Rand Paul, Monty Python, and The Holy Grail…. RUN AWAY

run-away_monty-pythonConfronting a terrifying rabbit — ”the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!”

VDARE has an excellent letter documenting Rand Paul’s shameful personal cowardic). When confronted by a “Dream Act” female, Rand Paul turned and ran away in fear. In contrast, Iowa Rep. Steve King, an immigration patriot, stood his ground and told the Latina woman in no uncertain terms that we will enforce our immigration laws.

Too many on our side see immigration, racial conflict and cultural wars as an intellectual exercise, where our side just needs to use facts and reason to show that things like importing five billion Third World people suffering from Ebola would like a disaster for America … “studies have shown” that this would be bad for our public school system, the working class, etc.

There’s nothing “reasonable” about the Southern people being replaced in the South – we’re fighting cultural and physical genocide!

We at OD and great race realist blogs like American Renaissance and VDARE have documented Rand Paul’s shameless pandering to whomever happens to be talking to him. Rand agreed with black civil rights activists that state laws requiring photo IDs to vote are, yeah “RACIST,” because they suppress the votes of convicted black felons. Rand Paul wants the votes of convicted black felons to cancel out our own!

Rand agreed with MSNBC lesbian talking head Rachel Maddow that pre-1965 America was extremely RACIST and that Martin Luther King Jr. was an American hero, a saint!

Rand Paul agreed with CAIR that the US military had absolutely no right to launch a drone attack to take out al-Qaeda terrorist leader Jafar al Shabwani in Yemen – why? Rand Paul argues that Jafar al Shabwani was a US citizen based on the technicality of “birthright citizenship,” which he once publicly opposed, and was thus entitled to all the “rights” accorded US citizens under the Bill of Rights. Rand agreed with CAIR and his crazy, old lunatic father that Islamic extremists had the right to build a mosque on Ground Zero to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their mass murder of our people on 9/11.

Rand Paul’s shameless pandering to Islamic extremist groups have upset the powerful American Jewish community (AIPAC, AJC, ADL), who were also very upset that Rand Paul campaigned on a platform that he would end all US foreign aid including aid to Israel. Now that Rand is a US Senator who is running for president in 2016, he donned a yarmuluke at the Wailing Wall and put the word out that he wouldn’t change foreign aid to Israel, or criticize Israel for slaughtering the Palestinians, or criticize Israel for building an effective border fence to keep out illegal immigrants from Africa. We suspect he also put the word out that he wouldn’t say or do anything to get the US to build a similar border fence – Ron Paul criticized the border fence in the 2012 GOP republican primary – and low and behold, the money from the likes of Sheldon Adelson is starting to flow into Rand Paul’s presidential campaign.

Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Since we can’t compete with campaign donations with the likes of Sheldon Adelson, AIPAC, CAIR, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and so on, maybe we can scare Rand Paul a bit our way.

Here’s an fun idea for pro-White activists: start releasing White rabbits at Rand Paul’s campaign events and shout “RUN AWAY.”


    • I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Black mobs are protesting, rioting, looting convenience stores in Ferguson MO. I thought such people spent all their time studying science, finding cures for AIDS and now Ebola. What other shocking news will you tell me – that the Gambino Crime Family is somehow involved with….


      It couldn’t be!

  1. “Rand agreed with MSNBC lesbian talking head Rachel Maddow that pre-1965 America was extremely RACIST and that Martin Luther King Jr. was an American hero, a saint!”

    Anyone that would agree with that MadCow, should be shunned by society, as if harboring a disease- ‘Judeophilia.’ Any contact with members of this contagion, much like hemophilia, reults in a ‘sickness of the blood.’ But, whereas the latter affects only isolated individuals; the former (Judeophilia) can infect individuals, churches, states, administrations, and eventually close contact with the contagion, bleeds a nation dry.

  2. JR, if you’re going to release rabbits, make ’em Belgium giants. Those bunnies can get up to three feet long, and would really scare the bejabbers out of Randians!

  3. I see all kinds of evidence that the average person in Mexico is prosperous and has a decent job. Most of these “immigrants” seem to be ne’er do wells who can’t make it in Mexico, or elsewhere in Latin America, and many are on the run from the law south of the border. Just like Cuba, Mexico is dumping their criminal/underclass on us, to make room for their useful, productive people.

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