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  1. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz says he has no idea why people feel the way they do about minorities. I suspect he actually knows the answer, but he’s afraid to say it out loud, for it would piss off his fellow Jews and other minorities. Hey Seth, here’s the answer: we don’t like the way your fellow Jews and the other minorities work against the best interests of the European-Americans who founded the settlements that became this country.

    • Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

      ‘But she also has a lot of hatred. She praises a store for having “100% white employees.” She says the media is promoting a “Jewish agenda.” And she says she finds Asians “repulsive physically, socially, religiously, etc.”

      Why do some people feel this way? And what is to be done about it? I have pored over data of an unprecedented breadth and depth, thanks to our new digital era. And I can honestly offer the following answer: I have no idea.’

      He knows people have valid reasons for feeling that way. To claim he has no idea why is a big lie. He is fostering the false notion that the frustration, anger and hatred we feel is totally unjustified- having no basis in reality.

      After all, If this highly educated Harvard grad has no idea why, it is left to the reader to conclude that no valid reason exists.other than blind hatred and prejudice against jews and minorities.

      Which of course is the sole purpose of his piece.

  2. The percentage of Stormfront’s target audience that joins is actually higher in areas with more minorities. This is particularly true when you look at Stormfront’s members who are 18 and younger and therefore do not themselves choose where they live. Among this age group, California, a state with one of the largest minority populations, has a membership rate 25 percent higher than the national average. One of the most popular social groups on the site is “In Support of Anti-Semitism.” The percentage of members who join this group is positively correlated with a state’s Jewish population. New York, the state with the highest Jewish population, has above-average per capita membership in this group.

    Duh, it’s Patterson’s First Axiom. In case you don’t know what that means, because I keep saying it a lot, it’s from Robert “Tut” Patterson, the founder of the Citizens Councils movement. He said, “Nothing cures the thirst for integration like a good dose of n***ers.” So it should be no surprise that white people who live around vibrant diversity don’t like vibrant diversity. As far as Jews, well, it seems like Jews in New York have made an art of getting people who live around them to hate them with every fibre of their existence. So Patterson’s First Axiom is still valid here, albeit in another form.

    In the 1930s, Arthur F. Raper reported a correlation between bad economic conditions and lynchings of blacks. This led many scholars to the intuitive conclusion that people turn to hate because their lives are going poorly….But evidence is increasingly casting doubt on this idea. In 2001, the political scientists Donald P. Green, Laurence H. McFalls and Jennifer K. Smith used more data and found that there was actually no relationship between lynchings and economic hardship. Lynchings actually fell during the Great Depression.

    The problem with that study was that it mistook correlation for causation. The states with a lot of lynchings in the 1930s (hint: The Great Depression) were also states that took the brunt of the depression (the South). But lynchings were high in those states during decades when the economy was better. No, lynchings of blacks happened in states and areas with a lot of blacks, and were a direct result of black crime. The black crime to lynching of blacks rate had/has a regression coefficient far closer to 1 than the economic indicators to lynching of blacks rate.

    The economist Alan B. Krueger has shown that terrorists are not disproportionately poor.

    Somebody tell Patty Murray.

    Really, Seth Stevens-Davidowitz would understand things a lot better if he just grokked Patterson’s First Axiom.

    • Never is it asked, was lynching connected to punishment for crimes that the law didn’t correct/punish?

  3. Seems to me the data proves that people prefer being with their own kind, and grow hatred out of being displaced. Why is this concept so hard for folks to grasp?

    The data that shows that people who are well read and educated are the ones who join “hate” groups was very interesting.

  4. A surprisingly honest piece of writing and one which revealed some facts that I doubt our enemies like publicised. Strange that this made past the gate-keepers.

    • Therefore, I don’t expect this article to last long. If he admits that forcing white people to be around NWs (in this case, including Jews) doesn’t work (i.e. “work” to stop white people from “hating”), and if he admits that poverty and education are irrelevant factors, (i.e. “hating” is not the province of poor dumb white people), then what possible theory can they come up with next that doesn’t involve them admitting the truth, i.e. that it’s the actions of NWs and Jews themselves that cause white people to despise NWs and Jews? If they can cook up some sort of theory, it will probably be so hilarious and off the wall that everyone will be laughing at it except for they themselves.

  5. “A recent Southern Poverty Law Center report linked nearly 100 murders in the past five years to registered Stormfront members.”

    Some Muslim extremists supposedly logged on to Stormfront, so that counts.
    Oh the HATE

  6. From an ideological perspective alone, it would appear that the NW Front is far and away ahead of the Trad. South, HW. Even liberal Minnesota has more SF readers/commenters, than GA or LA.

    • Fr. John, being on Stormfront is not an indication of being ‘ahead’. I do not go on Stormfront. Neither do most of the Southern nationalists I know. Yet we are extremely active for our people and culture. While some SNs are no doubt on SF, I would guess that the vast majority are not. It appeals to a certain type – which typically is not folks like me.

      • Michael- I don’t go on SF, either. I was merely egging HW on, for his continued stances about Dixie and the South… genial ribbing, as it were. But the point the JYT (Jew York Times) was making, (even as chilly a thought as this) is ‘Where are the goyim we will have to take down, once we control the USA, to be found?’ could point to a ‘last stand in White-a-ho’ with the NW Redoubt folks, from Covington to Rawles, Jr. – rather than the LOS and HW in Alpharetta, or some other quaint locale below the Mason-Dixon line. Just sayin’….. lol

      • As always, Mr Cushman represents who we, the traditional South, are, he tirelessly advocating for our good, with neither hatred, nor disrespect for those who are not we, nor in our favour.

  7. Fr. J, SF may have more commentator/readers than this blog and the NW Front may be ahead of the Trad. South for now, but will they last? Many of the SF and I think NW Front folks are National Socialists. That’s a big turn off in this country for reasons I don’t have to explain. Other believe in Christian Identity or Odinism. If you want to play dress up or make believe, go for it. But the one thing I’ve noticed about the people who embrace these things is that they’re people without any real roots. They either never had them in the first place, or they became estranged from whatever roots they had in the first place. Southron nationalism states that we have real roots that can be traced genetically, culturally, and historically. It is for these reasons the South is the most traditional part of the failed experiment called America. We wanted to keep what was traditional when we came here. The rest of America, especially New England, aka YankeeLand, wanted be use the new land as a test bed for new ideas that would ‘improve’ the world. Well, we know how well that turned out! Nope, the only nationalism that will work is one based on the actual historical roots of a people.

    • Hold on a minute. National Socialism as a set of principles and ideological talking points is an extremely viable platform when you separate it from the costume clowns and various fakes, frauds and misanthropes who are presented as the face of National Socialism. When you allow yourself to become caricatures that are perfectly in line with what a hostile media portrays you as, then it’s obvious what will be the consensus of a general public who get their “reality” from that media.

      I’m not really an adherent to National Socialism as an ism, but I probably mesh with them—when you get them away from the circus mentality and back on a personal level—better than anyone else. Some of the principles laid out by National Socialism are so basic and fundamental to Racialism that I have a hard time believing someone with a true sense of identity and racial awareness could be against NS to any great degree. I’ve been told by some National Socialists that, in some ways, the Third Reich represented both the absolute best of racial awareness and racial nationalism via National Socialism and the absolute worst in terms of sheer ego and impracticality. I tend to agree.

      • CT, National Socialism was founded by a bunch of social misfits. A large percentage of the founding members were queers. Most socialistic movements tend to attract people who hate traditional social units, traditional morality, and traditional religion. As someone who believes in the traditions of the West, I can’t accept any kind of socialism for those reasons.

    • For most of those kids NS, CI, Odinism and so on are merely ideological accoutrements. They can easily be shed while retaining the core position of affirmative white identity. In the short term those accoutrements do their racial movement a disservice; in the long run I don’t think it’ll be considered to have meant much.

  8. Ends on a good note. Stephens-Davidowitz has “no idea” what to do about the site’s popularity among young people. We’re really pulling ahead in the battle of propaganda and ideas. Nearly every one of the 19-year-olds signing up now has undergone the whole pre-K thru 12 course in Americanism, and still saw through the screen of lies.

  9. Lots of zigging and zagging, but I think he said that hate is based upon knowledge of the hated rather than ignorance of them.

  10. CT, read “The Pink Swastika” and get back to me about how well those social misfits did in the long run. As for you blaming the Christian faith for the downfall of the Roman Empire, haven’t you been reading all the articles posted here how empires always self destruct? If the old Roman religion was in charge, the empire still would have fallen. Empires always get too big for their own good, and they fall.

    • Stephen, you seem to be more interested in homosexuals than I am. I don’t really give a crap who is homosexual and who is not. They are only a detriment to Race & Nation when they put their homosexuality above said Race & Nation. Homosexual or not, if they aren’t racially aware and espousing a racial ideology, then they are useless to a racial movement. I could just as easily point to a seemingly endless line of pedophilia among priests and other deceptions and religious buggery within the Christian faith. It’s really not that hard to find oddballs, weirdos, flaming homosexuals and other assorted nutcases who call themselves Christians; and, much to your chagrin, there are church leaders and other zealots of the sand faith who are now more than welcoming to the Gay Agenda.

      I find it really odd your interest in focusing on elements of homosexuality within the Third Reich while ignoring the fact that most homosexuals were purged from institutions and their public personas were not tolerated under NS Germany. Kind of an odd thing to do for an entity and group of people whose founders were queers. Don’t you think?

      Honestly, I’m not the one blaming Christianity for the downfall of the Roman Empire. I’m simply stating a fact that many scholars attribute the rise of Christianity as being just one of the steps that led to Rome’s demise. You’re the one that brought up traditional morality and traditional religion of a traditional West, but completely ignore the concrete fact that your traditional West is trumped by an even greater traditional West. The real Traditional West, I might add.

      • Sam, the Nazi Party’s primary organizers were queers. As for the so-called purge, The Pink Swastika shows only the more obnoxious homo’s were purged, the rest of them were left in place.
        Your “real traditional West” is a fantasy. Paganism in the Old Roman Empire was dead by the late 4th century. In the Nordic countries, the closing of the Uppsala Temple by the 12 century put the nails in the coffin of Norse paganism. Christianity, in spite of the weaknesses, faults, and sins of it’s followers is here to stay. Any attempt to revive paganism will end in total abject failure like Julian The Apostate’s efforts.

  11. Sam, many Catholics, including myself, are starting to raise their voices and close their purses to stop this nonsense. The Pope and the clergy will soon find out that good Catholics won’t support their misguided social schemes. It was always the lay people who supported and defended the faith, and backed the clergy who preached the true faith against the heresies that threaten it. If you think paganism is going to be a winning game, I suggest you read about a sad sack called Julian The Apostate. He tried to revive both paganism and Old Covenant Judaism, and the Jewish part of his plan ended up in great balls of fire.

    • Stephen Dalton Sam • 2 hours ago

      ‘Sam, many Catholics, including myself, are starting to raise their voices and close their purses to stop this nonsense. The Pope and the clergy will soon find out that good Catholics won’t support their misguided social schemes.’

      I’ll bet the Pope is shaking in his velvet shoes.

      Sorry, but the Vatican and the majority of Catholics worldwide do not agree with you.

      They are hoping you go the way of the dinosaur.

      Demographics rule! The handwriting is on the wall.

      Most members of the RC church worldwide are not White.

      The older, conservative Whites are dying out rapidly and are being replaced by coloreds.

      Half of the remaining Whites are liberal and fully support the Pope’s liberation theology.

      The three countries with the largest Catholic populations are Brazil, Mexico and Phillipines.

      US is fourth with a huge number being hispanic.

      Guess who holds all the cards?

      The numbers today are even worse than 2010.


      How is the U.S. Catholic population changing?

      While the proportion of the U.S. population that is Catholic – around a quarter – has remained fairly steady for several decades, there have been some striking demographic shifts.

      For example, the U.S. Catholic population has been heavily shaped by immigration and includes a rising share of Latinos.

      This is evident in the age structure of the U.S. Catholic population, in which nearly half of Catholics under age 40 are Hispanic (47%), compared with about one-in-six (16%) Catholics 65 and older.

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