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  1. Firmly on the side of Parrott/Heimbach/Anglin with all this NPI drama.

    I have no desire to stand with the pro-faggot/anti-Christian crowd. I’d just as soon live in Detroit as live in a nation filled with those people.

  2. Why should Christian traditionalists feel obligated to defend Heimbach, someone who distastefully associates himself with the uglier side of nationalism (such as the Black Panthers,NSM, and Hezbollah) while making the glib assertion that the American founding was “anti-white” and saying “death to America”?

  3. To clarify, the feud isn’t really with NPI so much as it’s with a gaggle of faggots who are under the mistaken impression, promoted by the SPLC, that NPI was basically a full-on coming out party.

  4. @ light division. I was going to say the same thing! I would rather live next tp the pastor Manning’s of the world than these creep’s.

  5. Matt Parrott is one of the best White advocates in America, in the same league with Kevin MacDonald.

    I notice that legitimate White advocates who happen to be homosexual, such as Greg Johnson, are not attacking Traditionalist Youth.

    I think right wing Jews are assigning a “babysitter” for each talented pro-White blogger, to gradually push them in a pro-Jewish direction. The babysitter becomes a writer for the blog, a patron of the blog, establishes or already has a blog of his own which links to the blog being babysat, or at the very least establishes a presence in the comments section, for instance Ian Jobling for AmRen, Jack Ryan for this blog, Nicholas Stix/Brenda Walker for VADRE, Ron Unz for Steve Sailer, Aaron Gross for Traditionalist Youth, and Dastardly Rake aka Heartiste for Porter of Kakistocracy.

    The “Hipster Racist” blog originally came into existence to serve as a babysitter for Kievsky/Mind Weapon. (Steve Sailer gets a smart and wealthy babysitter like Ron Unz, but poor Kievsky has to settle for a clown like Hipster Racist! What an insult!) Kievsky stopped blogging years ago, and Hipster Racist himself doesn’t produce anything worth reading. Hipster Racist is expendable. They order him to go out in a blaze of glory, throwing mud at Traditionalist Youth because Matt Parrott is too resistant to their pressure.

  6. Ahhhh! What’s White Nationalism with out a good old feud?!!!!

    “Scott Terry is an Atheist SPLC” – if that is what detractors are saying about dear Scott – they are really inept. That’s just…. ridiculous…who or what ever wrote that isn’t even trying to discredit Scott. Too absurd.

  7. @Whites Unite

    You have nothing to back up your claims that Hipster Racist and Heartiste are Jews or in any way pro-Jewish.

  8. People should try very hard not to fall down in to the American White Nationalist habit of petty feuding accusing others of being queers, Jews or in league with queers and Jews.

    Nicholas Stix of Vdare is excellent – one of the best race realist crime reporters ever.

    My own honesty about the Jewish question is available for all to see with a google search of OD.

    Yes, we do indeed have real problems with real individual jewish people, Jewish organizations. It is not our only problem.

    And we are solution oriented, working to find ways to make things better.

  9. After reading Scott’s latest article, I would say that the most striking difference between these two circles is easily the women issue.

    Yesterday, I checked my mail and in the mailbox was another wedding invitation. I go over to a friend’s house and later after a few beers I check Facebook and yet another friend announced he was engaged. So that is two more weddings coming up in the span of one day.

    For two years, we held dozens of protests, but that has slowed down a lot in recent months mainly because it seems that everyone around my age including Heimbach is getting married and having children. At this point, Terry is one of the few bachelors left standing.

  10. I argued right here for rational tolerance of homosexuals with Chechar and Clement Pulaski a few years ago, but now I believe they were right to take a strong stance against them. You just can’t give some people an opening without them abusing it. They’re not going to ever accept mere tolerance of their presence. They want homosexuality made normative on the right, and the totality of the available evidence at this time suggests that NPI is in their corner.

  11. As for homosexuality, I am against gay marriage. I strongly oppose all the gender fluidity nonsense which is at bottom a rejection of nature. I also think there is a good case that homosexuality should remain culturally stigmatized for both religious and secular reasons.

    I don’t believe in the death penalty for homosexuality. I think that is a bridge too far. Of all the things that are wrong with America, homosexuals are not at the top of my list, but it is something I write about because the present elite is pushing the envelope way too far.

    Basically, I think it should be taboo and mildly illegal like it was a few generations ago in Alabama.

  12. I have no doubt that it is a divisive issue in WN.

    As I have said here many times, I have never encountered homosexuals anywhere but in real life – just people who live around here – and at WN conferences. I just don’t run into them in SN circles.

    There is a wing of the WN movement – the Amren, Counter-Currents, NPI wing – that is either indifferent on the issue, tolerant, or accepting of homosexuals. They are more urban, more secular, more cosmopolitan, less Christian and more Northern and Western than the SN crowd.

    That’s fine. Let a thousand flowers bloom.

  13. Lew,

    The real issue that both you and Parrott are getting at here are the wealthy WN donors who are either 1.) homosexuals themselves or 2.) are passionately pro-homosexual like the Jewish billionaire Paul Singer and have same influence on WN than Singer does on the GOP.

  14. I like everyone involved, but I think the effect of this will be a gradual division into “identitarian” subcultures. That was already going on before the NPI conference though.

  15. I used to be an avid CC reader but not anymore. At this time, Johnson himself is the only contributor at CC that’s a priority for me; otherwise, my reading varies a lot depending on author and topic. When Andrew Hamilton left, CC lost a bit of its appeal for me.

  16. I have always been skeptical of Anglin. Something stinks about him and his website. His hatred of women is also very strange. There is a sound bite of him just a few years ago where he states that White people should be bread out of existence. I can’t wrap my head around how someone such as Anglin can change his ideology from his previous views to such an extreme view that he has now. It just doesn’t add up.

  17. I like Greg Johnson, but I rarely read anything from Counter Currents. If I do, it’s usually something he’s written. It just seems like they go out of their way to channel some kind of esoteric psychobabble that doesn’t give me much practical application in the real world. It’s not that I find the articles boring, ineffective or hard to follow, but rather I just don’t see how they are giving me, personally, any ammunition to use in the world we live in today. Just my personal view.

  18. I checked the NPI thread at mpcdot.com, and this comment caught my eye. I think this guy is right.

    I think Spencer has repeatedly voiced the opinion that he considers the gay issue “over” or boring. He presumes that focusing too much on sexual morality would turn off curious Millennials who find this topic stodgy or weird, and he’d rather talk about Big Ideas instead.

    It seems like a mistake in terms of long-term strategy. If your White Homeland is going to operate on “consenting adults” morality for every issue but immigration, guess which direction the one remaining outlier will eventually and inevitably take.

    Homosexuality isn’t an awkward pet issue of the religious right; the rise and even celebration of public homosexuality is very much part of the same sociological trends that are causing disintegration in all Western societies.

    Spencer has this habit of casually remarking how young he is and how he wants to be anything but conservative. I guess being liberal on gayness is part of that new right-wing freshness. 

  19. I’m with Trad Youth.
    Anyway, I think this WN-moderatism idea is BS.
    “Let’s be nice with faggots.”
    “Let’s be inclusive.”
    That’s all mega-BS++ deluxe!
    Every month I bring a handful of individuals to our side, and I accomplish that in my kike-motherfucker-this-kike-motherfucker-that style.
    Some of said individuals are actually pretty well educated and polite people.
    The Red Pill has to be bitter&brutal, otherwise it ain’t that Red a Pill.*
    Typically, my converts go from moderate/limp-wristed-right to full nationalsocialists.
    You know: Saint Adolf was right, etc.
    Now, I don’t think our future is in NS, but it’s a start.

    * Culture of Critique usually seals the deal. That, and some material on the holohoax. Plus some funny stuff on TRS.

  20. I just read a few articles over at hipster racist. Almost appears as though he suffers from delusion. Very bizarre accusations be thrown around by him. He is under the belief that Trad Youth is a government front. That kind of crazy is usually found on the pages of Linder’s VNN forum.

  21. Jack,

    I wasn’t saying that you babysitters are necessarily bad guys. Some of you are better than others, and many of you have made valuable contributions.

    However, our only strength is our willingness to speak the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, without fear or favor. We will not let this be taken away from us.

    Matt Parrott is extremely valuable. He is an intelligent old-stock White American of considerable tact, courage and persistence.

  22. Anyone not convinced Liddell is serving the Jew must have a couple of screws loose. Another mistake by Spencer, not keeping that loudmouth with nothing going for him but personal wealth and a talent for entertaining but substance free rhetoric at arm’s length.

  23. Liddell’s latest article on Anglin is one of the stranger things I’ve read. His “Anglins” theory is ridiculous. As someone who worked closely with Anglin at the Daily Stormer, I can say that Anglin just is very productive, and he definitely does not need a secret Jew-funded team of writers to run his site. When I wrote there, I regularly put out 3-4 posts per day, and that was with having a full time job and a family. Anglin being single and a full time writer, it’s really not that hard to see how he could produce that much material. And I still really don’t understand how it would serve the interests of the Jews for Anglin to create an overtly pro-Hitler site that becomes more wildly popular than anyone thought possible.

  24. Simplest explanation is NPI was getting clobbered for explicitly opening the door to homosexual influence, and a change of subject was needed.

  25. Another example on why we/you should never do American WN conferences. It always breaks down in to feuds, squabbles over obscure theological disputes, accusations that the other side is Queer, Jew controlled, other such nonsense.

    Instead – organize, educate your own people/tribe.

    If you are White working class Southern – do that.

    Polish American Catholic – yeah do that. Poland is looking very good, almost as good as Hungary or Russia.

    Secular Jewish guy who is embarrassed about Hollywood, Elena Kagin, cultural marxism, Neo Con war mongering – do your own activism with your own kindred people.

    All is not lost.

    We’re actually doing OK

  26. Go to the 1300 comment thread and sort by newest. Some account that signs as “machiaevil” is going apeshit, and his jousting partner is implying it’s ST if I’m reading it right.

  27. Sorry… Scott Terry only posts as “Scott Terry” or maybe “Shotgun” (depending on the login venue).

    I don’t play White Nationalist tiddly-winks of posting under different names, etc. It’s odd, I know, but I’m a man of honor.

  28. Celestial Time believes that race has to be the foundation of the movement. All this squabbling shows how people who believe that race is important are divided by culture and class.

    • Yes, I have seen a lot of that.

      Scott is someone who can easily move between worlds. He can ride a tractor one minute, write a poem the next minute. He can throw back a few beers with working class guys and pull into the Waffle House before crashing at a Knights Inn. He can do this while traveling across the South to attend a conference in Memphis to engage in complex theological arguments.

      Most people are either one way or the other. They can’t relate to people outside their class or subculture.

  29. I’m convinced that the reason these guys are so ridiculous is because they’re modernists, abstracted from any social context, and they’re turning their guns on whomever gets in their way.

    As southerners, we’ve got “roots” and a community. I love my roots and my community. I think that sort of anti-modernist mysticism makes the Southern Nationalist far superior to the white nationalist, any day of the week.

    Want to save the white race? Learn to plant corn.

  30. Laguna Beach Fogey’s zeal for purging perceived liabilities to the movement is amusing given the frequency that man alludes to violence.

  31. I’m the same way.

    Last night, I got drunk with some local friends and watched the Bama-LSU game. Yet I can come on here the next morning and write about trade policy in the context of Southern history.

  32. Thanks man.

    Speaking of… I hope to do a little traveling this week as well. I’ll buy you a beer if I see you! lol

    This all proves, once again, how valuable real life networking and friend-making really is. Without it, we’re pretentious pseudo-intellects like the ones posting over at RADIX.

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