Third Update: NPI Conference Shutdown In Hungary, Richard Spencer Being Deported From Hungary, Meeting Underway Without Spencer

Third Update: The conference seems to be underway without Spencer. Jared Taylor is delivering his speech

Update: According to a source on Twitter, the Hungarian Ministry of the Interior has confirmed that Richard Spencer is in the process of being deported after being detained last night.



A video has surfaced of Hungarian Police breaking up an informal gathering of NPI conference attendees in Budapest. Richard Spencer was reportedly hauled away by police. It isn’t clear at the present time whether the conference is cancelled or whether the police are just scaring people by asking for passports.

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  1. Spencer’s bashing of Christianity gets on my nerves. But I wish him the best in getting out of this situation without too much hassle.

    • I disagree with Richard Spencer on several points, but I admire the fact that he stuck to his plan, and was willing to get carted away by the Hungarian police over his beliefs. He’s demonstrated courage and perseverance while in Budapest.

  2. Somehow I doubt the State Department will exert much effort on his behalf. Even money that it was the Obama regime that pressured the Hungarian government to prevent the conference.

  3. I am in Vienna now. I registered for the conference and have been waiting for further instructions to head that way but I don’t have much confidence. I wonder if there is a better place. Hungary (home of gyorgy schwartz AKA George Soros) is apparently a sham democracy like every other.

  4. Why Hungary? What’s the point of trying to push an agenda or message thousands and thousands of miles away when you can’t even remain relevant or move anyone to action in your local areas?

    • Re: Celestial Time

      That’s one of the main differences that I spoke of above. WN can be so broadminded that it becomes impractical. I care about the “Future of Europe” too, but we are stretching ourselves a little thin by holding events in Hungary of all places.

  5. Spencer has courage and perseverance, but I question his judgement.

    If a man doesn’t want you in his house, you don’t barge in anyway.

    If a nation doesn’t want you holding a conference on its territory, you don’t ignore their wishes, barge right in, and mewl about your “rights”.

    In America, I’d fight to the death if necessary to defend my freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. In America, these rights are my property, the heritage handed down to me by my ancestors.

    In any other country of the world, I’d conduct myself with deference, as a guest should – especially in Hungary, the most politically enlightened nation in the western world, for which I have the utmost respect, and whose government I have no desire to embarrass.

    And frankly, if both Victor Obran and Gabor Vona asked me to refrain from a particular course of action, I would probably do as they asked as a token personal respect.

  6. Many White sites are being hacked, bugs sent in and trained trolls making comments and so on and on and the copyright crap…. Read about HASBARA program in Israel. Also be aware of the Hate Speech Tracker Program of Feebees… Maybe we should counter with our own HASBARA…Advice For Fence Sitters by Scott Roberts is good article,,,

  7. The point of holding it in Hungary is that not only is Hungary a fairly Rightist country, but it’s also in an area where Europeans can attend, including Dugin and Jobbiks. If he held it in Seattle or wherever, then it would have been hard for the leaders of Jobbiks or Russians or Britons or Germans or whoever else to attend. That was the whole point of holding it in Budapest, to get an amalgamation of intellectuals from all over the Occident to share their ideas.

    I can’t believe they banned him from most of Europe for three years. It’s crazy how much they’re overreacting.

  8. Dugin? Isn’t he an anti-racist?

    …to get an amalgamation of intellectuals from all over the Occident to share their ideas.

    That still doesn’t answer the question of why Hungary for people that are not Hungarian. It’s not like the American landscape is just bursting at the seams trying to keep up with and contain all of the activism being brought about by the “intellectuals.” If anything, an intellectual would comprehend the dynamics involved in building up support in a way that would give you some kind of leverage. I see very little to be gained. There is practically no solid framework or foundation to work with here in the USA, but there are people spending their time washing the windows and putting out the welcome mat for guests that may show up?

    Maybe I just don’t qualify as an intellectual and can’t comprehend the brilliance of this kind of hollow networking.

  9. ‘crazy how much they’re overreacting’:

    ‘They’ also reacted strongly against the appearance of some anti-Ukrainian Russian nationalists at the small gathering. Hungary seems to stand with the Talmudic globalist Ukrainian coup d’etat government against the Russians.

  10. The supposedly White nationalist Jobbik party favours dark Asiatic Turks, the historic enemies of white Orthodox Russia and Greece. The Jobbik party leader says Hungary and Turkey (not Russia!) ‘are sister nations’. ‘Our common mission and universal task are to build bridges (…) between Muslims and Christians (= Roman Catholics, including Uniates) to fight together for a better world and show the world that Christians and Muslims are not enemies but brothers and sisters. No one can accomplish this mission more effectively than Hungarians and Turks because we are connected by common blood’!

  11. At the rate things are going white advocates will only be able to have future conferences in Russia. I expected protests and slander, but I never would have predicted the arrest of one of the hosts. Down with the EU!

  12. “If a nation doesn’t want you holding a conference on its territory, you don’t ignore their wishes, barge right in, and mewl about your “rights”.

    In America, I’d fight to the death if necessary to defend my freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. In America, these rights are my property, the heritage handed down to me by my ancestors.”

    Whites Unite, I’d laugh at your innocence, naivete, or just plain stupidity, if I weren’t crying over our dead and buried nation.

    We don’t live in America anymore. WAKE UP. We are now residents of Obamastan, and have been for about eight years. The same thing (clearly) is the ‘rule of law’ in what passes for ‘Hungary.’ In either case, self-aware racialist Whites are being stripped of their rights, their heritage, and their ancestry all throughout Christendom (i,e., White lands). Or don’t you know the words of Gen. Kanne Clark about ‘nation states begin dead and gone’ uttered way back during Clinton’s sham presidency, as they began to bomb the hell out of Orthodox Serbia?

    No? Well, here’s a time capsule- a quote from a man I don’t care for, but who knew what he knew – Wm. Pierce, about this era, and who was behind it all, from way back in 1999.

    “The facts are simple. It’s not just that all the members of Clinton’s foreign policy and national defense team happen to be Jews. That’s not a coincidence. As I told you on the air and in print, loudly and repeatedly, at the time this bunch took their posts, back in December 1996, they took over for the specific purpose of leading America into another war. And it’s no coincidence that every major Jewish organization is in favor of this war. The Jews talk openly about this in their own publications. Half the reports coming from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency during the past three weeks have talked about the solid Jewish support for the war against Serbia. And that is why all of the Republican politicians have fallen in line with the Democrats in backing the war. It’s not that they believe in “supporting our boys.” The best way to “support our boys” is to bring them home now and don’t send them out to fight a war unless it is to defend America. No, the politicians are behind the war because the Jews are, and the politicians are afraid to buck the Jews. When the Clintonistas began the bombing more than three weeks ago some of the Republicans in the Congress were saying, “Whoa! Wait a minute! What have the Serbs done to us? I don’t think we ought to start a war with them.” But as soon as they saw that all of the powerful Jewish organizations were for the war, the Republicans shut up in a hurry.

    And the Jews are behind the war because it does serve their interests: not our interests, not America’s interests, but Jewish interests. The Jews are all behind a concept they call “the New World Order.” They’re in favor of a New World Order in which all power is vested in a shadowy super-government which everyone in the world must obey — a super-government which supersedes all national sovereignties and all individual rights everywhere — and which is controlled by . . . guess whom?”

  13. TMT #245 –Going Thousands of Miles and Spending Thousands of ZOGbux to not be a ZOGling whigger ass-clown at Home — 5 October 14

    Time: October 5, 2014 11:00 PM EST/10:00 PM CST

    Talkshoe Channel:

    The Biggest stink of the past week was a bunch of Whigger Nutsionalist “intellectuals” having a so-called “National Policy Institute Conference” in BudaPest Hungary amongst the Magyar Cousins of the Ashkenazi Khazar jews. All the most influential of the bowel-Movement Whigger Internut Sperg-Lords were supposed to fly for thousands of miles spending Zogbux that they didn’t get from anyone likely other than ZOG/Babylon as ZOGbot ZOGtards, and then, after whining about how they need ZOGbux, one or more of them get deported.

    Where do they get the ZOGbux for this silly shit?

    Doctor Kevin McDonald said that it was Richard Spencer, who was head of the National Policy Institute, who got arrested and deported to his own “National Policy Institute”. Don’t that tard have a community building someplace like I do in Granby, that can rent for $30 a day and a $20 cleaning deposit that he has to fly to Maygarville and get his ass deported? If he had held his “National Policy Institute” meeting in Granby, he never would have gotten arrested and deported. Plus he could have slept in one of my hovels for free.

    Doctor Greg Johnson anusnounced that he wasn’t going to attend, not because it would be a waste of ZOGbux when instead all it costs to attend is a $13.99 International Skype monthly bill, but because the Hungarian Magyars decided that they don’t need AmurriKwan nutzis causing some shit.

    Hunter Wallace is smart enough to limit his appearances to the Old South plus the Border States of Missouri and Kentucky. But he had a comment up as well:

    And of course that old cackling yenta-skank Carolyn Yeager-Kahant, had her own cuntmoonikay on the matter, not that she ever actually in real life leaves the single-wide in South Texas:

    What I can’t understand is why Whigger Nutsionalism, with itz goofy sperglords begging for ZOGbux on the only place they have a real following, i.e. the Internut, bother to rent banquet halls in expensive hotels which are then shut down by Anti-Racist Activists like Daryl Lemont Jenkins and Bryan Reo/SwordBrethren at all. Why not have a Skype conference?

    Last month, I bought from my sister, in exchange for debt-forgiveness, a big old Church building 35-40 miles from Kansas City in the Missouri River valley. I’d rent it for a day or a week to some of these Internut WN Sperglords relatively cheap, send them to the local Walmart 10 miles or so away to buy themselves a sleeping bag and a foam mattress that rolls up, and put at their support my quarter-ton $1000 1990 Buick LeSabre so that jet-setting WN fuktards like David Duck and Milton Munster Don Black could fly in to Kansas City International cheap to use as a taxi. There is a McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, a Subway, and even a Taco Bell as well as a Walmart deli so that they could enjoy fine AmurriKwan cuisine. And there is a kitchen and a hot-plate to warm up theys’ swill.

    Think of it as Aryan Nations but more like The Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Jeff Schoep’s nutzis could show up even in jewniform, but these tards would have to make a substantial cleaning deposit payable in advance as well, and if they bother the native, mostly senile old whiggers in that small decaying burg, then they wouldn’t be invited back, ever. I’m not no CornCobb wanting to change the town to some Nutzi Hooterville. I get along with my neighbors, which is why they want to sell their hovels and church buildings to me cheap when they need the instant ZOGbux cash quick.

    I draw the line at Rabbi Linder and VNNFuktards, though. As a genuine Dual-Seedline Christian Identity pastor I don’t need my church smelling like stale lox and bagels and jew ass from dripping leaky colostomy bags.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  14. I’ve been to four conferences this year – the Alabama League conference, the 2014 League conference, 2014 CofCC conference, and the 2014 Amren conference – and this was the only one that was shutdown.

  15. Interesting background of some Jobbik members: ‘in the United States people are surprised to learn that there is a sizable Protestant minority in Hungary. They are convinced that all of East-Central Europe is Catholic. We have only estimates on religious affiliation of the current Hungarian population, but these estimates indicate that about 20% of Hungarians were at least baptized in a Protestant church (…) I’m sure that people will also be surprised to hear that at the end of the sixteenth century 80-90% of the inhabitants of historic Hungary were Protestant. And Hungary was not alone in the region: Poland, now the most Catholic country, was solidly Protestant. Ninety percent of the members of the Polish parliament were Protestants. One could ask how it was possible that while the Counter-Reformation managed to completely eradicate Protestantism in Poland, in Hungary the Catholics were less successful. Despite the efforts of the Catholic Habsburg dynasty, large pockets of Protestantism remained. (…) they often used rather brutal methods to make Protestant worship impossible. Protestant communities were beleaguered and persecuted; Calvinists in particular came to represent the true Hungarian spirit against Catholic dominance in the Hapsburg Empire (…) given that history, one shouldn’t be terribly surprised that today’s Hungarian Reformed Church is more nationalistic’. Lóránt Heged?s:

  16. The same blog indicates some Jobbiks may be Neo-Pagan.
    Entirely off topic but from the same blog, ‘Shroud of Turin’ stories of wrongly identified worshipped body parts: ‘There is a bit of a problem with this lower arm. When the bone was sent to Hungary for the millennial celebrations in 2000 and was put on display, it was discovered that it is not part of an arm. Rather, it is the fibula of a right leg’. LOL

  17. Which one of you fuckers forgot to lock the door? The creepy factor just went into overdrive. I don’t know how someone can eclipse the bullshit of “leaders” and other self-anointed demagogues of the pro-White sphere by calling them out on their bullshit, but Looney Lindstedt manages to make those people seem like a safe alternative. Is there some kind of intelligent codified message I’m missing where almost every sentence has to be an unnecessary contortion of a person, place or thing?

    Lindstedt, certifiably batshit crazy almost seems like a tame and conservative diagnosis for you. If this is what constitutes your conscious state of awareness and rationalization skills, I would be nothing short of terrified to see the kind of shit you dream about. I surmise that if scientists could find a way to harness the flow of electrons and turn it into an energy source, you have enough dissonant crap churning and swirling around in your head that you could probably power a few small cities. Have you thought about donating your brain to help with the energy crisis? We could all chip in and get you a big giant hamster wheel for your brain.

    Hail Energy!!!

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