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  1. I brought over his great great great grandfather over in the Balliol.

    So he’s black.

  2. Note that the negress closes her eyes as she says she doesn’t know the answer.

    She knows.

  3. It’s one thing to pretend to be black for the benefits but there’s no excuse for aligning against your own race. I was leaning toward a good tan and becoming Hispanic. Our govt. can’t seem to get enough of them.

  4. And I have a lady friend whose son is so goddamned pretty, and yes, he/she’s trying to save up for boobs and….

    Forget Rome. We are all in Sodom now. I await the angels.

  5. The fellow has admitted that his mother cucked the white man with a “light skinned black man”.

    None of his siblings have the same parents. These people are scum.

  6. I think that is safe to say that you have reached the end of your ability to manufacture excuses when you hit the point that the only thing you can claim in defense is that your mother is a slut.

  7. Two things.

    1 he looks very similar feature wise to his Jeffrey Wayne King dad. Same nose and eyebrows. He does have his mothers coloring.

    This alleged coalburning is very suspect.

  8. Being black is now a lifestyle choice. Who would of thought…..

    Maybe he’s a Jew. They are often the masterminds of these types of movements (an anti-white movement in the form of a pro-black movement). No need to work behind the scenes with this one. Pretending your black is the perfect cover. He was able to fool the blacks but then whitey smelled a shyster.

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