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  1. Hi. Uh, if I’m a right-wing Jew “babysitter,” then I don’t think it’s for Matt Parrott. I’ve posted a grand total of, what, at most ten comments at TradYouth? And I’m definitely not trying to pose as an ally of your movement or anything. If you all want to call me an enemy, I won’t argue with that.

    Actually, if I’ve been a Jew babysitter, then it’s for Richard Spencer, by Whites Unite’s logic. I’ve posted hundreds if not thousands of comments at Spencer’s Takimag (soon after he took over from John Zmirak) and later at his AltRight over the past decade. I mean, if you really think I’m a babysitter.

    Also, last thing: Matt, your mother says you have to finish your homework before you go to bed.

  2. What a real leader would do would be to take some of his funds and fly in Heimbach and Anglin for a summit that concludes with a statement and show of unity. Why isn’t Spencer doing that? In a movement characterized by a “can do no wrong” 2015, how has this one man managed to monkey wrench things, if not by design, then by character flaw?

  3. Instead of arguing about this any further, the solution is to organize a separate event. We talked about doing it a year ago, but never got around to it. The idea was to have a conference that wasn’t based on any particular organization or ideology where people who wanted to meet up could do so without the media or opposition.

  4. Anyone who seriously believes that jews can be made into pro whites is delusional. Jews are the number anti white force there is, their writings and their actions show overwhelming evidence that they act against whites, anyone who wants to get a jewish pat on the head is no alt righter.

  5. Hunter is on the right path. Stop clawing and scratching like little girls and find common ground, no matter how far down you have to strip your own ideology to find a mutual agreement. If someone is pro-White and believes that some kind of autonomous region for White people is worth fighting for, then that’s really all you should be looking for at this point. Your enemies are anti-Whites who believe in multiculturalism, nations without borders and colorblind societies. Those anti-Whites will lie, cheat, steal, attack you, and groom every possible dissenting voice that they can find to use against you.

    You don’t have to embrace every aspect of someone else who claims to be pro-White. You only have to make sure that those that support you at a foundational level grow at a faster rate than those who forcefully oppose you. Anyone espousing an ideology or strategy that exponentially increases opposition to a basic pro-White premise is a liability and should either be shown a more productive and efficient path to take, or they should be muzzled and shunned if their own ego and social ineptitude prohibit them from listening to wiser voices.

    You have a long way to go, ladies and gentlemen; so you better stop making enemies out of potential allies, supporters and even those who might be indifferent to your/our plight.

  6. Re: Michael Enoch

    Collin Liddell — now exposed beyond all doubt as an actor for the Jew — has apparently decided Michael Enoch is amusing in a subversive way and Andrew Anglin is not only not funny, he’s a nigger running a boiler room operation for the enemy.

    I hope Michael Enoch and friends realize that being praised by the likes of Liddell is roughly akin to having a friendly Jew walk up to you, smile brightly, and say “hey, how are the wife and kids? I hope they’re good. By the way, I have some used cars for sale out back …”

    Flattery and friendliness are arrows in every con artist’s quiver. Something to keep in mind.

  7. Re: Donovan/Anglin

    The portion of Anglin’s article that deals with Jack Donovan is an excellent example of how NOT to handle the Homosexual Question. The proper emphasis here should never be any individual’s personal practices but rather the agenda of making homosexuality normative, flushing it out if it exists (if it doesn’t fine) and if so neutralizing it with rational arguments.

    Don’t give the pro-gay side their favorite stereotype that you’re hung up on somebody’s personal practices when the issue is possible attempts to make it normative.

    Anglin quotes Donovan discussing sex on the Roosh forum and raises the question of whether that kind of talk creates negative optics for a movement that is supposed to be non-degenerate, pro-family.

    Well, a few thoughts:

    1) Donovan didn’t say it any kind of public capacity. My view. I don’t care. Reasonable people can disagree.

    2) Straight men talk that way all the time. Suppose a straight man highly active and visible in this movement were to go to the Roosh forum and post about railing his wife and keeping a girl friend on the side. Would that be acceptable? No need to argue for or against that now. My point is that if there is a legitimate issue here, the issue is the appropriateness of explicit public talk not Donovan’s individual practices. That’s incidental, and if you don’t treat it that way, you end up looking like the vulgar fag-bashing stereotype. And that helps the pro-gay side.

    3) Roosh is a place where men go to discuss among other things sex. I don’t visit, but I assume most of the sex talk there is just normal, younger men talking how young men talk — in social clubs, locker rooms or the Internet. In a world where private associations by men are under attack, men are going to go where they can speak openly. For many of them, the only option is the public Internet.

  8. Hi HW, I’m just stopping by to set the record straight:

    This is not a “beef” – I have never met either Parrott or Heimbach personally, nor have I met you.

    I am simply an interested observer making comments on the public actions and statements of people purporting to be “activists in the pro-White movement.”

    I would like to point out that virtually every single conservative Christian church in America, even those that were 100% against any sort of “gay” “marriage” – ALL of them distanced themselves from the Westboro Baptist Church, a ridiculous clown act clearly having the effect of discrediting Christian opposition to “gay” “marriage.”

    Of course, the Westboro Baptist Church immediately declared that anyone that opposed them were secretly homosexuals.

    And that’s how gay marriage was passed. The tactic was discussed in the book “After the Ball.” The Westboro Baptist Church’s “extreme” street theater act had the intended effect of discrediting any opposition to the “gay” agenda.

    Which is exactly what it was designed to do, as admitted by the members of the Westboro Baptist Church themselves.

    There ain’t no “beef” because whatever the hell it is that TradYouth are doing, no one at NPI wants anything to do with them, and although I’m not a member of NPI and didn’t go to the conference, I think Spencer showed nothing but good judgement at keeping TradYouth out.

    • I don’t have a beef with Richard Spencer and NPI.

      I’ve said for years now that we need more real world events. I think it is great that NPI holds an annual conference. In my experience, ideas can be easily shared over the internet, but trust and relationships are better built in the real world. The sort of anonymous relationships which are built over the internet in WN are extremely fragile and easy to disrupt. I learned that much to my dismay in the 14 years that I have been around this scene.

      • As for excluding Heimbach from NPI, the assumption seems to have been that he would have been a disruptive influence. I’ve been to multiple conferences with Heimbach and know better.

        1.) Heimbach was at the 2012 and 2013 Amren conferences.

        2.) Heimbach was at the League of the South conferences in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

        3.) He was at the CofCC conference in 2013.

        4.) He was at The Political Cesspool conference in Memphis last October.

        I attended most of those conferences myself and my wife and most of my friends have known Heimbach for even longer than that. He was never a problem at any of those conferences. If he had attended the NPI conference, it would almost certainly have been as uneventful as all the ones I listed above.

        By banning Heimbach and Terry, Spencer attracted far more negative attention than he would have otherwise. Contrast that with how James Edwards dealt with Heimbach and Terry last year in Memphis. Do you remember reading anything about Heimbach and The Political Cesspool conference? Was the dirty laundry dragged out all over the internet for everyone could see it?

        • I know both Heimbach and Spencer.

          That’s why I believe all this started when Spencer decided to snub Heimbach. I believe that Scott Terry was pissed off and lashed out on Facebook and his blog. The SPLC, which spies on all of us, saw the chatter on Facebook and included it in their story.

          As for why Spencer chose to snub Heimbach, it doesn’t come as a surprise to me. I was under the impression that those two had never really liked each other. While those two have some things in common (for example, fascism and Death to America), there are also some very important differences in their brand.

          The League of the South clashed with Heimbach for the same reasons. He wanted to attend and speak at an NSM conference. He was into hanging out with the folks in the Aryan Terror Brigade and giving a sieg heil in front of flaming swastikas. He seemed to be everywhere at once and always in front of the cameras.

          There was a big fiasco when Heimbach was kicked out of the League. Ultimately though, the League decided that it didn’t want to play the associations game, force everyone to tow the same line, or that it could even win “respectability” in the eyes of the media.

  9. the assumption seems to have been that he would have been a disruptive influence.

    No, that’s not what Spencer said. He said he wasn’t inviting people who make crazy statements to the media and make morally indefensible statements.

    If Heimbach is actually a really nice guy with a level head – his long history of media appearances are even more damning, because it means he was putting on a “radical act” for the cameras.

    I’ve watched Robert Ransdell too, and he is clearing hamming it up for the cameras.

    So it doesn’t matter if Heimbach is a “nice guy” – no one wants to be associated with him due to his long public track record in the media.

    Heimbach can go have his own conference, or do some other silly stunt for the media. Most people are simply not interested in being associated with him – and I don’t blame them.

    If you think it’s NPI that comes out badly here, I’m not sure what to say. I doubt Heimbach is going to be invited to much of anything in the future and I doubt TradYouth will ever amount to anything more than … whatever it is that they are. At some point even the media will be tired of covering them.

    I wouldn’t let Disqus handles at the Daily Stormer give an impression that Heimbach is more popular than he is, or that NPI is less popular than it is.

    • Well, I would say that is hard to take seriously when one of your guest speakers advocates creating “man-animal chimeras” and “decerebreated human clones” which can be used as slaves or gutted for their organs in a White Empire called “Eurosiberia.” I’ve never seen Heimbach advocate anything remotely as radical as that and even go so far as to put it in writing.

      The only reason I am writing about the NPI conference this year is because of this fiasco. Last year, it was because Richard got kicked out of Hungary by the most rightwing government in Europe. Otherwise, I would have ignored the matter. I don’t care if NPI has an annual conference. There are dozens of conferences every year. I don’t write about most of those either.

  10. when one of your guest speakers advocates creating “man-animal chimeras” and “decerebreated human clones”

    Why do you keep repeating this like it’s really some kind of looney tunes crazy talk and cult-like science fiction? In the world of Science, this isn’t all that radical anymore. Still controversial and skirting the lines of ethics, sure. But radical in a ‘I wanna commit mass genocide and carve my initials in their forehead’ kind of way, absolutely Not.

    Look at the date:


  11. Among the fair criticisms of Heimbach:

    – Hanging out with every bonehead in the world who claims to be pro-White. It has backfired several times.

    – The Avalon stuff.

    – The armbands and signs which say things like “Lynch the Modern World.” This is actually a product of the influence of the Alt-Right and “Radical Traditionalism.”

    – Too eager to court attention and publicity from the media.

    – Fascism. This is another thing that he shares in common with Richard and Radix.

    I’m not going to include Orthodoxy on the list because there might be some merit in that. It adds to the list of esoteric identities though. Even Heimbach’s friends will grant much of that. It doesn’t follow that he is fake though. It doesn’t follow either that the bad outweighs the good.

  12. I’m familiar with these issues in bioethics. I don’t dispute that many of these things are possible. Whether they are morally defensible and ought to be done is another question.

    Guillaume Faye advocates taking the worst ideas of half a dozen dystopian science fiction movies and advocates them as a positive good in his own book. You are talking about a guy who read Orson Welles’ The Island of Dr. Moreau and slapped himself on the knee and thought, “that’s exactly what we need” in a White ethnostate.

    Since this has apparently been decided, I would just like to know how “man-animal chimeras” and “decerebreated human clones” which can be gutted for their organs are morally defensible. I would say that crystallizes in one example how the hostility toward Christianity and the modernism, secularism, and atheism that accompanies it can run off the rails.

    That’s before we get into the subject of devout eugenicists and the merits of abortion and gay marriage.

  13. Well, there is reopening old wounds and reopening ones that haven’t yet started to heal. As to the conference-related issues, I thought a tacit understanding had been reached that all parties will now move forward. In my mind, there was clear implication that peripheral anonymous commenters like myself who don’t matter at all but have strong feelings on the subject should tamp down.

    You reach a point of diminishing returns driving the same points into the ground over and over again when every true neutral who cares enough to follow the debate this far has now been convinced one way or the other. That point was probably reached days ago.

    • The decision was made a few days ago to hold a similar conference at some point next year which would focus on different themes. I had assumed that would be the end of the discussion.

      It is not a new idea. Around this time last year, we were talking about holding a non-organizational conference in the winter, maybe somewhere in the mountains. We never got around to it though.

  14. NPI is moving in the right direction with an annual conference that serves the function of being a real world meet up. There should be a lot more of that and less navel-gazing on the internet. That’s how you build trust, relationships, and cut out innuendo.

  15. I wholeheartedly agree that face-to-face meetings need to be a top priority, and they need to happen much more frequently. They also need to be more of a Round Table atmosphere instead of a pulpit and proselytizing event where a few select personalities run their points into the ground ad nauseam. Does anyone really want to join a group where you don’t feel like you are appreciated or your voice isn’t valued and at least taken into consideration?

    I could go into great detail on why I think the pro-White sphere in America has atrophied or stagnated. But that won’t do any good right now. All I will say is that every voice should be taken into consideration and every person should have a proper role that they can play according to their strengths, weaknesses and potential. Properly delegating roles within pro-White circles has been the Achilles’ heel for far too long. You want active contributions and reciprocating feelings of respect and dignity among supporters, not idle frustrations. Bad things happen when frustrated people are idle for too long and see no positive rewards.

  16. LOL. If the only standard that matters is real-world action, why aren’t the NSM and KKK on the list of high praise? Because more than real-world action matters. Plus, Liddell probably sees no value in flattering them.

    This shameless shitbag must really think high IQ people are stupid. If Collin Liddell successfully trolled a man of Greg Johnson’s caliber, I think everyone can be forgiven. So forgive yourself!

    It’s proof of what no one has ever denied — Liddell excels at entertaining wordplay.

    It’s not proof that Liddell, a man arrogant enough to think he can successfully ape Jonathan Swift in front of literate people and also the noted author of the nationally exposed article “Is Black Genocide Right,” doesn’t have a malicious track record.

    People bought that not only because of what Liddell wrote in the article itself but also because he has history of fomenting divide and rule, dowplaying the JQ, and mocking and slandering people who name the Jew in substantively correct ways in every rhetorical style. The exception is KMD who he doesn’t dare attack. No one ever said Liddell is stupid either.

    Remember, a lot of writing is just craft. Someone who spends a whole career working to master any craft is going to get good at it. Don’t confuse impressive and humorous control of the language with substance. One can have impressive control, humor and substance or impressive control, humor and nothing of helpful substance to say or malicious things to say, or both.

    People and not stupid ones can judge for themselves whether these articles are helping or hurting the community at this time.

    Anyway, I’m done with all of these conversations for now.

    • I forgot about that.

      That was the “does the vulture have a point” article. Didn’t Spencer distance himself from Liddell and Nowicki over that? I remember it being a big deal and a beef that was all over the internet.

  17. HipsterRacist,

    If Heimbach is actually a really nice guy with a level head – his long history of media appearances are even more damning, because it means he was putting on a “radical act” for the cameras.

    Razzle dazzle, another conspiracy! His media appearances aren’t as ridiculous as you’re making them out to be, and you’re wading through years of quality media appearances to cherry-pick some suboptimal performances.

    I’ve watched Robert Ransdell too, and he is clearing hamming it up for the cameras.

    Everybody whose angle HipsterRacist doesn’t personally favor is a secret Leftist who must be purged.

    So it doesn’t matter if Heimbach is a “nice guy” – no one wants to be associated with him due to his long public track record in the media.

    Plenty of people want to be associated with him. We’ll find some way to live without you.

    If you think it’s NPI that comes out badly here, I’m not sure what to say. I doubt Heimbach is going to be invited to much of anything in the future and I doubt TradYouth will ever amount to anything more than … whatever it is that they are. At some point even the media will be tired of covering them.

    Something tells me you’ll carry on your hate campaign even if your attempt at a Buckley-style purge falls flat.

    I wouldn’t let Disqus handles at the Daily Stormer give an impression that Heimbach is more popular than he is, or that NPI is less popular than it is.

    Conspiracy #1,488: TradYouth is deploying an army of socket puppets to appear that have supporters when they don’t.

  18. In this case, a National Youth Front member who kicked the ass of an anti-fa outside the NPI conference was drummed out of his own organization. Spelunker is having a good laugh about it.

  19. By the way, since “every-one” is apparently “here” – would some-one please explain how polite, well-mannered, “moderate” behavior, in terms of dealing with White Genocide, is working out for us?

  20. Denise,

    By the way, since “every-one” is apparently “here” – would some-one please explain how polite, well-mannered, “moderate” behavior, in terms of dealing with White Genocide, is working out for us?

    What’s funny about the people demanding we be polite, soft-spoken, and moderate with the anti-Whites is that they’re impolite, harsh, and immoderate with other pro-Whites who don’t go along with their program.

    • A group of Confederate flaggers were attacked by these people not too long ago in Washington, DC. Some people from the League and Virginia Flaggers were there. A hysterical, screaming tranny stole a Confederate flag and ripped it apart.

  21. It has been a minute or more, hasn’t it? I’m dandy! Sleep deprived, cause I am super super busy, (I post on various sites when I catch a few seconds in 3D world) but I’m waiting for Ragnarok to really kick in! Are you following the Uni of MO DISGRACE? The PresiCuck and ChancellCuck were so VERY polite, and well-spoken, when the fled their positions due to TNB from Feral Dindu’s….although they possessed actual power to kick the NIGGERS and their enablers off campus, and bring in a whole new ARYAN football team.

    But they were polite and well spoken instead.

  22. I’m certain that the hysterical, insane Tranny in DC would have been infinitely more interested in traditional Pro White messages had the NPI Beautiful Ones descended from their rarified Olympian Heights, into the grubby proletariat melee, and imparted their thoughts and feelings in a witty, erudite manner, in beautifully tailored garb. Of course. Cocktails, any-one?

  23. I like Matt H. I think he’s a charmer. He’s funny, energetic, and very adept at speaking, and doing many things. I know he’s all over the place, at times. I KNOW he cheeses people off, but whenever I hears of something that he’s done, that outrages some element – he just makes me laugh! I think he totally get into what ever idea he’s playing with, in his head, at any given time – and GOES with it….sometimes to the horror and dismay of whatever is left in his wake.

    I regard him as a VERY bright, wildly energetic, fun-loving, enchanting Naughty Little Boy – who simply needs a Firm Hand, from time to time. Were we living in an even semi-sane world – he’s be training as an actual politician (he’s got everything you need for this realm), or a Junior Executive, being schooled by Upper Management, for a Stellar Career. But we don’t live in a sane world. We live in a devolving Dystopia, that loathes men like Matt, and people like us.

  24. My absolute final thought is I find that the older I get, the less I give a shit about somebody’s intelligence. Honor, fortitude, courage in confronting enemies, including hard ones and not easy ones, are human traits that ought to count for something too. In most human activities, things like integrity matter more. None of us are blazing a trial toward a Fields Medal, and that’s irrelevant.

    Intelligence exists along a normal distribution. For most activities in human life within our bell curve, it doesn’t matter that much except at the extremes where on the right side all types can be found from first-rate thinkers to serial killers.

    In our bell curve, a properly led and inspired person with average intelligence can go a long way. And the left side of our curve is still better than most. It’s the job of a benign intellectual elite to lead these people if they do show signs of error not tyrannize them.

    Liddell’s core claims are lies. Trolling is something you do to demonstrable enemies with clear genocidal intent against whites not rivals on your side. When those techniques are applied against non-enemies, it’s not trolling. It’s manipulation.

    Since he doesn’t doesn’t like the normal standards of debate and prefers argument ad hominem instead, I see no reason to downplay my contempt. The exact second anyone is ever tempted to think the serial killer of nationalist infighting might not be insincere when he is on the move in the community, they can recall this episode.

  25. Can we hear more about this idea for meetings and gatherings? Articles and commentary with suggestions and ideas on where, when and what should be involved with these gatherings would be a great building block. There are only so many ways you can dissect trade policies, historical events and Cucktopian politics before it becomes a counterproductive outlet and a complete waste of time and energy.

    • A year ago, James Edwards hosted a private conference in Memphis to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Political Cesspool. It was mostly a gathering of his own donors, but about 100 people showed up. We were there. Heimbach was also there. A lot of people from the League wanted to come, but couldn’t because they were holding a demonstration that weekend.

      Around the same time, I talked extensively with Cushman about organizing a similar conference – a winter retreat – somewhere in the Smoky Mountains. The idea was to host a broader gathering that wouldn’t focus specifically on Southern Nationalism or any specific organization like the League or CofCC. It also wouldn’t be an academic-style gathering with a lecture format. No one comes to these events to listen to the speeches which are uploaded to YouTube. They are all excuses for an annual meet up.

      After the Dylann Roof fiasco, the CofCC conference got cancelled in August. So it was back to the drawing board anyway. There’s so much crossover between the League-CofCC-TPC audience anyway that such a conference would have been timely a year ago and makes even more sense now. The idea was stillborn when we all moved on to other things last winter.

      So why not take that idea and build on it? We could have a private conference in the South, invite a bunch of people we know are legit nationalists, avoid the media and opposition altogether, and just focus on a different set of topics than NPI. Maybe call it the Faith, Family, and Folk conference (FFF).

      Such a conference would have more appeal to Southerners, Christians, women, families, working class people, and activists. It would a lot more laid back than NPI or Amren. Everyone would be welcome to come provided they could be screened to keep out the anti-fa.

  26. If you want to bring pro-homosexual views into the wider racial community looking to NPI for leadership at what appears to be a critical juncture in the history of our race just say so FFS.

    I don’t think this is going to blow over. Listening to many podcasts, reading sites, comments and such I sense a pushing of the normalization of Homosexuality/ Sex in the alt right.

  27. What’s going on at The Right Stuff?

    I note their thread as been hit by German speaking Non – Whites anti Whites

    I think TRS is tight with NPI and JD. My trust dwindles

  28. Mike Enooch on the forum crash:

    Mike Enoch posted 14 minutes ago

    Sheeeeeit. The forum crashed due to too many pozz loads. I had to scale up the server to the next size, which should suffice temporarily. Unfortunately the data for the last few days was lost, but all things considered that may not be a bad thing. This is because the db is an in memory db, so if it crashes and the db dump fails, we are fucked. I am working on moving over to mongo db and also installing SSL, so never fear.

    just as the debate on the NPI threads got into full swing

  29. Re: Donovan

    Rhoosh article

    NO. Anyone who is part of this movement should NOT talk in such ways anywhere than in private

  30. Celestial Time // November 12, 2015 at 3:33 pm //
    Can we hear more about this idea for meetings and gatherings?

    I have had the idea for sometime that there ought to be localist meetings of all representatives of all parties throughout the year and a larger international conference once a year. Gearing toward real live collaborations, works, actions not just talk or ideas


  31. It also wouldn’t be an academic-style gathering with a lecture format.

    Yeah, I think there is enough of the scholarly pulpit approach out there already. I think the average White person who can be swayed to a pro-White perspective has a hard time digesting the material and then finding a way to incorporate it into a meaningful part of their lives. Unless someone like Jared Taylor comes to your house to help you fix or build something, helps you fight off any anti-Whites physically attacking you or your family, or helps you get a better job, then there’s only so much value you can find in the AmRen type of approach. Any type of education(formal or informal) without practical implementation and results in the real world is useless. Rhetoric has to have a physical element in a world where the anti-Whites want to kill the educated pro-Whites just as much as they want to kill the not-so-educated pro-Whites. If you aren’t committed to a strong physical presence to buoy the rhetoric, you’ll just be a smarter, more educated, dead pro-White guy.

    Honestly, there probably needs to be an entire website designed around local, regional and national organizing and networking. The #1 reason that I’ve seen pro-White people get fed up and fade away is because of isolation and feeling like they had no real support system or positive outlets to attach themselves to once they stepped away from the computer. I’ve had many, many people tell me exactly that.

    • The main function of all our protests was to build trust and solidarity within our group and draw in new people to the organization. It worked, but local and regional meetups could serve the same purpose with much less risk.

    • I agree with what you say, but I would add that what makes it even worse is not just the isolation, but the low-trust nature of anonymity on the internet and the fragility of online relationships. The rhetoric that I see online is also far more poisonous. Having strong real world relationships with good friends and good times keeps us all more anchored and active.

  32. This trolling stuff has its place but gets old after a while. I suppose every troll to be effective in making a fool out of somebody has to troll in his own style. By the time the dummy who rises to the bait realizes he’s been trolled, he’s already hit post. Really, there’s nothing to this. Too easy.

  33. Hunter,

    Maybe call it the Faith, Family, and Folk conference (FFF).

    Our licensing fees for using our copyrighted “Faith, Family, and Folk” slogan are quite reasonable, as you’ll learn when you receive the invoice for having repeated it in that comment right there.

    • It’s not.

      We had planned to do it last year, but never got around to doing it. A lot of other stuff came up. Then the CofCC conference was cancelled and we have long been rethinking all of this anyway.

      Cushman thought Keith Preston would be a good speaker. He was at the NPI conference.

  34. We’re certainly up for it, though we should be careful that it’s not executed or perceived as being in some kind of hostile rivalry with NPI

    Then be sure to invite a representative(s) or spokesperson(s) for them.

    • Since we are not trying to create the “new elite,” there would be no reason to exclude any of them from the conference. It is really just an excuse for people to hang out and network anyway.

  35. Hunter Wallace // November 12, 2015 at 5:21 pm //

    Since you made this comment, I’ll go ahead and apologize to all parties for my share of the poisonous but not serious comments, baiting and trolling over the last week.

    With some notable exceptions, the quality of these discussions declined long ago if it was ever there at all.

    Sharp elbows in the heat of battle are inevitable, but I think it should be said that adding trolling to these internal fights on top of all the other problems with this medium rather than directing the trolling outward might be a preventable mistake.

  36. Lol, the irony of fascism strikes again. Pro-fag fascists ban anti-fag fascists from conference. Free speech is a Western value, unlike totalitarianism.

    • Yes, that is pretty funny.

      As we saw over at RADIX, a major objection was that Heimbach was too fat to attend the conference and didn’t look good enough in the armband. Homosexuality is a big rift in the fascist community.

  37. Duly noted, Hunter. I scanned back over my comments. I think one can say a lot good and, yes, bad about my rhetoric, the timing, and the overall “tone-appropriateness” of my comments in context with the flow of the conversation over days. My attempted over-the-top parody “trolls,” that I thought might be obvious, and the soft trolls didn’t cut it. I’m not used to doing it; I suppose this cutting-edge, clever trolling-counter trolling the bleachers that is the new normal is for the younger generation. In one instance — the reference to “serial killers” — I definitely crossed the line into very bad taste and for that I again apologize for any offense and specifically to Mr. Liddell.

  38. Now that the dust has settled, I feel like I need to add a final point. As an anonymous commenter, I write these comments mostly as an intellectual exercise to entertain myself, to shoot the breeze, vent a bit and occasionally learn something.

    Because no one knows who I am, my personal pride is never on the line. But when I am wrong, I like to admit it. Even though it doesn’t matter to anyone here, it matters to me. I feel like shit about the serial killer crack, and I want to apologize again to Mr. Liddell, sincerely. I’m sorry.

    For me, these comments are entertainment written anonymously whereas for Mr. Liddell, he uses his great talents in the service of our race, writing under his own name, far as I can tell as a full-time commitment.

    Not that it matters, but I certainly have no objection in principle to the general pattern of reasoning Mr. Liddell used in those articles. It’s an important technique. Legitimate peer critique is always valuable, and subversion in these circles is a very real threat.

    I state the obvious, but when someone operates in these communities using some element of intended deception, they don’t hang a sign on the door announcing it to the world. Of necessity, if there is to be any possibility of detecting these people, one must use inferential reasoning and deduction from the available evidence. Fwiw, I use this kind of reasoning all the time myself in the comments and have for years.

    So what I learned this time is that I’m a lousy troll. What I was clumsily trying to do in my baiting and trolling was a few things. First, these conversations across multiple web sites seemed to be more heat than light anyway, so I didn’t think it mattered.

    But I was mildly surprised that someone would go to the trouble to try to troll me in what amounted to a week long version of what used to be called a flame war. For my own amusement, I felt I had to do some trolling of my own, so I seeded some of my comments with bait. I thought the person might be get stuck on some meaningless detail of grammar, wording or tone in order to snark or mock and therefore out himself. Not every comment was a troll; some were sincere, some accurate and some not, some just unthinking reactive shitposts in an inflamed discussion across four web sites. 

    But I guess what I was really trying to say with my inflammatory and accusatory trolls is this. I attempted to suggest via trolling.– since trolling seems to be the new normal nowadays for getting a point across — is that if someone is going to accuse somebody of something with incomplete evidence which always entails a bit of innuendo, the people who use that technique need to be prepared to have that mirror held up to themselves. They should expect others to start accusing them of things as well that don’t have the most solid backing. Instead of just saying that, I tried to troll.

    On reflection, it was a dumb decision that I regret. In the future, I’ll leave the trolling and satire to people who know how to do it.

    I assume this is obvious, but I won’t be commenting again in this thread.

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