Review: 2014 CofCC National Conference

The 2014 CofCC National Conference took place without incident this weekend in Nashville, TN. Unlike the 2014 Amren Conference in Dickson, there was no sign of “anti-fa” opposition in Nashville. We had a great time in Tennessee which has become the permanent home of the Amren, CofCC, and Stormfront national conferences.

Day One

James Edwards of The Political Cesspool spoke about the cracks that are starting to appear in the mainstream consensus on race. He cited a FOX News reporter, Sean Bergen, and Anthony Cumia as recent examples of media figures who have wandered off the “mainstream” reservation. Former New York Times science editor Nicholas Wade’s book, A Troublesome Inheritance, which is targeted at a more highbrow audience, is another example that falls into this category.

Keith Alexander, the co-host of The Political Cesspool, followed up on this observation. Like communism in the Brezhnev era, Alexander described American liberalism as “a mile wide and an inch deep.” In an analogy to the ongoing “border crisis,” Alexander quoted the German playwright Bertolt Brecht’s poem “The Solution” which describes how after the 1953 East Berlin rising the German people had “forfeited the government’s confidence” and quips “wouldn’t it be simpler in that case if the government dissolved the people and elected another?” Edwards and Alexander connected this to Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks who was recently chastised by GOP chairman Reince Preibus for drifting off script when he accused the Democratic Party of waging a “War on Whites.”

Don Black of Stormfront spoke about the rise of the internet. He said that White Nationalists used to dream of having their own newspaper or television show back in the 1970s and 1980s. In 2014, Stormfront is one of the most popular internet sites in the world and reaches on average 50,000 people a week and over 1 million people a month. When Stormfront was founded in the 1990s, it was the first pro-White website, but now that we are well into the social media era, Stormfront increasingly faces competition from mainstream websites like Facebook and Twitter. Black spoke about how Stormfront is responding to this challenge by diversifying into other mediums, particularly into talk radio, where he now has his own radio show.

Paul Fromm, a longtime stalwart of the pro-White movement in Canada, gave a speech that focused on immigration in the United States and Canada, which he described as an “establishment organized ethnic cleansing program against Whites.” I couldn’t help but notice that Fromm’s point of view is identical to the message on the “It’s Wrong To Replace Us” signs that the League of the South has used at its immigration demonstrations. Fromm explained how Canada was 98 percent White and self-consciously European in the 1960s and made the same leap toward becoming a Third World country in 1965. The parallels between the Anglosphere nations – the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – was a reminder that Whites everywhere, not just in Dixie, are facing similar challenges and are reacting against the same perceived threat, genocidal racial and cultural displacement.

Patrick, a young man from New Mexico who now resides in North Carolina, gave the last speech of the day on “The Importance of Organization.” He talked about the 10-10-80 rule that he learned while working in sales: 10 percent of people will always try to steal, 10 percent will never steal, and 80 percent will steal opportunistically. Applied to our demographic predicament, Patrick believes that 10 percent of our people will always oppose us, 10 percent will support us, and the 80 percent of people in the middle will be dominated by the most aggressive minority. Thus, the challenge facing us is to get our 10 percent better organized and more active, and win the propaganda war for the hearts and minds of our people. In order to do this, Patrick believes that we must win the “psychological battle” by taking away the terminology of the enemy. He believes that we ought to present ourselves as the real anti-racists, civil rights activists, and progressives.

This latter assertion was much more controversial. It struck me as similar to Bob Whitaker’s Mantra in that the focus is on word play (Patrick used cardboard swords as props to illustrate how Whites are beat down into submission with terms like “racist”), but if “Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White,” then Patrick would be declaring himself to be “Anti-White” by self-identifying as an “Anti-Racist.” Personally, I don’t believe this approach will work: it sounds like what the SCV has been doing for the past twenty years, but I appreciate the constructive spirit in which it was intended.

Day Two

The conference resumed on Saturday when Jim Sandman, who I believe is affiliated with the John Birch Society, gave a speech on “The Truth About The Southern Poverty Law Center.” Unfortunately, I missed this speech because I was on daddy duty with my son, but I am told it was just a recap of what we already know, which is that the SPLC is a multimillion dollar hedge fund that masquerades as a charity, which was founded by civil rights millionaire Morris Dees, who made a fortune in direct mail marketing before he discovered that he could tap into a much more lucrative revenue stream by scaring little old Jewish ladies in the Northeast with images of “Mississippi Burning” in his fundraising appeals. Dees has my friend Kyle Rogers listed as two or three hate groups in South Carolina.

Gene, a lawyer from Nashville, gave what was unquestionably the best presentation of the conference in a speech about “The Myth of the Fort Pillow Massacre.” Normally, I don’t enjoy speeches at conferences which aim to “tell the truth about history,” but this speech was unusually informative and captivating. During the Q&A session, I asked Gene a question about the existence of “black Confederates” in the War Between the States, specifically about the blacks who some have claimed “rode with Forrest” as his personal escort. Gene claimed that Nathan Bedford Forrest freed his slaves. He assured me that there were some actual examples of “black Confederates” who attended Confederate veterans reunions during the early twentieth century.

After lunch, I participated in a panel discussion on “How To Deal With The Mainstream News Media” with Bill Lord, Earl Holt, James Edwards, Paul Fromm, Sid Secular, Sonny Thomas, Don Black, and Patrick from North Carolina. The general consensus that emerged from the panel was that the mainstream media is hostile to our point of view, but the level of hostility varies from reporter to reporter. We should use the traditional media to get our message out whenever it is in our interest to do so, but we should also use social media to get our message out unfiltered by media bias.

The conference ended on Saturday night with a live raucous broadcast of The Political Cesspool. I was interviewed by James Edwards on the race riots in Ferguson, MO and our participation in a Confederate flag rally in Oxford, MS. I also announced on the air that we are planning to hold our own rally against political correctness at some point in the fall, which was a fitting occasion, since James closed the show by asking the audience to rise and sing our national anthem, Dixie.

As always, the highlight of the CofCC conference was the networking and fellowship that followed after hours on Friday and Saturday. Renee and I went out both nights for drinks with friends at a local bar in Nashville while my mother-in-law enjoyed spending time with her grandson. We celebrated our first anniversary together as a couple with our friend Tom Pierce who was with us when we met on June 7th at the 2013 conference in Winston-Salem.

I will never understand why White Nationalists choose to be bottled up on the internet. I’ve learned that 99 percent of the dysfunction in the movement is due to the fragility of anonymous internet based relationships. I owe my wife, son, and several of my best friends to a single decision to attend a pro-White conference in 2013.

What would happen if a fraction of the 50,000 people who browse Stormfront alone every day came out of the closet and started to build a real world political movement – just magnify what we are already doing in the South? I believe the movement would change overnight for the better.


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  1. Will there be video taken so that those of us who stay at home can catch the events later?

    I’m not big on these hotel banquet room meetings as they accomplish nothing much other than meeting, eating and retreating. There is a reason for them, but in most cases what with the Internet and DVD recording they could be best recorded for most of the membership, then put up as teasers on jewtube, with the full events happening sold or given to membership on DVD for a nominal sum.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt. CJCC/AN

    • Can’t say that I agree with you here.

      A year ago, I decided to go to the 2013 CofCC conference in North Carolina, and my future wife was signing people in at the front desk. That’s where we met … a year and two months later, I am back here in Nashville with my wife and son.

      Kyle isn’t here, but Sonny Thomas has been recording some video. I understand that he is going to put some of it on YouTube.

  2. I will never understand why White Nationalists choose to be bottled up on the internet….

    What would happen if a fraction of the 50,000 people who browse Stormfront alone every day came out of the closet and started to build a real world political movement

    I, too, didn’t understand it for a long time. Then one day someone made a simple statement to me that put it in the right perspective. The answer is right in front of your face.

    • It occurred to me this morning that the problem is similar to union organizing in the early twentieth century. The major reason is that people are so afraid of losing their jobs.

        • I think you are right that the threat of job loss, is not as great if
          you live in the South. But as you say, people are afraid of the r-word, so psychological warfare clearly works.

  3. I should have gone to this CoCC conference in Nashville TN, where I have strong roots. It sounds like a great success, with excellent speakers. I was worried that CoCC was mostly old people lamenting the changes of the 1960s. But, that obviously wasn’t the case.

  4. “Patrick believes that we must win the “psychological battle” by
    taking away the terminology of the enemy. He believes that we ought to
    present ourselves as the real anti-racists, civil rights activists, and
    This latter assertion was much more controversial. It struck me as similar to Bob Whitaker’s Mantra”

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” is about destroying the word racist and giving whites something to hit back with. All politics is just psychological warfare through propaganda. If you lose the propaganda war you lose. Period.

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