Cuckservatives: Rand Paul Went To Haiti To Court a Jade Helm Promoting Billionaire Sugar Daddy

By Hunter Wallace

Thanks to Jack Hunter, we now know why Rand Paul left the campaign trail this week to go to Haiti:

“Paul arrived in Haiti on Sunday aboard the private jet of Republican donor Gary Heavin, the Texas-based founder of the Curves fitness center franchise. He and his wife were at Paul’s side for much of the week.

Heavin, who has been active in Haitian charity work since a 2010 earthquake devastated the capital city, said he’s yet to decide whether to support Paul formally, but he’s already ruled out the other candidates.

“If I support anyone in the Republican Party, it’s him,” Heavin said in an interview on a bustling street outside the eye clinic. He said he has the capacity to donate more than $10 million and would back Paul if Heavin is “confident in his ability to influence the process.” …

Remember, there are “highly sophisticated killers” out there who have 100 percent control over their political puppets.

Note: Deez Nuts, who recently entered the 2016 presidential race, is polling better than Rand Paul in North Carolina, who has sunk in the polls to just 3 percent.

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  1. “Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee delivered a confused and garbled press conference in Jerusalem during a brief campaign stop, which included a controversial fundraising visit to a settlement in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

    Haiti and Israel. Niggers and Jews.

    I would love to see Trump jet to Bavaria and drink a cold beer.

  2. Rand Paul might get a salt lick from a Texas billionaire who thinks that Jade Helm is a good thing? Rand Paul can kiss Alex Jones’s adulation goodbye.

    BTW, on that, in trying to figure out what Jade Helm is all about, there’s only a small slice of sources I trust, that sit in between the mendacious media who think JH is NBD and the tinfoil universe who think JH means they sky is falling and it’s concentration camps for us tomorrow. The trusted sources say “Latin America,” in that the Pentagon is worried about urban Latin America going Ferguson to the power of twenty, and that we’ll have to intervene. Jade Helm is training for that.

  3. “I would love to see Trump jet to Bavaria and drink a cold beer.”

    While I can laugh at the allusion, Jim, don’t kid yourself. My family and I went to Germany this year for our vacation. While in Bavaria, in Munich, we literally were surrounded by sodomites and lesbians (all white, all ‘ethnic Germans’ for a Fag Parade, along a route that inundated the Neues Rathaus and two of the most prominent Evangelical and RC ‘churches’ and Nowhere, and NO ONE stood up to denounce, deny, or protest- it was like an Oktoberfest with condoms. Think as vulgar as you like, and it would probably be about right. My family and I fled from this Sodom and Gomorrah scene, fearing that coals from heaven were about to rain down. I could expect this in Berlin, in Frankfurt, but Munich?! “Catholic” Munich? Misericordie, Domine.

    No, Rand Paul is not his father’s son. He’s a shill, a true cucksocker, interested in furthering his scalawag career as a lifetime sucker at the teat of public life. What is more annoying is that an American is dumping perfectly good money into Haiti- Hunter, send him your files on that accursed land, and wake him up!

    But yeah, I get your frustration. The only joy/hope (apart from God alone, of course) is watching Trump, trumping the GD Republic-rats, and Demon-craps at every turn. Happy Labor Day. (while it is still day – John 9:4, Heb. 3:13)

    • Ok then, I invite Trump to The Shire for a cold glass of raw milk surrounded by an impenetrable wall on all sides, sodomite, lesbian and nigger free.

      I’ll ask him is there a cabinet position in the offing for me when he wins. I’ll lobby him for the Secretary of Agriculture position.

  4. This is the price for losing the culture war, smart oligarchs reduced to doing fraudulent foot washing stunts to impress the SJW and give their nutty wives social signaling cred, how stupid

  5. SJW’s are useful idiots. They would be nothing without anti-White oligarchs who keep them funded and pumped up.

  6. More of the same: You’re right. The SJWs are nothing more than the priest class of the Money Power. Their task is to give globalism a “moral” veneer.

  7. Has anyone noticed that no one pays attention to lower and middle class Whites. !Jeb¡ is on Telemundo promising open borders immigration, Rand is in Haiti and Huckabee is in Israel. These people obviously don’t give a rat’s ass about the people who live here. For example, it would make more sense for Rand to reach out to White people who might vote for hm rather than black people, both here and abroad, who will never vote for him.

  8. Meanwhile, the Trump rally in Mobile, Alabama, Jeff Sessions’s home town, incidentally, is expected to be so big that they’re moving it to a football stadium.

    Could you imagine Rand Paul getting 33,000?

  9. Jeff
    ‘Has anyone noticed that no one pays attention to lower and middle class Whites.’

    Politicians love to demonstrate their compassion and concern for blacks and browns in crap holes like Haiti and Guatemala.

    It’s great publicity and they rake in donations.

    The lower class whites in Kentucky who can’t afford medical care get zip.

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