Cuckservatives: How The GOP Can Survive The Populist Tidal Wave

Editor’s Note: It is nice to resurface from time to time to take a look at current events in the 21st century. I’m currently very deep into my research project on the history of the Southern economy which for the most part has my mind elsewhere.

By Hunter Wallace

Over at National Review, John O’Sullivan has an important article for the eyes of the conservative establishment as this whole Trump movement looks deadly serious on New Year’s Eve only a month before the Iowa caucuses:

“If you think this argument is vaguely familiar, that’s because throughout the 1990s and early “Noughties” I was one of a handful of conservative writers who were “banging on” in National Review’s pages about the danger to mainstream conservative parties posed by the rising “fringe” parties to their right. Those parties were small in the 1990s, and their sting wasn’t very painful. The major parties continued to prosper. But the fringe parties didn’t die. …

Less dramatic versions of that story occurred right across the advanced world. How did this happen? The short answer is that these fringe parties occupied the large empty spaces on the political Right that the mainstream conservative parties had abandoned. British Tories, French Gaullists, Swedish Moderates, and other parties elsewhere increasingly narrowed their appeal to that of superior economic management in a capitalist economy than their countries’ respective Leftist parties. They adopted what Marx called “economism.” They were embarrassed by the patriotism and traditional moral values that had been part of their original identity. They wanted the approval of the metropolitan liberal opinion-formers in which their leaders moved socially. They tailored their electoral messages accordingly. …

We can estimate the size of that minority by looking at Germany where, since the early Fifties, the conservative vote has been split between the socially conservative Christian Democrats and the economically conservative Free Democrats. While the Christian Democrats repeatedly won around 40 percent of the popular vote whereas the Free Democrats struggled to keep above the 5 percent threshold needed to enter the Bundestag (at present they stuck outside Germany’s federal legislative body). Even so the tail succeeded in wagging the dog.”

Read the whole article. It is very important.

Let me break it down for you: the Republican establishment and the donor class, along with its handmaiden which are the mainstream conservative publications like National Review, are a tiny minority in the United States. Like a tick on the ass of an elephant, this elite can only ride to power on the coattails of a much larger White majority, which doesn’t really care for its ideology of “economism,” by playing backlash politics.

The problem is that the conservative elite wants to 1.) impress all their friends in the liberal media at cocktail parties by thumbing their noses at their uncouth base and 2.) cater to the agenda of the donor class. This puts the Republican Party in the position of having to constantly thread the needle by saying one thing to voters and another to the big donors. When the Republican Party seizes power, it uses that power to exclusively advance the agenda of the big donors (i.e., amnesty, tax cuts, free-trade, deregulation, etc.). It also compounds the problem by periodically aggravating its base to maintain its “respectability” (see the Jeb Bush campaign) by disavowing the dog-whistle/token gesture backlash politics that creates their electoral majorities.

So that is why the Republican Party now has to deal with this enormous populist backlash. It can’t contain and cuck the populist backlash as usual this time because 1.) it has lost its legitimacy after decades of electoral victories and 2.) Trump is a billionaire who can finance his own campaign. In order to survive, O’Sullivan believes that the Republican Party might be forced to emulate Victor Orban in Hungary by conceding the immigration issue – essentially, Frumism – to fend off the Trump insurgency.

The great question is: how does the GOP continue to ride the bull? How does it continue to push forward this “conservative” agenda of tax cuts, spending cuts, open borders, deregulation, and free-trade as its own base is demographically marginalized and suffers from ever more downward economic mobility? How does the conservative establishment mount a “comeback” while staying in the good graces of the mainstream media?

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  1. Pat Buchanan is the closest American equivalent to Viktor Orban. Conservatism Inc. had their chance to embrace him, and they blew it.

    For the record, Orban is significantly to the right of Frum. Most importantly, he cripples the left by keeping globalist oligarch money out of Hungarian politics and media ownership. Like Sweden and Iceland, he also refuses to bailout the finance industry, and he regulates the finance industry to prevent another bubble (Switzerland seems poised to follow this example, with a referendum to abolish fractional reserve banking). He also seeks improved relations with Russia and criticizes Obama’s regime change war in Libya. He gave Hungary a new constitution which recognizes conception as the start of human life, recognizes marriage as an institution between one man and one woman, and restricts judicial review.

  2. Happy new year, Hunter, to you, your family and all your readers.

    If the GOP concedes the immigration issue, that’s already a victory, isn’t it? The problem is, you can’t trust the bastards. They’ll say anything to hang on to their jobs, but it’s all lies. Romney sounded good just as long as it took to land the nomination. McCain promised to “build the danged fence”. Trump may be just another liar, but we know the others are.

    Anyway, if the GOP doesn’t survive, how many people will celebrate, and how many will mourn?

  3. The GOP is already dead. Lyin Ryan already gave away the store. These idiots are just twisting in the wind now. The system is broke, and they can’t put off the collapse any longer. The Cities are broke, the States are broke and the FEDS are broke. The Federal Reserve has to raise interest rates to prevent the collapse of the Worthless US Dollar, but that will lead to the collapse of the Government that can’t afford their debts anymore. Sayonara suckers.

  4. Disqualify the leftist elite and deride and negate their moral authority.

    But for decades the right did no such thing instead all energies were either to endless amounts of essays written in an abstract let us not blame the leftist individuals manner and then the odious and stupid dog whistle politics

  5. Do you or any of your friends like the television drama series Grimm? Then spread the meme, “Hillary Hexenbiest.”

  6. “… this elite can only ride to power on the coattails of a much larger White majority …” The elites need a White majority, or at least a White/East Asian majority, to maintain a viable, sophisticated civilization. The prevailing lie is that our democracy needs a thriving, two-party system — it is not “our” democracy — it is a scam run by the wealthy elites.
    The Republican Party will die and then there might be a Hispanic chauvinist/pro-Mexico party battling a party lukewarm on Mexico — or maybe a general breakdown.

  7. I seem to recall much of the same hoo-ha was said abount Unca Ronnie years ago when he was aiming to take out Carter. I just wish all these cucks would openly declare that they are really liberals and get on with it and stop wasting bandwidth.

  8. @Denise: “… a wild ride!” The moneyed elite rides the productive masses until the rider dismounts or is thrown off, or else the horse collapses or dies.
    “I don’t care if they are starving to death. I don’t want them in my country. … if they are given equality, they will want more than equality.” – Tito Perdue Red Ice Radio – Tito Perdue – The Ills of Equality & Extreme Democracy

  9. “How does the conservative establishment mount a ‘comeback’ while staying in the good graces of the mainstream media?”

    It doesn’t.

  10. Death to the GOP.
    Simple answer.

    “They were embarrassed by the patriotism and traditional moral values that had been part of their original identity. They wanted the approval of the metropolitan liberal opinion-formers in which their leaders moved socially. They tailored their electoral messages accordingly. …”

    “For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.” – Lk. 9:26

    Trump, 2016.
    Even better Solution… perhaps even a “Final Solution.” Christendom for Christians. ONLY.

  11. It’s all about demographics. The racially neutral (really anti-white) politics of the Republican party are becoming irrelevant in a country, an empire in fact, where whites will soon be a minority. There’s going to be a mad scramble to loot atomized minority whites, with all the non-white groups voting for gibs. Corrupt third world government will take power. No one is going to care about “Benghazi” or bringing democracy to the Middle East or any of the other crappola the Repubs feed to their flag-waiving cuck yahoo supporters in order to allow those cuck supporters to save face while they’re in the process of being dispossessed in their own country. They’ll be actually dispossessed, and “anti-racism” will come to be seen for what it has been all along – robbery, oppression and genocide. The Republicans won’t be able to spin it anymore.

  12. Less dramatic versions of that story occurred right across the advanced world. How did this happen? The short answer is that these fringe parties occupied the large empty spaces on the political Right that the mainstream conservative parties had abandoned.

    I hear and read this nonsense all the time, that the nationalist right is only succeeding and growing because of the lamestream right’s lassitude and cowardice. The implicit assumption is that a more courageous forthright lamestream right would undercut and coopt the nationalists. That is an assumption I don’t buy. Lamer cons and center rightists win plenty of elections in plenty of countries; are we to believe that they’re all cowards? You’d think the law of averages would kick in every once in awhile and we’d get a courageous lamer con. Or, a more sane and rational person would have to conclude that the problem with lamestream conservatism and the center right is not a problem of tactics and strategy, it’s a systemic or structural or chronic problem. The problem with the modern white Western world’s center right is that its ideology is show through with warmed over libertarianism and universalism. So, what would be the point in electing a “courageous” lamer con when all we would be doing is electing a courageous universalist-libertarian?

    You used “cuckservative” as the first word in this post’s title, and that was a very good call. I think one of the big stories of the year that just passed, 2015, was that the Alt-Right, with memes and cuckservative and #NRORevolt and GamerGate (that started in 2014), was that we’re finally mentally divorcing ourselves from the lamestream center right, otherizing them, or as Martin Buber put it, establishing an I-It or an I-Thou relationship with them. Plain words, the beauty of “cuckservative” is internal signaling, us telling us that we’re not them.

  13. We live in interesting times.So let’s assume Trump receives the nomination and still loses to Democrats. Will that finally convince brain dead white conservatives that victory cannot be won through the electoral process? Then the only two solutions are red state secession or accept our political demise and racial extinction.As the Klingon proverb says only fools fight in a burning house.
    As has been said before Republicans are as useless as tits on a boar hog. Do they not control both houses of Congress now? Did they not promise to crush Amnesty and stop Obamacare? Instead the first thing they did upon winning office was put those issues on a back burner and beat the drums for a war with Iran. Democrats hold power-Republicans hold office, there is a vast difference between the two. Besides, what is American democracy but merely the facade being which Plutocracy, and thus globalism, reigns supreme. Any form of patriotism that exists now is actually pseudo-patriotism used to advance globalist agendas.America is less a nation that it is an economic or globalist cartel. Dare I say a globalist occupied government? Indeed it is more the Anti-Nation than it is a true nation in that it actively opposes, both domestically and internationally, all the concepts that constitute true nationalism. How ironic it is that the South is the most patriotic part of the nation and yet no section is more despised by the powers that be.When we consider Alvin York, Audie Murphy, Chris Kyle (Or the Arkansas sharpshooter in the Vietnam war whose name I forgot)all these are Southern boys.

  14. The problem with Frumism as potentially serious politics is that open borders is the A-Number-One desire of the plutocrats. For instance, I think the real reason why Sheldon Adelson tries to influence politics isn’t to buy support for Israel, (Why buy the cow when you’re already getting the milk for free?), but to cock bock immigration patriotism from the Republican governing mainstream. ICYMI, Adelson vastly benefits from cheap Hispanic immigrant labor. The plutocrats aren’t in any mood to give up their prime desire just to head off someone who wouldn’t give it to them anyway.

    I think what Frumism really is, or how it would really manifest in the real world, in spite of what Frum thinks, is that it would be nothing more than talk and grandstanding to con the rubes just one more time into voting for a con man. Immigration patriotism will be talked about just enough to head off Trump, and if successful, he or she who wins the nomination will forget all about it if s/he actually wins the Presidency. So, basically, again, Frumism in practice is nothing more than cock blocking immigration patriotism.

    Remember, until he pretty much had the nomination in the bag in the spring of 2012, Mitt Romney was a great immigration patriot, had the pretense of having Kris Kobach as a policy adviser. After that, no immigration patriotism, and after he lost to Obama, he showed his true open borders colors, and so did his running mate.

  15. contenance,

    can you do a quick look over/proof of the new post I’m putting up – Paul Ryan 2015 traitor of the year?


    Happy New Year.

  16. If they had made concessions to conservatives a decade ago and if they had made even an attempt to stop immigration instead of promoting it. If they had stopped calling their base old angry White men, bitter clingers and had not winked and nodded at Obama every time he opened his mouth, they might be in better shape.

    Unfortunately for them, their hubris led them to believe that nothing could stop them and that their base has no choice but to support them. Insane hubris is of course what always brings down men throughout history.

    The Paul Ryan back stab nominated Trump. No concession can stop the Trump train now – not after that total giveaway to Obama. Remember, Paul Ryan was their boy and they all came out in support of him for speaker – they called him a “fiscal conservative.”

    The final nail was Boehner and Ryan. Planned parenthood given a pass and totally funded by Ryan. The passage of fag marriage – there is a lot of burning anger out there on that issue which is why Cruz is doing as well as he is while Jeb and Rubio sink.

    They will never recover from Obama and their complicity in his presidency giving him everything he wanted – not with Trump in the game. Without Trump, I think Cruz would easily be the nominee. While we don’t like Cruz – neither does the GOPe.

  17. I’m hoping the GOP doesn’t survive this, they have ceased to stand for anything constructive for quite awhile. They’re about as useless as the Whigs were in 1857, and I’d like to see them go the same route. We need a third party that will do something about mass immigration and shitty trade deals, we know Jeb Bush and the rest of the sensible hair cut pussies aren’t going to do that.

  18. Cruz: married to Goldman-Sachs, literally; publicly sold hisself to a kabbalah of warmongering, Wall St. Zionist billionaires; groomed at Harvard Law by Red/Zionist Alan Dershowitz. The GOP Cucks pretend not to like Cruz, ’cause he’ll be their anti-Trump…in one last effort to sucker the WhiteRight into participating in the Jew-system. As to Trump, the WN suckers in this thread better hope he doesn’t win: you’ll be soooo disappointed (again). Almost certainly, he’ll have a sudden attack of amnesia about everything he said re illegals, borders, etc., and morph right back into the open-borders/free trade/Zionist warmonger/gun-grabbing Left-wing demoncrat he was before deciding to run for prez. We’re best off if

    1) Trump gets the nomination, whereupon the entire Cuck wing of the republiscam party deserts to Mrs. Clinton

    2) and Clinton wins. Aside from liquidating the republiscam party, which is all good, this puts a murderous, incompetent crook in the WH. She’ll pick a fight with Putin, lose, and collapse the dollarPonzi. And that, and only that will lead to a “politics by other means” which the Whites are sufficiently armed to win. R U Voting? Then Trump in the primaries, Clinton in November

  19. Yes, Herr Angmark – and you forgot to mention that Hitler was a pawn of the Jews and that ‘Mein Kampf’, was written by Jewish ghost writers, who were merely using it as a systemick ploy to frame the birth of Israel…

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