Little Rock Southern Marriage and Family Defense Rally

In May, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza struck down the Arkansas constitutional ban on gay marriage. The Arkansas Supreme Court swiftly stepped in and suspended Piazza’s ruling. The matter is still tied up in the courts and the Arkansas Legislative Council passed a resolution in June that condemned the ruling. Because of its increasingly radical stance on polarizing social issues like “gay marriage,” the Democratic Party is collapsing in Arkansas.

In response to this, the Arkansas League of the South organized a “Southern Marriage & Family Defense” rally in downtown Little Rock which took place this afternoon. Approximately 15 activists and 3 children participated in the demonstration which lasted for about two hours. The response from the public, especially from the black community, was overwhelmingly positive. There was no sign of “anti-fa” opposition in Little Rock although we caught two people filming us in a parked car.

After the demonstration was over, League members walked down the street to pose for a group photo at the Old State House. We toured the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol and took several group photos in front of the Confederate monuments. We also took some photos at the Little Rock Nine monument. Then we ate lunch at a local restaurant and enjoyed a positive atmosphere of fellowship.

Later in the evening, we drove over to Little Rock Central High School to take a look at the building that was at the center of the 1957 desegregation crisis, and which has since been designated a National Historic Site. 57 years after the integration of Central High School, the surrounding neighborhood is a blighted ghetto of vacant lots and boarded up houses which appears to be populated by shiftless drug addicts. In the words of Little Rock City Director Ken Richardson, “it looks like somebody dropped a bomb and tore up the community.”

Before leaving Little Rock, we went back to Central High School to investigate and shot a video of the surrounding dilapidated neighborhood. It will be posted here after the film is edited and uploaded to YouTube.


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  1. The organizer specifically and publicly said that he did not want any White Nationalists to attend or participate, because, as he put it, “Note well, this means that those who consider themselves mere “White-nationalists” are not welcome to stand with us, for White nationalism is a construct of the imagination and is opposed to our cause.”

    So, our people pulled their support. My Confederate ancestors who fought and killed and died for the cause would have all been unwelcome at his little street dance, too.

  2. If it’s the same Brad Griffin who used to live outside Gainesville, then he and I knew each other way back, and such a position re WN doesn’t sound like the guy I used to know, but oh well.

  3. Thanks. I expect many right-minded people who saw the demonstration were encouraged.

    The Defense of Marriage Act in this state may be the next to fall, but we know the truth will triumph.

  4. For now, no. Hopefully that will continue to stand.

    Having many trips down th Arkansas Children’s Hospital, I can agree the area surrounding Capitol has become a ghetto. It’s honestly sad that so many good, Christian black folk worked so hard to achieve equality, yet their descendants sold it all away to the socialists.

  5. Sorry, different Brad Griffin. Thanks for letting White Nationalists know that we aren’t welcome at your events, and that you see us as opposed to your cause. I appreciate the clarification.

  6. It would be fitting that the most famous state that once stood for the purity of the White Race against the sin of miscegenation via class ‘integration,’ now be the same state that stands for the sanctity of marriage before the Sodomite agenda and this corrupt godless abomination known as FEDGOV.

    May you have success in all your endeavors, and may God’s law prosper.

  7. You would have been better off holding this rally in a White suburb near a busy intersection or shopping area. That way you would have been more visible,

  8. Billy Roper – the League of the South has had successful demonstrations because the LS has strict dress codes, codes of conduct, press and public relations that project a positive, safe, attractive, family oriented image to the general Southern public.

    Though I am from the Midwest, I attended college in the Mid South and have lived in Tennessee and I greatly respect the history and culture of the authentic South.

    “When in Rome, do as the White Romans do”.

    I did, I do.

    If you know of people who would support the LS activism, demos, they should learn to dress and act appropriately. Mostly just look good, carry the official signs and flags, wave, meet and greet.

    Our side can and does well when we get discipline and learn to simply do things (demos, press and public relations, education) the right way.

    It’s about getting it right and thinking and acting as “we” not doing it wrong as…


    We have to check our egos at the door so to speak.

    The anti White, anti Southern media, heavily Jewish has projected a negative, selfish image for White Nationalists. Sadly too many supposedly White Nationalists have bought in to that image and are acting as if they are reading from an anti White Holywood script.

    That has to stop. With the LS and OD, it has stopped.

    The League of the South and OD are now doing things right. Playing to win.

    I hope that clarifies things.

  9. White Nationalists = skinhead trash.

    Please stay away from our events, Billy Roper. The last thing we need, as a movement, is for people to associate us with your dysfunctional herd. Thanks, but no thanks. Perhaps you should be over at Linder’s VNN.

  10. I talked to the organizer last night.

    He said that he didn’t want any outside groups he didn’t know showing up and creating a distraction. OTOH, he said he was fine with White Nationalists coming as individuals provided that they dressed appropriately, followed the rules, and supported our message, which was about protesting the judge who struck down the gay marriage in Arkansas.

    He also mentioned to me that he didn’t want mere White Nationalists to come. That’s what he was talking about. In other words, he wanted people to come who were pro-South and pro-Christian, who were culturally Southerners, and who didn’t just have allegiance to some vague abstract concept of whiteness.

    WN is pretty broad and he was referring to people who whose presence would create a distraction.

  11. Billy Roper, isn’t that the kook who not long after 9/11 said something along the lines of “anyone who rammed two airplanes into two skyscrapers full of Jews is fine by me?”

    While I agree with almost all of the individual line items that white nationalists advocate, I finally figured out what of the WN movement bothers me and why I can never embrace the WN label. And it’s even more simple and succinct that HW’s already excellent critique of WNism here on OD over the recent months and years.

    “White nationalism” is nothing more than an abbreviation for “I am pathologically obsessed with and irrationally despise Jews.”

  12. Well, it’s good to hear that Arkansas still keeps the sanctity of marriage. That’s one less off the “Progressive” map of conquered States.

  13. There are people in WN who are exhibitionists. At the same time, there are other people who are perfectly normal, but who are deterred from coming out and doing stuff by the exhibitionists.

  14. An exhibitionist is just another type of American individualist who puts his own self expression above advancing a common purpose with a unified message. The photos from the demonstration above reflect the public image the organizer wanted to achieve.

  15. Question Diversity says:
    “White nationalism” is nothing more than an abbreviation for “I am pathologically obsessed with and irrationally despise Jews.”

    Yeah, right.

    Abe Foxman thanks you from the bottom of his heart and will put you on his Hanukkah card list…if you’re not already on it.

  16. That’s interesting knowing the same area is now a Ghetto of American poverty. That’s what happens when liberalism becomes the normal. The society is destroyed and the replacement is something out of a United Nations fantasy land.

    Think it’s good for fellow Patriots across organization lines to work together who have the same standards. Billy Roper is a good Patriot and always respectable and has a solid presentation. I agree some in White Nationalism and other groups have a poor presentation and hurt our image. Billy Roper isn’t one of them. A good Patriot.

  17. I am the organizer of the event in Little Rock. For the record, the reason I posted what I did about White Nationalists was simply to keep our demonstration on message with the national League of the South. I do not care and did not care if you personally were a “White Nationalist” as long as you wore, said, and did what we required while you were in our demonstration. Also, I made sure I clarified that it was “mere White Nationalists” who I did not want attending, if you are merely concerned about your “white brothers” and do not love our people, the Southern People, then I do not see how you would have a place in our Southern Nationalist organization. This being said, I welcome all of my Southern brothers to stand with us in the future (and even those who are not Southern but who understand the necessity of the survival, well-being, and independence of the South for the continuance of Christendom) . All that is required is that you are on message with us, and do not create a distraction from the event at its purpose.

    R.G. Miller

  18. Mr. Roper’s poor attitude is not conducive for our Southern Nationalists based organization.
    He would be better suited with Linder or Stormfront neo-nazi trash.
    Thanks, but no thanks, Roper. You and the rabble you roll with are definitely not welcome at our rallies.

  19. In the words of Little Rock City Director Ken Richardson, “it looks like somebody dropped a bomb and tore up the community.”

    How true. Blacks are a biological weapon of mass destruction.

    We owe the segregationists of old an apology. They were right.

  20. Question Diversity: Billy Roper, isn’t that the kook who not long after 9/11 said something along the lines of “anyone who rammed two airplanes into two skyscrapers full of Jews is fine by me?”

    Yes, that was Billy Roper. He was the membership coordinator of the National Alliance at the time.

    Question Diversity: “White nationalism” is nothing more than an abbreviation for “I am pathologically obsessed with and irrationally despise Jews.”

    The Jews are bad news and I don’t fault white nationalists for making an issue of them. What they can be faulted for is blaming everything under the Sun on Jews without even bothering to look at the facts of the situation. In so doing, they lose all credibility and they give a free pass to the Yankees who have played a highly disproportionate role in destroying the West.

  21. Thomas Paine: . . . neo-nazi trash.

    I hate to see our people adopting the language of the Left. ‘Neo-Nazi’ is a slur that means a white person who opposes white genocide. Most so-called ‘neo-Nazis’ are not National-Socialists at all.

    • Billy Roper has been around long enough to know the people who like to show up at demonstrations dressed inappropriately with twenty different flags and twenty different messages.

  22. The response from the public . . ..

    Were people able to walk up to League members and interact? Or was the area closed off and they could only drive by?

  23. BTW, the photos above are the latest proof that nothing is stopping anyone from getting out there, getting organized, engaging the public, and projecting a positive image of the movement to the public except a sheer unwillingness to do so due to fear, laziness, apathy, etc. We could have easily started doing this years ago.

  24. Hunter Wallace says:
    September 15, 2014 at 2:22 am

    “I pretty much agree that Jewish influence is bad, but the problem is magnified by White radical individualism and other factors.”

    Yes, there are many berserkers in WN that have no discipline. They don’t care if they lose, as long as they believe they are right. Not all WN are that way and they are attempting to change things, but I don’t know if its possible. IMO WN will continue to stagnate and do damage, until something more exclusive and effective breaks away from it. Numbers are nothing without discipline.

  25. Even if there are Jews who despise us (the ADL listed this rally under “upcoming extremist events”), there’s no reason why that should stop us from building an organized, active, reality based resistance movement like the ones that already exist in Europe.

    There’s no reason why WNs can’t do things similar to what we are doing in the South in other parts of the United States. At the very least, we could be a lot better off than we are now. The truth is that the vast majority of WNs just don’t want to do this and find reasons not to engage in activism or other types of movement building. They would rather hang out for years on the internet and spend most of their time fighting with each other.

    What’s the worst that could happen? The SPLC and ADL might write some blog posts. They’ve been attacking us for years now. At the end of the day, Jewish bloggers can’t stop anyone from doing what they want to do. It’s their choice to be active or inactive.

    I’m not saying that we can save the world by doing these small rallies. We can make things better than they are now though. We can get better organized. We can get more publicity. We can cultivate new leaders. We can project a better, more wholesome public image. We can replace the low trust, anonymous environment of the internet with high trust, real world relationships. We can adopt a positive attitude that attracts people to our movement. We can weed out malcontents. We can set a good example for others to follow. We can create a spirit of camradarie that sustains motivation and reduces turnover in the movement, and so on, and so on.

    There’s a lot more than education which can be done right now. After we educate and outrage people, we should be getting them organized to advance a common purpose.

  26. Mr. Wallace, I can’t remember the details but due to Central High School’s federal status as a landmark, a lot of federal grant money has been made available to houses close to the school for their improvement. In other words, the area would look much much worse if it were not for the govt propping up the facade.

    Here is a recording I made in 2012 on New Years Eve, just two blocks from the school. You can hear my neighbors celebrate the clock striking 12 about a minute in. The microphone barely caught it, but there was the rolling bass of gunfire for miles, and it was continuous for several hours.

    • anon,

      We saw signs that said the surrounding neighborhood has benefitted from neighborhood stabilization program funding. We talked about that at length in the video. I can’t wait to get it up.

  27. Why would the ADL list the protest as an “extremist event” when y’all were protesting same-sex “marriage”? I guess that just shows how far to the Left the ADL is to consider that “extremist”.

    Anon, that sounds like a war zone. Unbelievable.

  28. The LS/OD could announce that they were going on a butterfly collection expedition to Ecuador, and it wouldn’t be long that everyone who goes out and watches butterflies will have links to extremist hate groups.

  29. LS plans on going to Ecuador to “catch butterflies”? Obviously they have cartel connections, and butterflies is a code word for drugs! Now, please give the SPLC all your monies, so they can stop this insane neo-confederate cartel gang!

  30. “Even if there are Jews who despise us (the ADL listed this rally under “upcoming extremist events”), there’s no reason why that should stop us from building an organized, active, reality based resistance movement like the ones that already exist in Europe.”

    The successful movements are based mostly on electoral politics. It’s almost impossible for non-mainstream movements to get anywhere in the US because of the first-past-the- post system. Even UKIP was able to prosper only because it was given oxygen by the proportional representation system used for EU parliament elections.

  31. “Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza”

    our side needs to do a better job of documenting the personal information of these arrogant, judges for life who simply make up laws to justify such horrors as homosexual marriage equality.

    Some good ol boys in Arkansas need to be playing 24/7 loud music next door to this judge, just play 3 songs, over and over and over again. FREEBIRD, SWEET HOME ALABAMA, I’M A REDNECK WOMAN

    Also, Southerners used to not serve low class Blacks in certain respectable establishments. The same must now be done for lying judges.

    How about some official LoS signs:

    “Notice we don’t serve lying Federal Judges”

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