Ain’t That America: Independence Day 2014


After much thought, I decided to kick off OD’s celebration of Independence Day 2014 with the inspiring story of Kristen Beck, a former US Navy SEAL and member of SEAL Team 6, the unit that took out Osama bin Laden, who has published a book called Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy Seal’s Journey to Coming Out Transgender, and who has lately become a poster girl for the Pentagon’s effort to recruit transsexuals to the US military.

Kristen Beck’s story puts a face on the cultural moment where America is at in 2014. Time magazine recently ran a cover story called, “The Transgender Tipping Point: America’s Next Civil Rights Frontier.” Buzzfeed recently ran a story called, “These Photos Of Two Dads Meeting Their New Baby Will Make You Cry Happy Tears.” Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced that he was “open” to reviewing the military’s prohibition on transsexuals serving in the US military.

In Barack Obama’s America, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans rot in VA hospitals while Medicare is changed to accommodate sex change operations and the Pentagon pays for Chelsea Manning’s male-to-female transition. Vice President Joe Biden recently announced that henceforth protecting “gay rights” trumps all national cultures and social traditions in the world. President Barack Obama is preparing to issue a new executive order that will ban discrimination against transgender federal employees.

In hindsight, it’s hard to believe that it was just two years ago that Obama himself announced that he supports gay marriage. Newsweek ran a cover story that called him “The First Gay President.” The Green Lantern came out of the closet. The Boy Scouts embraced homosexual members and the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) announced that “gay marriage” is Christian. A transgender Episcopal priest recently preached at the National Cathedral in Washington where church bells tolled to celebrate the demise of the traditional Christian definition of marriage in the United States.

The American Right now intends to fight Vladimir Putin’s “hetero-fascism” with a new class of gender neutral aircraft carriers. Facebook now offers 71 gender options which is up from the 51 that were announced a few months ago. The lesbian mayor of Houston, TX has desegregated Houston’s bathrooms to accommodate gender confusion. In a landmark decision, the US Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and killed California’s Proposition 8. In Colorado, the Civil Rights Commission forces bakers to make cakes for gay weddings and undergo “sensitivity training,” or go out of business.

Former Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron and others who watched the 2014 Grammy Awards noticed the “demonic” performances on stage. The Oklahoma City Civic Center will soon host a Satanic Black Mass and a Satanic monument will soon be bestowed on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol. In another bold new advance for “civil rights,” last fall the American Psychological Association (APA) reclassified pedophilia as a “sexual interest” from a mental disorder.

We’ve seen brazen federal judges strike down gay marriage bans – the New York-based Satanic Temple calls gay marriage a “sacrament” –  in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Kentucky. In the Sister Wives case, a federal judge struck down part of Utah’s law that bans polygamy. Also, a trio of married lesbians from Massachusetts are expecting their first child, which is a sign that “polyamorists” are coming out of the closet.

I’ve emphasized the queering of American culture by the LGBTPPP community – lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, pedophiles, polygamists, and polyamorists, etc. – only because of its dramatic escalation over the past two years. In other news, Wall Street is celebrating Dow 17,000, the Border Patrol is collapsing as tens of thousands of illegal aliens pour over the Mexican border in the hope of receiving amnesty, and confidence in US institutions has plummeted to an all time low and can’t decline much further.

We’re not at the end of America, but we are near its climax, its Thermidor. The sweet, putrid smell of its corpse overwhelms the senses. The soft edifice of the US Empire is tottering abroad as Russia takes bites out of Ukraine and the new Caliphate spreads over Syria and Iraq. This would not have been allowed to happen a decade ago.

I’m going to err on the side of optimism … we’re one major national crisis, a severe economic depression, or a robust challenge to the American Empire from abroad away from seeing the end of America as we know it. We’re going to live to see the “Great Unwinding” as the footprint of American power and influence is erased from the world.

Who knows what will emerge from the wreckage? If a new Caliphate sounded like an absurd fantasy three years ago, what does an independent South sound like today?

Note: In spite of two centuries of experience, American conservatives still believe the republican form of government can be reconciled with the preservation of a stable, normal, Christian conservative society, and that they can restore what has been lost since the American Revolution by voting in democratic elections.

The US has now exceeded the worst excesses of the Jacobins and Soviets in leftwing radicalism. We had everything the American Right pines over before we squandered our birthright for a pottage of “equal rights” wrapped up in a Star Spangled Banner.

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  1. I’m proof positive that the gay agenda has become so twisted and sick that even someone who is very indifferent to homosexuals can become fed up with their incessant attention whoring and agenda to twist society into their own little playground of perversion. Two dads raising children is NOT FUCKING NORMAL! Two moms raising children—while just slightly better than the two dads—still is NOT FUCKING NORMAL!

    Most of these people are not individuals within a larger society or group who just so happen to have their own set of preferences and views; they are individualistic opportunists who are solely defined by their sexuality. For them, their sexuality takes center stage and nothing else. That’s the main reason why many homosexuals are seen as shady and very untrustworthy.

  2. Same here.

    A few years ago, I rarely wrote about homosexuals. I was more tolerant of them than I am today and that is due to how hard the gay agenda has been pushed since 2012. You can’t even turn on your television now without seeing it shoved in your face.

    Just the other day, I watched an epsidoe of “True Blood” on HBO and there was a homoerotic scene between two of the male characters. I didn’t even mention how much more widespread homosexuality has become in movies and television because I stopped watching it a long time ago.

    • I’m the same way. Pre-2012 I didn’t think gays were a big deal. Now I utterly despise the gay agenda.

    • I had been watching the new TV series ‘Halt & Catch Fire’. In episode 3 (I think), the male suddenly was engaged in a passionate kiss with another male. Off goes the TV. AMC banned from my DirecTV receiver. They’re shoving this homosexual crap down our throats … I ain’t swallowing’!

      • I had a somewhat similar incident a couple of years ago where I turned off the TV and canceled DirecTV altogether. If there were more interesting channels and shows where my specific views were represented or “explored” in a more positive light, then I might find cable/satellite useful. As it stands, I will keep my money and spend it on something more meaningful, because I’m not paying to have that crap funneled into my home and poisoning my family. DirecTV is waaaay overpriced anyway.

  3. I think the better analogy comparing modern day Amurrika with some crumbling regime of the past is the Weimar “Republic.”

    Re gays: If all they wanted for us to be tolerant of them, that would be fine. But give them enough power and they won’t be tolerant of us. They want to push their “lifestyle” in our faces incessantly, almost to the point of advertisement. Worst of all, because of their grand acronym, they have to drag along all their other freak shows in the acronym. You can’t be just tolerant of gays and lesbians, you better be on board with the whole agenda and everything that every letter of the acronym wants, including that freak show called “Trans,” or if you don’t, you might as well want to burn all gays and lesbians at the stake.

    HW: Hypothetical question. If that bellicosity from 1861-5 had a better outcome and and early resolution, what are the odds that the CSA would have observed July 4 as a national holiday? The reason I say “early resolution” is that the timing of Gettysburg and Vicksburg soured Southerners on the July 4 date for a very long time after the war. But let’s ignore that and assume that Dixie won in short order.

    • If we won Gettysburg and Vicksburg, which would have won us the war, then you’d be sure that we’d celebrate both Independent days.

  4. Every man in the occupied territories must realize that this is World War Gay.

  5. You noticed how brazen the LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH agenda both socially and politically has gotten in the last few years. Aside from the Weimar-ish nature of our “culture,” there’s an easy practical explanation: Obama. He pretty much gave permission to the alphabet gang to ride to the sound of the guns.

    I’m not going to start a “form of government” thread war, especially not today. It is perfectly obvious that what we have now is the natural consequence of any society that worships the concept of “rights” and makes them its central organizing principle.

  6. A sane society is organized around responsibilities, not rights. Look at the Ten Commandments. They tell what a man is supposed to do. Any concept of rights, has to respond to the responsibilities he is given by the natural law. So, a practice like sodomy, because it violates natural law, isn’t right, and can’t be considered a “right”.

    • I’ll go one step further. A society is organized around the well being of a loosely related loosely inbred group of people (a true nation). Those that are part of the nation-state have responsibilities toward themselves as individuals, their immediate family members, their communities, and the entire nation. Rights are, as you say, the means by which people carry out those responsibilities, or in some cases how the collective respects the individual people within the collective, so that the individual can continue helping the collective.

      The sine qua non of it all is the ethnonationalist aspect.

  7. The US government will extend its protection to pedophiles and sadists next. It’s coming folks, you know it is.

  8. What I like to say to liberals is:

    When they are working to legalize sex with animals and children, I want you to commit to standing with the intolerant bigots and say that raping animals and children is a bridge too far! Will you stand with me when this happens?

    It’s one of those questions they are loathe to answer.

  9. This is, by far, one of the most depressing, disheartening, debased, demoralizing, and demonic things I have ever read on OD. Sadly, it is all true, and it is all real.

    I don’t know if ‘thank you’ is in order, but certainly, much obliged is due.

  10. “You can’t even turn on your television now without seeing it shoved in your face.”

    If you still watch TV, then you’re nowhere near the trenches. Sorry.

  11. This will sound strange, but don’t lump in pedophiles with the various degenerates. Was Lewis Carroll a pervert? All evidence suggests he liked prepubescent girls. Opposite sex pedophilia is natural: it was not until the 19th century that feminist ideologues lobbied to have the first “age of consent” laws. Or was Edgar Allen Poe, who married a 13-year-old, a pervert? For that matter, was God Almighty wrong to set up the 12-year-old Virgin Mary as the ideal mother and spouse?

    And is it really necessary to namecall Mohammed a pedophile for marrying a girl the same age as King Richard II of England’s spouse?

    Where child marriage is practiced today (in all the most remote regions least touched by modern artifice), it is ALWAYS the globalist Left that crusades against it. UNICEF, the CFR, CNN, the BBC, you name it! Feminists loathe child marriage because it is inherently inegalitarian and patriarchal even when there isn’t abuse (and notice, they’re never simply interested in promoting healthier relationships). The Christian groups that oppose the practice are almost exclusively unbiblical, antitraditional evangelicals that are almost as revolutionary in their vision as secular materialists. While I have not seen any traditionalists groups proclaim the holiness of child marriages from the housetops, they are far more inclined to keep mum, and for good reason, as child marriages were always accepted and honored in Christendom until about 150 years ago.

    My suggestion to my fellow Christians and to fellow travelers who care about natural human excellence is, unless you want to have (and be perceived as having) an inconsistent worldview based only on what the media said was immoral 50 years ago, learn to sift legitimate but taboo practices like orthosexual pedophilia from true degeneracy, and do not lump everything other than the status quo together! Otherwise you will be ineffective in advocating for Tradition!

  12. Amurrica is dedicated to the proposition of universal equality (see Gettysburg address). Anything that stands in its way is “heresy”, “hate”, “racism”, “White supremacy”, etc., and must be crushed. Proposition countries can’t be free countries.
    Best wishes for your successful secession.

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