League of the South Defends Confederate Monument In Gainesville, FL

League of the South confronts Cultural Marxists in Gainesville, FL

By Hunter Wallace

Yesterday, my brothers and sisters in the Florida League of the South showed up in Gainesville, FL to confront a band of cultural termites who are agitating to remove the Confederate monument from the Alachua County Courthouse:

“A civil war was waged in downtown Gainesville Thursday evening as opponents and supporters of a monument to Confederate soldiers confronted one another, chanted and shouted — all peacefully …

Steven Ingram, a spokesman for the Florida League of the South, said the group does not have a chapter in Alachua County. Members who attended came from several cities, including Jacksonville, Orlando and Lake City. Some had signs that read “Stop Southern Cultural Genocide.”

“We feel drawn here just because we are Southern people, and this is a Southern monument,” Ingram said. “The flag represents not only our heritage, it’s a symbol of identity to us. It has the St. Andrew’s Cross on it, which is a historic symbol of Celtic people.”

In all my years in the movement, I have never met a finer, more dedicated group of people than these Floridians who pride themselves on being “the tip of the spear.” Wherever there is trouble, you can always count on them to be there.

Here’s the report on what went down in Gainesville:

“Yesterday in Gainesville Florida, Marxists, feminists, Black supremacists, self hating Whites and cross dressing trannies came out in the name of “tolerance & diversity” to demand the removal of a monument they dont like. The organizer of the rally was Alachua county Commissioner Robert Hutchinson, a fellow from Ohio, who in typical Yankee fashion, seeks to remake the South in his own image.

However, these folks were not alone during their “I hate Dixie” rally. The Florida League of the South, along with local heritage folks, came to counter protest this “cultural rape” of all things Southern. Both sides had about 75 people. That is where the similarities ended. The pro-South folks were well dressed, calm, well behaved. (This behavior was praised by local police who monitored the demonstration). While the other side wore all different types of clothing with signs full of hate filled messages, ran around yelling and swearing. Most of the time they tried to engage the pro-South side looking for a fight but all they received was calm, fact filled questions that usually went unanswered. Most of them couldnt even explain their signs yet held them high anyway.

One such fellow was a blonde haired blue eyed White kid who held a sign saying “There is no White Heritage on Stolen Land”. When asked “When he would be leaving” he stood there like a statue. At one point he said “I am half Cuban”. To that came the reply, “werent all the indigenous tribes of Cuba killed also? Isnt Cuba stolen land?” Again he stood there like a statue. This same individual tried to interrupt a local news channel interviewing League member Marshall Rawson. But was quickly dispersed by fellow League members.

The rally was tense but enjoyable. It went on until dusk. Southerners will not stand idly by and watch Cultural Marxists destroy their homeland. Rallies like these have sprung up across Dixie and will continue. The only way to end this genocide of Southern culture is by freeing ourselves from the American Empire.”

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  1. This video shall be reposted on the White Information Network.The enemies of the white race are afraid of white men who display courage in the face of adversity. I firmly believe that blacks are more aggressive for a plethora of reasons,namely because they have higher amounts of testosterone. Re: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3455741 Also,they are easily manipulated by the Jewish-controlled Marxist media machine.

    However,the biggest threat to our Southern Heritage are the money hungry CEO’s who care more about corporate profit than about our people’s very existence.

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