NPI Conference Salvaged Minus Spencer, Dugin, and Vardon

My friend Paul Fromm reports from the NPI conference in Budapest:

“NPI’s Richard B. Spencer is being deported from Hungary and banned for 3 years from all Schengen countries, he writes from jail.

Despite police state efforts to shut down a conference of racial realists, the meeting proceeded with a somewhat reduced programme tonight, at a location that was a closely guarded secret. Over 100 attendees from across the European world gathered for a sumptuous Hungarian dinner and gave standing ovations to former Croatian diplomat Tom Sunic and American Renaissance founder and author Jared Taylor. …”

Note: In other words, the NPI conference went down like the 2010 Amren conference in DC, but without Spencer, Dugin, and Vardon among the speakers, Bill Regnery among those on the guest list, and with Arktos and Jobbik withdrawing their support at the last moment, and Marton Gyongyosi throwing NPI under the bus.

Here in the United States, it is not a big deal for an organizer to lose a hotel reservation due to “anti-racist” pressure. It’s usually not that hard to find an alternative venue or reroute attendees at the last moment to some private location like a restaurant. Spencer put himself in this position by holding the NPI conference in a European county where he could get pinched by the full force of an entire government.

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  1. It was an insane idea to hold this conference in Hungary. I’m not surprised Jobbik folded, they are too busy playing junior partner in the present Hungarian government. It would be far better to bring interested Euros over here for a conference than try to stage on in Europe.

    • Yep.

      That’s going to be the obvious conclusion of the postmortem. I never understood why he was holding the conference in Hungary. There was no chance that I could ever go due to the distance and expense involved alone. I’m sure that was the case with a lot of other people.

      I’m sure Budapest is a lovely city, but I have to wonder why the threat of a government crackdown was dismissed so easily when Amren has been holding its conferences out in the woods in Tennessee.

  2. Middle aged men in suits and ties calling themselves ‘race realists’, wanted to meet up and have dinner. You couldn’t use milder language than ‘race realist’ and still the authorities overreact. The situation is absurd.

  3. Jobbik’s initial promise as a race-realist political party, with its attendant calls for what appeared to be a nascent ‘Christendom’ (or even a burgeoning appeal to the ‘Holy Roman Empire’ model of past centuries) had many people, (myself included) extremely hopeful that the country which had suffered so terribly under Bela Kun (a Jew/Communist) and then again after WWII (1945-56) and the failed nationalist uprising, only to fold again under her Bolshevik Masters, until 1989- merely to become a fractional reserve debt slave state (again, same players, same last names; – berg, -witz-, and -stein), should have taught the Magyar people that nationalism, the avoidance of the Bolshevik multicultural ideology, and the Coudenhove-Kalergi blasphemy:

    “Today’s races and classes will disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. The main representatives of the brain aristocracy: of capitalism, journalism and the literate are Jews. The superiority of their spirit predestines them to become a main factor of the future nobility.”

    was what was needed. This presupposition of the enlightened state of Jobbik, (One thought) would have meant that a conference merely DISCUSSING the possibility of this premeditated GENOCIDE of the White Race, was worth a silly conference……

    But no.

    The Hungarians are even more wussy than the Krauts. Better to have a Palestinian Gay boy as Mayor of your once-prestigious capital, and to encourage incest as a ‘human right,’ than to have White People actually contemplate that they have a God-given right to their own ancestral homelands.

  4. Spencer stood his ground and didn’t flee like some of the other sponsors. Shame on them. Good for Taylor, Sunic and the others who made it. I think it’s worth noting that Spencer is not the only one with a hand in promoting that charlatan Alexander Dugin. Others on the American right have done so too. Spencer has just been the one heavily promoting Dugin lately. That said, I doubt the Dugin invitation was the reason the Hungarian government acted. If it wasn’t Dugin, it would have been something else. Also, I don’t know when this conference was first planned, but, if it was months ago, in fairness to Spencer, he could not have known there would be a de facto civil war on in Ukraine. That conflict made Dugin’s presence even more problematic.

  5. I can’t quite understand Richard here. In the video he stated (paraphrased) “Who carries their passport everywhere they go?” Uh, people who have been targeted by the government. He knew that they were going to use every possible means to get him even on the slightest technicality. Common sense should have told him to bring his passport with him and encourage everyone else to do the same.

  6. I never understood why he was holding the conference in Hungary

    The simple answer is that he isn’t relevant to any great degree on this continent.

    The similarities that exist in Nationalist parties are only going to bind the separate entities when they each have a quantifiable degree of clout within their own sphere of influence. Spencer, Taylor, and most of the “intellectuals” have no real influence or large audience outside in the real world. The powerless and marginalized almost always seek a larger audience anywhere they can find them, and they seek out those that they perceive as being able to be more easily influenced by their own unique proselytizing. What ends up happening in this kind of exchange is that the more organized and forceful voices try to use that leverage to push the other voices into an amenable and predictable proxy voice. It doesn’t make much sense to me why a pro-White-Western voice would find it beneficial to waste money, time and energy traversing the planet for some good old Eurasian politicking; but it does make perfect sense why people like Taylor and Spencer would.

  7. As long as no one o. Our side was severely beaten, raped or killed I think it was a success.

    Denial of our rights of free speech and assembly will attract idealistic youth .

  8. Looks like the event came off OK in the second venue. Our side should always have a back up venue and be prepared for petty harassment.

  9. I imagine the attractions of a European city like Budapest also played a part in scheduling the conference, unlike, say, the woods in Tennessee.

  10. I’m shocked that among those reportedly deported was publisher William Regnery! My guess is, that as this scandal heats up, there will be much in the way of apologies from Hungary of the we were misinformed variety.

  11. So the NPI conference, despite Richard’s ordeal, was still a success. And Richard Spencer ends up looking like a guy with balls. When the cowardly Hungarian government threatened Richard, Richard stood his ground and didn’t run away. Good for Richard.

  12. Dugin is a pawn of Putin’s Kremlin and Jobbik is on the payroll of Russian intelligence. It is not difficult to determine why Orban Viktor acted in this way. Spencer is intelligent but he has become an apologist for Putin. We do not need Kremlin pawns in WN movement.

  13. Arditi- Don’t think that the entire readership of OD is as myopic as you appear to be, vis a vis Putin as ‘evil incarnate,’ or somehow a Soviet Apparatchnik redevivus.

    If you are an American citizen, I’d ask you to compare notes between Obummer and Vlad with stats such as: effective reigns, federal budgets balanced, percentages of respective populaces who LIKE their ruler, and the complete transference of ‘moral righteousness in a nation’ from US to Them (i.e., Russia).

    If you’re not an American citizen, Ar, take your trolling elsewhere, frankly.

    (Sorry, HW, but this Putin-bashing vs. the ‘pseudo-moral righteousness of the JewSA’ as ‘alternative’ to the ‘Whose state is more moral?’ propaganda meme, has got to stop- I’m just calling a spade, a spade.)

  14. “There was no chance that I could ever go due to the distance and expense involved alone.”

    You imagine it’s any easier for Europeans to make their way across the Atlantic? You’ve already said it, the U.S. has Amren conferences. Well, Europe doesn’t have anything like that. That’s why Spencer was setting this conference up in Budapest, to have a sort of “Amren” conference for Europeans. If you live in an E.U. country, then it’s free to travel within the E.U.; and for those who live in Europe but not the E.U. then I’d expect it’s still easier to travel to a neighboring European country than to fly over the Atlantic to the U.S.

    I don’t really care where the leaders of these different movements meet, just as long as they meet and can share their ideas. That’s what I was looking forward to; listening to these great men speak in one venue, not to mention the potential networking that would have went on.

  15. I suspect veteran WN observers see this last 2-3 year trend in the various communities toward support for Dugin, Putin and Russia for what it: yet another a blind alley for time, money and talent at best and a new and somewhat innovative means means of cuckolding the poor masses at worst.

    It has been said before, but it bears repeating again. Putin is surrounded by Jews and globalists. Dugin complains about “racism” and “Nazis” as vehemently as any American on CNN. Russia is a kleptocracy that represents about 3% of global GDP on top of having a government that welcomes mass immigration from central Asians and tolerates Islam. Russia is no match for the US even in its highly degraded current state.

    Kevin MacDonald suggested the the Russia government had a hand in closing down the conference. If that’s true, maybe Spencer will rethink his positions on Russia.

    • WNs make it their business to concern themselves with the entire Occident.

      This website started as Occidental Dissent. I remain sympathetic to the plight of White people across the world. Since becoming an activist though, I have become more acutely aware of the challenges we face here. There’s so much to do here that it limits the scope of my activities.

      Try driving from Little Rock to Orlando within the span of one week and you will be reminded that the South alone is enormous. We have more on our plate than we can handle by ourselves.

      I think a European Congress is a great idea, but it should be a European affair. Texas alone is about the size of most of Western Europe.

  16. Lew, you’re absolutely right about Putin and Dugin. I can’t understand why nationalists in the West have such a rosy view of the gangsters in the Kremlin. I view Putin’s Russia as a rival for the USA’s top spot in the NWO, not as an obstacle to the NWO.

    I’m also alarmed by Russia’s aggression towards its neighbours from the Baltic States in the north to Romania in the south. The Russification of Europe can not be a good thing. I’ll go further and say that I think it’s time for Russia to be cut down to size. If Putin wants Russia to become Asian, then let him prove his commitment to Asia by forfeiting Russia’s European lands.

    In good news today, an anti-Kremlin/anti-EU party (National Alliance) did well in Latvia’s elections. Even though Putin’s bullying has increased support for NATO among his neighbours, it has also stirred a nationalist backlash in those countries. With luck, an anti-Russian coalition will emerge in Europe that is independent of the EU and US.

  17. Lew is exactly right. The Putin fetishists are leading WNs down one dark alley. People like Spencer are not helping the cause with their overt Putin-philia. Russia has every right to act in its national interests, but if you think the Kremlin cares at all about WNs abroad you are very naive.

    I notice WNs who have a man-crush on Putin seldom if ever have spent any time in Russia. This is an Internet infatuation like porn for some. If my choices are Obama or Putin, as Fr John suggests, I want a different game.

    Putin’s Russia isn’t my enemy, but it’s not my friend either. Putin knows how to hold on to power, he cares nothing about anything else.

  18. Lew, Arditi, and LLD are right about Putin, he’s nothing but a former KGB thug and a kleptocrat. For information about the real Vladimir Putin, go to and I’d highly recommend buying and reading the books advertised on inatoday. If you’re an Orthodox believer, I’d recommend the book about how Orthodox Christians are in danger of being pawns of the government controlled ROC and how the ROCOR is being targeted for subversion by the FSB, the KGB’s successor.

  19. LLD is posting more nonsense.

    Putin’s Russia is by far the best White country on planet earth.

    The Russian Winter Olympics was the best or second best, whitest Olympics in history, some Pussy Riot protesters tries to cause trouble, Cossacks whipped them with special Cossack whips.

  20. You can judge a country by their national sports and national media.

    Russia national sports is all White, So is a Russian media. The Yid Oligarch of Yukos Oil tried to set up American style Yid media, Putin had him arrested and put in a public cage/jail, then sent to do hard labor in Siberia!

    Same was done to the degenerate cultural Marxists “Pussy a Riot” that violated a sacred Russian Orthodox Chuch.

    Putin’s Russia has sensible laws against promoting homosexuality.

    Black Muslim pirates in Somalia made the huge mistake of thinking some Russian tanker was Dutch… Google what happend there.

    Russia is 100% on the right sides in the Middle East, promotes a “Russia First” Middle East policy.

    What’s not to like about Putin’s Russia? Not enough Black train gene minorities in cabinet positions?

  21. Jack Ryan: Putin’s Russia is by far the best White country on planet earth.

    This debate has been playing out for 15 years. After all these years, only the dullest of the dull still think that Putin the Eurasianist cares about white survival. Interestingly enough, the people who hate Putin the most are Russian nationalists. I guess Jack Ryan knows more about Putin’s vision for Russian than Russian nationalists themselves do.

  22. Jack Ryan: The Yid Oligarch of Yukos Oil tried to set up American style Yid media, Putin had him arrested and put in a public cage/jail, then sent to do hard labor in Siberia!

    1) Putin did nothing against the Jewish oligarchs who were politically sympathetic to him. He jailed only those who were obstacles to him.

    2) A year or two after the oligarchs were arrested, Putin appointed a crypto-Jewish prime minister who held the position from 2004 till 2007.

    3) By all accounts, Jewish life has greatly revived during the Putin years. This is attested by numerous sources over the last 15 years, including by Russia’s chief rabbi (Berel Lazar) who is considered a Kremlin insider.

    4) Russia spends every ‘Unity Day’ (a day of large nationalist rallies in Moscow) visiting with rabbis, imams, and others in a show of solidarity with Russia’s minority ethnicities.

    5) Radical nationalist parties are banned from contesting elections (despite support in the low double digits) and laws about ‘hate speech’ and ‘extremism’ were introduced and passed into law during the 2000s by Putin’s United Russia party.

    6) Before Putin came to power in the late 1990s, Russia was teetering on the brink of a nationalist revolution. The conditions were perfect: corrupt, drunken leadership; economic collapse; lost national pride; neglected military; and fleecing of the country’s resources by Jews and traitors. Putin came along, reversed all those things, restored pride in the state, and thus took the wind out of the sails of the revolutionaries.

    7) The Russian media that you champion are even more obsessively ‘anti-racist’ and ‘anti-fascist’ than US media are.

    Jack, your comments would have at least been understandable sense ten years ago. Now days, there is really no excuse besides intentional obtuseness in thinking that Putin cares about eliminating Jewish power or aiding white survival.

  23. LLD: Russia spends every ‘Unity Day’ . . ..

    Correction: Putin spends every ‘Unity Day’ . . ..

  24. “7) The Russian media that you champion are even more obsessively ‘anti-racist’ and ‘anti-fascist’ than US media are.”

    Jack responds:

    Ridiculous nonsense. Ain’t no Rachel Maddow Jewish lesbians, Sharpton style race hustlers on Russian TV .

  25. Putin’s Russia has great policies towards domestic Jews, homosexuals, FEMEN , Middle East policies in Syria, Somalian Pirates, practically everything.

    Putin lets Jews in Russia know who is boss, Jews are lucky to be living in a Russia. If Jews behave, don’t cause trouble, they are free to live well and do well in Russia.

    Putin did a great photo op with religious Jews in Russia and commented how much better things were for them ow, instead of during the anarchy when Atheist Jews came to power during the early days of the Bolshevik revolution. That’s a key point of distinction with me – a Nationalist leader of a White nation who will publicly state the truth that Atheist Jews did the Bolshevik Revolution and that it was very, very bad. I don’t see Rand Paul saying or doing that.

  26. This debate has been playing out for 15 years.

    Hasn’t been much of a debate the last year or two. The pro-Russian side repeats the same points over and over again and does not address facts such as those you cite. The case for Putin and Russia as allies for various dissident groups opposed to the West is non-existent absent heavy cherry-picking. Excellent comments.

  27. Many people in the American WN, race realist, Southern Nationalist, Constitutionalist “movement” are simply never happy or positive about anything. And they will never admit that they or their mentors, family their conspiracy theories were ever wrong about anything. Things like wasting the 1980s fighting our kinsmen the Russians, falling for extremely dated race denying Right Wing movies like Red Dawn where small bands of White patriot guerrilla fighters take on the occupation army of the Russian Soviet Red Army. And then there was the terrible Rambo III or was it ViI movie where ex Viet Nam Vet Johnny Rambo teams up with Afghan Jihadist freedom fighters to fight, yeah, THE RUSSIANS

  28. Jack Ryan says:
    October 7, 2014 at 1:41 am

    “Putin lets Jews in Russia know who is boss, Jews are lucky to be living in a Russia. If Jews behave, don’t cause trouble, they are free to live well and do well in Russia.”

    That’s what any multi-kult country on the planet expects of its non-White influx.

    “Lew says:
    October 7, 2014 at 2:59 am

    “The case for Putin and Russia as allies for various dissident groups opposed to the West is non-existent absent heavy cherry-picking.”

    Its like Pro Whites pointing at conservative Republicans and saying they are secretly Pro White. They say it because the thought that every White in power on the planet, is a self serving anti-White, is too difficult for them to face. They want to believe the opposite, so they do.

  29. Putin is what he is.

    The last paragraph should quell all this talk about how great he is for Whites.
    MOSCOW, October 14 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed concern over the spread of neo-Nazi ideology in Europe and called for efforts to prevent the revision of the outcome of the Second World War.

    “Unfortunately, the vaccine against the Nazi virus, developed at the Nuremberg trials, is losing its effectiveness in some European countries.

    A clear sign of this trend is open manifestations of neo-Nazism, which have become common in Latvia and other Baltic states,” Putin said on the eve of his visit to Serbia on October 16.
    “We are especially concerned in this respect about the situation in Ukraine, where an unconstitutional state coup in February was driven by nationalists and other radical groups,” Putin said in an interview with Serbian newspaper Politika.

    “Today, our common goal is to counter the glorification of Nazism, firmly counter attempts to revise the results of World War II and consequently fight any forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism,” Putin stressed.

  30. Good comment, Sam. We generally give him a pass on opposing Nazism because of the German invasion of Russia and the sacrifices of the great patriotic war — and especially for the threat of the hidden or half-hidden controllers! But now, ‘fight any forms and manifestations of racism, xenophobia, aggressive nationalism and chauvinism’ seems to be going beyond the lip service he ‘must’ say, indicating he COULD be a root-less, power-loving ‘pragmatist’ after all, instead of a true Orthodox Russian rooted in Russian soil and blood.

  31. Long Live Dixie, what harm would RT do to the remnants of traditional White culture in this country if its anti-Amerikan commentary did help stir Blacks to rebel against the System that runs Amerika (‘for Blacks’ supposedly) ?

  32. Putin and Pro Put NTionalist in Russia are doing….

    Russian Nationalism.

    Successful French Nationalist in the French National Front Re doing, yes French Nationalism.

    Successful Southern Nationalist in the US South are doing …

    Southern Nationalism.

    None of this should be SHOCKING to any intelligent, sane White person on planet earth.

    If Vladimir Putin was trying to push retro 1930s German National Socialist Nazi nationalism in Russia now year 2014, he wouldn’t be very successful, now would he? He wouldn’t be enjoying 85% + positive support from the Russian people, he would be failing miserably , like say certain economic Conservative, Libertarian Constitutionalists in our country who run continuously for President of the United States on obscure third parties campaigning to cut off old people’s social security benefits, end the minimum wage, drastically cut Federal spending on the Navy in San Diego, or end Fed. spending on the US Airforce inColorado Springs Co.

    Vladimir Putin is successful, a strong well liked Russian leader.

    Think we’ll ever have a well liked, strong nationalist leader in our country like Putin that will look out for the interest of our people in country? Probably not. Too many on our side embrace losing, always losing, it’s like being a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan – losers.

  33. Jack Ryan has the correct view. Russian patriots like Putin continue to use anti-Hitlerian rhetoric in memory of the German invasion of Russia just like patriotic southerners use anti-Yankee rhetoric in memory of the unjust and brutal northern invasion of the southern states.

  34. a successful psyop to label 1 Hungary anti semetic 2 legitimize themselves as representatives of the right 3 label jobbik as nazi They are nothing more than ateistic cannibal self appointed ,promoting crypto zionists who are running a scam to start a racket

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