Scott Walker Gets In Trouble With His Puppetmaster

By Hunter Wallace

This is why Trump has no real competition in the Republican field … as he has pointed out several times now, all his competitors on stage are just puppets. Their billionaire sugar daddies pull their strings behind the scenes. They call the shots, not voters.

Once the puppets win the election by harnessing racial and cultural angst, they spend all their time cutting taxes for their billionaire patrons, shipping jobs overseas, bailing out Wall Street, turning tricks for corporate lobbyists, destroying unions, etc.

“At the same time, Walker has veered to the right on abortion and other social issues, worrying some top backers. Stanley S. Hubbard, a conservative billionaire who oversees a Minnesota broadcasting company and has donated to Walker’s campaign, said the candidate has promised that he would not push a “social agenda” as president and is simply expressing his personal beliefs when asked.

“If he’s smart, he will get back to basics and get back to what he did in Wisconsin [and] get off the social issues,” said Hubbard, who had lunch on Tuesday with Walker and other campaign supporters. “No one is asking him to change the morals of America.”

Hubbard strongly opposes one immigration measure pushed by Trump this week: a call to stop giving citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who are born in the United States. Walker said in an interview Monday that he would support ending birthright citizenship, then said other reforms might make that unnecessary.

Hubbard said that he “might really quickly change my allegiance” if Walker pushed for such a repeal, and that he “did not get a real straight answer” from the candidate at his Tuesday lunch. But Hubbard, who came away ready write more checks to help Walker, added: “I got the feeling that he is not at all anxious to talk about taking away those rights.” …

Remember, Trump said “highly sophisticated killers” have 100 percent control over their puppets.

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  1. This is why those of you reading these words and consider yourself nationalist of some sort or Alt-Right or NRx or whatever and you are not a social issue conservative need to quit thinking that the Republican Party is serious about social issue conservatism. To the extent they seem to be, it’s only for vote grifting, and they’ll engage in some symbolic acts or throw the real social cons some crubs, but they’re not serious about social issue conservatism. The way the Republican Party handled defund Planned Parenthood is a textbook example: Crumbs, symbolism, but then when the ball got in Mitch McConnell’s hands, he threw it away deliberately. They have even handled race based social issues this way, e.g. affirmative action.

    My rule of thumb is that if the Republican Party and its high level candidates are pushing an issue that doesn’t benefit its big donors, it’s almost certainly vote grifting.

    On immigration, this is why Trump’s position paper is such brilliant positioning, because it puts him in checkmate on the issue that is the top concern of a big plurality if not a majority of red team voters. If other candidates match him, they come off as “me too,” and like Scott Walker, risk the ire of the donors. If they run to the left, they’re competing for a very limited universe (15-20%) of red team voters that want open borders that are already dedicated to Jeb!. And the only way they can run to the right of Trump on immigration is to denounce what I think was the only flaw in his proposals, his race pandering to blacks. But, you know, I know, they know, Trump knows, that none of his competition will do that, because they won’t want to come off as anti-black.

  2. The puppets need to be lured into labeling themselves anti-racists. That’s a can of worms that needs to be opened.

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