Memphis Photos

We briefly stopped in Memphis on the ride home from Arkansas to visit the monument and grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest as well as the Lorraine Hotel where the “Rev.” Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in 1968.

Note: Memphis is suffering from the same unmistakable fingerprints of the Black Undertow which ought to be familiar to anyone who has passed through Birmingham, Little Rock, Jackson, New Orleans, St. Louis, Baltimore, etc.

Forrest Park

Lorraine Hotel

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  1. I couldn’t help wondering how much it costs to keep Memphis in its present rundown, dilapidated state. How much does it costs to protect those tourists that I saw on Beale Street from the Black Undertow?

  2. I have something ironic, but heart lifting to tell y’all. Where I live; downtown was fixed up, a new ball park was built, a curfew for “youfs” was put in place, and plenty of restaurants opened up about seven or so years ago. The surrounding area was still bad, but downtown became something nice to drive through, where it used to not be. Just recently while I was driving through the area, I noticed that there were a lot of white people in the once bad surrounding area, not just in the heart of downtown. Next to a “black” Dollar Store, and “African” hair supply, was a fancy cafe that was obviously not geared toward blacks. The historical homes neighborhood was full of whites, even though some bad neighborhoods used to be close by, and I saw more whites walking around. A new restaurant opened up more on the outskirts as well, and every single customer (had to be 30) sitting outside eating, was white.

    I was sort of bewildered, it used to be that only the heart of downtown was safe, but you had to wade through a moat of black to get to it. Then I thought “What if there’s such a thing as a white undertow?” I mean, what if the blacks in my area are being pushed out by whites who are moving in? Wouldn’t that be great? I guess my only fear is that the whites moving in might turn my city Liberal, but the churches in downtown are always full, so maybe that’s an unfounded fear. We are known as the city of churches, and we did get an overwhelming support when we were protesting immigration down there. So maybe I shouldn’t judge by the way they dress, and just be happy they’re white.

    • That’s pretty much what has happened in a lot of cities including Montgomery. All it proves is that there is a causal relationship between racial and cultural demographics and economic prosperity.

  3. HW, I agree.

    After they fixed up downtown, and made it a family friendly place to be, it attracted whites to move into the apartments in downtown, and historical homes that surrounded it. Thus, bringing in more white businesses, which attracts even more whites. Not to mention they just recently added a bike trail where a rail road line used to lay, which was an incentive for even more white businesses to be opened on the trail, and attracted even more whites to the area.

    I wish local governments would do the same thing to all bad areas within our county and other counties. I don’t know where the Mexicans and blacks would go, once they are pushed out, but anywhere is better than here.

  4. Memphis is a much different place than before the War for Southern Independence and especially before the forced integration of the races. Nobody can say Memphis is a nice, clean, and safe place to live and raise a family. Thanks liberals and the Yankee Reconstruction Movement for making it happen….turning Memphis into a 3rd world country.

    I agree ending the welfare state and the forced integration of the races is a big step in the right direction at cleaning up Memphis and the rest of America. Deo Vindice

  5. Thought I made a cute comment about gentrifiction and the James Earl Ray Memorial but I see it was deleted..not gonna comment anymore since this site wants to be “respectable”and not incur the wrath of he SPLC and ADL

  6. They ought to get rid of section 8 and go back to projects. It would vastly lower the rapidity of decline. Even better build them all in areas where they voted for Obama.

    I have a dream…

    That we use the new Chinese mass production of high rise housing to build projects for all the Negros in areas that voted for Obama. All those wonderful non-racist Whites/Jews could benefit from diversity with their own diversity high rise. “Diversirise”.

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