Rotherham: The Harvest of “Anti-Racism”


It doesn’t matter how frustrated I get at times with our cause … it is cases like what happened in Rotherham which keep me going, week after week, year after year. Imagine the nightmare that we are leaving behind to our children and grandchildren. If stories like this don’t move you to take action, nothing will:

“On Friday I appeared on Michael Graham’s radio show to discuss, among other things, the appalling revelations from Rotherham, a drab town in South Yorkshire in which over the course of a decade and a half some 1,400 girls (as young as 11) were “groomed”, drugged, raped, traded and, occasionally, doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight. All the while, the entire apparatus of the state, from the political class to the police to the “child protection” agencies, looked the other way – for fear of appearing “racist” or “Islamophobic”. …”

Note: How many of our own people are so paralyzed with fear of being branded a “racist” by the SPLC that they stand idly bywhile our culture and heritage are dismantled and our civilization goes down the drain?

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    • I beg to differ. As bad as our immigration problem is, when you look at it on an average, the English are an example of what happens when you leave the borders open. The English made it too easy to immigrate.

      • It wasn’t the English that did that. The Jewish takeover of England opened the borders. Just like in America.

  1. To hell with racism! Whack the Paki’s and the other foreign procurers who are doing this to our girls!

  2. A commenter on Sailer’s blog mentioned the possibility of bribery being involved, and “not wanting to appear racist” merely being the cover. I think thats worth considering. the state wasn’t stopped from correcting this by fear, it was and is what they want to happen.

      • LS, the Muzzies are arrogant S.O.B.’s. They always want to put one over on the infidels (us), so their collective ego drives them to pull stuff like this, just like the collective ego of the Jews drive them to do the same. Of course, it will end badly for them, just like it always had for the Jews.

      • True! Although I doubt they pay much income tax on their taxi/kebab businesses. Naturally they will be in receipt of state benefits as well.

        • It’s England. They tax you to pay taxes there.
          I heard today that on a survey done by BBC on multiculturalism 95% of the people questioned said they believe multiculturalism has failed and needs to be given up.

      • As individuals no, but remember, they have a fiercely interlocked, tribal and clannish structure. They can pull the capital together if need be, and there are likely many things they are doing that they don’t want the police poking their noses into.

      • Yup, graceless as the day is long. You could not RESIST the ad hominem continual attacks, could Jew? I give credence to your cult and, even then, you resort to the typical tactic of jewish character assassination. Dalton, you just continue to prove your unregenerate status, over and over and over again.

  3. Unbelievable it has come to this. What’s even harder to believe is that we can hardly classify who is us due to all the racial/ethnic bastards being pumped out by the jew-system. This scum need to be chased out, run out, smoked out, beat out, burned out…. whatever it takes to return sanity and dignity to societies in which our ethnic and racial kin are entrapped. Liberals are the lowest form of scum in the known universe.

  4. Muslims,eh?

    Brad, do you have any theories or opinions concerning the ‘Isis” situation unfolding?

    This could escalate into unimaginable horrors affecting the entire planet in many ways.

    Perhaps a thread could be created to discuss the topic?

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