Self Detonating Lone Wolf Vanguardists

Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. at his arraignment
Frazier Glenn Miller Jr. at his arraignment


After sitting down and thinking about it, I have decided not to write a general article about the subject of violence.

Upon reflection, the term “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” and the damage that these people routinely inflict on the White Nationalist movement encompasses virtually all of the recent incidents which I wanted to address.

What is a “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist”? In his book Blood and Politics: A History of the White Nationalist Movement from the Margins to the Mainstream, Leonard Zeskind depicted the White Nationalist movement as being torn between “two political trends” which “vie for strategy hegemony”:

“Within the movement, two political trends, mainstreaming and vanguardism, view for strategic hegemony. The differences between the two are somewhat akin to the distinctions between reformists and revolutionaries. They both seek the same goal but differ over the manner in which they work toward it.

Broadly speaking, mainstreamers believe that a majority (or near majority) of white people can be won over to support their cause, and they try to influence the existing structures of American life.

Vanguardists think that they will never find more than a small minority of white people to support their aims voluntarily, and they build smaller organizations of highly dedicated cadres with the intention of forcefully dragging the rest of society behind them.” (Zeskind, p.xix)

What is a “lone wolf”?

“A lone wolf or lone-wolf fighter is someone who commits or prepares for, or is suspected of committing or preparing for, violent acts in support of some group, movement, or ideology, but who does so alone, outside of any command structure and without material assistance from any group.”

In other words, a “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” is someone who is radically alienated from society and who has given up on persuasion, a fantasist who is inclined toward violent methods of bringing about eschatological political change, who usually acts alone or with an accomplice in the name of a movement without the support or assistance of any group, and who typically explodes, lashes out, or “self detonates” without warning in rampage shootings, murder-suicides, and bombing campaigns.

Some examples of the “self detonating lone wolf vanguardist” include Buford Furrow, Jr.James von BrunnWade Michael PageKevin HarphamJ.T. ReadyCurt Maynard, and James “Yankee Jim” Leshkevich. Their attacks can range from hopelessly incompetent rampage shootings – Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr. – to sophisticated and deadly acts of terrorism – Timothy McVeigh and Anders Behring Breivik.

Here are some thoughts on how to keep “self detonating lone wolf vanguardists” from damaging the Southern Nationalist movement:

1.) Staying Grounded In Reality – Unlike the White Nationalist movement, the Southern Nationalist movement needs to stay a reality-based, face-to-face social movement as it grows, and avoid falling into the trap of becoming dependent on online anonymous forums and blogs. The internet tends to bring out the worst in isolated, marginalized people, and Southern Nationalists should stick to using the internet as a communications tool.

2.) Leadership & Organization – It is demoralized lone wolves who self detonate.

In order to avoid this problem, the Southern Nationalist movement needs to stay tightly organized with established leaders who can emphasize that resorting to violence should be a collective decision, not an individual one. The White Nationalist movement is diffuse, disorganized, anonymous and internet based. The movement as a whole lacks structure, leadership, and organization.

“Do your own thing” is part of the hippie code. We shouldn’t tolerate an equivalent of VNN Forum “doing their own thing” in our name.

3.) Christianity – White Nationalism is based on race and ideology.

Southern Nationalism should emphasize Christian morality in order to attract the sort of people who can relate to their neighbors while simultaneously deterring the budding Hannibal Lecters who congregate at VNN Forum. White Southerners share a common culture and this is an asset which can be used to our advantage.

4.) Positive Action – The current emphasis on activism is a great way to channel the energies of our people in a positive direction that adds strength to our organization. Frazier Glenn Miller lashed out in anger because he was demoralized.

5.) Mainstreaming – As long as we emphasize that we are focused on winning over our fellow White Christian Southerners, the Southern Nationalist movement should remain unattractive to self detonating lone wolf vanguardists.

6.) Jews – Finally, when it comes to addressing the Jewish Question, we should acknowledge that there is a conflict of interest with Organized Jewry and the negative influence it exercises over our culture, but we should emphasize that our solution to that problem is to become a more powerful interest group by growing our numbers, raising money, and becoming more active and better organized and more vigilant in defending and asserting our interests.

It is self evident that rampage shootings, bombing campaigns, and murder-suicides solve nothing, create sympathy for our avowed enemies, and are destructive to our public image and reputation. These are things which should be avoided at costs.

In summary, we should offer a practical solution to a known problem, stay a reality based movement, channel the energies of our people into positive activism, focus our attention on organizing and winning over our people, and emphasize Christian morality and the leadership principle. If we can do that, we should be able to avoid becoming mired in a similar morass.

Update: Alex is back.

Predictably, Alex is lashing out at others rather than wrestling with his own conscience – he would have to have one to exhibit remorse.

I’ve told him for 10 years now, publicly, that “exterminating the Jews” was a terrible idea, and I never backed away from that position. It was sound advice. Now Rounder has acted on his terrible idea, will probably get the death penalty, destroyed his own family, has killed three innocent people, and destroyed the lives of their families.

I’m not the one who is going to have to live with that though.

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  1. Look Hankees back to the Jews, not that the word is ever far from any of your lips. Doesn’t matter what the problem is, the cause is always the JOOOOS. Obsessed much?

  2. Ok Rude boy, we’ll see. I’m just going to go ahead and assume Brad, Matt, Shane, and the rest of the Rat Pack are stumped by their biggest enemy, a 5 letter word called “P-E-A-C-E”.

    Ironic or just hypocritical, considering the fact that many on the Left/anti-racists/anti-fascists call for the actual physical assault of “racists” as one of their tools they use to silence them?

  3. ‘Linder’s mouth is as filthy as any of the White hating left wing activists I have encountered. They take great pleasure in shocking people with their depravity.
    Is there any proof this man is White? Demand a DNA test’:

    Good comment, Lucille. The tongue reveals the heart, and probable genetics in this case. I don’t remember ever visiting his infamous VNN website. Given its reputation for the most radical anti-Christian atheism, and the most filthy ‘language’ possible, I don’t expect to ever go there. There has been more than enough profanity and anti-Christianity to resist right here on OD (I was personally introduced to OD about four years ago and I’m still confined MOSTLY to this one site, for the convenience and out of habit) but the recent ‘mainstreaming’ effort seems to be bringing improvement.

  4. HW, VNN retards and ticking bombs are too politically inconsequential and marginal to deserve so much of your attention. You should focus on your project of Southern independence.

  5. Re: ‘stumped by their biggest enemy, a 5 letter word called P-E-A-C-E’:

    Crying ‘peace, peace’ when there is no peace! A lamb with the tongue of a serpent and voice of a dragon.

  6. Re: ‘too politically inconsequential and marginal to deserve so much of your attention’:

    Mainstreaming political correctness: Everyone vying to see who can distance themselves farthest.

  7. Daily Caller isn’t MSM, but at least someone other than the obviously interested party of the SPLC has connected Miller to VNN.

    In an email, a Missouri State spokesman called the Springfield, Mo. school a “marketplace of ideas.”

    Wrong. The only reason they had Miller is much the same reason Phil Donahue loved to parade a conga line of toothless hoosiers wearing white sheets and hoods on and off his show when he had it. Meanwhile, Kevin MacDonald, who approaches these matters much more sanely, only stays on at Cal State-wherever because of tenure, and I’m sure the school is desperately trying to find a way to bust his tenure. You’d think a marketplace of ideas would beg for Jared Taylor, alas no.

  8. I am going to publicly call for the May Day marchers and Anti-fa to maintain peace at all times on May Day on my blog tonight, and not to resort to violence. It isn’t necessary, period. It won’t solve anything. I feel bad for you all that you won’t join me, it certainly reflects on your motivations.

    The strange thing is that even though I am going to publicly ask the Leftists for peace, the far Right group has no reason to be there. Their mere presence is the real problem. I’ve offered two simple solutions that no one seems to be interested in. That’s a shame.

  9. I’m not worried about it.

    I know our people won’t initiate violence. It’s the anti-fa who are known for their violent thuggery and intolerance. If you are concerned about it, it is because you are familiar with their character.

  10. I’m more concerned with why Matt and Shane want to force a confrontation. I’ve seen no indication Leftists are looking for one, meanwhile one of your guys is busy trying to explain why steel toes are a bad idea. I can’t do any more. You don’t stand for peace. That’s too bad, it’s easy if you try.

  11. I tried to mark the above video of Matt Parrott being assaulted by some ‘antifa’ at the NPI conference, but I don’t think it carried into this format. The action starts at 2:21.

  12. The guy who assaulted Matt Parrott at NPI was the same one who assaulted Shane at May Day.

    Is there a picture of this guy?

  13. It’s like the non violence displayed in St Petersburg on
    International Women’s Day February 1917 when the “feminists” toppled the Czar.

    May Day is non violent Workers Day eh? Comrade?

  14. Hankees has a bad habit of putting words in other peoples mouths.

    “‘Leftists’ aren’t interested in forcing confrontations, using physical violence?”

    That is not something I said. What I said and what any 3rd grader could have understood was that when it comes to the May Day march which is supposed to take place in a few weeks, I’ve seen no indication thus far from anyone on the Left that they are looking for a confrontation. That does not mean that they aren’t or haven’t indicated it, it’s that I’ve not seen it. Perhaps you have, if so, speak up. What I have seen are some Southern White Nationalist who have indicated that something not peaceful could transpire. I hope that clears it up for you Hankee. In addition, I’ve condemned that type of behavior. I’ve also condemned the practice of “forcing” a confrontation. I call putting yourself in a place you are not welcome and were not invited forcing. Matt and Shane could easily have a protest that doesn’t interfere with the march, the question is, is that what they really want?

    Correct me if I’m wrong and it’s possible I am, but who was planning on being in DC first, the Leftist marchers or Matt and Shane? I was under the impression this march takes place every year, which means the protest is the addition. How did the protest go down last year? Without placing blame, how could that be avoided in the future, especially if you care about peace?

  15. It had not occurred to anyone that a feminist strike would bring about the worst tyranny in history, according to Trotsky. Yah riiiiigggghhhtttt.

  16. Leftists have counter protested us twice now. We’ve never attacked them. The “anti-fa” are known for their violent thuggery. That’s why Spelunkstein is worried.

  17. There is a video of a negro pushing Matt Parrott around at the NPI conference. I posted it here. It is the same one who attacked Shane at May Day. I forgot his name, but it is known to us.


    I don’t know what you’re worried about. Surely your peace loving Lefitst buddies will listen to reason and refuse to initiate violence against the counter-demonstration.

    You keep saying the counter-protesters are going to “force a confrontation”. My understanding is that there will be plenty of room to ignore them and go around them, just as it could have been done last year. The reason your commie pals get pissed off is the fact that somebody else is there to steal some of the spotlight and offer an opposing view; not because they’re “blocking the path” as you have previously stated. If the Reds simply ignore the counter-protesters, and there is no reason why they can’t, then there won’t be any violence.

    I don’t think you’re concerned about people getting hurt so much as you’re afraid of the damage to the Leftist image if they fail to restrain themselves like they did last year.

    As somebody else alluded to earlier, all the “battle” rhetoric is merely a function of the entirely reasonable hypothesis that the Reds won’t be able to exercise self-restraint and those who are part of the counter-demonstration should be prepared accordingly.

  19. What is it that motivates a communist in the face of the slaughter initiated by Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Kim, Ho Che Minh, Chiw-ches-koo, Honecker, Bela Kun, Paul Eisner?

    I wonder what it is?

  20. There is a video of a negro pushing Matt Parrott around at the NPI conference. I posted it here. It is the same one who attacked Shane at May Day. I forgot his name, but it is known to us.

    I’m pretty sure I know which video you are talking about. The extra dark chocolate “peaceful” protester that wasn’t smart enough to understand that you don’t have to use your hands or arms to be guilty of simple assault.

    I’m just curios why there are people that pretend like the evidence against “anti-racists” doesn’t exist and doesn’t run contradictory to their crap about peace. Spelunker, can you tell me why anti-Whites lie and distort as easily as they breath?

  21. Jared makes a good point.

    We’ve had to deal with counter demonstrators. It hasn’t been a problem for us because it is not our way to violently react to a different point of view. That’s how the “anti-fa” operates.

    These people call us “bigots.” Meanwhile, they can’t even have a conversation with someone who disagrees with them. They are so intolerant of others that they violently attack people, harass them, and try to get them fired from their jobs.

  22. @Hunter Wallace: “I know our people won’t initiate violence.” Think of Steve Sailer’s slogan about what is wrong with the U.S.A.: “Invade the world. Invite the world. In hock to the world.” There is violence (military, demographic, economic) unleashed against White people. Israeli President: We are buying up Manhattan, Hungary, Romania
    Violence against Jews brings out the MSM megaphones. Black or other non-white violence against Whites brings whispers or cover-ups. First, the Internet will be taken away from pro-White Whites. Second, the Jews will find out what non-whites are like when not controlled by Whites. Third, good luck to all.

  23. I don’t know any Anti-Whites.

    I’m not claiming there aren’t non peaceful Leftists. I’m not claiming the one’s Matt and Shane might face when they go to protest a march under their own free will knowing what the outcome might be are peaceful. I’m not claiming that the guy who was dancing with Matt Parrott at NPI wasn’t wrong. In my opinion he was, but the world doesn’t revolve around my opinion. Matt Parrott does have moves, am I right? I’ve made it clear where I stand and what I’m advocating for. Where do you stand? For peace like me?

  24. @ Spewingshit

    Was Tinley Park not a ‘forced confrontation?’ Did it meet your criteria for ‘peaceful?’,0,3711102.story

    And then your noble ‘anti-racists,’ bragged shamelessly on their HARM (Hoosier Anti Racist Movement) about bullying a college freshman at Indiana University into not only folding his plans to start a White Student Union there, but into allowing them to take over his website so they could fake incidents and collect info on existing and potential pro-White activists:

    In the above link the ‘antifa’ or ‘anti-racists’ brag about how they ‘punked’ the pro-White movement with their false tales of physically beating the IU student who was organizing a WSU. Now, I can assure people that I followed much of this last summer, and certain elements of the narrative(s) have changed or disappeared, HARM’s website has changed significantly, etc. I remember overt threats of violence being made and bragged about by HARM’s members as a means of forcing the IU freshman into handing over the website to them. Then HARM claimed they actually falsified the tale about the IU student being beaten to further their agenda.

    But there were documented, through social media, overt threats of physical violence made before the website was take over, of which HARM was *proud.* And this is the same organization that attacked white activists in Tinley Park some months before, who were convicted of assault.

    Are you telling me Spelunker that ‘Leftists’ don’t use physical violence to silence civil debate with their ideological adversaries? If HARM members violently attacked a group of white activists sitting calmly eating lunch, does that qualify as ‘starting violence?’ If they did, then is it reasonable to infer that they did it again with the poor 18 year old boy who simply wanted to start a WSU?

    Are you proud of their threats to this boy of causing “a problem with every single one of [their] members for the rest of your life?” What exactly was the nature of this threat? I am misunderstanding that HARM hasn’t used physical violence, like at Tinley Park, to silence white activists?

    Last, you say “I call putting yourself in a place you are not welcome and were not invited forcing,” and that the Leftists marchers had planned to be in DC first. Well, are the masses of immigrants invading this country, many illegal, not putting themselves in a place they are not welcome? Weren’t my people here first? Before you come out with the same tired old trope that some native somebodies were here first (it wasn’t America so how could they be ‘americans?’) please explain how it’s so peaceful for these freeloaders to line up in government aid buildings stealing resources from the masses of whites who gathered them.

    My people – white people – did not come looking for handouts, for a free ride, or to steal from anyone. We worked our land, carried ourselves and got nothing – nothing – from nobody. Please tell your interloping friends we were here, in this nation, first.


  25. ” The reason your commie pals get pissed off is the fact that somebody else is there to steal some of the spotlight and offer an opposing view”

    Which is exactly what? I don’t even understand what’s being protested, or if anything really is being protested. What exactly is the message?

    As a side not, I don’t personally know a single person who calls themselves a Communist.

  26. I’m not claiming there aren’t non peaceful Leftists

    No, what you’ve done is insist that people who don’t have a propensity to commit violence or be the instigators of physical altercations be the ones to give the world their mea culpas and excuse themselves from civilized society. Many, many times pro-White functions have been protested by people who have tried(and succeeded) to shut them down, people have been attacked, lies and slanderous articles have been published, people have lost their jobs, attendees lives and the lives of their loved ones have been threatened, etc. That’s reality. That’s the truth. It’s an undeniable fact. But for some reason you have a problem with White people who have more of a track record to protest and counter-protest things in much more civilized ways? That’s not a position that can claim to be fair or reasonable or unbiased or grounded in reality, and it certainly isn’t a position that is simply concerned about peace. If you were concerned about peace you would encourage more peaceful protests and protesters.

  27. If a man, or woman, tried to ‘dance’ with me the way that thug did with Matt Parrott, I could press charges…or, could I? I’m a white woman after all, all reports of black, hispanic or jewish violence towards me are symptoms of my ‘white privilege’…

  28. “If a man, or woman, tried to ‘dance’ with me the way that thug did with Matt Parrott, I could press charges…or, could I? I’m a white woman after all, all reports of black, hispanic or jewish violence towards me are symptoms of my ‘white privilege’…”

    I can’t give you legal advice.

  29. They calm themselves progressives, greens or feminists.

    Not that communists didn’t call themselves such things back in 1917 anyway.

  30. “If a man, or woman, tried to ‘dance’ with me the way that thug did with Matt Parrott, I could press charges…or, could I? I’m a white woman after all, all reports of black, hispanic or jewish violence towards me are symptoms of my ‘white privilege’…”

    I can’t give you legal advice.


  31. @SPLCanker

    “But that doesn’t make sense, the SPLC is at the head of the Jewish conspiracy, and from what I read in places like OD Jews control all if the media, therefore, why aren’t the MSM putting up what the SPLC is puttin down? I’m so confused. There either is a Jewish conspiracy or there isn’t.”

    Your petticoat is showing Mr SPLC. Relatively speaking the SPLC is a small, pathetic, creepy and mostly insignificant part of the vast array of Jewish supremacist organisations. The mass media is vastly more important.

    My guess is the media are reluctant to publicize the Miller thing too much because he was an FBI informant in the past (at least) and that might cause blow back for them.

  32. @”Paul Kersey fan”

    I happen to like Paul Kersey’s writing as well. However, your petty name calling, in particular the baseless accusations against my intellect are amusing as my public stature as an architect stands in abject contrast to your childlike behavior.

    It is a fact of history that most of the countries of Europe have expelled the Jews over the last 2000 years of interaction with them. Jews deny and and all role in these expulsions and ascribe mass psychoses and irrational hatred as the basis of these actions.

    Yet repeatedly they organize, through deceit and nepotism, to build their collective power and influence in direct opposition to the interest of majority populations which they prey upon.

    Today we find ourselves in a familiar situation, only more precarious. Using the false pretense of humanitarianism and equal rights, they have successfully managed to define our continued existence as a moral evil. “Racism” is a concept invented and exploited by Jewish groups to deny legitimacy to the ethnic interests of other groups along with nationalist social models.

    If you don’t see the reason Jews are incompatible with western civilization, and why cohabitation poses a continuous existential threat, you are the idiot. It’s us or them, and they know it.

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