Trump Calls For Moratorium on Muslim Immigrants

By Hunter Wallace

In addition to the Trump database, this should help Trump peel off a lot of the Carson/Cruz vote while sending the Left into a new fit of PC rage that will generate free publicity through Iowa:

“Donald Trump said Monday as president he would halt all Muslim immigration to the United States.

The Republican presidential frontrunner announced in a press release he wants a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.” This includes tourists planning to visit the United States. …”

That’s great.

We need to stop the damage the US government is already doing to places like Minneapolis-St. Paul and Middle Tennessee with the refugee reettlement program. It was revealed today that ISIS is targeting the refugee program to funnel terrorists into the US.

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  1. And so it becomes official:

    “BuzzFeed editor-in-chief Ben Smith told staff in a memo on Tuesday that it’s permissible for them to call Donald Trump a racist as a fact on social media.

    Smith wrote the memo in response to queries from staff about what was OK for them to post on social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook about Trump.

    The discussion in newsrooms around the country has been going on for a few weeks but seems to have jelled around the idea that it is now factually true to call Trump a racist.

    I’m good.

    • Don,

      That’s great news. Calling Trump a “racist” and a “fascist” will ultimately only make leftists feel better about themselves, but it will further defang both terms and polarize what used to be a “mainstream” consensus after WW2.

      • Brad:

        You cannot try and attack Don’s points by the hollow sledgehammer usually used herein. If you cannot step back and at least try a nuanced and reasoned approach, don’t bother. He’s pounding you into the ground with relative ease.

        Before Trump’s comments I differed with Don as to Trump. I was pretty sure my primary vote would be in favor of Brad’s (new) favorite Ivy Leaguer. But the entire situation has shifted. You and your comrades can play let’s follow the demagogue but I cannot. To not learn from shameful and disgusting errors in our past represents sheer stupidity. The civil liberties aspect of what Trump said does not concern you & your comrades because civil liberties do not concern you guys. Anyone intelligent & normal, however, takes such things into account.

        The irony of your nonchalance towards civil liberties is you completely fail to recognize how such principles protect you and your comrades. You folks exist on an extreme right so far over it is little different than much of extreme leftism (think of yourselves as Hitler going so far over to circle back & meet Uncle Joe). You are a small, insignificant group of people who espouse ideas & principles inimical to a republic or a democratic way of life. Yet, here you are existing, talking big, doing what you want. Why? Does the federal government adore you? Do you think you have secret admirers really high up who are protecting you? No, not at all.

        Why is it you people can freely bandy about regarding eugenics, Nazi philosophy, expelling blacks, etc.? What is the super duper secret that lets you exercise such freedoms?

        • Warspite,

          Seeing as how Muslims from the Middle East were excluded from becoming naturalized US citizens throughout the vast majority of our history, I fail to see what the big deal is here.

  2. Ah, and referencing death camps when remarking on a comment of Warspite’s or mine is merely being collegial. You are no more capable of equity in editing than you would be of doing so in governance. It’s not in your genes.

    • Don,

      As you know, I am fine with commentators discussing history so long as the debates retain a minimum of civility. By weeding out the flaming, I am giving you two an incentive to display all the education that I have heard so much about.

    • Brad, Don’s “gene” remark is a really low blow. Your people are watching you, ears all perked up due to the “gene” thing. It’s your opportunity to rise to the occasion.

      Frankly, your refusal to actually enforce the anti-rabbit hole guidelines indicate very questionable integrity. I get it, you want to be adored by the crowd. But when a person says they are going to be a leader it’s not always a popularity contest. And don’t you think there’s a pretty decent chance your comrades will turn out to be like most dogs. Meaning, they’ll love you more for the discipline.

  3. You’ve heard no educational claims from me.

    As for editing, I’d agree to your I editing my punctuation and obvious spellcheck errors. I’ve sucked at both for too long for it to matter still. Content is beyond your biased capabilities. Besides, who initiated what you vaguely refer to as “flaming?”

    HW, do you have any clue about how a legitimate process gets setup? You don’t get there via a bigoted consult with Ryan

    • Don speaks the truth. He may be biting, but he’s to the point and humble. The entire field of being educationally pretentious has been ceded to me. In my defense, if you guys could draft in some Ivy Leaguers, Stanford or Berkely people, even Northwestern or Wash U, I’d have a much, much tougher time.

      Why is it again such folks are not in the White Nationalist armory? Oh yeah.

      Suggestion. Raise money & send Celestial off to U Va or Swarthmore. The problem with that plan, of course, is after about a semester of exposure to the world of academia he would cut all ties with you folks.

  4. @Miss Denise…

    Thank you, Junius. I will no longer contort your name. You are correct. You are obviously a sincere Commentor.

    Thank you, again.’

    And I thank you for your kindness, M’am.

  5. “Don,

    Jack edits the comments underneath his own articles.”

    In just as biased a manner as you do.

    Tell me, since we’re discussing editing relationships, what’s yours with Earl Holt?

  6. @TheWorld…

    From a strand of Mr. Griffin & Warspite’s dialogue…

    Warspite : The fact many to all of your colleagues want to read the 13th, 14th and 15th Anendments out of the Constitution.”

    Mr. Griffin : Since the Reconstruction amendments were imposed on the defeated South at gunpoint, why are they legitimate?

    Junius : They are not, Sir -unless one believes that bare naked might makes right.

    The day is fast approaching when many of those amendments will wilt in the Southron soil, newly freed of tyranny.

    If Miss Hillary is elected, the events leading to that day will be upon us.

    • Junius:

      I take issue with your statement. The argument regarding the 13th-15th Amendments doesn’t really merit response at this time.

      While I do agree to a great extent concerning a fundamental fracturing of various consensus in the US, I believe your identification of fault lines incorrect. The fracturing and instability is along geographic, demographic and values lines, but your identification of the civil rights amendments as a key represents pure anachronism. Nor is “the South” a key in the sense you discuss. Wishful anachronisms on your part perhaps, but nevertheless I think an entirely wrong & unhelpful paradigm.

      May I suggest a recent podcast episode of the series, “The End of History”. Though I am of a different political persuasion than the presenter, and only agree with him about half the time, I absolutely think he nailed the situation you are poking at. I am really not recommending the episode to anyone but you, and am not really interested in anyone’s opinion but yours. But I would love to read your reaction to the suggestions in the recent episode.

      It’s only about a half hour long.

  7. @RichardBird…

    Junius :

    “I read your comment, (in the conversation about DNA testing and human development, somewhere, earlier today, about Jews being sneaky.”

    Mr. Bird :

    ‘For the record, I am more interested in the gene that makes one anti-White, for the simple reason, I don’t think White anti-Whites should be allowed prey on Whites, either.’

    It is very improbable that any such gene will ever be found, Mr. Bird – because what develops into these ‘anti-white qualities’ that concern you is an idea.

    In Hinduism they correctly regard ideas as constituencies with lives like ours – in that they are born, prosper, decline, die, and then, are reborn into infinite cycles.

    As to people with my blood : they have spent thousands of years being the ‘away team’. The collective consciousness of that is ingrained into the culture, and, with some, as they develop into adulthood, it takes root and leads to adversarialism towards their host culture.

    Because Judaism is the only culture, in the history of the world, that I know, which completely lost it’s land, and then spread out all over the globe, but, refused to assimilate (some always did, many not) the stress within the Jewish community has always been about ‘maintaining identity’ – an irony which you will be keen to note.

    This so, the resistance it takes to be so profoundly non-conforming, in the face of all sorts of resistance, can also lead to misplacet and represst hostility & aggression.

    My Uncle, a second daddy to me, was like this. He lived here, followed every law to the tee, and made a fine contribution to this society, through his research and books, but, first and foremostly, he saw himself as a Jew, and was quickly peevish about anything he perceived to be a slight of reproach of it.

    My daddy saw himself as a Jew, though, first and foremost as an American, and though his character was not as righteous as that uncle I just mentioned, he was not adversarial (with anyone) nor was he meticulous as to the rules, he stepping in and out of raqueteering of various sorts his whole life.

    He was, however, a ,much nicer person to be around than my scientist uncle. My daddy was a people person, always giving out big smiles, greetings and tips.

    Their other brother, my other uncle, had no views on any subject outside of pleasure. He was neither pro-jew, nor anti-white. The entire conversation of identity was utterly meaningless to him, and, as such, perhaps he was a harbinger of many, in all races, today.

    I say that because all three grew up with the same set of genes – and yet, were such very different people.

    Mr. Bird, environment & the nervous system (scientifick mumbo-jumbo for your state of mind) is terribly important in the development of a person, that, in fact, it ‘translates’ his genes into reality or not.

    Further, to my view, non-Jewish white people, of northwestern European ancestry, who are ‘anti-white’ today, anywhere in The West, have been, as you very well know, heavily conditioned to it by the peculiar take on life and justice which Karl Marx began, and which many others, thence, have nurtured – particularly the academick institutions and the media.

    Sadly, this is not just a phenomenon of Jewish run Hollywood, but, of all the Western media, with which I am familiar.

    Historically speaking, Mr. Bird, I suspect that the notion of ‘being one’ is at it’s all-time apogee, and that being so, it is become so overweening in it’s popularity, it is threatening to be the downfall of every distinction.

    These are very perilous times, Mr. Bird, and The Left, particularly those who consider themselves ‘moderates & centrists’ are squarely to blame, because they are in denial that they are in love with nihilism, something which they have recast as ‘Secular Humanitarianism’.

    But, yes, on a more personal note : I am troubled by it, too.

    I really do not know what can be done about it, other than live through it until it fades.

    On a related note, Rush Limbaugh wryly stated, on his program, today : ‘The Donald Trump candidacy has been birthed by President Barack Obama.’

    15 years or Bush & Obama are making me very grey-headed.

    The country needs a good president who is not of the left, and if we do not get it, I fear things are going to get very very ugly.

    Those of us, on the traditional side of things, are right at the end of our tether…

  8. Warspite: I’m sure that most of the kiddies were already aware but in case you’re unfamiliar with the acronym, CofCC is the racist outfit that a slew Southron Republicans have managed to step on their dicks over – Trent Lott, Haley Barbour, etc.

    The Council of Conservative Citizens was formerly known as the White Citizens Council, no, BG?

    So, Brad, were you interviewed by investigators in the Dylann Roof self-radicalized domestic terrorism case?

    • Don,

      1.) No, it was the Citizens Councils of America.

      2.) No, I never heard from anyone in law enforcement about Dylann Roof. Neither did Kyle, Earl Holt, or anyone involved with the CofCC. The investigators in the case have obviously interviewed Roof and arrived at their own conclusions.

  9. The news for America’s demagogue worsens:

    “A petition calling for Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump to be barred from entering the UK has gathered more than 250,000 names, so MPs will have to consider debating it.”

    “The petition went on Parliament’s e-petition website on Tuesday.”


    Any petition with more than 100,000 signatures is automatically considered for debate in Parliament.


    In other developments:

    Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has stripped Mr Trump of his statusas a business ambassador for Scotland.
    Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University has revoked Mr Trump’s honorary degree, which he received in 2010 in recognition of his achievements as an entrepreneur and businessman.
    One of the Middle East’s largest retail chains, Lifestyle, has withdrawn Donald Trump products from its shelves following his comments.”

    In short, rather than realizing HW’s horrid desire for the normalization of such hateful behaviors Trump, it seems, may be the first of the unwanted to be excluded.

  10. Junius Daniel // December 9, 2015 at 1:53 pm //

    “No, Mr. Bird, it is not, or, at least, that was not what I was trying to address. In my opinion, your comment refers to the traditional notion of what is sauce for the goose, ain’t sauce for the gander, and, as such, it’s a whole ‘nuther ball o’ wax, than what I was addressing.”

    You were excusing their behavior regarding Whites. I was pointing it out and showing how EVIL it is.

    ‘I believe Whites should have countries of our own, to prevent White Genocide.’

    “I agree with that, though, I will note, in this country, given it’s traditions – both socially and legally, such is extremely likely to occur.”

    All anti-Whites say White Genocide is not happen, then say it is happening and is impossible to avoid. They also justify it using any number of nonsensical reasons.

    1) What was constitutional yesterday is not constitutional today and what is constitutional today, will not be constitutional tomorrow. Therefore its just the opinion of unelected men in robes. That makes them an unelected dictatorship, that must be overthrown.

    2) As I have pointed out several times here, the Preamble to the Constitution is addressed to Whites and their Posterity – and no one else!

    They said the Soviet Union would last forever, right up until the day it collapsed under its own silliness. The anti-White system is looking very wobbly to me right now. A man like Trump is a reflection of that.

    “On the other hand, Mr. Bird, you might could move to a place like the Northeastern New York hill country, where, they celebrate tales of runaway slaves and yet, are 99.9 white!”

    Running away does not work. Anti-Whits come for all White areas, because Diversity means Chasing Down Whites. And its amusing to me that you mention runaway slaves, because that is how Whites are treated today. You run away from Diversity, they chase us down.

    Out of curiosity. What is your opinion of this video? A Southern man narrates, so you should feel right at home.

  11. Don // December 9, 2015 at 5:34 pm //

    “Warspite: The BGG is a failure because it is a fraudulently presented set of rules. It applies to some and not others.”

    Anti-Whites smear and censor Pro Whites on every campus, on the main stream media they control and in every work place. Anti-Whites call Pro Whits nasty names with no evidence, as a dehumanization tactic – “Racist, White Supremacist, naziwantstikillsixmillionjews, KKK” Need I go on?

    A evil group that has never behaved in a chivalrous manner, has no credibility. No one in their right mind would believe a word you say.

  12. “On the other hand, Mr. Bird, you might could move to a place like the Northeastern New York hill country, where, they celebrate tales of runaway slaves and yet, are 99.9 white!”

    I know you were making fun of them, but Diversity will be coming for them too, just as it is coming for the anti-Whites of Israel. There is no safe harbor on this planet for runaway slaves.

  13. @Warspite…
    :‘In my view, I do accept the culture and values of the South. Far moreso than your colleagues. Why is it presumed Southern culture consists of people with bad teeth, bad educations and lots of guns calling blacks, “niggers”? I reject that entirely…’”

    That is an anti-white caricature of Southerners by anti-White Jews, in control of the mainstream media of New York and Hollyweird. Yet another example of dehumanization and self projection by an anti-White group. I’m sure you have a lot on common with them Spite, since you referred to the occupied Palestinians as “Saudi Playboys”.

  14. Don

    “The news for America’s demagogue worsens:”

    doubt it

    “Dylan Roof”

    The media going quiet about Roof implies they learned some stuff that didn’t fit the narrative – like extreme racial bullying in his almost all black town that they don’t want in the public domain.

    • Thank you, Anon. You have now demonstrated why speculation is not admissible as testimony in the American judicial system. Except in the case of a qualified Expert, that it.

      Hey, wait just a second! Anon is a Muslim name, old boy. Pakistani, yes? You’ve tried to Americanize it just a tad but you’re not getting one past the WS/WN crowd!

  15. Suggestion. Raise money & send Celestial off to U Va or Swarthmore.

    What makes you think anyone would have to raise money for me? Besides, I’d prefer MIT. I have a perpetual motion machine and a flatulence-powered rocket engine that I’ve been dying to show off.

    • Can’t comment on the rocket, though it sounds promising. One of the few things I know about Patent Law, besides it being really hard, is that perpetual motion machines are barred from patent by statute. But maybe that’s because no one has yet come up with a winner? In addition, I also recall that machinery intended solely for lascivious or prurient use is also blocked from a patent. This leads to some very comical descriptions of the “use” for various sexual aids.

      M.I.T? You’re going to have to find some wiggle room in order to put you somewhere with some social sciences and humanities. Yes, I know about Econ & such at MIT. How about Univ of Michigan or Cornell?

  16. The MSNBC etc Talking Puppets are all gloating over Trump’s “outrageous Anti American comments”. They are, however grudgingly, admitting that the GOP Trump supporters are a “new breed” and don’t know if they will actually vote, or not.

    The Kosher Elite is ramping everything up. Let’ em. The dimmest White Goy ARE catching on…………it’s not going to play out according to the NWO play book.

    There are Signs and Portents, however. HUNDREDS of Average Negroes are marching in Chicongo, demanding that Rahm the IDF Ballerina step down from office. He’s refusing, of course…………..this is what the world looks like, when Whitey’s out of the picture. It will all end in tears………

    Some female News Head is stating on air, on the Chuck Todd show, that the GOP Machers will NOT allow Trump to be the GOP nominee. Oh really?

    • Denise,

      Check out the Immigration Act of 1917 otherwise known as the “Asiatic Barred Zone Act”:

      In addition to all of the Middle East, it also barred the Immigration of “homosexuals”, “idiots”, “feeble-minded persons”, “criminals”, “epileptics”, “insane persons”, alcoholics, “professional beggars”, all persons “mentally or physically defective”, polygamists, and anarchists.”

      I’m amazed that someone with the breadth of Warspite’s education, particularly his historical knowledge, hasn’t already brought this up.

  17. Brad’s infatuation with the other Don has been a matter of record for more than 60% of the other Don’s candidacy. Here’s how The New Yorker reported on that last summer and is, I believe, what Brad refers to above:

    “After years of decline, the League has recently acquired a number of younger members, including Brad Griffin, a thirty-four-year-old who writes an influential blog under the name Hunter Wallace. Short and genial, he wore Top-Siders, khaki shorts, and a polo shirt. As we talked, Griffin’s eyes wandered to his two-year-old son, who was roaming nearby. Griffin told me that he embraced white nationalism after reading Patrick Buchanan’s “Death of the West,” which argued, in Griffin’s words, that “all of the European peoples were dying out, their birthrates were low, and you had mass immigration and multiculturalism.” Griffin once had high hopes for the Tea Party. “They channelled all that rage into electing an impressive number of Republicans in the South, but then all they did was try to cut rich Republicans’ taxes and make life easier for billionaires!” he said. “It was all hijacked, and a classic example of how these right-wing movements emerge, and they’re misdirected into supporting the status quo.”

    “Griffin had recently told his readers that his opinion of Donald Trump was “soaring.” He sees Trump’s surge as a “hostile takeover of the Republican Party. He’s blowing up their stage-managed dog-and-pony show.” Griffin is repelled by big-money politics, so I asked why he spoke highly of Trump. “He’s a billionaire, but all of these other little candidates are owned by their own little billionaires.” He mentioned Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers. “So I think Trump is independent.”

    “The longer I stayed, the more I sensed that my fellow-attendees occupied a parallel universe in which white Americans face imminent demise, the South is preparing to depart the United States, and Donald Trump is going to be President.”

    The New Yorker, August 31, 2015

  18. Thanks for that, Hunter. Fascinating.

    Naturally a Jew was involved in overturning that very 1917 Law.

    Excepting epileptics, who are not responsible for a congenital condition that would pose NO harm to Americans – the present degraded-to-the-gutter state of America confirms that the 1917 Act was precisely en pointe.

    The USA is imploding by the minute, for REAL. Ragnarok for Real is happening.

    FYI – Cruz is completely ineligible to be POTUS – not that any-one cares.

      • Denises lead you around like a puppy dog toy.

        Gadzooks, Brad. You’re on to something! You know what else? I think the motivations of Haber (Jew!) and Born (Jew!) were actually to increase population for purpose of Alien diplomatic efforts. Do I really need to spell it out, Brad? To Serve Man, dammit!

        It’s all there. Serling (Jew!). Cassidy (Jew!). Knight (Jew!).

        Eh, 60% is still damned impressive.

  19. PS – the Jew agitator likes to brag a LOT about it’s experiences and credentials, etc – it’s genetic; it can’t help itself – but when the rubber meets the road it really knows very little about Why Things Are The Way They Are – and it comprehends NOTHING.

      • Yes, BG, please don’t throw me in dat der briar, massah Brad.

        Don’t be a dork, Brad. If I was going to spin tales I’d have myself living on the Upper East Side after multiple degrees from Columbia or Yale. Or at least in some town home overlooking Mobile Bay while making light of your inability to gain entry into the state’s flagship university. (Ouch!)

        Be the man you assert. Enforce your guidelines & have a few of your gunsels tackle my 1790 hypothetical. Plus, what else do you want from me when I’ve admitted to the whole International Zionist Conspiracy and provided specifics about the meeting last month! Seriously, what more could you ask for?

        • Warspite,

          I’ve lost count of the number of comments where you have boasted about your education and knowledge of history, but so far I have seen little evidence of it. Blocking the flaming in the comment section seems to be having a disparate impact on your number of comments getting through the moderation queue though.

          • Yeah, Brad. What I need to do is email you my transcripts. Right now, darn it.

            You may be blocking, but to the entire civilized world you appear a weenie. I mean weenie in the traditional sense. Besides demonstrating a lack of convictions, Don is embarrassing you in front of your people. I strongly urge you to consider stepping back and letting Celestial drive the bus for a few days. He may rip at me, insult me and periodically threaten me, but in my opinion he possesses two qualities absent in your overall character. The first is experience. The second is a sense of humor.

            This generally leads to Celestial stepping up to go after me, but that’s ok. I suspect he’s the sort who can’t be easily bought. And even he declined to refute my opinion about his obvious discomfort about using words like, “nigger” and “kike”. You on the other hand, man of honor…

            Has it occurred to you the chance Robert E. Lee would use the terms, “nigger” or “kike” in 2015 are about less than 0%. But fear not, BG, my guess is Joe Johnston would. Esp if he learned Lee would not.

  20. Well of course there is a connection. Celler is one of the most infamous LTERAL Nation Wrecking Jews, that wrote the 1965 Immigration (dispossess and displace Whites) Act.

    Every-one knows THAT. I guess that 1946 Act was a trial run for the 1965 Act, much like the Armenian Genocide was a precursor to the Bolshevik Holocaust of Russians, when the Bolshies took over Russia.

  21. No, it’s MIT or bust. I’m through with settling for things in life.

    Now if Yakima Valley Community College ever gets back to me, then I’ll reconsider my stance. I’ve always dreamed about being a Yak. Until that day comes, I’ll stand firm in my position that Mississippi Institute of Technology is the only place for me.

    • Doesn’t one of the North Dakota Univ’s do a bunch of stuff online? If you can’t be a Yak be a Bison!

      I actually have a Yak story of sorts, but will spare you. BG will get angry. It’s no big deal anyway. Just the only actual Yak I “met”. Same week I was in Casper, an experience I recommend you pass on unless forced. It’s not that easy to make Rapid City look interesting.

  22. Denise
    ‘Some female News Head is stating on air, on the Chuck Todd show, that the GOP Machers will NOT allow Trump to be the GOP nominee.’

    I can believe that. They are pulling out all the stops. War has been declared.

    Even if Trump’s approval numbers soared to 98% they would invent something, anything, by hook or by crook, to utterly destroy him and his candidacy.

    Hollyweird full bloods and it’s mamzers are being conscripted as we speak.

    Harrison Ford Strikes Back at Donald Trump

    Harrison Ford is striking back at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who the “Star Wars” actor accused of not being able to tell fact from fiction.

    Trump recently told the New York Times last week that he enjoyed movies with heroic presidents — specifically 1997’s “Air Force One,” in which Ford plays a commander in chief who fights off a group of Russian terrorists who hijack the presidential plane.

    “My favorite was Harrison Ford on the plane,” Trump said. “He stood up for America.”

    Ford addressed Trump’s comment Wednesday during an Australia press tour for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

    “It’s a movie, Donald, it was a movie,” Ford growled into the camera. “It’s not like this in real life, but how would you know.”

  23. Sir, although my life might resemble one very long Monty Python skit, I can assure you that I have no sense of humor.

  24. Warspite
    ‘Has it occurred to you the chance Robert E. Lee would use the terms, “nigger” or “kike” in 2015 are about less than 0%.’

    If Robert E. Lee was living on this earthly plane today he would be in a total state of shock seeing what the niggers and kikes have done to this country.

    He’d cuss a blue streak from here to eternity and back again, then look for his sword.

    • Sam. It is clear your knowledge of Robert E. Lee is truly exceptional. The next time I am in Richmond and see Lee’s statue, I will no doubt think of you. Indeed, who amongst those present could feel otherwise?

      I am sure there are areas in which you are knowledgeable. I don’t know what, it could honestly be anything from scoring extra frames in bowling (not entirely easy) to the pros and cons of powering a home with LP gas. But in the present case why do you choose to say something when in fact you very clearly have nothing to say? It’s just not helpful.

      • In the aftermath of the War Between the States, General Robert E. Lee was interviewed by the Joint Committee on Reconstruction.

        Lee testified before Congress about his beliefs on the future of African-Americans in Virginia:

        Question: What is your opinion about it being an advantage to Virginia to keep them (the blacks) there at all. Do you not think that Virginia would be better off if the colored population were to go to Alabama, Louisiana, and the other Southern States?

        Answer: I think it would be better for Virginia if she could get rid of them. That is no new opinion with me. I have always thought so, and have always been in favor of emancipation, gradual emancipation.

        Question: As a question of labor alone, do you not think that the labor which would flow into Virginia, if the negroes left it for the cotton States, would be far more advantageous to the State and to its future prosperity?

        Answer: I think it would be for the benefit of Virginia, and I believe that everybody there would be willing to aid it.

        Question: Do you not think that the State of Virginia is absolutely injured and its future impaired by the presence of the black population there?

        Answer: I think it is.

        Question: And do you not think it is peculiarly adapted to the quality of labor which would flow, into it, from its great natural resources, in case it – was made more attractive by the absence of the colored race?

        Answer: I do.

        • Some more thoughts from Robert E. Lee on blacks:

          “Wherever you find the negro, everything is going down around him, and wherever you find the white man, you see everything around him improving.”

          – Robert E. Lee to Thomas Carter, April 15, 1865

          “You will never prosper with the blacks, and it is abhorrent to a reflecting mind to be supporting and cherishing those who are plotting and working for your injury, and all of whose sympathies and associations are antagonistic to yours. I wish them no evil in the world – on the contrary, will do them every good in my power, and know that they are misled by those to whom they have given their confidence; but our material, social, and political interests are naturally with the whites.”

          – Robert E. Lee to R.E. Lee, Jr., March 19, 1868

          • Brad:

            Honestly, have you ever actually read a legitimate biography of Lee by a legitimate academic written in the past 40 yrs? Cause I doubt it. Have you ever read, in fact, do you know how to read an entire testimony before a Congressional committee? I ask, because I do not believe you have. I know I never read the latter until grad school.

            I do not believe you possess the ability or intellectual necessities (remember that one Denises!) to approach a subject related to race and leave with any conclusion different than with what you go in. I’m not talking about the greatest Iron Bowls or the mercantile benefits of the White Sea canal. I speak of the eugenics-tinged issues that seem to overwhelm you. The latter is truly a disease you seem completely unable to escape.

            It also seems like there is a substantial gap between your theoretical idea of honor or integrity and the ability to implement either in real life. Though several times referenced by Don, you show a marked inability to apply your guidelines or answer inconvenient questions (i.e., those where you either don’t know or fear certain answers). Don has ascribed the former to a lack of integrity. In contrast, I’m sure you’ve noticed I have emphasized the desire to be liked.

            Of course, Don has known you longer as well as better. Because of my background I am also too willing to search for any positive aspects of a person’s character.

          • Warspite,

            As we see time and again in the comments, you continue to invoke your education and credentials without demonstrating you possess any real knowledge about a whole a range of subjects. I’ve spent years here reading and reviewing books by “legitimate academics.”

            Robert E. Lee testified before Congress that Virginia would be better off without the burden of its free black population. Lee also commented in his letters on the incapacity of blacks to maintain a European standard of civilization. To my knowledge, no one denies that Robert E. Lee was a racist, slaveowner and white supremacist.

    • Brad:

      You are 100% wrong re Denises. I very much want you to just keep doing what you do in response to those postings. There are one or two (plus Don & I) who know the deal. You, on the other hand, are just too darn smart to trick.

      For the benefit of Denises. Reminds me of a scene with Orson Welles (Jew!) and Peter Sellers (half Jew!) in the original CR. At a baccarat table. Movie not so great, soundtrack excellent (though quite Jewish!)

      I once watched Baccarat for almost two hours in Reno & still couldn’t figure it out. I was told that’s because it is actually ridiculously simple. Too bad. Could have been another game of chance at which I lost.

      • Warspite,

        As with many subjects, you don’t know much about Denise. I’ve known Denise for many years now. So have a number of other people. You are really just making this crap up on the fly. It’s actually pretty funny to watch you peddle your own paranoid conspiracy theory while denouncing conspiracy theorists as kooks.

        • Yep, Brad. You are 100% right. You know, 110% right! Like I said, I want you to keep doing exactly what you’re doing. Stop badgering me about it.

          To the one or two who get it. He’s such a mark he doesn’t even recognize the fairly regular subtext in which he & the others are essentially being called out as rubes. It reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoons where he would break the fourth wall to lament the local mark.

          You the man, Brad. Lead on!

  25. Graham: “And you know how you make America great again?”
    “Tell Donald Trump to go to hell!”

    Latest Fox Poll has Trump far ahead of the pack in Lindsey Graham’s home state.

    Lindsey is at 2%.


    Looks like So. Carolina is telling Graham to–Go to hell!

    No shake-up in the Republican race… The latest FOX News poll shows Donald Trump is the far and away front-runner in a key primary state.

    Donald Trump gets 35% support among likely South Carolina Republican voters in a new FOX News Poll.

    Well ahead of the second place Ben Carson with 15%, virtually tied with Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio each at 14%. No other Republican tops 5%…

    Notably, the survey was conducted between December 5 and 8, the days just before, and just after Trump called for the total shutdown of Muslims entering the U.S., a statement that appears to have helped Trump in South Carolina… His support jumped eight points after that proposal.

  26. Sir,

    Did you see what that jackass government in Washington did today? : introduce a bill, by the senior senator from Vermont,
    Patrick Leahy, to forbid any immigrants from being denied access to our country on basis of religion, and, as well, to do away with background check on immigrants entirely.

    Sir, I shit you not – this is not fiction. The Senate is debating this, as a measure on a nuclear safety bill!

  27. Robert E. Lee spoke the truth, generally about negro society – not all negroes, but, as the Yankee government subverts every race and nation under the pretext of protecting minorities from majorities, it’s validity will never be recognized.

  28. That said, I believe much could be improved by reverting back to a non welfare state.

    As a child, I remember how Raleigh was loaded full of streets with thriving black businesses.

    Today, none but a few barbershoppes left – and the negroes who were destined to have their own businesses, if our system had not been destroyed by LBJ and the Yankee courts, have gone gang-banging and are in prison.

    The policies of the Yankee government are asinine in the extreme, and hypocritical to the inth degree – as, in the name of liberty & justice for minorities they disenfranchise vast majorities.

    And when I see that Southern ‘progressives, in big cities, are in favour of this vile perversion, I cringe.

  29. @Warspite…

    I have to give you this : you are consistent, for not only do you rage and froth against the very culture that is host to you, your family, and our people, you even rage against a gracious host who puts up with what I would not.

    • Junious:

      Really? Please cite me to our gracious host’s enforcement of his no-kooky rabbit hole conspiracy theory wacko stuff suspensions.

      If you believe I rage against the South you must adhere to the belief the South is defined by its lowest historical common denominator. I do not share that belief. I do however believe we paid the price, a steep price indeed, for supporting the sin of slavery.

      However, and try and follow this, recognizing our sin & the deep cost to a state like Kentucky for abiding by that horrible evil does not in any way shape or form justify black people’s criminal conduct in 2015. I reject that absurd and intellectually disengenuous contention as much as I do some perverse nostalgia for segregation and treating people like second class citizens because of skin color.

      With Brad’s newfound admiration of the first J. Harlan I know he is well aware that in America there is no caste system.

      • John Marshall Harlan was born in antebellum Kentucky and died during the Jim Crow era. He supported the Pace decision, which upheld Alabama’s anti-miscegenation law, and dissented in the Plessy decision, which established that segregation was constitutional. Woodrow Wilson resegregated the federal government shortly after Harlan’s death.

        Warspite obviously doesn’t have a clue about anything we are discussing here. America’s racial caste system wasn’t dismantled until the 1960s. By that point, it was over three hundred years old.

        • Uh oh, Bradley, exposure time! The old Bob Fripp thing, yes, Denises? I’m going to take a page out of Don’s playbook and venture a guess he ain’t printing this one.

          The true Brad Griffin has been revealed and I am afraid his 65 or so fans will be very much disappointed. It seemed rather queer the way Brad kept parroting this weird mantra about Justice Harlan so I played a hunch. I figured there was unlikely such a thing as a Supremacist Wiki. Too much work. So I went to Wikipedia for normal people and there it was. Brad’s cadence like “Harlan was…” is right up front. Brad just lifted it. Let’s not call it plagiarism since it would set off short circuiting about MLK (!) in Brad’s mind.

          Instead of keeping the Civil Rights Cases & Plessy (neither read by BG) the Leader changed a word to permit his reference to Pace v Alabama before the Plessy citation. In Brad’s world you try and win arguments by always, always moving the goalposts, changing facts. It would be nice if Brad took the time to read the full cases, explain the import of the Civil Rights Cases & Plessy, explained the importance of Harlan’s dissent, etc. This would be the honest and intelligent approach. Not Brad.

          Instead Brad keeps circle jerking about Pace v Alabama. I already admitted that although I have read all of Harlan’s decisions, it has been decades for some of them. Pace rang no bells. In such a situation this is what actual literate people do: they look it up. Not some one or two paragraph description. I mean look up and read the entire decision.

          You couldn’t exactly have knocked me down with a feather when I saw the actual decision. Written by J. Field (a very smart guy) the decision is barely a few paragraphs. It has no concurrences, no dissents. The extent of Harlan’s imprimatur is, nothing. Stating it was supported by Harlan is truly a vile and entirely disegenuous manipulation of fact. How did Harlan support Pace? By not filing a concurrence or dissent in what the Court treated as a minor case. Naughty naughty, Brad. You’re treating your comrades like camp followers.

          Then there’s Brad’s obsessive utilization of “miscegenation”. I get that he likes the word, but Pace is not really the racist security blanket he desires. If one reads up on the case appealed from Alabama, the couple were apparently not married. They certainly didn’t appeal Alabama’s statutes prohibiting marriage between a black & white. The appeal concerned the law on extramarital or non marital interracial sex. A misdemeanor. As blue boy correctly points out, the Court upheld Alabama’s miscegenation statute. At least the part actually before the Court.

          This is literally light years from BG’s false and misleading efforts to gain support for the nostalgia of miscegenation. It is, what might be the right words, “intellectually misleading and/or disengenuous” or “written with callous disregard to the truth” or “silly and demonstrative of an individual in water far above his head, and sinking fast”. Kind of like a Chinese Restaurant. One from each column, mix it up, or all three. Tsk, Tsk. What if the people stop to view the Fuhrer sans clothes! Or the Duce with strings cut!

          Brad gets an “F” in American Legal History, an “F” in Legal Ethics, and a weirdo cap re his miscegenation obsession. What exactly is Brad’s problem with black and white peoples having sex? I am not going to say the “can’t measure up” thing, but really. Why would someone give a hoot if Brad wanted to get down with a sister?

          What else from BG getting knee capped? I’ve got one. Brad, you are leaving out something else muy importante. This guy is appointed to the bench in something like 1877 yet he’s still writing decision in 1970. Damn! How did that one get bye ya?!?

          The Wilson reference was a non sequitur. Though I presume little Tommy Wilson is greatly admired by Senor Griffin-?

          • Warspite,

            “I figured there was unlikely such a thing as a Supremacist Wiki. Too much work. So I went to Wikipedia for normal people and there it was. Brad’s cadence like “Harlan was…” is right up front. Brad just lifted it. Let’s not call it plagiarism since it would set off short circuiting about MLK (!) in Brad’s mind.”


            Yeah, there is. It’s on this website. I started writing it years ago. It was one of many projects I never finished.




            “Instead of keeping the Civil Rights Cases & Plessy (neither read by BG) the Leader changed a word to permit his reference to Pace v Alabama before the Plessy citation”

            For the record, The Civil Rights Cases struck down the Civil Rights Act of 1875, which was Sen. Charles Sumner’s equivalent of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Pace upheld the constitutionality of Alabama’s anti-miscegenation law, and Plessy established that segregation was constitutional.

            Perhaps our resident legal scholar Warspite ought to consult Wikipedia more to learn that the US had a racial caste system before, during, and after John Marshall Harlan’s life and that he sat on the very court that established the legal architecture of Jim Crow?

            “Instead Brad keeps circle jerking about Pace v Alabama. I already admitted that although I have read all of Harlan’s decisions, it has been decades for some of them. Pace rang no bells. “

            Like Plessy until the Brown decision, Pace was a big deal until the Loving decision in 1967.

            “Stating it was supported by Harlan is truly a vile and entirely disegenuous manipulation of fact. How did Harlan support Pace? By not filing a concurrence or dissent in what the Court treated as a minor case. Naughty naughty, Brad. You’re treating your comrades like camp followers.”

            Why is it vile and disingenuous to point out that Harlan supported Pace and opposed Wong Kim Ark? Because as with Robert E. Lee and deporting blacks from Virginia it makes Warspite look like a fool who doesn’t know what he is talking about?

            “This is literally light years from BG’s false and misleading efforts to gain support for the nostalgia of miscegenation. It is, what might be the right words, “intellectually misleading and/or disengenuous” or “written with callous disregard to the truth” or “silly and demonstrative of an individual in water far above his head, and sinking fast”. Kind of like a Chinese Restaurant. One from each column, mix it up, or all three. Tsk, Tsk. What if the people stop to view the Fuhrer sans clothes! Or the Duce with strings cut!”

            The truth is that every Southern state was enforcing anti-miscegenation laws until the Loving decision in 1967. This does seem to contradict Warspite’s theory that … Muh, Muh, Murika was built on values! Kentucky had a racial caste system before, during, and long after the life of John Marshall Harlan.

            “Brad gets an “F” in American Legal History, an “F” in Legal Ethics, and a weirdo cap re his miscegenation obsession.”

            LOL, yeah. So says legal scholar Warspite of Wikipedia University.

          • Brad, I have little doubt the racist bile within you will someday bring you back to completing said wiki. They can be helpful, as Denises knows from the TOS one, on.

            I have, right in my hands (ok, on my iPad) the response from my sort of pal at UAz. Or is it ASU. There is a lot of language I do not understand, or maybe I just don’t care to? Where to begin on that one. My eyes usually glaze over after the words, “Bretton Woods Agreement” (though I have been there to stay). Discussion on Brazil going from 3% budget surplus in 2011 to a huge 2015 deficit and heroic (I think?) statements about Wolfgang Schaeuble, at least I think they are heroic, etc., it’s just not stuff I follow. I do not even know the name. About my greatest lesson in Economics came from a question I asked if it was really possible Keynes could have written so much GD material!

            I hope you get I have very, very limited comprehension of this stuff. I think it took me a decade to finally tell this guy/gal that for about a year I thought they were saying “Marxovian”, not “Markovian” equilibrium! Not that it made any difference to me.

            My commitment is to only distill the comments to utter simplicity, which I can do. I think. The reason for limitations is you, Brad, and your “lifestyle”. Hopefully you understand your racial philosophy writ fails to run amongst the respectable. I am ready to convey this short and sweet, but, you have to ask me for the feedback. And, you need to enforce your guidelines on rabbit hole kooks. Pretty simple requests, yes?

          • Warspite,

            If your friend is an economist at ASU, then he probably has something of merit to say – even if I disagree with it – beyond the churlish insults you have littered the comment section with here. Ha-Joon Chang, for example, is an economist at Cambridge in the UK.

  30. @Warspite…

    ‘I reject that absurd and intellectually disengenuous contention as much as I do some perverse nostalgia for segregation and treating people like second class citizens because of skin color.’

    I could not agree with you more! : that, on the face of it, treating people by skin colour is a dadburn bastardization of justice; and yet, I note : The ‘ugly Southern system’ producet a better negro & decidedly more ‘engranchised’ negro society than those ‘democratick secular humanitarian ideals’ which, under the threat of the Yankee gun, replacet it, and which, under the pretext of criminal justice, puts untold hundreds of thousands of negroes in jail to rot each year – instead of being out doing a godly labour in our fields, producing the best crops in the world, and reaping the spirit rewards of that go with a hard day’s work

    Fear of the KKK kept them in line, and much more out of trouble and free of incarceration than the Yankee system, which does nothing but break their souls and then, when it doesn’t work, toss them onto the ashheap of prison life.

    Apparently, all that glitters, ain’t gold, nor all that seems just is so, or so I have seen.

  31. It’s obvious that It comprehends nothing, doesn’t know nearly as much about anything as It flatters Itself It does, and apparently has a great deal of trouble distinguishing reality from It’s own lurid fantasies.

  32. Side note: 6 of the 7 Justices that upheld Plessy were from the North, including a Lincoln appointee interestingly enough.

  33. The Kosher Agitator can’t help itself. It is all vitriol, disdain – and fear. It also cannot STOP “advocating” for Negroes, because Negroes are so easy to manipulate. When one feels one is God’s Chosen, etc, and superior to every living thing, one doesn’t want anything around that presents a challenge to this marrow-deep emotional NEED. Negroes provide this service to the Tribe.

    • Oh Denises, what silliness.

      I do love when grammar, spelling, syntax & style change but the girls are clueless. I suppose from a safety point of view it’s reassuring.

  34. @Warspite…

    I see that leftists prefer their ideas on humanity and on what humanity ought be, to the actual people themselves.

    Me, I prefer people, and what actually happens to them, which is why I cannot help but agree with Miss Denise’s summary of your politicks, above, though, I would add, that ringing and pithy statement of hers encompasses all espousing views in harmony with thine.

  35. Trump’s call for a pause in muslim immigration elicited a critical response from world-class hypocrite Netanyahu who wants the USA and Europe to be inundated with koranimals. His country, Israel, bans them.

    Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago
    I have decided to postpone my trip to Israel and to schedule my meeting with @Netanyahu at a later date after I become President of the U.S.

    • But for what I’ve read I never, ever would have thought it was so easy. It’s like they’re mesmerized by the prospect of an actual woman.

      My guess is Army? Further, I’m giving some thought to the potential impact if Burma opens up. The unusual view of sexuality (or at least non Western) in Thai culture sets it apart, although doesn’t India have a small somewhat analogous group?

  36. Sam-

    “Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 5h5 hours ago
    I have decided to postpone my trip to Israel and to schedule my meeting with @Netanyahu at a later date after I become President of the U.S.”

    Balls of tempered steel, the Donald Has! Heil the Trumpenkreig!

    • Soon to be banned Sam. Seriously, do you honestly think Ann Coulter would read or support the OD? I want to try and put this nicely. Ann Coulter is a rapier sharp witted Ivy League grad. The idea of her passing a kind word about OD is like your showing up to raise money for La Raza. She’s in a different universe.

      It’s best to leave it at that

  37. Warspite
    ‘Seriously, do you honestly think Ann Coulter would read or support the OD?’

    She might stop by from time to time. We have bee very complimentary to her.

    She would not publicly support this site or any equivalent even if she was 100% on board. Look at the flak she caught with her mild comment about the number of jews in this country.

    She’s a best selling author, columnist, media talking head and celebrity raking in yuge amounts of cash, I’m sure.

    If she started calling you and your people kikenvermin, Shylocks and nation wreckers, she would be living in a van down by the river.

    She knows the score.

    Rabbi Steinlauf’s Holiday Shiur: On the fifth day of Hanukkah, according to tradition, jews of the Diaspora light the appropriate candles and wail like whiny bitches for the schmucks -voted off islands- for being obnoxious assholes.

    • Yeah, people who attended Cornell are just lining up to read neo-Nazi blogs. And to brag about it!

      Sam, do you know where Cornell is? Honestly and w/o looking it up. Do you know anything about the school, it’s history, esp the aspects that might make you a little uncomfortable.

      Did you know Yale is a Jewish university & 75% of those there Jewish? Don’t believe me? Just google the school’s seal.

      Your last paragraph consists of multiple violations of the BGG. Are you deliberately taunting the White Tiger, or just being dismissive of his admonitions?

  38. Warspite
    ‘Seriously, do you honestly think Ann Coulter would read or support the OD?’

    She might stop by from time to time. We have bee very complimentary to her.

    ‘Yeah, people who attended Cornell are just lining up to read neo-Nazi blogs. And to brag about it!’

    I read a hit piece on Ann Coulter written by a ditz at Salon. It is not inconceivable that Ann peruses this site among others in the same vein.

    Yeah, I can see her enjoying her morning cup of java drawing inspiration from Hunter’s articles and our comment section.

    ‘She seems to think she’s being ignored because of her strong opposition to immigration. Her latest screed is called “Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole,” and it is predictably horrifying. She appears to have lifted many of her ideas from white nationalists and anti-immigrant extremists and has moved from being a right wing polemicist to openly proselytizing for white supremacy.’

  39. I certainly cannot speak for Coulter; I don’t know her, and have never interacted with her – but people might be very surprised by Who Reads What.

    Who recalls that Rolling Stone article by Matt Taibbi, re: Bankster shenanigans a few years back? The one that featured the gigantic squid, crawling all over, sans the Star of Satan insignia? A WN classic meme? I wrote to An Author about that, wondering….”Hey – isn’t that the squid w/out the Star of David, used on WN sites?” The return reply was a smiley face. They was all. Just a smiley face.

    They ALL read WN blogs. Every-one in the world.

  40. O’Malley’s turn to suck up to muzzies and trash Trump.

    O’Malley said, “In these times I suppose where fear and division is in the air, it easy for unscrupulous politicians or hate preachers—no nation is immune from the scourge of hate preachers—to turn us upon ourselves, but that sort of language that you hear from Donald Trump is not the language of America’s future. I know the language of America’s future. I speak to our young people under 30 every single day, and I rarely find among them any that feel like Donald Trump.”

    He added. “We need each other, and we particularly need our American Muslim neighbors. I know that there have been many acts of violence. I know that there are acts of ignorance that have been encouraged by some in our political discourse, but the larger arc of our history—as I was listening to the imam—there’s a larger arc of love and generosity and respect for one another. And so I know that our young people understand that the tragic murders that took place in San Bernardino does not define Islam anymore than that horrible murder that took place in Charleston defines Christianity.”

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