#Secede Billboard Goes Up Near Perry, GA

The League of the South has erected its fourth #Secede billboard this year on I-75 North near Perry, Georgia:


The #Secede billboard can be seen by commuters heading northbound from Florida toward Atlanta around Exit 121 on I-75 just south of Perry, GA. This billboard is much larger than a similar billboard which was put up in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Note: After the Montgomery SECEDE billboard was taken down by Lamar Advertising, I said at the time that the billboard campaign had hit a temporary snag and that the League would get their money back, adapt their strategy, and put up more billboards somewhere else. That’s precisely what has happened.

The League is planning to put up more of these billboards in other Southern states. If you would like to see a #Secede billboard in your state, you can donate to the billboard campaign through PayPal.

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  1. I live near Macon, GA. It doesn’t seem to me like most whites are even thinking about secession, but I hope that this billboard will raise discussion about the issue. Keep up the good work!

    • I think it depends on when and how it is done. If the sitting President
      is sympathetic to the South, it will be easy to leave. If there’s
      another Abraham Lincoln in the White House, there will be a terrible
      war. Timing is everything.

      • If there is a US President who is sympathetic to the South there will probably not be secession. Can’t imagine the South seceding under a White Republican president.

        • That’s our quandary, Sir – yearn for Miss Hillary to win and deal with the nausea that might lead to Southern independence,;or get a Trump or Cruz who would improve things, in the short term, but, still leave us in the long-term lurch of being in a marriage with those who are not us.

    • Public schools, television and all the rest of the endless propaganda about the Empire have brainwashed people into having that view. Lincolns war on the South ended slavery and crushed the evil Rebels who fired the first shot, and wanted to secede we are told over and over again. This crap has been drummed into people for the past 150 years, so you sound like a crackpot when you present the idea of secession to people.

    • When has a true secession ever not lead to war? There’s not a single senator or representative at the federal or state levels who can go on record stating his/her desire for secession(or being pro-White) without having to endure an immediate assault launched against their character. It’s not that people don’t want peaceful resolutions, it’s just that it takes gigantic leaps of faith and a disjointed-from-reality type of optimism to begin to make a peaceful split seem even remotely possible.

        • Brazil and Portugal were steeped in war prior to independence. Portugal had only given in to Brazilian independence AFTER they had been outflanked during military skirmishes. I’m no expert on history, but I do know that splits involving already claimed territory almost always comes at the price of war. You have a better shot at winning the lottery than you do claiming large swaths of land without having to go to war to do so.

          Like I said, it takes gigantic leaps of faith and a disjointed-from-reality type of optimism to talk about secession without having to also factor in war and fighting.

      • When has a true secession ever not lead to war?

        1) Nearly all the Soviet republics seceded without war in 1990-91.

        2) The Czechs and Slovaks divorced each other without war in 1993.

        3) Norway seceded from Sweden without war in 1905.

        4) Rhodesia seceded from the United Kingdom without war in 1965.

        5) Iceland seceded from Denmark without war in 1944.

        War or not, independence is the South’s only option. I think most Southern nationalists know that things could get very ugly when it comes time to re-assert our independence. The examples above show that peaceful independence is possible. If war comes, then it will be because there are people within the USA who would rather keep the South in chains than let us go our own way.

        • You are hinging your faith in peaceful secession on examples of the aftermath of a complete implosion by a nation that DID lose a war(The Cold War); or you are putting your faith in examples that DID involve some kind of war or fighting prior to independence; or you are blinded by the fact that those that split without serious bloodshed were those whose populations were very, very, VERY similar.

          Discounting any examples of the nullification of colonialism throughout the world, all of those examples were of at least somewhat similar people. Did Norway or Sweden or Iceland or Denmark or the republics of the former Soviet Union have large black populations? Did they have millions and millions of brown people and yellow people to contend with? Were their liberal/Leftist Jewish populations pervasive throughout the finance sectors, media and the rest of society? Did they have to factor in the logistics involved in moving tens of millions of people?

          When you say “The South” and let “us” go our own way, who are you talking about?

          • The USSR was multiracial and was collapsed using non-violent methods. If you want to secede without getting millions of Whites killed, the tactics used against the USSR are the only option.

          • You are hinging your faith in peaceful secession . . ..

            I don’t have faith in peaceful independence. If you had finished reading my post, you would have seen that.

            When you say “The South” and let “us” go our own way, who are you talking about?

            ‘The South’: The thirteen states of the CSA (this includes all of Virginia) plus Oklahoma and a stretch of land from the southern portion of Illinois (Little Egypt) through the southern portion of Ohio along the northern banks of the Ohio River.

            ‘Us’: Southerers. The Anglo-Celtic people whose ancestors settled the South in colonial times plus the people of very similar stock whose ancestors have been assimilated over the generations.

  2. Who would have ever thought that we would see an America like the one we have today, with one in six “Americans” being foreign born.

  3. Off topic:

    Two new race realists were born in Missouri on Aug 22nd, 2014…


    I think it would be an interesting avenue to pursue interviewing these assault victims. Who knows when the next spokesperson could be cultivated? The sheer volume of these attacks caught on video is staggering. I would imagine the undocumented, unreported attacks are in the thousands as well…

    As a parent, I’m compiling these videos & saving them to a hard drive for future use. If nothing more, I’ll use them later to educate my young children on the inherent dangers of black on white violence.

  4. Ironic because Georgians are referred to as “Georgian Crackers” or because “Cracker Barrel” is a Southern restaurant? I’m confused; how is that ironic?

  5. Just drove past the sign in Georgia and it shed a new light on how ignorant people, in this case whites, can be. REALLY?!?! There’s actually a following behind #secede, which was shocking… This really is an ingenious business plan: the white man preying on the less educated white population and most likely profiting in the process. Lol no wonder the South lost the civil war.

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