Ain’t That America: Thor Is Now a Woman


Well, the Green Lantern came out of the closet last summer, so why not give Thor a sex change and show us some grrl power? The new Thor is a tranny who wields Mjölnir to bust  through gender stereotypes and the glass ceiling of American comic book heroes!

All I can say is … Ain’t That America.

Note: In related news, comic book icon Archie Andrews will die taking a bullet for his gay best friend, which will put an end to his 76 year run.

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  1. Actually the Archie comic book series will be a textbook illustration in real time of a nation in decline for future generations to study. They can see from start to finish where the ideas of “liberty” take you as “liberty” progresses.. It ends with anal sex between men being the highest good worth dying for.

  2. The killing of Archie is a meta-narrative incident, of the overwhelmingly Jewish derived comic cavalcade. In wanting to genocide a clearly White, Celtic character that they only recently gained ideological control over, this speaks volumes.

    While a lessening money-maker (isn’t is ALWAYS about money with them?) in comic sales, nevertheless, with Archie, there is something more than what appears at first sight to be a ‘social commentary’ on the modern Apostate American Nation. Like the Rockwell paintings that once graced the Saturday Night Post, there is something in Archie, himself, that ‘rubs raw’ the Christophobes in the comic world: his very genetics, his all white friends (historically, Archie was a WHITE comic) and, above all, his altruistic morality, now are an offense to the Deicides such as Stan Lee (Marvel) and the [dead] creators of DC’s Superman- but especially the Marvel Molochs out there. Thor, and GL are MARVEL characters, if memory serves. [I haven’t bought a comic since 1973, or thereabouts, I noted a ‘change’ even back then, so I may be wrong on this last point.]

    But, even with the pointless (and non-salvific) act of dying for a sodomite, this last visual bespeaks the ‘rub the goyim’s face in the dirt’ mindset of the terminally damned. [Matt. 27:25] Make Archie’s death APPEAR noble, while they laugh over the ‘goyim’s sexual perversity’ as they remain (so they think) morally superior, all the while quoting Talmudic rationales about their own lusts, to quell the voice of conscience within. [Matt. 23:15]

    It’s as clear as day, ‘for those with eyes to see,’ as another victim of the Deicide’s hate noted, some 2000 years ago. [John 12:40]

  3. When Archie dies taking a bullet for his HIV infected BFF will the soundtrack be John Mellencamp?

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