Ain’t That America: Secrets of the Living Dolls

After President Barack Obama issues his new gender identity anti-discrimination executive order, these “living dolls” will be delivering your mail and teaching your children the “Common Core” program in America’s public schools:

Note: According to a new Pew Survey, 76 percent of “Steadfast Conservatives” believe that America’s greatest days are in the past while 70 percent of “Solid Liberals” believe America’s best days are in the future. Yet 72 percent of “Steadfast Conservatives are “often proud to be American” while this is true of only 40 percent of “Solid Liberals.” The most pessimistic people in America are simultaneously the most patriotic.

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  1. Which goes to show that being an American is a mental disorder. The level of cognitive dissonance required to be a patriotic American simply isn’t healthy.

    • Well no level of cognitive dissonance is healthy but the levels you’ll find in America are frighteningly dangerous.

  2. Exactly why democracy is a farce. China has it right. A large percentage of the population (liberals) should not be allowed to vote. The standard of living is falling, incomes are stagnant, and the US is clearly falling behind by every objective standard but yet these liberal defects still think the best days are ahead. Fools.

  3. On this “living doll” thing again. This reminds me of Ed Gein, the real life inspiration for the character of Norman Bates of Psycho fame. Ed, who was a grave robber, would also dress up like a woman. But instead of wearing a rubber body suit like these wackos do, he would wear the skin of deceased women that he got from his grave robberies. This rubber suit nonsense is only one step away from this kind of insanity.

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