Confederate Battle Flag Lowered In South Carolina

Confederate Battle Flag lowered in South Carolina after “compromise” is repudiated

By Hunter Wallace

In South Carolina, there were those who believed that they could “compromise” with the NAACP in 2000, and that it was possible to believe in “Heritage, Not Hate” and support both the Confederate Battle Flag and the Civil Rights Movement, as the two were not mutually exclusive. Those people were suckers.

The moral of the story here: THEY HATE YOU.

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  1. I’ve been trying to find a video of the crane as it tore the flagpole out of its base several hours after the flag was lowered. The media cartels, being expert propagandists, likely intentionally editorialized-away this aspect of the flag removal. A link to that video should be added to this article if it can be located.

  2. The destruction of symbols and culture is genocidal; it is a prelude to the physical destruction of a people.

    HW, I recommend checking out Patrick Buchanan’s “secession of the heart” editorial if you haven’t already.

    Remember three things;

    1) the movement towards Partition will grow exponentially, driven by events such as what we have seen in the last few weeks; when Obama took office thre were the Petitions, we are probably doubling every 4 years. 2% -4% first term, 4% to 8% second term, and in 2017, after the lessons of the Presidential election, we will march to 16%.

    2) even if we can’t “take back America”, if we go down swinging we will save significant chunks of Europe and Russia and thus our race; ironically, an independent South will of necessity be allied with Russia, Iran, and other former “bad guys” as taught by the Anglo-Zionists. Even Israel will be a friend as the lunatics demand they sacrifice land and security to appease the brown hordes.

    3) as white genocide progresses, it will eliminate the weaker elements of our people first, and the resultant white population will grow stronger and stronger; kind of like diet and exercise for the body. Eventually we we become lean enough and mean enough to reestablish a white home land somewhere on this rock, and then take our race interstellar as a back up. We will make it through the next three centuries as we purge the “race doesn’t matter” nonsense often taught via the spiritual and mystical schools.

  3. The symbols are just a proxy target for a people. I will cover this in an upcoming essay. So much has been happening that I haven’t had the chance to write longer and more thoughtful articles.

  4. “Those people were suckers.” There is an urgent need to make the facts known to ignorant, foolish, gullible Whites.
    “… When apartheid ended, the life expectancy in South Africa was 64 — the same as in Turkey and Russia. Now it’s 56, the same as in Somalia. … Unemployment is 25 percent, but President Jacob Zuma, of the ANC, recently spent $24 million of public money to add a pool and amphitheater to his private home. Not long after the story broke, he was elected to a second five-year term.” – Josh Gelernter, Feb. 2015
    The murder rate in South Africa is about the same as in Detroit, and the murder rate for White farmers is about 4 times higher than either.

  5. Reading all the comments on Huffpo articles made by Northerneastern Leftists, it’s obvious that they hate the Southern people, period. Some of comments would bring a visit from the FBI, if they had been made by a Southerner against Northerners. However, these cretins are protected by the Yankee double standard. It should be clear by now, that these people are an implacable enemy.

  6. They do.

    That’s what the heritage movement hasn’t grasped. It doesn’t matter if they really and truly are not “racists.” They are hated for being White and Southern.

  7. I’m very interested in this “compromise”. Since the flag side of the deal has been reneged upon, then the other part of the compromise should be rescinded, too. (I suspect this would be met with a lot of drama. Good.)

    As hard to take as this is, it may be the best thing that could happen for the secessionist movement- in the South & elsewhere. Seems like there’s a convergence (gay marriage, federally sanctioned illegal invasion, 0bamacare, etc) that’s disturbing & auspicious at the same time.

  8. HW, most of thoses commenting on Huffpo express almost no concern for the welfare of black people. Or any concern at all for anyone but themselves It’s all insults and put downs of the Southern People, threats of war and genocide, frustration that the Southern people will not obey their rightful Northern masters, anger that Southerners resisted their invasion of 1861/65 and outright rage that Southerners believe that they’re Human beings with the same rights and legal protections as their Northern betters. It rams home the fact that not all white people are our friends and allies, because they’re white. The insanity, irrationality and hatred of Northern whites has brought us to this. This witch’s brew was boiling long before any Jews showed up.

  9. The symbols are just a proxy target for a people.

    Yes a million, billion, trillion times over. Even much of the stink surrounding the various social issues is merely a diversion to weaken a people. Weaken Southern people to a large extent, sure. But do you think if Southern Whites were somehow wiped from the planet tonight, that the cleansing of Whites would stop tomorrow?

    Until Whites can learn to push aside the social issues, the genocide will continue unabated.

  10. Give it a day and they will be coming back for the monument. I’ll say it again there are no good optics left for the cultural Marxists. They should have stuck with demonizing Dylan Roof, but they moved onto third world theatrics.

  11. This “great purge” has only just begun and is already gaining more momentum, it is a shame that I lived long enough to see it in my life time. Make no mistake, the monuments and memorials are next….this won’t end in compromise.

  12. Anyone with any smarts can see right through Haley’s lit-ull scheme:

    -She thinks this will improver her chances of being someone’s VP deal. Too late, Nikki! We all know the joke! Too bad! Pack your bags, sweetheart, maybe Shillary will hire ya, eh?

    -Pandering, but, heck, this isn’t new, is it? Isn’t that what all the giveaway programs since 1965 were really all about? That they’d never work as designed, but were poor attempts to keep blacks from rioting, looting, etc? Well, what else could they do? Ideas, anyone? Yoohoo!

    -Pure political BS and to that, the quote from Mel Brooks: “Gentlemen! We MUST protect our phoney-baloney jobs!!!” Trust me, being an SC resident and having actually met our beloved used car salesmen and snake oilers, whose charm is up there with being Lords Of The Sith….and ooze so much smarmy….! A few names come to mind, but making them look any more like the fools they are….oh well.

    -Oh and our sorry ETV sooooo needs more stuff to make whites look awful. Your taxpayer dollars at work! Hmm. What’s on……….?

    -History about to repeat itself. and at that, I allow everyone else to choose which era will now make a sharp return. And pretty….it won’t be.

  13. >Reading all the comments on Huffpo articles made by Northerneastern Leftists, it’s obvious that they hate the Southern people, period.

    The blatant anti-Southern comments found on mainstream channels seem to be written by random deracinated, decultured, and deregioned “Americans” rather than Northerners per se. I suspect many of these people came to hate the South by way of Hollywood stereotypes, and that Hollywood itself came to despise the South when primarily Jewish media moguls played courtesans to New England wealth early in the 20th century. The hatred of the South likely has more to do with sycophantic bootlicking than an assumed ethical stance on behalf of the cartels which direct the media. For examples of the lust for membership in America’s upper caste by those that would create Hollywood, read Digby Baltzell’s “The Protestent Establishment”; such people were *extremely* class-conscious and caste-obsessed. While playing toady to wealthy, old-stock Yankees, the ambitious men underlying the media apparently did what lackeys always do …fall upon recent victims of the established lords in the hope of gaining approval. With a typical Western-Oriental lack of fairness, Hollywood’s scriptwriters painted the losing side of the Civil as blanket “losers” and the term thereafter propigated into mainstream culture via film and television. Hence “loser” is still used with abandon on the comment section Huffington Post, etc., and still employed with the same Pharisitic and un-Christian lack of balance or circumspection. The South’s relative poverty was employed as a contrast to highlight the wealth of Northern and urban Jews, who, as good Pharisees, believed material prosperity a blessing from God which entitled their tribe to a membership in the Yankee upper caste (again, see Baltzell: it’s startling how emphatic Jews were that they *deserved* entry in America’s upper castes even a century ago). The irony of the situation is that, should the South have won the War between the States (as it nearly did), the Northerner would likely today be defamed by America’s media cartels, the Southern Cavalier lionized, while the Jews of America’s media prosper with their consciences content and their power just as ascendant.

    If any reading disbelieve the above, just pay attention to events when or if America is decisively eclipsed by the power of the China. When the shining wealth of the Orient and the prospects of new hegemony overshadows an America gutted by usury, I suspect it will be as if these people never knew us. Perhaps thereafter the South will no longer be under seige.

  14. I live outside of the South. I understand how Southerners would view this as an attack against them by so-called Yankees. However, in reality this one part of the on going assault against all traditional white people. As a traditional white man, the globalists and their progressive allies hate me as much as they do you. It behooves us all to remember that we are on the same side.

  15. Afterthought, I agree with many of your points above. However, Israel will never be a friend of the White man.
    I take solace in the fact that as our overall power and wealth will decrease in the midst of these unrelenting attacks, so to will our financial and military support to Israel also decrease.

  16. It’s ultimately anti-white but Hollywood has demonized southerners for 50 years so the south is target number 1.

    If they can get northern whites to help them destroy the south then when its the turn of northern whites to be destroyed they’ll be on their own

    And it is pure hatred – there’s no compromise.

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