Cuckservatives: Kevin Williamson on Trump and Free Trade

By Hunter Wallace

Here’s the latest article from Kevin Williamson who believes that Democrats did Detroit:

“Agreat deal of Donald Trump’s silly and illiterate trade talk presupposes the gutting or repeal of NAFTA, the trade accord between the United States, Canada, and Mexico that went into effect in 1994, with his dreams of punitive sanctions and blockades. Indeed, NAFTA is a favorite whipping boy for populists Left and Right, a reminder that populist conservatives have much more in common with populist progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders than they do with the political tendency that connects Adam Smith to F. A. Hayek and Ronald Reagan….

You’re just imagining all those factories and jobs that were shipped overseas to China! Not a single word about jobs or wages.

Jonah Goldberg chimes in with a backup column:

“A new chapter in American politics has begun.

Millions of Americans on the right and left have lost faith in their political parties, their government and even the economic system. Only 1 in 4 Americans are satisfied with the way things are going….

Similarly, free trade has been an enormous boon to American consumers, but it doesn’t feel like it, particularly to the workers who lost good jobs they’ll never replace….”

It is mainly due to people like Kevin Williamson and Jonah Goldberg advocating free trade that Republicans lose Pennsylvania and the whole Midwest except Indiana every four years.

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  1. This is the other genius part of Trump’s campaign that is getting lost in all the immigration talk, his skepticism of free trade.

    If Adam Smith and David Ricardo were alive today, they would want no part of the modern day free trade agenda.

  2. The recessionary signals are flashing blood red; oil is nearing a three-handle.

    The promises to third world labor for future first world debt payments cannot be met, especially since we imported third world labor into the West. The entire global trade paradigm, don’t call it free, is breaking down.

    Do you know what is tragic about this, as we head into a blood red future? That if the powers that be just pursued a moderate course that respected nations, and human nature generally, the global prosperity set up by white benefactors, could have continued indefinitely.

    It was the irrational hatred of whites by Jews that has driven us to this point; the doctrine of Amalek. They won’t ever stop until stopped.

  3. Hunter,

    Every so often, as a senior member of L.S., I just want to
    thank you for your understanding of issues, pesentation of
    such; and your dedication to our cause. I hope you make it
    to our next (not yet scheduled) demo in Tuscaloosa.

  4. It’s like the Oath Keepers parade proposal..

    Yeah, let’s hand out Ar15s to a crowd of blacks. Yay Murka. Yay Freedom.

    Freetrade is just a euphemism for assisted suicide.

  5. Fun fact about NAFTA: before the ink was even dry the mexicans devalued their currency, triggering a crisis that we had to bail them out of. This wholesale destruction of wages and earnings south of the border was then blamed on NAFTA and is commonly cited as a reason both for mass immigration north, and why we have to accept mass immigration.

  6. Free Trade is certainly good for consumers. It’s not so good for workers though. For those of us not on the welfare teat we have to work before we can consume.

  7. Here’s what I just posted on that article. This comment will be purged ASAP:

    “Kevin – your “articles” remind me of the poisonously jealous hissings of old homosexual barflies, who ring the edges of gay bars, completely deranged with envy, for the hot young guys -because they are no longer young, and must pay to get what they want.

    That’s what you sound like.


  8. The Japanese practice Mercantilism. We used to do the same and hollowed out the British manufacturing base. The Japanese copied their economic system from ours with a strong dose of German nationalistic economics thrown in. The Chinese have just doubled down on the same.

    I’m old enough to remember how they got away with it. Whenever the US started talking about tariffs on Japan they would start dumping bonds making our deficit interest rates higher. Unfortunately none of our politicians have/had any balls and never called them on it. The dump bonds gambit is only a one time thing. It would hurt us but only once and we would survive.

    If we didn’t have the FED and printed our own money instead of having a debt based money system they would have no leverage over us.

    As an aside the FED was given control of all our money supply and all our gold. We pay them interest to create money from thin air. What did we get in return?…Nothing. Not one damn thing. We are in debt to Jewish bankers and they gave us nothing.

    People complain that if we printed our own money it would cause inflation. Maybe so but it would be immediate. There would be none of this debt based postponement of pain. You would see it right away. That immediate feedback cycle would control the money supply much better than the present system. There’s nothing wrong with fiat money systems as long as it’s based on the productive capacity of the country. We are fiat currency now but debt based which means eventually ALL property will belong to the people issuing the debt based currency. The debt compounds as there is no way to pay it off except more debt based currency. It’s stupid. I want you to think about a basic fact of our monetary system. To create money the Treasury takes out a bond loan from the FED. The FED then says ok you can print the money but to pay back the interest the Treasury has to have more money which…they have to borrow from the FED. The whole thing is unstable. Also when the FED sells bonds where does the money come from to buy the bonds? It’s also debt based so every time a bond is bought more debt is created and more importantly currency is extinguished and taken out of circulation to buy the bonds. If we issued our own currency with no debt it would not create more debt nor would it take currency out of circulation. The real bug a boo of this free currency system is if the gov. starts printing too much money. The feedback cycle for this is much more immediate for this type system than a debt based. After all the debt based system we have now creates currency in exactly the same way but has the long term kicker that you owe interest on ALL money created making the system even more unstable.

  9. What Trump will not discuss is that Jews came up with the globalist trading system. Also, the group that has reaped the most profit from globalism are not Chinese, Mexicans, and Indians but Jewish globalists.

    Also, it’s not the Chinese and Indians who funded the homo movement that forced ‘gay marriage’ down everyone’s throat. Jews did that.

    But of course, Trump is totally silent about Jews and instead rants about Iran, a nation that never interfered with US domestic policy.

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