violence should be a collective decision, not an individual one. The White Nationalist movement is diffuse, disorganized, anonymous and internet based. The movement as a whole lacks structure, leadership, and organization.

“Do your own thing” is part of the hippie code. We shouldn’t tolerate an equivalent of VNN Forum “doing their own thing” in our name.

3.) Christianity – White Nationalism is based on race and ideology.

Southern Nationalism should emphasize Christian morality in order to attract the sort of people who can relate to their neighbors while simultaneously deterring the budding Hannibal Lecters who congregate at VNN Forum. White Southerners share a common culture and this is an asset which can be used to our advantage.

4.) Positive Action – The current emphasis on activism is a great way to channel the energies of our people in a positive direction that adds strength to our organization. Frazier Glenn Miller lashed out in anger because he was demoralized.

5.) Mainstreaming – As long as we emphasize that we are focused on winning over our fellow White Christian Southerners, the Southern Nationalist movement should remain unattractive to self detonating lone wolf vanguardists.

6.) Jews – Finally, when it comes to addressing the Jewish Question, we should acknowledge that there is a conflict of interest with Organized Jewry and the negative influence it exercises over our culture, but we should emphasize that our solution to that problem is to become a more powerful interest group by growing our numbers, raising money, and becoming more active and better organized and more vigilant in defending and asserting our interests.

It is self evident that rampage shootings, bombing campaigns, and murder-suicides solve nothing, create sympathy for our avowed enemies, and are destructive to our public image and reputation. These are things which should be avoided at costs.

In summary, we should offer a practical solution to a known problem, stay a reality based movement, channel the energies of our people into positive activism, focus our attention on organizing and winning over our people, and emphasize Christian morality and the leadership principle. If we can do that, we should be able to avoid becoming mired in a similar morass.

Update: Alex is back.

Predictably, Alex is lashing out at others rather than wrestling with his own conscience – he would have to have one to exhibit remorse.

I’ve told him for 10 years now, publicly, that “exterminating the Jews” was a terrible idea, and I never backed away from that position. It was sound advice. Now Rounder has acted on his terrible idea, will probably get the death penalty, destroyed his own family, has killed three innocent people, and destroyed the lives of their families.

I’m not the one who is going to have to live with that though.

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  1. I’ll repeat that I have no idea what happened in Boston and haven’t examined the incident. And that Sandy Hook was fake from top to bottom. Now if that is so, which there is copious solid, hard core evidence to categorically prove, (check Dr. Tracy’s memoryhole blog, or some of the better done youtubes on the subject), then what couldn’t the governmedia fake? Dr. Tracy and his various associates and posters, many of whom are highly educated and work in mid to upper level military, academia, etc., explore how these ‘events’ are being used to abolish the 2nd, and with that the 1st, Amendment. Is that a paranoid obsessive ‘conspiracy theory’ – that certain elements in our government are working obsessively to destroy the Constitution?

    Not. A. Country. Bumpkin.

  2. “What is it that motivates a communist in the face of the slaughter initiated by Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Kim, Ho Che Minh, Chiw-ches-koo, Honecker, Bela Kun, Paul Eisner?”

    Nowadays Trotskyite factions claim that most of the above (but certainly not Lenin) strayed from the one true path by implementing nationalistic state capitalism.

  3. I kind of feel sorry for Greg Johnson. He’s still over at VNN trying to elicit some kind of an intelligent response from Linder about the actions and ramifications of Miller. I really can’t tell if he’s just poking and prodding because he knows he won’t get an adequate response from the void of compassion that is Alex Linder, or if he’s hoping that Linder finally speaks in a way so as to not confirm that he isn’t the sociopath and/or provocateur that has been claimed for many years now. Greg, I really hope you’re not expecting a rational and civilized response from him.

    Sometimes I feel like the intelligent and compassionate people in the pro-White sphere need their own little support group where they can get together and vent about all of the shit they have to put up with. If anyone ever decides to do that, I want to be invited. I’ll even supply the wine and spirits.

  4. Celestial Time,

    Back in 2012, I was on the Jim Giles radio show and debated Alex Linder three times. In one of those debates, I asked point blank if he could pull the trigger and exterminate a Jewish child or teenager himself.

  5. TJ sad,
    “I happen to like Paul Kersey’s writing as well. However, your petty name calling, in particular the baseless accusations against my intellect are amusing as my public stature as an architect stands in abject contrast to your childlike behavior.

    It is a fact of history that most of the countries of Europe have expelled the Jews over the last 2000 years of interaction with them. Jews deny and and all role in these expulsions and ascribe mass psychoses and irrational hatred as the basis of these actions.

    Yet repeatedly they organize, through deceit and nepotism, to build their collective power and influence in direct opposition to the interest of majority populations which they prey upon.

    Today we find ourselves in a familiar situation, only more precarious. Using the false pretense of humanitarianism and equal rights, they have successfully managed to define our continued existence as a moral evil. “Racism” is a concept invented and exploited by Jewish groups to deny legitimacy to the ethnic interests of other groups along with nationalist social models.

    If you don’t see the reason Jews are incompatible with western civilization, and why cohabitation poses a continuous existential threat, you are the idiot. It’s us or them, and they know it.”

    TJ, your response proves that my assessment of you was accurate. In addition to your idiocy , you are delusional as well. First of all, Paul Kersey is the name of the main character in the death wish films. I doubt that’s the real name of the guy who writes at The fact that you failed to recognize this shows your ignorance.

    Your explanation about Jews was a huge waste of time and a straw man. Nothing I said disputed that the behavior of members of the Jewish community has played a role in the behavior towards and persecution of them.

    My issue with you is that you apparently think a message of “expelling the jews” has a good chance of becoming mainstream. It’s not, as it’s only one small step above Mr. Linder’s message of “exterminate the jews.” In fact, you said, “If you don’t see the reason Jews are incompatible with western civilization, and why cohabitation poses a continuous existential threat, you are the idiot. It’s us or them, and they know it.”

    This quote right here sounds awfully close to implying that Jews need to be eliminated, in other words exterminated. The fact that you think this message has a chance of catching on with regular folk and becoming popular with people other than the stormfront and VNN crowd that you are apparently a part of, makes me wonder if you are as crazy and unhinged as Mr. Linder or Mr. Miller. And hell, Mr. Miller in his attempt to kill jews, was so stupid that he took out Christians! So, your guys’ track record of actually achieving your delusional fantasies isn’t very good.

    Also, I noticed that you didn’t answer my questions. Why is that? I will ask them again. How would you do this? Who will do this? Does this apply to all people born into the jewish culture and religion? Would this apply to people who have one Jewish parent? What about those who born into judaism who want nothing to do with it? Would you kick out Gilad Atzmon or David Cole?

    Answer the questions, please. If you want something to be more than a delusional fantasy, put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, you’re just another delusional internet troll that’s just voicing your paranoid and delusional fantasies from the safety of a keyboard.

  6. I was referring to a vdare writer. coincidental (or perhaps deliberate) similarities are not my concern. Your ignorance of the author I describe doesn’t lend much to your conjecture. Furthermore, I will leave my valid and logically ascertained conclusions to stand by themselves. I am not here to answer your questions or spar with intellectual children and zio-shills on the internet. I regularly put my own funds down on behalf of authentic nationalism and freedom from parasitic foreigners . I dont care where they go. I will say this though . They arent us and they dont belong here . Their collective energy is and always will be adversarial. They have caused us immense grief and harm, yet we are the evil ones.

  7. I don’t know any Anti-Whites.

    It’s not your fault. It’s just hard to see genocide when you’re anti-white.

  8. TJ said, “I was referring to a vdare writer. coincidental (or perhaps deliberate) similarities are not my concern. Your ignorance of the author I describe doesn’t lend much to your conjecture. Furthermore, I will leave my valid and logically ascertained conclusions to stand by themselves. I am not here to answer your questions or spar with intellectual children and zio-shills on the internet. I regularly put my own funds down on behalf of authentic nationalism and freedom from parasitic foreigners . I dont care where they go. I will say this though . They arent us and they dont belong here . Their collective energy is and always will be adversarial. They have caused us immense grief and harm, yet we are the evil ones.”

    LOL! You can’t refute my arguments so you resort to calling me a “zio-shill”. How typical. What exactly did I say that is “zio-shilling”? Did I not agree that behavior by members of the Jewish community has contributed to their demise? By the way, VDARE carries the writings of Paul Kersey of I’m 99% sure that’s not his real name, though, and he has borrowed it from the death wish films. One would be crazy to use your real name if you are going to promote a site as controversial as sbpdl.

    Unless I’m mistaken, one of the focuses of this website is how to make white rights and/or the pro-white movement more mainstream and appealing to white people in general. If you think going around promoting the message that Jews should be expelled will make the movement grow, you are delusional and an idiot. As I said before, you are not too far off from Mr. Linder’s extermination message.

    Then I asked you specific questions about how you would carry this out and you refuse to answer them. Why is that? Are you really not willing to put your money where your mouth is? Are you not as convinced of your plan as you make yourself out to be? Why not answer the questions if you are so convinced that this is what should be promoted?

    You sound awfully butt-hurt. Hey, it’s not my fault you made a total idiot of yourself and your arguments were exposed as fallacious. Go lick your wounds from this latest beating and come back when you actually have something to say that makes sense.

  9. That person is typical of the type Kersey attracts. Kersey focuses on symptoms and attracts people who either won’t look beyond them, or can’t because they’re too dull to perceive the difference between a symptom and a cause. Don’t waste your time on shills or useful idiots.

  10. TJ said, “@fan boy,
    Let me be succinct and direct. Fuck you. We owe them nothing, and they can leave.”

    LOL! How mature you are! It’s very revealing of you that when pressed to expand on your argument, you only resort to profanity and just repeating your crazy assertion. Is someone a little butt-hurt that their arguments got exposed for the crap that it is?

  11. Allow me to spell out an example of why they can’t be allowed to pretend to be our coethnics. I raise the case of Michel Friedman and Horst Mahler. Horst Mahler is a German lawyer who came to nationalism, much like Kevin MacDonald, through self-education and thorough cultural analysis. He discovered some inconvenient truths about the so-called Holocaust when defending a client of his, renowned German folk singer Frank Rennicke. These findings were presented in German court as defense, earning Mahler a reputation as a thought criminal and violator of the so-called Volksverhetzung law (“incitement to popular hatred”) installed by the allies after WW2. This shameful legislation makes it a crime to speak poorly about ill-behaved immigrants, the German federal government, “Jews” and other minorities, foreign mafias, et al. Mahler later joined the conservative German political party the German National Democrats (

    Jew Friedman got wind of this, and as editor of the German language edition of Vanity Fair magazine, invited Mahler to a candid interview for publication. An entrapment session ensued. Following the interview, Friedman went immediately to the police, and called for charges on the basis of this Volksverhetzung law. Mahler being in his 70’s now languishes in jail, for what could amount to the rest of his life. All this for speaking his mind as a patriotic ethnic German while Friedman who lost his political career over his cocaine-laced escapades with illegally imported teenage prostitutes from Ukraine, remains free to hound German nationalists into silence.

    Much more than hounding us into silence, they are hounding us into extinction while stealing our birthright. Everywhere you look, whether from Mark Zueckerberg promoting illegal alien amnesty, to Sheldon Adelson buying republican candidates, to George Soros funding color revolutions in Eastern Europe, you see them orchestrating a genocide they project onto us.–Mahler-In-Vanity-Fair.php

  12. TJ, why do you keep asserting things against which there is no argument? No one here is disputing wrongdoing by members of the organized Jewish community that have brought negative consequences upon themselves.

    Again, how in the world do you expect to go mainstream with a message of “expel the Jews”? What is your strategy here? You are typical of so many self-identified “white nationalists”. You’re big on talk, but offer no detail as to how you will carry out your plan. I think you’re probably as delusional as Linder.

    Also, you provided an article from Israel Shamir, who is a great guy. However, Israel was raised in the Jewish religion before renouncing it. He now practices Eastern Orthodox Christianity, or a similar form of Christianity, if I’m not mistaken. He is also a powerful voice against Jewish power and influence. Would you persecute him and/or have him deported? If so, why? If not, why not?

  13. I don’t advocate just expelling the Jews. I advocate ethnostates, which by definition exclude Jews and all the other minorities who have homelands but somehow feel compelled to steal ours. Israel Shamir, being more honest than most of his ethnic peers, would self relocate.

    First things first: The Jews need to be honest about who they are, what they have done, and where they expect to go. There can be no honest discussion because wherever they have not have made it taboo, they have made it illegal.

    So I am not advocating a plan. I am advocating a solution. I cannot execute such a plan so speculating on ideas of when or how is a waste of time. When someone is in a position to make a plan, there will be plans. And we will be prepared for shrieking, the lies and the propaganda because we saw what they have done with Hitler and the Hollowco$t.

  14. Reading these articles and threads, it seems Mainstreaming might be becoming the new main stream of WN, since so few speak out for the old stream. But WN that has been mainstreamed is no longer WN.

  15. So, TJ, in other words, you’re just sitting behind a keyboard indulging your fantasies and hoping some other individual makes them come true someday. Hey, it’s a free country. You’re allowed to do that. Just don’t expect your fantasy to appeal to regular white people. If you’re really serious about this, why don’t you move to Ukraine, where someone made a flyer telling Jews to register as Jews? Whether this is from the government, a private individual, or just a hoax is not certain, as far as I know right now. As it is right now, it’s hard to take you and your message seriously.

    Also, who you are you to speak for Mr. Shamir? Do you know him well? You talk about the homelands of other minorities. Of which homelands do you speak?

    Do you post regularly at stormfront and VNN forum? If not, why not? You’re infantile ramblings and fantasies would seem to be more at home on those infamous websites rather than here, where at least some intelligent discourse takes place. Don’t get me wrong. You can post here as much as you or the Mods want you to post. It’s just seems that someone as delusional and infantile as you would be more comfortable someplace else.

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