2015 Political Traitor of the Year Paul Ryan

Jack Kemp Clone

Lots and lots of terrible Cuckservatives, RINOs, Libtard loon political traitors in our country. But, one stands out from the rest.

US Speaker of the House Paul Ryan!

It’s getting to be something of a tradition for the GOP to nominate a Vice Presidential candidate in the Paul Ryan, Jack Kemp mold. He’s supposed to appeal to Blacks, Hispanics, non traditional Americans like Muslims by offering all kinds of economic conservative, Libertarian spins on things. This goes under the idea that the Lib MSM media will give the GOP ticket a break – as the Jack Kemps, Paul Ryans are doing “outreach” to disadvantaged Lib Dem groups like illegal alien Hispanics in Chicago, who are supposedly natural GOP Conservatives, with strong “family values. Paul Ryan made a big deal about his Catholic faith which he supposedly shared with Chicago’s Rep. Louis Gutierrez and all the illegal alien Latinos who were desperately wanting to become Conservative Americans, except some mean nativists in the Red State South wouldn’t give them amnesty.

In any event, Paul Ryan tanked as a vice presidential candidate – he couldn’t even carry his own state of Wisconsin! Nobody really likes pandering Libertarian economic conservatives, Libertarian Libtards – not undocumented workers/illegals, not Blacks, Islamists, not really anybody except….

Lib Democrats, lugenpresse MSM media like the Jack Kemps, the Paul Ryans because they are losers. And the American Lib Left likes to see Conservatives, Whites, Southerners lose.

So, somehow this pathetic loser Paul Ryan was made….

Speaker of the US House of Representatives!

This position is arguably the second most powerful position in the US government.

Rep. Paul Ryan has used his office to basically fund the entire BRA Obama wishlist, funding “sanctuary cities”, funding Planned Parenthood, funding mass migration of Syrian and other Muslim migrants in to the USA, in to the West. Hey Paul Ryan – what happened to your devout Catholic Christian faith, are you now Islamist?

Honest Conservatives like Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions and even the likes of Rush Limbaugh are savaging Rep. Paul Ryan as a sell out – a traitor. But, everyone went home for Christmas and New Years as there are so many “College” football games to watch. So Rep. Paul Ryan will probably enjoy a safe, prosperous new year as America’s leading cuckservative, sell out traitor. I bet he wines and dines with the likes of George Will in Will’s Chevy Chase MD mansion.

Well here’s hoping Rep. Paul Ryan meets a similar fate of RFK who found out the hard way that pandering to any and all 3rd world people of color, including Muslims and Israeli extremists doesn’t always work out so well.


  1. What section do you think all these immigrants will be settled in? I doubt it will be blue states and if it is red states doesn’t that meet one of the definitions of the United Nation’s statement on genocide? The system is doing this to import diversity to red areas and dilute white conservative voting strength. This is political warfare whether we recognize it or not.

  2. Wouldn’t really trust anyone that admits and brags about having had a black cheerleader girlfriend in high school.

  3. I honestly can’t see him as a traitor. When I heard he was up for the post, my brain goes Same Shit Different Dumbass like that. No better than Boner, no, so, what did we expect? Someone with a real spine? A mouth willing to take on the Democraps?

    To paraphrase the Joker? “Our congress needs an enema!”

  4. With White “Conservative” traitors like Paul Ryan, remember (jack) Ryan’s rules for why they do it.

    1) Their idiots

    2) They hate us

    3) Their treasonous actions personally benefit them.

    In Paul Ryan’s case 2 doesn’t seem to apply, there is no indication Paul Ryan hates his own White European American people in the very White state of Wisconsin. No his treason is 1 and 3 mostly 3.

    His actions benefit him personally – he’s now Speaker of the House of Representatives and gets a positive welcome in the Washington social world where all things BRA, pandering are welcoming and rewarded.

    On the plus side, homicides are up 54% in Washington DC – this at a time when poor Blacks are being rapidly displaced by White Liberal gentrification.

  5. Yes, Miss Denise, Speaker Ryan is ‘white’ … of the greedy, feckless, and unfaithful stripe.

    It’s a brand, M’am, universal to all groups, in every corner of the world, in every epoch of history.

  6. These clowns are the first targets that are gonna be knocked down when this war goes hot. Trust me, this guy is near the top of the list. They can bring all the brown scum they want at this point, cause I guarantee you they won’t fight in the war. They are welfare tourists here for freebies. They have someplace to run when the war starts and they’re not dying for the NWO I assure you.

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