Organized Jewry Denounces Trump Over Banning Muslims

By Hunter Wallace

This doesn’t come as a surprise:

“WASHINGTON (JTA) — Jewish groups blasted Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his proposal to block all Muslims from entering the United States.

“A plan that singles out Muslims and denies them entry to the U.S. based on their religion is deeply offensive and runs contrary to our nation’s deepest values,” the Anti-Defamation League said in a statement Monday evening, hours after Trump, a real estate billionaire and reality TV star, issued his call. …”

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  1. I am planning on writing a post on the subject of the strange alliances of anti White groups supporting, enabling the mass Muslim male migration invasion of Europe, the West. This is getting to be like a marvel comics “super villain” team where Dr. Doom, the Red Skull and a pissed off sometimes good guy The Submariner team up in a WWF style fighting match against a good guy super hero team of the Avengers or something..

    On the bad guy team there are of course 1 billion Muslims from Afghanistan to Somalia, often posing as oppressed Palestinians or Syrian refugees who demand unrestricted entry in to Europe, Scandinavia, UK, Australia, Canada USA – i.e. what remains of the White West. Then on this bad guy super villain team there are assorted bad idiot Liberal Leftists, Green Party pro homosexual extremists, pro Muslims – how can one be pro homosexual extremists and pro mass Muslim migrations – the Muslims are throwing gay people off of roofs in ISIS controlled areas of Iraq and Syria and simply harassing and beating up gays in Tower Hamlet London England. Then there are the seeming impossible pro Muslim statements by various types of international Jewish groups – religious, non religious Debbie Wasserman or just newspapers in Israel. The Jewish press is shouting:

    “Any White European or Donald Trump style American who opposes mass Muslim immigration is as bad as the NAZIS and Nazi enablers in the 1930s who refused boats of Jews trying to flee the Holocaust”

    OK, so how is this seemingly incomprehensible alliance of Muslims, Marxists, Queers, Cuckservatives, Constitutional Patriot true believers – how is this possible?

    Please reference Jack Ryan’s 3 rules for anti White, anti Southern, anti Western radicals:

    1) They’re idiots
    2) They hate us
    3) These anti White, anti Western, anti Southern positions help them personally

    1) Some Hollywood loon leftist like Michael Moore or pro homosexual anything Green Party loon or the various Jewish groups and individuals championing the Muslim migration invasion – they’re idiots. That’s an easy one.

    2) They hate us, or just oppose us – support anything that threatens or insults or just anything we oppose they support.

    A rational person might have a hard time seeing how the worst Leftist and Zionist Israelis, or just Jewish Americans could be on the same “team” as invading Muslims – but in domestic US politics they are on the same anti White team. Jews and Muslims vote over 80% lib Leftist Democrat, pro Obama. They line up on the same side in the war against Christmas, , efforts to remove all Southern Confederate History. Since US politics is 2 party, winner take all system – the Lib Left, anti White side is always looking to sign up more people, groups on their team and invading Muslims will sign up. And their are historical grievances for Jews and Muslims to hate White Christians over thinks like the Crusades, explosion of Jews and Muslims from Spain in 15th Century.

    3) These anti White, anti Western, in defense of Muslim positions help them personally.

    We all thing cuckservatives like Paul Ryan are idiots, traitors and losers – this guy did even lose his own state of Wisconsin when he ran as a Jack Kemp style GOP Vice Presidential candidate. But Paul Ryan has been rewarded with his treasonous anti White, anti Southern, anti Western statements and policies.

    He’s the Speaker of the House of Representatives – arguably the 2nd most powerful position in US politics.

    Idiot, vicious White hater Fl Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a US Congresswoman and the Chairman of the Democrat National Committee – so her seemingly insane, pro Muslim migration statements haven’t hurt her, she’s doing great for herself.

    So what do we do:

    1) Expose the idiots – show how crazy it is to support both homosexual marriage equality AND mass Muslim immigration, show how it’s impossible to support Israel over everything and invite in millions of the most anti Israeli people in the world.

    2) Just fight back against groups that hate us, want to see us replaced, destroyed.

    3) And this is the most important. We must change the reality that being extremely anti White, anti Southern, anti Western is BAD, not good for individual’s personal wealth and power, social status.

    We must learn to dox, personally punish idiots, traitors and enemies.

  2. Good post Feric. I disagree with you on Declaration of Independence though. Those cursed words “all men are created equal” are contained therein. Words which have caused us endless trouble ever since.

    Words which Lincoln used to turn America into a Proposition State. Such a state and a Blood and Soil State are mutually exclusive.

  3. more of the same // December 9, 2015 at 2:45 pm //
    Good post Feric. I disagree with you on Declaration of Independence though. Those cursed words “all men are created equal” are contained therein. Words which have caused us endless trouble ever since.

    I respond:

    Yes, absolutely. This was the first and amongst the worst appearance of the cursed “TRUTHERS” in American history – bunch of race denying, nature denying, basic fact of life denying proclamations of UNIVERSAL EQUALITY with some messianic Masonic crusade to remake the entire world in to some idealized vision of American freedom.

    “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created…. EQUAL”

    Yeah, right Tommy Jefferson – so the 20th illegitimate child conceived by some Black drug pusher in Baltimore MD is every bit the equal as a healthy White child with a high IQ and loving parents in a still nice White suburb or Finland.

    Also remember this cursed Declaration of Independence containing the TRUTHERS that everyone in the world is or should be equal was written by slave owners like Thomas Jefferson. They were on a historical comparison level rather nice, kind to their slaves slave owners, but they were non the less slaver owners, so their TRUTHER proclamations of universal equality kind of don’t really fit their employment policies.

    The result was that soon after the Declaration of Independence and the TRUTHER statement of universal equality there was the bloody murder and mayhem of the French Revolution and worse the genocide of all White European people in Haiti/Sante Domingo. Black slaves, or just poor Blacks always go for murder and mayhem against Whites when they are incited by idiot TRUTHERS that they are supposed to be “equal” to the highest Whites around them.

    Another terrible TRUTHER was the corrupter of Christianity St. Paul/Rabbi Saul of Tarsus who tried to lie his way through Helenic Greek Syria the supposed TRUTH that divisions between Greeks and Jews, male and female, free and slaves no longer mattered as everyone was equal when they accepted Jesus Christ and a new international world of Universal peace and equality was at hand…. That was in and around Damascus Syria, right now the most violent, hateful place on planet earth where any White Western people, Christians are being hunted down, tortured murdered or enslaved. The nastiest Mudslimes in Palmyra Syria are going so far as to destroy the archeological sites of Helenic cities in Palmyra, destroying the graves of our people. So I guess St. Paul/Saul of Tarsus really didn’t have THE TRUTH.

  4. I would point out that by equality Jefferson really meant Consanguinity, a word he has already used in the DOI. He was, of course, a slaveholder so he did not believe in the innate equality of humanity. By equality he meant those people of British extraction in the U.S should have the same rights as their kinsmen in Great Britain, (I believe he is referring to the English Bill of Rights circa 1610?) Anyway one only has to read his autobiography Notes On Virginia to see how he felt about racial equality. He could not have foreseen the rise of organized Jewry and its domination of the instruments of public opinion, nor the rise of a science dealing with DNA, genetics, ad heredity, which now invalidates a lot of the belief in innate human equality or man being a blank slate whose experiences alone determine what he will be later in life.(Sorry Rousseau)

  5. @Denise: “Jews use non-Whites as their biological weapons against Whites.” The non-Whites are never politically honest. Blacks and Muslims are Jewry’s one-two punch — in a fixed fight against Whites.
    “… the further away from diversity you live, the more pro-diversity you are.” – Kevin MacDonald
    “Jews control banks. Jews control media. Jews control politics.” – Tanstaafl
    Jews want open borders (except for Israel) for the same reason that rats want rat trails without rat traps.

  6. It should be obvious by now that organized jewry is totally meshugene!

    Flooding the USA and Europe with barbaric muzzies – not a problem.

    Trump? Well, he(and by extension his followers)must be denounced,condemned.

    Dec 07, 2015
    Israel Policy Forum
    Israel Policy Forum unequivocally condemns Donald Trump’s abominable call to bar all Muslims from temporarily entering the United States. We condemn this as Americans who live in a country that represents the apex of religious freedom in world history and that has successfully accommodated people of all religions for nearly a quarter of a millennium. We condemn this as Jews who have a long and fraught history of being discriminated against for indiscriminate reasons. We condemn this as an organization that works toward allowing Jews and Muslims to coexist alongside each other on a small parcel of this planet. Most importantly, we condemn this as people who believe that our own humanity suffers when we deny the humanity of others. Restricting entry to the U.S. solely on the basis of religion is a rank betrayal of democratic ideals and the founding ethos of this country, and will make the U.S. weaker rather than stronger. During this week of Hanukkah, in which we reflect on the blessings of religious freedom and are thankful for the gift of freedom of conscience that the Constitution bestows upon us all, we denounce Donald Trump for his casual flouting of these freedoms, and urge our fellow Americans and our fellow Jews to do the same.

  7. ” ut ask yourself if running plays from the Archie Bunker playbook will work now when they didn’t work in the 60s?”

    1) media control is weaker because as white people become a minority more have direct experience of the reality of diversity. there is still a line not to cross but it is a long way away from the GOP’s line

    2) Trump (imo) isn’t WN and quite possibly isn’t racial at all – he’s very sharp and going completely on killer instinct he’s sniffing out the policies that will give him the biggest vote and those policies are the best policies for most blacks, legal hispanics and blue collar whites as well as all but the top 15% of the rest of the white population.

    The best policies just happen to be the opposite of what the anti-whites want.

    3) Wallace was shot.

  8. Lew,

    I certainly have reservations about Putin myself. He’s anti-White until proven otherwise. Having said that he may be the only person standing between us and Armageddon, aka WWIII, which our own psychopathic, anti-White elites seem to be in a big hurry to start.

  9. Wonder why our congressmen don’t listen to us and consistently vote against our interests?

    They are beholden to these people.

    SAN FRANCISCO – Facebook Inc Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday said he supported Muslims in his community and around the world.

    Muslims in the United States and abroad have been criticized in the wake of attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.

    “As a Jew, my parents taught me that we must stand up against attacks on all communities. Even if an attack isn’t against you today, in time attacks on freedom for anyone will hurt everyone,” Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post.

  10. Zuckerberg wants to import millions of H1bs to drive wages to zero.

    nb this kind of relentless insatiable greed is counter productive as if people have no money to spend the economy stagnates

  11. Trump has made statements upsetting lefties and jews, but NOW that he wants to stop Muzzie immigration and cancelled his meeting Netan-yahoo the yids are coalescing in all out assault.

    Mark Cuban, not so friendly with Trump anymore.

    Cuban said, “He’s just getting started, Seriously there’s so much more to come. They’re not playing for real yet. There is nothing real at stake. This is all just chit chat. He’s just warming up the audience. He’s like that guy who walks into the bar, and will say whatever it’ll take to get laid. Only in this case he’s not trying to f-ck some girl. He’s trying to f-ck the country.”

    When asked about his previous support for Trump, Cuban said, “Everybody’s got that friend that they pick on, that one guy that you know has a good heart and wants to do the right thing but does some of the stupidest sh-t all the time. I actually like him and get along with him, but he’s kinda gone off.”

  12. The jews are defending muslims and waging war against Trump.

    Norman Lear Vows to Fight Donald Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

    Hollywood’s elder statesman says his group People For the American Way will launch a major initiative aimed at combating ‘hate speech’ from Trump and other GOP presidential candidates.

    In an announcement that expresses Hollywood’s deepening apprehension over Donald Trump and the state of national politics, Democratic elder statesman Norman Lear told the sold out crowd at People for the American Way’s annual Spirit of Liberty dinner Saturday night that the organization will launch a major issues-oriented effort tied to the 2016 election cycle.

    “I’ll let you in on a little secret,” the organization’s 93-year-old founder told the Beverly Wilshire audience. “At a board meeting this very morning, People for the American Way decided to devote a major effort to the issue of hate speech and anti-Muslim rhetoric,” both of which have become staples of the current Republican presidential race.

    “I’ve never seen our country so confused, so removed from anything resembling an American dream, heading in a direction that scares the hell out of me,” Lear said. “Trust me in 93 years, one sees a lot.”

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