The Uniparty Triumphs In Iowa

What a terrible night.

Can you imagine having to stare at and listen to Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz on television for the next four years? I’m not sure where you stand politically, but there is a 100% chance that I won’t be voting for either of them in November.

I know that Ted Cruz has been endorsed by Steve King, but there is just something utterly slimy and untrustworthy about him. I’ve never liked the guy. I can’t get past his corny nasal voice, his phony religious shtick, or his constant grandstanding in the Senate. That was true years before Donald Trump came around. I’ve never considered voting for him simply because I can’t stand the thought of having to endure a Cruz presidency.

I feel the exact same way about Hillary Clinton. I personally don’t like the woman. I don’t trust her. I can’t stand listening to her canned, calculated, poll-tested, uninspiring speeches. Every time she opens her mouth it sounds like nails on a chalkboard. It is not even the content of her speeches or her policies that grates on me. Aside from Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton is probably the most inauthentic, ambitious politician in America.

That’s where I stand on Clinton and Cruz before even taking into consideration the fact that both are nothing more than puppets of Goldman Sachs. Robert Rubin, who spent 26 years at Goldman Sachs and led the deregulation of Wall Street, was Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary. Hank Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, was George W. Bush’s Treasury Secretary. Ted Cruz, whose wife works for Goldman Sachs, financed his Senate bid with Goldman Sachs loans he failed to disclose. Hillary Clinton has made millions giving uninspiring boilerplate speeches to Goldman Sachs.

Cruz wants to “make the sand glow in the dark” in Syria. Hillary’s most notable accomplishment as Secretary of State was wrecking Libya and destabilizing the Middle East. Both Cruz and Clinton stand for maintaining and asserting “America’s world leadership” and would preserve the US Empire with more foreign wars. Both Cruz and Clinton want to “take on” Putin over Russia’s intervention in Syria and Ukraine.

Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton have something else in common too: both have recently flip flopped on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Undoubtedly, this was due not to any real conviction or “principles” on the issue, but to the strong opposition that both expected to face in the primaries from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA and the WTO. Ted Cruz is married to a woman who endorses “Building a North American Community” through anschluss with Mexico. Less than a year ago, Cruz published a joint Op-Ed with Paul Ryan in the Wall Street Journal in which he called Trade Promotion Authority “a fair deal for the American worker.”

As a populist and nationalist, I am tired of always getting shafted by two parties who are united in support of open borders, free-trade, endless foreign wars, political correctness, and big donors who corrupt elections. I’m not going to pretend to be a “conservative” which is, fundamentally, someone who ideologically believes in the superiority of neo-liberal economics. Frankly, I cringe whenever I hear Ted Cruz talking about how he wants to resurrect the gold standard, abolish the IRS, raise the retirement age, etc.

As I have pointed out here in the past, the original Populists were for the income tax, immigration restriction, government regulation or ownership of the railroads, the eight hour day, infrastructure projects, busting the trusts, etc. They were opposed to the gold standard. They strongly believed that their government was in the pocket of the “Money Power.” Generally speaking, the Populists supported government intervention in the “free-market” economy in order to promote a broader distribution of wealth that would raise the standard of living of the impoverished farmer and laborer.

Aside from Donald Trump, the only candidate who is talking about some of these critical issues is Bernie Sanders, who attacks them from a different angle. Bernie, too, opposes the job destroying free-trade agreements which have hammered the White working class. He rails against the “billionaire class” which has corrupted our elections. He voted against the disastrous Iraq War. He also opposed unshackling Wall Street.

Quite honestly, the only other candidate who says anything that resonates with me is Bernie Sanders, especially on the issue of student loan debt. Last fall, I was deeply disappointed when Trump adopted that stupid tax plan which would have made Jack Kemp proud. In an ideal world, Trump would meet Sanders halfway on a number of these issues – taxes, education, healthcare – and win the general election.

Unfortunately, it might not come to that after tonight. Those of us who are supporting Trump might be faced with a choice. Do we support someone like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio in the general election? Do we return to our normal default of political indifference? Do we support Sanders if he wins the Democratic nomination? Personally, I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in “conservative populism,” which is essentially the last twenty years of listening to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

I think Sanders genuinely believes in his class based agenda and would be far less consumed by bizarre racial and gender-based identity politics than Obama or Clinton. At the same time, Sanders is unacceptable to a lot of Trump voters because of his toxic positions on a number of cultural issues, and vice versa. Instead of a “liberal populism” or a “conservative populism,” I wish Trump and Sanders would go “full populist” on those issues where both parties can find substantial common ground.

Make this election a referendum on populism vs. globalism. That’s how we win.

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  1. If Trump loses NH and then the primary here is what I do – nothing. Oh, other then register back to independent.

    I will then wait for the revolution cause one way or another Wall street and their cronies are going to fall – whether that happens through far right populism or left wing populism.

    I would vote for Sanders over Rubio in order to try and send the system into total chaos.

    Having said that – If Trump wins NH and then SC then we are back in the game. I think the GOP plan is to split the vote between Cruz and Trump and then try to usher in Rubio as the only candidate who can win etc etc.

  2. One thing we learned tonight is this. Never underestimate how cucked America is. Many of them are still falling for it and probably will until they take their last breath.

    • Dude, it’s too early to be so dour. Think back to 2008: McCain was getting his butt kicked in the early going before eventually running away with it. Trump is likely to win many of the same states as McCain (ie generally those least populated by diehard christcucks) so it’s probably significant that Trump finished a strong second in Iowa compared to McCain being tied for 3rd.

    • They are NOT hillbillies. Most of Iowa is boringly FLAT.

      What they are, are the less intellectual heirs of the Swedes, the Norwegians, and the Germans who are happily ficki-ficki with the Moslem rapists, thugs, and jihadists now in THEIR countries.

      Stupid is, as stupid does.

  3. dont worry Iowa, Jesus is coming, to take your job and Haji is coming to fikki fikki your granddaughters. But there is no rapture or salvation you dolts.

    we are so fucked.

  4. Well Iowa has predicted the last two presidents out of strange coincidence. All I can say if Trump doesn’t win the nom I think the Ds would be a better face on the coming disaster. I don’t see much upside with another contard president.

    • There’s nothing to be gained from a non-Trump Republican victory. If Trump can’t win, the ideal scenario would be a Sanders victory. However unlikely that result, it could well presage the end of the two-party system.

  5. I don’t really mean “you guys” when I say you guys, but you guys really have no clue just how stupid the average American happens to be. We’re not going to fix any problems by being reactive and accepting a lesser of two evils approach. We need highly motivated and highly active liaisons traveling, meeting and working with other pro-Whites throughout the country. We need this now!

    People are dumb. D-U-M-B!

    • And that’s exactly the condition that the school system is design to create. It doesn’t need fixing. It works just fine, making easily controlled drones who will vote for their own disenfranchisement, dispossession and extinction.

  6. I think I’ll quote myself- at length.

    “Cruz is a psychopath. The eyes clearly have it. He’s a lawyer, isn’t he?
    Not only is he an illegal alien (Born in CANUCKSTAN, FATHER A SPIC) but he’s also a CHARLATAN.

    If we are NOT going to have a repeat of the Obama campaigns, the Evan-jelly-go Impastors must REPENT of their GROSS PERVERSION OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH. They are going to act as the agents of Satan, and NOT GOD, in leading their sheep to believe that America- which murders millions of unborn babies to a Moloch-state as blasphemous as it is damned- can MANIPULATE THE DEITY, just as the APOSTATE ISRAELITES DID, in the pages of the O.T.

    I don’t WANT a candidate who SCRIPTURE TWISTS, and USES THE WORD OF GOD as his personal shamanic totem!

    Cruz is EVIL.

    Cruz is used… by Jews.

    Is his daughter ALREADY an MK Ultra sex object, to ‘insure’ the office Cruz LUSTS AFTER???? Is THIS why she shuns her ‘father’?

    Is THIS why Cruz’s whoring SHIKSA spouse working for the JEWS?

    Is this why he PRETENDS TO BE A ‘XTIAN’? 1

    Ted Cruz and Christian Astroturf

    Are ‘Impastors’ leading the Sheep to vote for SATAN? “Show me your faith, and I’ll show you my works,” eh, Crutttth?

    “…the Texas senator rarely evokes the biblical tenet of tithing, the mandate that 10 percent of possessions be donated to God.That’s because Cruz doesn’t tithe. He and his wife donated less than 1 percent of their income to charity and nothing to churches, including to their own in Houston, according to tax returns from 2006 to 2010, the most recent Cruz has released.

    In the bigger picture, the Jews are using Cruttthhhh and Rubio TO SPLIT THE VOTE.

    We need to destroy either or both of them, ASAP.
    OUT RUBIO as the queer faggot he is.
    DENY CRUTTTTTHHHH legitimacy.

    Of course, Jews can’t have a theocracy, so they are “against Crutttthh”… or so they say.

    Ted Cruz: ‘I’m a Christian first, American second.’ Imagine if Muslim or Jewish politician said that

    x Embedded Content His Christianity is probably the last thing Ted Cruz ever thought would give him problems. Ho…

    Funny, I remember an ‘American Rabbi’ who once said, ‘Some call it Communism, I call it JUDAISM.’ – Rabbi Wise, 1930’s America. But that’s not like saying ‘A Jew wants a totally Jewish state,’ and will lie, cheat, and steal from the World (Balfour declaration) to achieve it… I mean, “Israel” is a ‘democracy,” right? Riiiiiiiight.

    Smite the Jews. THEY ALL NEED TO GO.

    Besiege the airwaves, the twitterverse, the supermarket checkout line, EVERY SINGLE IDIOT WHO GOES TO AN Evan-jelly-GOO ‘Church’ (really, Synagogue of Satan).

    And make everyone see, he is an ‘Anti-Cruz’ Antichrist.

    • Cruz has always creeped me out. I hate that oily, smarmy voice of his, the televangelist shtick and the stench of calculation in the air whenever he speaks.

      I notice that even those who are his political allies don’t seem to like him or trust him that much. The non-disclosed loan from his wife’s company make him very suspect to me.

      I can see him “evolving” on amnesty within five minutes of being sworn into the Oval Office.

  7. I don’t understand how all the polls could be so wrong. Did all the Rapturities come out of the woodwork at the very last moment or is something fishy going on at the ballot box?

    • Do you REALLY not understand? This is an OLIGARCHY of rule, not a Democracy. Unless and until we take up arms, ‘for US (U.S.) and OUR posterity,’ we will NOT win. This is WHY FEDGOV is now in possession of millions of rounds of ammunition- they INTEND TO USE IT, AGAINST U.S.!

      The best Trump could do (up to Iowa), was sabotaged by Jews donating ‘6 MILLION’… dollars toward the Trump HOLOCAUST, to help Psychopath CRUTTTTTHHHH, at the last minute. HE IS THEIR CUCKDIDATE.

      Either we stand up, demand recounts, storm polls, and TOTALLY DISRUPT these ‘fixers’ or we are Cucked. Take the image of the 1960’s Black Panther Protests, and put White Faces on it, if you must. But you MUST stand up for your RIGHTS, before we are all shabbas goyim for the Jews.

      • Father, as you may know, we have always been a constitutional oligarchy, under a veneer of democracy.

        You are right – either accept the results, or do something about it.

        Whining will do nothing.

    • I don’t really know what the Iowa caucus system really is exactly. I do know that it isn’t a straight out vote total, it’s more about caucuses and that entails organization. These religious right Evangelicals have been building organizations in places like Iowa for decades.

    • I think a lot of Trump supporters were quietly but heavily leaned on by the GOPe.

      As in “what a nice racket Iowa has with its First in the Nation Caucus state status. Hate to see anything happen to that.”

      That is actually what happened with Ron Paul in 2012. It looked like he was clearly about to take the state until some ballots got recounted in favor of Romney.

      The best hope is that Trump does well in the other caucuses and the Iowans can then vote for Trump in the general election.

    • I don’t think it’s that strange, Iowa is an evangelical stronghold. It’s pretty amazing how well Trump did there without concerted effort actually.

  8. I think the election is completely fake. The oligarchs pick the President long before he/she/it announces his/her/its candidacy. It’s a done deal. The only winners will be the monied powers.

  9. I can’t get over Cruz’s eagerness to go to war in the Middle East. He makes GWB look restrained.

    But aside from this he is good on immigration and social values. The added bonus is that the Left hates his guts.

      • His positions on immigration are focus group tested to head off a Trumpian sort of candidate.

        So half spic born in Canada could possibly really BELEIVE in some sort of Herrenvolk, Founding Stock or what have you.

        His background is too Cosmo.

    • A Hispanic immigrant backed by Jewish money is going to slow stop or reverse the brown tide? Not that it matters, he’s getting no where near the White House.

  10. Before Alt Righters get ahead of themselves, remember that 60% of the Iowa vote went to non-White candidates.

  11. I was as disappointed as anybody by last night’s results, but suggesting that anyone who cares about the future of the White race in this country should consider voting for Bernie Sanders is beyond the pale.

    No one in the race– on either side– is as openly anti-White as Sanders, full stop. This is a man who now cannot bring himself to utter the phrase “all lives matter” after being punked by the BLM crowd a few months ago. If you want the anti-White cultural tide to worsen considerably, is you want a doubling-down on government programs that disproportionately help non-Whites at the expense of White taxpayers, then by all means, vote for Bernie Sanders. You may as well vote for Jesse Jackson– when he ran in the 90s his policies were almost identical to Sanders, including the economic stuff.

    And you see? I went this whole time without mentioning that he’s a Christ-killing JEW.

    • Yeah, I would prefer the Jew to Rubio or Cruz, who would at least 1.) be less likely to start new wars, 2.) more likely to oppose new free trade agreements and 3.) more willing to tackle issues like student loans.

      • Is “student loans” an important issue? I mean, should we spend billions as a country to make sure our children are educated at universities that uniformly promote liberal, universalist, multicult “values”???

        I have a degree. A degree from a big SEC school, not some Yankee liberal think tank. And I can tell you that at my school the liberal, anti-White, anti-Christian vibe was impossible to miss, I can only imagine how it is in other parts of the country.

        Is this a good idea, encouraging this?? Aren’t college degrees becoming more and more worthless as more and more people have them??? If you want to talk about socialist education programs to invest in, maybe we should consider gov’t-run trade schools or something. Anything but making ME pay for the indoctrination of America’s youth.

        • Like I said, I don’t believe a word that Cruz says about immigration, but I do think Sanders is sincere on taxes, trade, foreign wars, campaign finance and student loans.

          And yes, students loans are a major issue. If it came down to Sanders or Cruz, I would choose Sanders because at least he would do something about debt peonage to banks.

          • for the record, I don’t believe anything Cruz says either. Totally agree with you on his phony televangelist schtick. I won’t be voting for him… or Rubio, or Clinton, or Sanders.

            Have a sick feeling it’s going to be Rubio now. Watch him rise like a rocket in New Hampshire this week.

          • You’re borrowing trouble so that if does happen, you’ll be prepared, and if Trump wins you’ll be relieved and a bit surprised. I don’t blame you. I don’t know what to think anymore after Iowa.

            And it’s irritating that a state like Iowa gets to set the tone every presidential election cycle. The national issue right now above all is illegal and legal immigration. The border states ought to be voting first.

            As for Cruz, I don’t know if he can repeat that same obvious televangelist schtick in every state without people growing wise to it.

            The other question I ponder is, when a candidate quits the race, which remaining candidate benefits the most? Trump has probably pissed off the supporters of all the other candidates pretty thoroughly by now.

          • I’m hoping for a Donald Trump style free enterprise solution. I doubt that Cruz, Rubio or Sanders can do anything about the student debt load.

          • They can’t. Not when the Marxist University systems live off the cream of the {{{ Educational System}}}.
            Bill Clinton is babbling about free healthcare, and relieving debt. “Every-one will pay a small percentage”…..
            Uh huh.

          • Amen, Miss Denise.

            As Margaret Thatcher said : ‘Even the socialists have to face reality, once they run out of everyone else’s money’ 🙂

          • Unfortunately DT seems to be advocating socialized medicine. I get nervous every time he does that. Really wish he would come around on certain things.

          • Miss Denise is absolutely right. While some things might seem out of pocket easier, the overall effect of Sander’s program would be to make us a dead economy – just like the Scandinavian countries he so admires.

            Here, Sir – listen to the great Swedish heavy metal guitarist, Inwie Malmsteen, tell you, in brief, about life in a Sanders’s style governed country…

          • I prefer Trump and a free enterprise solution. But, the Cuban’s Cruz or Rubio, would be more communist/socialist than Sanders. It’s in their Latin blood. Either way it’s a Jew victory.

          • Sir, I think you are right to trust Sander’s word, but, I think you are unfairly sceptical about Cruz. He has a very high batting average of making promises and delivering – come hell or high water.

        • “Is “student loans” an important issue? I mean, should we spend billions
          as a country to make sure are children are educated at universities”

          Yeah, it’s kind of important in first world countries. I don’t think we should be replicating Uganda’s educational system here.

          “I have a degree. A degree from a big SEC school, not some Yankee liberal
          think tank. And I can tell you that at my school the liberal,
          anti-White, anti-Christian vibe was impossible to miss, I can only
          imagine how it is in other parts of the country.”

          I went to an SEC school, too and didn’t see anything remotely approaching what you describe.

          “Anything but making ME pay for the indoctrination of America’s youth.”

          Ugh. You’d fit in with the guys at National Review – rich a**hats who are motivated solely by the desire to not have to contribute.

          • wtf are you talking about dude? I’m neither rich nor part of the National Review crowd, as a matter of fact I’ve been a volunteer on the Trump campaign for several weeks now.

            If you’re endorsing a Jewish socialist for president of these United States, then I’m not the “asshat”, buddy.

            btw– those “rich asshats” that you say have “no desire to contribute” actually finance this entire country, moron.

            Have said it before and I’ll say it again– this is not Scandinavia. In the USA, redistribution of wealth is inherently anti-White. It means taking from working Whites and giving to sponging non-Whites.

            Just because you may be broke does not mean this isn’t true.

          • Hmm.

            Then I will say it again: at least Sanders will avoid starting enormously expensive foreign wars, cut the budget of the bloated military which defends the borders of Estonia and South Korea, and immediately help young White families by ending student loan debt.

          • I agree with that, Sir – but, the negatives of the honourable Senator Sanders far outweigh a few sterling positives.

            The man is a card carrying Bolshevik, and, if he were president, the diminishing freedoms we still have, would be greatly curtailed – something which, years after his administration, would grow and grow.

            I don’t want to end student loan debt.

            I paid for my education – fought, workt my ass off and scrimped for years. That was my struggle and my sacrifice.

            I never askt anyone to pay it for me, and never would.

            As it is, we are forcet in Northeastern North Carolina to pay for the negro schools that their welfare ridden pathetick tax base cannot provide.

          • Most people don’t realize that Sweden became more successful after it got rid of many of its socialist policies.

          • We definitely do not want to be forced to contribute to anything more than we already do, especially not to scalawag Bolshevik manufacturing centers.

          • Government backed student loans are a big part of why college tuition is so high in the first place. The other side of that coin is the quota system which allows all sorts of people that shouldn’t go to college, go to college, and not only does this also make college tuition more expensive, but those undeserved people take places that should go to deserving white students.

            Government involvement causes problems.

        • Good point, General Hill – I do NOT want the government taking even more of my money to train anti-Southern leftists.

        • So, it’s back to republican idiocy about taxes that quickly, huh? So…how would raising taxes on the rich (who also support amnesty and cultural liberalism) in any way burden ordinary white Southerners who won’t be paying any of those tax increases?

          • Oh, so White Sountherners wouldn’t see their tax increased under Sanders????

            Are you stupid or just 12 years old? Have you Seen the Jew’s tax plan!?!?!

            Unless you’re flat broke– meaning less than $30,000/yr broke– then you’ll be giving the government more.

            Are those the “ordinary White Southerners” you’re talking about– the welfare/Walmart crowd??

            Get a job dude.

          • If memory serves, the top marginal income tax rate was 70 percent when Reagan took office. Republicans haven’t actually failed when they have power. Instead, they have used that power solely to make life as comfortable as possible for the wealthy who are doing better than at any point since the days of Andrew Mellon.

          • If you’re looking for me to defend post-Regan conservatism then you’re looking to the wrong guy. I have no patience with the “conservatives” who spend trillions of dollars fighting Israel’s wars while ceding the moral high ground to the left on a whole host of issues that I, as a White Christian Southerner, care about.

            Donald Trump is the lone hope in this election cycle. Of this I am utterly convinced.

          • Now, that’s absolutely true, Sir

            This is why I have long been a Dixiecrat – because the record of the Republicans, in sabatoging the working man, is very formidable, indeed.

            That said, the democrats are not the party of my childhood. They’ve just become commies.

            Thus, I cannot vote for them, anymore.

          • After his first year the rate went down to 50% then all the way down to 28%.
            The economy sucked during Carter’s tenure. Took off after Reagan was elected, especially the last four years.

          • The definition of “rich” to a socialist is not the 1%, or the 5%, or the 10%. It includes people earning six figures. And it’s not just about who is being taxed, but who that tax money is going to. It will go to subsidize the increased fornication and offspring thereof of the 3rd world peoples in our midst.

            White birth rates will continue to decrease, and non-white birth rates will continue to increase.

      • Is Occidental Dissent no longer focused on Southern Independence? If true, it shows the corrosive nature of that “alt right”.

          • There is a lot of truth to that, Sir, BUT, in the end, the biggest obstacle to our welfare remains we The Southerners – the great bulk of whom, as you well know, have become like sheep, and cannot find the balls to stand up.

            I mean – can you just imagine what would happen if, let’s say, the Southern generation from 1830 came back to live with us for a year, and saw what we had allowed?

            First thing they would do is tell us how we are as worthless as teets on a boarhog, and then they would declare war on the Yankee empire, at least once daily.

            We are so feckless – we modern day southerners, and, until we stop being that, parties can come and go, and nothing substantive will occur, by way of change.

            That’s a big reason why I like and respect you so much. You remind me of my granddadday’s generation (1911-2006) – you tell it like it is and you mean it.

      • Hunter – now you are completely wallowing in a foam bath of self-delusion, if you think that Bernie the Commie JEW is going to stop the hard phase of Communism.

          • I agree with that, Sir – BUT, A Sanders presidency would be a very different ball of wax than just being the tried and true senator of America’s littlest socialist state.

        • Yes, Miss Denise – I have tried to tell my progressive Yankee friends that no government that Sanders is proposing would come without a lot of pain, and then, after that, the eventual pain of abject failure.

          Yet, they hear me not.

      • Think of Bernie as Trotsky and the (((establishment))) as Stalin. So yes, you’d still have more foreign wars, more new free trade agreements and ever increasing student debt. But Leon– er, Bernie’d be splainin’ how that’s not REAL socialism! Though I doubt Bernie’s worth an ice pick.

      • Let’s be honest here. Sanders like a true American Jew is in favor of sending tax dollars to Isreal, he is in favor of a high military budget, and he is no friend of the blue collar (or any collar) worker. One of the reasonsame that I don’t support socialism is that it relies on trusting the government when the people in the government do not have any sympathy for people who are nor living off of tax dollars. Why else do you think politicians are so willing to give tax money to the negros? They know that the negros won’t use the money to improve their situation, but they (socialist politicians) can relate to them better than they do to blue collar or white collar man that through brute strength and intelligence support themselves.

  12. I like Trump. I like him because he is honest and he is a fighter. Round two is up next week. Bear down and fight like a tiger Donald.

  13. Trump has very little ground game, which is matched by a lack of party apparatus support. The people to whom populists hope to appeal live disorganized, entropic lives, and cannot be counted on to challenge elite consensus. A 24% showing means that 76% of the folks wanted someone else. You can t explain that away as Cristinsanity. No, Trump is actively defying what it means to seek support for the presidency and it shows. Only bomb throwers are excited by his wild, flailing statements; Trump did not build the resistance to white genocide, but he may have hijacked it and lead it astray.

    • Actually you can write off Iowa as Christinsanity.

      Certainly on the GOP side. Cruz is an anomaly.

      Rubio on the other hand is a poster boy for what the GOP is trying to do to court Hispanics.

      He’s pretty enough and he’s non offensive.

      Trump will recover in New Hampshire and have a showdown with Rubio or Bush in SC.

  14. Let’s all work hard to find state and local politics to care about, people that are us. Sure it’s nice when some independent person with a lot of personal wealth and a set of b**** is in the US Presidential race and making all the various snake heads unhappy and a bit scared, but reality is that we will not have a savior ride in on a White horse, get elected President of the United States and reverse everything bad that was done to our country/our people since 1954.

    That’s just not a good use of our time.

    Again, my position is the Trump campaign is good because it voices our issues and it can be a decent learning experience if our people volunteer, get to know locals, learn some needed political skills.

    The US Presidential system sucks, another reason I oppose patriotards who insist that the US Constitution is the greatest form of government ever. No.

  15. January 29-31, 2016 — WMR REPORTING FROM FLORIDA — Rubio’s coke house, gayish dance troupe, and foam parties

    Republican insiders have reported to WMR that Florida Senator and presidential candidate Marco Rubio was, as a high school and college student, known to be a very extroverted homosexual in both South Beach in Miami, a popular gay area, and at college in Gainesville, Florida.

    In 1989, a year before Rubio was arrested with his friend Angel Barrios and another unidentified male friend in Alice Wainwright Park in south Miami, ostensibly for drinking beer in a car after closing time in a park known as a pickup locale for gays, Rubio sang and danced in a South Miami High School troupe. The song and dance troupe was based on the Chippendales but with a very gay theme: half Chippendales and half Village People. Rubio omitted his participation in the dance troupe in his biography, “American Son.”

    It is also significant that Rubio did not have the best parent models in growing up in Florida and Las Vegas. His Cuban parents, according to GOP insiders, did not emigrate from Cuba to escape Fidel Castro and Communism — they left Cuba for America in 1956 — but were Havana casino workers employed by Jewish mob boss Meyer Lansky and brought to Florida. From Miami, they eventually left for Las Vegas to work in mob-owned casino hotels. Rubio’s father, Mario Rubio Reina, worked as a bartender in Las Vegas casinos while his mother, Oriales Rubio, was a hotel maid. Rubio has falsely claimed that his parents fled Castro and Communism. In 1956, the U.S.-supported fascist dictator, Fulgencio Batista, was fully in control of Cuba.

    After flunking out of Tarkeo College in Missouri, Rubio returned to Miami where he hung around with his old high school friend Barrios. Barrios started an on-line gay porn business called Flava Works, which is still in business today live streaming sexual acts between black and Latino men.

    In order to prepare for the University of Florida, Rubio attended Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville. Republican sources have told WMR that Rubio, Barrios, and two other students shared a townhouse in Gainesville that was known locally as a “coke house,” where cocaine was readily available, as were almost non-stop parties in what amounted to an off-campus gay frat house. In 1987, Rubio’s brother-in-law, Orlando Cicilia, was busted by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for his role as a key figure in a cocaine smuggling ring in south Florida.

    After graduating from the University of Florida, Rubio attended the University of Miami Law School. In 1995, Rubio claims he met his wife, Miami Dolphins cheerleader Jeanette Dousdebes at a “foam party” in South Beach. There is one thing wrong with Rubio’s story: foam parties in South Beach were almost exclusively gay events held at gay clubs like “Warsaw Ballroom” and “Amnesia,” the latter name befitting some of Rubio’s memories of his time in Miami. The following is a description of foam parties in a Miami New Times article by reporter Steven Almond, titled “Foam Sex,” published in the June 8, 1995 issue:

    “The scene generally features several hundred scantily clad bodies packed onto a dance floor and writhing to bone-rattling music under strobes and colored lights. Nothing new, right? Until suds come gushing out of a machine suspended over the dance floor. As if on cue, various forms of passionate embrace begin. Kissing. Petting. Rubbing. Because the foam froths up waist high, it acts both as a lubricant and camouflage. Mutual masturbation is an occasional component, generally beneath the cover of foam. As the evening wears on, a few men pair off and sit together in the foam that builds up outside the partitioned-off area.”

    At “Amnesia,” emcee “Kitty Meow, a drag queen, would officiate over the foam parties, directing participants what to do. Some foam party participants only wore jock straps. It is entirely possible that Rubio did meet his future wife at a foam party, but the women who attended these functions were largely what are known as “fag hags” out to have a good time while at the same time avoid being hit on by the gay men.

    Rubio, who has four children and claims to be a devout Christian, alternately attending Catholic and Baptist churches in south Florida, appears to have a not-so-secret past. There is a Spanish word that aptly describes the presidential hopeful: Cristiano afeminado or Christian homosexual.

    • This comment violates OD comment guidelines prohibiting spreading wild, rumors, of conspiracy theory.

      There is more than enough legitimate news, verified by documented facts to present our positions.

        • You have to admit the shirtless guy in the photo is a dead ringer for Rubio. And their was Jim McGreevey, remember him??

          • I don’t have to admit anything. Just understand the OD comment guidelines and follow some basic rules. Endless gossip of sexual conspiracy theory nonsense is another reason the Right wing never wins much of anything.

            My God, Right Wing Conservatives wasted most of the 1990s obsessed with Bill Clinton’s sex life. What could be more boring than that? Only Bob and Elizabeth Dole’s sex life.

      • Why are you keeping them under your hat?? Do you have anything else or you are just trying to down play harmful facts like some political operative??

      • Enlarge the picture of the smiling shirtless Rubio then tell me that is not him. You know their were rumors about Jim McGreevey before he announced he was a “gay America”. Rumors about him having gay sex in the NJ Turnpike rest stop bathrooms as a sitting governor. Those turned out to be true.

  16. It is sadly a reality that what remains of the Christian Religious Right is against us.

    On the issues of mass non White immigration (including Islamic immigration) Neo Conservative wars and intrigues in the ME against RUSSIA and even the cultural wars, war against Christmas, sadistic neo porn Hollywood movies against our people, the Christian Religious Right leaders and the folks in the pews are either solidly on the enemy side of they are AWOL.

  17. Everyone realizes how political framing and subtle manipulation works, I’m sure. What are America’s choices after The First Black President?

    Clinton: The Feminist Dykey “First Female” President

    Sanders: The Jew. Enough said… The Jew President

    Cruz: What a combo! A Canadian-Spic President who’s a little light in the loafers

    Rubio: Not-so-closeted Homosexual who is a Party prop if ever there was one. The first really, but not really, Gay President?

    Carson: Another token black guy who’s waiting in the wings for the other republicans to get hit by a bus so he’ll have a chance. But we just did the black guy thing, so it might be a little too soon to try to do it again.

    Trump: The obvious White Man’s choice, but he’s been attacked from every angle and by every tentacle of Conservative Inc. He’ll be forced to denounce any “racist” support if he wants to hold on to any aspirations of getting the nomination and the chance to face The Dyke or The Jew. You can take that to the bank.

    Does anyone think this isn’t all by design?

    • C.T.,

      You’re forgetting “Jeb”, who is a Roman Catholic by conversion, supposed to represent the new U.S., ie North Mexico.


    • I’ve seen a couple of instances where it looked like Trump was momentarily going a bit wobbly. I hope he regrets those errors and doesn’t repeat them.

  18. Hunter-honestly – I understand what you are saying – but Bernie is a JEW. PEROID.
    Do you really think he’s going to stop his co-boychicks from doing ANYTHING that Cruz/Clinton would do, at their owner’s behest?

    • I’m conflicted.

      Sanders is the Jew in the race, but it is actually Cruz and Rubio who want young White couples to remain in perpetual debt peonage to banks for decades. I also get the impression that Cruz and Rubio are more stridently pro-Israel than Sanders.

      • You are wrong. Bernie IS Cruz and Rubio. He doesn’t have to be stridently pro-Israel, cause he’s an actual Jew.
        Bernie is an actual Jew.

        • To his credit, the actual Jew opposed the Iraq War, opposes the neocons who want more wars for Israel, opposes the free trade agreements which sent jobs overseas, opposed deregulating Wall Street and opposes student loan debt. That’s more than I can say for most of the Christians in the race who are many times worse on these issues.

          • Hunter – so what? It’s easy to play a double game when you are a Jew. He had a totally cushy berth in VT, over his honest, decent, hard working, fair minded White Helots. He has been a generous and kind master to hem. He could easity play to Earthy Crunch Young Hipsters, re: the Jew War things, Did he call out ANY of his co-ethnics, EVER, over the Jew Wars? Or any of those other issues? Did he stop or fix ANYTHING?

            He didn’t need to do that. Why attract attention?

            You need to watch videos of Bernie getting challenged or angry.

            FYI – do you know what happens when a Jew marries a Goyim?

          • Denise,

            What precisely is terrible about Jews? What do Jews support that is so harmful?

            1.) Endless wars for Israel is near the top of the list. Rubio wants to start WW3 with Russia and Cruz wants to nuke Syria. OTOH, Sanders didn’t even support the Iraq War at the height of the freedom fries mania.

            2.) Sanders wants to raise income taxes in order to eliminate student loan debt. Since Jews are the wealthiest ethnic group in the country, this policy would disproportionately tax wealthy Jews in order to subsidize education for White Christians who overwhelmingly hold student loan debt.

            3.) Sanders wants to heavily regulate the Jewish-dominated financial sector and banking system. Why on earth is that a problem?

            4.) Sanders also opposes the free-trade agreements which have unquestionably landed the hardest blow on the White working class.

          • Hunter – have you lost your mind?
            Jews are THE authors of White Genocide. They are exterminating us.
            You are just like those IDIOTIC young Whites, who are FOR Bernie because he’s “going to give them free college”.
            What is wrong with you?

          • Denise,

            Please explain why it makes more sense to pay for the medical bills of “wounded warriors” than to relieve young White families of the burden of student loan debt.

            On the one hand, you have “Christians” who actually supported a war purely for the sake of Israel. OTOH, you have an actual Jew who not only opposed the war, but believes wealthy Jews should pay higher taxes to make higher education an entitlement for the White working class.

            Can you not see the irony here? The actual Jew supports policies which are more “Christian” whereas the actual Christians support Jewish ethnocentrism.

          • I don’t think it’s better to pay for wounded warriors. We shouldn’t HAVE wounded warriors. I fight with military all the time. I ask them what they are doing to “serve their country”. Tell me how America is doing. I get really ugly, nasty responses. They don’t like their idiocy thrown in their faces.
            Now tell me what Bernie has DONE. What has he DONE? I know what Bernie is SAYING. Tell me what he has DONE. Tell mw about his 3D record, in All White Vermont.

          • Bernie voted against the Iraq War.

            Once again, it costs more to pay for wounded warriors from Iraq alone than it would cost to have free college tuition in the United States.

            Which is more useful to society? Hideously mailed White men who lost their limbs in a failed war for the same of Israel or millions of young White families not having to pay student loans for the next thirty years?

          • You think free college tuition in the United States is useful? I could see higher education being a primary concern which siphons from the tax base in a society that is already racially aware and grounded in racial preservation. But I just don’t see the benefit of having “free” anything when there’s not one damn iota of proof that, in our current society, free means anything other than giving non-whites privileges and benefits that Whites are either not given or have to work three times harder to get. Free = White people paying for it.

            Free things being handed out in an anti-White welfare state is a bad thing. Dead and maimed White men—or anyone for that matter—is a bad thing. This isn’t an either/or type of scenario. This is a NEITHER scenario the way I see it.

          • My first cousin is going to medical school at UAB. That is costing him a fortune in student loans. It is better for society that my cousin becomes a surgeon and starts a family than to have to pay for the medical bills for life of a soldier who was blown apart in Iraq or Afghanistan.

          • Neither would be my answer in this anti-White society. For every cousin like yours there would be hundreds or even thousands of dindus and booger-eating imbeciles who would use “free” as a way to further their education in African Studies, White Privilege Studies, or Lesbianology 101.

          • You speak as if the government has done nothing to create this student-loan debt, from which, as you see it, Bernie Sanders will deliver everyone—by puttng yet another layer of government interference in the financing of education. Evidently, many whites–including you, Mr. W.–think the cost of something can be made to vanish if enough persons vote for it to vanish. It’s the government that has created student-loan debt, by co-signing, via tax dollars, the loans. I wonder how many Jews there are among the bank owners whose loans are thus guaranteed.

          • There is no “free” anything. It may be free for the student but the cost has been shifted to the taxpayer.

            The question should be asked why aren’t government universities capable of providing low cost education. College education (including medical school) wasn’t always super expensive.

          • Getting rid of student loan debt would actually help a lot of people I know including relatives of mine. WTF would Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz do to make life better for anyone?

          • No, I don’t.

            It is a burden on my brother and several of my cousins though. It is a burden on lots of my friends. I get why they are pissed off about insane levels of college debt, tuition that goes up every year, and the terrible job market.

            I completely understand where they are coming from. And I would rather have free college tuition than the bloated military and endless quixotic foreign wars which are far more expensive anyway.

          • **Calling Fr. John**

            The Jews are the spiritual enemy of the Christian. They killed Christ, continue to deny Him and preach their pharisaical, parasitical “religion”, and work to undermine His message throughout the world (and that’s not just idle talk– do the research and see who heads groups like the Freedom from Religion Foundation). And since Christendom mostly consisted of White people for most of its history, that means the Jew has been the spiritual enemy of the White race. The Jew understands this perfectly, of course– to them, the White man is the Pharaoh, the Philistine, the Fuhrer (h/t Matt Parrott of TYN)– the eternal Oppressor of them, the Chosen.

            Now, if you are not a Christian I understand why you would feel differently about Jews. I’ve long said that I don’t really trust non-Christian WNs who hate Jews, because what is their problem with them, exactly?? Jealousy over their power, money, and worldly success? (that’s how it comes across a lot of times, and I’m sure there are Jews out there who read these comment boards with great delight, poking fun at all the impotent “kvetching”)

            As for me, though, I know exactly who the Enemy is, and I will not be deceived. Mt. 27:25

          • Oh come on. That’s not what I’m talking about at all, and you know it. “True Christianity” or whatever has absolutely nothing to do with tax cuts, banking, or anything of the sort.

            Is your hard-on for socialism really blinding you to this degree??

            You may not believe in the truth of the New Testament, and that’s fine. But for those of us who do, it’s clear that those who said “Let His blood be on our hands, and the hands of our children” continue to operate with an anti-Christendom agenda that extends well beyond all your good government BS.

            The Jews are the spiritual enemy of the Christian. That’s what I’m saying. It’s what is so “precisely terrible” about them.

          • Sure it does.

            Tell me what the Republicans have ever done about abortion or gay marriage or affirmative action or illegal immigration. They’ve harvested the votes of dumb evangelicals to start wars, pass free trade agreements, and cut taxes for the wealthy.

          • Yes. You’re absolutely right. And when, on this thread or anywhere else, have I defended that type of behavior or that type of “conservatism”??

            You’re correct, the Republican Party has done nothing to defend its base or protect the things that they hold dear. They care more about the US Embassy being in Jerusalem than the ISIS-like war on Southern heritage. More about trade deals protecting Wall Street than getting middle-class American good, honest jobs. I get it.

            But I have no idea what any of this has to do with my above response about Jews being the spiritual enemy of Christians, prompted by your “What precisely is terrible about Jews?” comment.

          • Is Ted Cruz supposed to be my “spiritual friend” because he is a Christian?

            I don’t care that he is a Christian. I don’t identify with him because is a Christian either. He wants to nuke Syria for the sake of Israel. He wants to go to war with Iran for the sake of Israel. The funny thing here to me is that Sanders the Jew is actually less militantly pro-israel than either Cruz or Rubio or even Trump in many ways.

            Trump said the other day that he would the US embassy to Jerusalem. Barack Obama won’t even go that far.

          • Who said anything about Ted Cruz?? I’m not casting a vote for Ted Cruz.

            Why are you associating me with Christian Zionism, something I consider to be an utterly tragic corruption of my people, Southern Whites?

            I said that Jews were the spiritual enemy of Christians as a response to your “What is precisely terrible about Jews?” comment, and you seem to be projecting all these other things on to me. Nowhere in anything I’ve said could someone possibly deduce that I’m pro-Zionism, pro-Ted Cruz, or pro- “traditional conservatism”. I was a registered Independent until this cycle, when I had to change to vote for Trump in the primary.

            And yes, it’s been known all along that Trump is (nearly) as bad as the rest of ’em when it comes to Israel. I don’t know why you’re saying this to me, like it’s not something I already know or something that I disagree w/you about.

          • You brought up this division of politicians into friends and enemies based on religion. It is obvious though that even you are extremely skeptical of this.

            Trump’s position on Jews and Israel is one of his greatest weaknesses. He is always ranting about how much he hates the Iran deal. He wants to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. He talks about how Obama is awful because he has betrayed the interests of Israel.

            Obama has easily been the toughest president on Israel of my lifetime. He has repeatedly clashed with Netanyahu who can’t stand him. Sanders is actually better on Israel than Trump, Cruz, or Rubio.

          • It’s true that I am skeptical when it comes to trusting politicians based on their purported religion– with the exception of Jews. The Tribe has a centuries-old track record of subversion and a collectivist “what’s good for the Jews” mindset. I could never imagine voting for a Jew for any political office or leadership position, under any circumstance.

            And again, I don’t know why you’re beating me over the head with this Trump/Israel thing like it’s not something that has been known since the beginning. And I think a lot of pro-Whites would be more sympathetic to Obama’s Israel posturing if we felt it was coming from a “good place”, amirite?

            I’ll tell you this, though: the Jews are lined up AGAINST Trump like no other candidate. I know you won’t dispute that, because you’ve linked to a few “Trump is bad for the Jews” articles on this very site.

            Trump seems to make all the right enemies, and his boldness and unapologetic nature has been refreshing, to say the least. He’s the only candidate worth voting for this time around, in my humble opinion.

          • Oh yes, and Lincoln was actually a white supremacist repatriater, and JFK really really was going to stand up to Israel.

            Unlike the above false examples Sanders might really want those things. But he’s a limp noodle. Even if he wants it …

          • ‘2.) Sanders wants to raise income taxes in order to eliminate student loan debt’

            People have student loans? Pay em. I had mortgages, car payments and so forth. I understand the thinking behind wanting extremely wealth to pay more if they avoid taxes through various methods but hell Bernie wants to tax the shit out of every thing that moves.

            A large percentage of college students have no business being there anyhow.

            When I was younger there were high schools instructing students in trades.

            The tattooed, pierced faced, drug addicted youths today can’t do shit in the real world.

            The old ladies in my neighborhood ask me to help them fix things around their homes.

            Why don’t they ask their kids or grandkids to look at the broken garage door or replace the garbage disposal?
            Or repair the lawn mower that does not start?

            My son Charlie is not handy. Hear it all the time. No, but he can play all sorts of games on the computer several hours a day.

            I roofed my first house by myself a section at a time because I couldn’t afford to hire anyone. I didn’t get a loan.

            Cut a tree down in my yard two years ago with the help of my wife and a neighbor. Saved $1600,00.

            It was not easy. I was 63 at the time.

            My wife called a plumber when I was out of town to repair a broken water line in the basement, he was going to charge her $550.00 . I told her to place a bucket under the leak and until I came home.

            A map gas torch, solder, pipe cutter, copper unions and some know how was all that was needed. In twenty minutes the problem was history.

            Yeah, I know, I sound like a cranky old man.

            Remember the antifa attack in Tinley Park Illinois? White customers were beaten by punks with hammers. You can bet your bottom dollar their preference would be Bernie.

          • But couldn’t it be said that those positions are vociferously espoused by the type of people who are the very first ones to protest and attack pro-White groups? “Anti-Racist” groups are chock full of Leftists who hate Israel, hate Wall Street, hate Capitalism, hate American warmongering, etc.

            I do understand you point on Sanders. I just don’t think it’s as cut and dry as what he claims to oppose.

          • Good for them!

            I hate Wall Street and endless wars for Israel too! I also agree that the middle class has been destroyed by free trade and that the tax code is rigged to benefit the wealthy.

          • And WHAT has Bernie DONE about those things?
            No wonder Jews hold such contempt fo the Goyim. They know how to tell the White Goyim everything the White Goyim want to hear. You are ready to bail on Trump and go for Bernie. Trump actually has done things in the REAL WORLD, and what has Bernie DONE, except sit like Effendi and eat off the labor of the White Goyim and HIRE Black Lives Matter mau mauers
            So ready to be suckered into lies about debt relief, and no mare wars for Israel, based on NO 3D evidence what-so-ever. Good Goy! Good GOY!

          • Based on what? Rubio and Cruz are actually telling you their agendas. Bernie is LYING to you, Pale Goy.

          • Bernie has never been in an obvious position where he COULD do anything about those things.

            The argument many WNists made for wanting Barack Obama in office was that it put a BLACK face on an Anti-White American agenda.

            This begs the question as to why the SAME theory wouldn’t work by putting a candidate in office that everyone KNOWS is Jewish rather than the usual assortment of Crypto-Jews and Shabby Goys discharging the same Anti-White American agenda.

            Isn’t it logical that if the SOS continues with President Sanders as Barack Obama then the buck stops with the Jew?

            I think we have a lot more to lose with a President Hillary Clinton than a President Bernie Sanders, myself. There is no way in hell that an openly Jewish Prime Minister could have gotten away with what Angela Merkel and her cadre of Shabby Goys have done to Europe.

            White race traitors are the biggest threat to the White race. Not the Blacks, not the Mestizos, and not the Jews.

          • Yes, exactly! You hate that stuff. They hate that stuff. You can agree. Things should be working out well and there should be some kind of solidarity and a common bond.

            But then why are they your biggest critics and most vocal opponents when it comes to asserting yourself and speaking about any pro-Southern or pro-White views you have?

          • All you have to know about a how a Sanders presidency would work is to look at that video of black women(?) taking over his microphone. I guarantee you the (((establishment))) is considerably more intimidating to a runt like Sanders than are some black thugs.

            IOW he wouldn’t get anything he says he wants unless they decide to give it to him. So much for his “opposition” to wars, student debts, etc.

            Not that I’d vote for Cuckservatism Inc either. Haven’t in fact, since 1984.

          • Hunter thinks that Bernie the Jew is going to stop the plunder of his boychicks! HAHAHA!!! Cause Bernie said so! HAHAHA!

          • Sanders handed over the microphone and parroted the Black Lives Matter – White Lives Not So Much, because the Blacks are all that the Democrats have to work with right now in their primary.

            In the meantime, I have noticed that he is feverishly going after White votes by appealing to White populism and dog-whistling to them every chance he gets. Notice that he keeps stressing the benefits of a European style socialism; universal health insurance and paid college tuition.

            IF Sanders wins the Democrat nomination and then the WH by a huge White turnout, I can’t imagine President Sanders putting up with the BLM nonsense for long especially after the gross disrespect they showed him by crybullying his own microphone from him. Jews historically don’t take that kind of disrespect in stride.

            The big danger of Trump not getting the Republican nomination and losing it to a Cruz or Rubio or any of the other cucks is the nightmare of President Rubio being supported by McConnell in the Senate and Paul Ryan in the Congress. Endless wars for Israel, to be sure. More confrontations with Russia. No borders whatsoever. The North American Union a certainty.

            The big danger of Hillary getting the Democrat nomination is that she is about to be indicted. What happens if she is arrested shortly after she is elected. Does that mean her running mate, probably Julian Castro, the Dem version of Rubio, gets elected? Or does that mean we get stuck with Barak Obama for four more years?

            The one thing that drives me nuts on WN boards is that the Judeophobia is so intense it leads to WN paralysis. If there are Jews strategically places on all sides of every issue, then we can’t go in a single direction where some Jew doesn’t benefit. So we just sit there with our collective thumbs up our rectums?

            Believe it or not, there are times when Jewish interests must intersect with ours. I think Trump is being given so much air time and the Overton Window is being allowed to crack open, because the La Raza activists and the blacktivists have gotten even too much for them to handle.

            I saw this happen when it was a Jewish guy with the last name of Fortang who fired the first shot at the Check Your (White) Privilege theme at his college, by playing the holocaust card, LOL.

            We need to keep a laser focus on what is good for Whites and not worry if some Jew somewhere benefits. Like it or not, Jews are Caucasoid with White skin. Many of them look White. They are going to benefit from any gains we make whether we like or not. That is no reason not to pursue our own interests!

            If Trump loses all momentum in the Republican primary, White populists need to look at Sanders. With his positions on healthcare and student loans, he is the Democrat candidate most likely to woo back a large number of White voters and if he can do that, he can break the stranglehold the Blacks have on the Democrat Party.

            I live in a Red State that used to be solid Democrat and I preferred that state then to what it is now. The conservative Democrats had no problem duking it out and rolling around in the mud with progressive Democrats. They did more for populist conservativism than the faux conservatives that comprise the Republiscam.

            Whether or not he can keep his social agenda remains to be seen. If nothing else, we get gridlock. Yes, Sanders is a Jew, but most Americans think of most Jews as lefty WHITES. I cant see OJ allowing Sanders to play the Antisemite Card against a Republican Congress the way Obama was able to play the race card.

            Most importantly, the Republiscum will be kept busy trying to oppose his social agenda to get us involved in any more wars. They are less likely to weasel out on what few conservative “principles” they have the way they would if a Black or a woman is in office.

  19. Hunter- I’m reading your comments on this thread, about Bernie the Jew curtailing Jew Wars, stopping debt peonage, and protecting the White Working Class (How soon you”ve forgotten his adamant refusal to state that All Lives Matter, during the first Dem Debate, and the fact that he’s hired Negro Mau Mau-ers….).
    You’ve said you’ve never been to VT. You need to take a trip. Go in Spring, if you can, and Winter breaks. Spend as much time as you can. Experience first hand the very Clueless White Helot State, that has served as Bernie’s perch. SEE it.
    See Jews in power over their clueless White Helots. The White serfs don’t SEE the Jews IN POWER, because the Jews “….are White, right? Just like us…..they’re ok”.
    It’s easy to avoid the White Genocide effects of Diversity when there is no Diversity, your Smart Masters “look just like you”. See – the Jews just got in power over the White population because they are really smart, and talented, and work hard, and they deserve it, right? Nothing else was at play. ALL the Jews in power JUST got there on their own Bootstraps Merit. It’s OK if all the levers of power are held by Jewish hands, because they worked hard, Nothing weird going on.
    Go and see for yourself.

      • You are DELUDING yourself. Should Sanders gain National Power – White dispossession will accelerate, and the boot of Hard Communism comes DOWN.
        Go to VT. I’m not kidding. I think you can do it. Go in March/April. spend a month there. I think you have the ability to do this. Winter will be breaking. Summer – everything’s set up, and running. Summer and Fall is for tourists. Late Winter/Early Spring is the time when the Helots get everything going for the year. Go .SEE. Live in in for as many weeks as you can. See who holds power. I’ve told you repeatedly that VT is a Jew Bug Out stronghold. They don’t need to brutalize their White Helots – YET.

        SEE it. See Bernie’s fiefdom. You need to see it yourself.

    • Denise is 100% right on this. I’ve been to Vermont many times, it’s the kind of place where a McDonald’s is staffed entirely by White people. Like an alternate universe (a beautiful alternate universe btw… love going up there in the summertime).

      They are, of course, stridently “anti-racist”. Lack of exposure tends to do that to you..

        • No. VT was run by the White farmers and tradesman. The White population OWNED their land, and controlled their own society.
          Now they don’t.
          GO. SEE. GO.

          • Errr… has that slavery thing worked out for the Not United States? Has slavery been a good idea? Cause there have been no ill effects that have vanished a century ago, right?

          • Apples are not oranges.
            “Radicalism” means different things, depending on what ever radicals are reacting against.
            If you are Anti Radicalism – then how can you support Bernie? The Effendi of VT? I’ve repeatedly asked you to tell me what Bernie has DONE, in the real world, to support your belief that he will accomplish all the miracles he promises. Why won’t you answer?

            PS – I know people who live IN Vermont. Whites and Jews. I’ve been there.

          • No. This is all about Identity Politics. There are simply double standards about “Identity”. W
            hat did Bernie DO about correcting those insanely stupid, deluded Christians, about the Jew Wars?
            Trump has always been against the Jew Wars. And took lots of heat. He’s not Juden. Bernie Is.
            Did Bernie take heat from his co-Jews about “objecting to the Middle East Wars”?
            See – this is classic Jewish deception. It’s status signaling to other Jews, and his ability to delude the White Cucks. Has Bernie EVER come out SAID. “Hey White Christians! the Jews are USING YOU. You die for the goals of my co-Jews, and we sit and eat like Effendi. Don’t DO it! Protect your own kind”.
            Did Bernie EVER say something like that?

          • Lots of people in Congress were dead wrong about Iraq. But Congress critters do not really work on principle anyway. They are bought and paid for and will do the bidding of their benefactors.

      • Exactly. Real estate is VERY expensive. Ordinary Whites somehow never gain access, to the chummy University system. (They didn’t meet the {{{right chosen people}}} during Summer Camp in the Catskills oy vey) They can’t afford to buy land, but live in extended families their whole lives (which is normally good – but they don’t see their Helot status cause they live their whole lives in the same place)and if they are lucky, they can hold on to their family house and not lose what they have to {{{taxes}}}.
        They work really hard, their whole lives, and see nothing past their noses.

          • YES Of course. Bernie is going to give them free college. Just like he’s going to give you debt relief, and no more Jew Wars.
            Why are our Volk SO ready to swallow obvious and impossible Jew lies?

          • Free college means more 3rd world ingrates being taught how to hate White, Christian, Western civilization even more effectively. Free college means empowering the enemy.

          • ‘YES Of course. Bernie is going to give them free college.’

            That and they love how he folded before shrill negro BLM shegros and champions their causes. Cucks all.

          • “Why are our Volk SO ready to swallow obvious and impossible Jew lies?”

            Because Jews have been pulling the levers on the propaganda machine for decades now. The multi-generational assault on White identity and cultural confidence has done its grim work, good and proper. Deprogramming is a must.

        • Exactly. You can go up to ANY White Vermonter, working as a waitress, or a McDonald’s counterperson, or garage mechanic, and introduce the subject of Race. ALL of them will get angry/horrified/sullen/combatative (they don’t erupt in furies) is you make a smiling comment about how beautiful, clean, and safe VT is, because it’s all White. (Word things in the way that that suits the situation). When they reply, if they don’t turn away in disgust, it will run along the lines of how they judge people as individuals/they don’t think like that/they know Good Ones (they DON’T) etc – all the standard I am NOT a Racist clichés. They are sincere. They are NOT Racists.
          They’ve lived around White People that they’ve known for their entire lives, for their entire lives, you see.

          • I would imagine that to a large degree they are merely posing. In their heart of hearts they really would not want blacks and Mehicans to come pouring in, but it costs them nothing to pretend otherwise. It’s not cheap grace; it’s free grace.

            It’s whiter there than anywhere else, and they know it, and they don’t want anyone to think it’s like that because they want it that way.

      • They are the Bolshevik equivalent of the clueless Eloi, in the the old ‘Time Machine’ movie of the 1960’s- Hypnotized by the Untermenschen Juden/Morlocks, walking to their doom.

      • If I could, I’d bus south central LA to Vermont. I wonder if that’d help them get their mind right on the race issue.

        But wow, I have to admit, they lack of vibrant diversity does call to me. I hate the cold. I’ve lived in the NE before. But 12 blacks for every 1000 people. One would have to go to Iceland to improve on that.

  20. I’ve been listening to critiques of Trump, and they are dead on. The euphoria had to die down, after all.
    The Jews News critiques have been surprisingly kind, and accurate. The most salient ones are as follows:
    Trump’s campaign has been based on a Cult of Personality. He’s sold the sizzle- not the steak. (We know this). He doesn’t do the Ground Game. The Cruz campaign has been in IA for a YEAR, I found out last night. Trump is still ahead in all the other states. So it’s not over. It could BE over, if he doesn’t TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY. He has to get gritty. He can’t just sail over all of this,
    Let’s see what he does.

  21. I’m surprised that two Cuban mestizos got the majority of votes in Republican Iowa. One a Roman Catholic, and the other a Roman Catholic until his teens when his father became a fundamentalist brand x church preacher. Bizarre.

  22. Iowa is a backwater, upper midwest state. Most of it’s people, at this point, haven’t had to face the consequences of Third World immigration in their personal everyday lives

  23. YIKES…”From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

    Buh-BYE…sounds VERY JUDEN to me!!!

  24. I can’t vote for Bernie. This is not because he is a socialist but because he is a progressive. Progressives support the following:

    – affirmative action programs in college admissions programs that discriminate against working class whites
    – affirmative action programs in the private sector that discriminate against working class whites
    – citizenship for illegal immigrants who will compete with working class whites for jobs and entitlements
    – punitive actions against small business owners (many of them working class whites) who refuse to cater homosexual weddings
    – environmental regulations that impose hardships upon farmers and ranchers, many of whom are working class whites
    – gun control laws that will make it more difficult for working class whites to purchase weapons to defend their property and their lives
    – small business loans and grants to so-called underprivileged groups (ie anyone but white men)
    – large scale immigration of poor people whom will compete with working class whites for low-skill jobs and entitlements and harm the wages of working Americans

    There are many more examples. Progressives hate working class white people.

      • Affirmative action affects who gets the scholarships. A poor non-white has a much better chance than a poor white. If someone really wants to go to college they can take out loans. The issue becomes getting a job that pays well enough to be able to pay off the loans. Working in the corporate environment, I am so sick of corporate America’s diversity and inclusion programs. It is blatant discrimination against white men. Also, if you own a business and want to get a contract, then you better have a diverse person as your CEO otherwise you will never get through the company’s diversity supplier program. I would like to see a president Trump outlaw affirmative action. The head of any business or government agency that continues the practice should be hauled off in chains and prosecuted.

        • Any poll of White college students will reveal that student loan debt dwarfs affirmative action. Blacks and Hispanics benefit from affirmative action, but they are still underrepresented on lots of campuses. Student loan debt, however, affects a far greater number of White college students.

          • Affirmative action will haunt them the rest of their lives whenever they want to get a new job or promotion. Affirmative action applies to Asians as well. It is for anyone but the white man. I see your point about student debt. However, I fear free college will just be another opportunity to transfer wealth from traditional Americans to immigrants. Also, it bothers me to think I will be paying even more money to indoctrinate young minds with ideas such as globalism, multiculturalism, anti-racism, white privilege, and all the other isms popular in colleges.

          • Oftentimes they are two sides of the same coin for white students. The white student applies for an in state, partially subsidized university, and despite having higher SAT and GPA marks, is denied admittance in favor of a black student with lower marks. The white student ends up going to a private, less prestigious college at three times the cost financed by student loans. The black student enters the workforce where fortune 500 companies bend over backwards to make him an intern and hire him with generous salary and benefits because of the benefits of diversity and Affirmative Action. The white student enters the workforce with a degree from a less prestigious school, can expect to make less, and there will be less demand for his services and employ merely because of the color of his skin. In the aggregate, this same or similar fact pattern takes place tens of thousands of times a year across America. In terms of economic livelihood and impact, for whites, it is far more pernicious than “red lining” and the “GI BILL” was to whites. In sum, the “student loan crisis” white students face cannot be remedied until we tackle the systemic, institutional racism whites face in education and the market place as a result of affirmative action.

  25. Hunter – do some research of your own on Vermont. Study demographics, FYI – regular internet sites are starting to refrain from specific citations of Jewish numbers. You have to seek that info out separately. If you go on City Data, or Wikipedia – “Other” means “Jew”.
    VT is the Whitest State, or the second Whitest state, or in that range, in the country. Christianity is dying out, and so are White birth rates. Median income is higher than in other places, but very low in terms of tax rates, and real estate costs. The cost od doing business is very high.
    Figure out what this means.

  26. If Mr. W., our host, won’t mind my quoting myself, I’ll paste a comment I posted overnight, at The Slate article to which I was responding had been about Trump’s concession speech in Iowa, and the Slate author had concluded by saying that “the Donald–for the first time throughout this circus–finally sounded like the one thing he doesn’t want to sound like: a politician.”

    My comment, in reply, was the following:

    “Saying Trump hasn’t been sounding like a politician is like saying Jimi Hendrix’s performance of the national anthem at Woodstock didn’t sound like The Star-Spangled Banner. Trump has been sounding like a politician all along—a daring, original, and very-skillful one. Never did he shrink from the challenge posed for him by idiosyncratic Iowa, with its position right at the head of the primary season. Even when it became clear that Ted Cruz had a good chance of beating him there, he made clear he wanted to win it, even though, as he himself acknowledged, a defeat might diminish, at least temporarily, his winner’s luster. Even while he was risking that humiliation, he was thinking many steps ahead, toward the later part of the nomination fight. Aware that the Fox News mediocrities seek to undermine him, he risked his one-man debate boycott, in the hope it would put him in better position against Fox some months from now. As things turned out, it’s religious Ted Cruz who should be wondering why religious Iowa gave him a victory of only a few percentage points over a brash billionaire from New York City. In his concession speech, Trump skillfully kept on good terms with the Iowa that had delivered him this blow he’d been willing to suffer–and he said he’ll be back. ‘In other words,’ those who fear him will say, ‘he lost.’ Well, yes—as he might lose everything; but whatever happens, the speech was the latest remarkable moment in an unprecedented political performance.”

      • Yes. Trump, as I indicated above, was shrewd enough, over the past month or so, to predict their taking that predictable tack. He remains in good position, their psy ops notwithstanding.

        I should add that I’ve already encountered one or two Slate columns whose authors have avoided that tack. They are shrewd enough to avoid that trap.

      • They do this, m’am, every election. You know it.

        They try to decide for us, by framing every event in such a way that victories seem like defeats and defeats seem like victories.

        To me, while I was thrilled with the Cruz victory, the conclusion I drew was that Trump is a very very strong candidate, as will become obvious in open voting states.

      • Yes. One could easily get the idea that the presidential election had actually been held last Monday. He comes in a pretty close second in a state that is not a natural fit for him, a nonentity state at that, and suddenly he may as well quit the race.

    • ‘As things turned out, it’s religious Ted Cruz who should be wondering why religious Iowa gave him a victory of only a few percentage points over a brash billionaire from New York City.’

      I read today that he actually won the evangelical vote. What ? How weird is that?

      Well crafted comments, John. Wish I could stitch words together like you do.

      • Thanks, Sam. — Are you saying it’s weird that Cruz got the majority of the religious vote and still didn’t wipe the floor with Trump?

        • No, the reverse. Somewhere at Breitbart, polling data indicated that Trump actually won the majority of evangelicals.


          • Ha! Can’t stump the Trump. Cruz visits every one of Iowa’s ninety-nine counties and doesn’t even win the majority vote of his natural constituency.

      • It’s true, Sam – last night’s outcome was stunning in it’s display for Trump’s strength.

        he did not win, but, he finisht second in a landscape the absolute worst for him, and he only campaigned a fraction that Cruz had.

        that said, I believe Rubio is the odds on favourite now.

        As the other moderate candidates bow out, he will pick up the majority of them, and that will propel him to first place. Further, the establishment is falling in behind him.

        • I am afraid that your post makes too much sense and that the future for Trump does not bode well as more and more Republicans bow out. People on the right who I’ve talked to that do not like Trump say that their main objection to him is that he is “un-presidential.” Egads, I weep for my homeland.

          • Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Samsa.

            The newest poll from New Hampshire shows Rubio picking up steam from the voters who have been released by other candidates.

            He will really pick up steam when Kasich, Christie, and Bush read the writing on the wall.

            That said, even if Rubio wins the nomination, I would not be surprised if Mr. Trump cries,’ foul’, as he already has over Iowa, and then launches an independent bid for the presidency.

            Further, I believe we may be facing other independent bids.

            As the two party hold over billionaires breaks down, we may have an honest to god four or five man race, in November.

    • I didn’t watch the speech. Once I saw how the exit polls were going I stopped paying attention and avoided the “news” channels.

      To hear some people tell it, Iowa was the actual Presidential election. But I recall 49 other states that may demand a say in the matter.

  27. Burlington College, in VT costs

    “Tuition & Fees Full-time tuition: $23,546 Estimated housing costs and other fees: $8,254 Full-time total cost: $31,800 Financial Aid Percent of students receiving aid: 89% Average financial aid package for full-time students: $19,662 Percent of students receiving work study: 53% Accreditation New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) through…

    You really need to look through THIS Communiversity site! Communism is fun and arty and cool and hip and nose rings!
    But it’s not free…yet. Bernie will fix THAT if you make him POTUS.

        • Since Jews are the wealthiest ethnic group in America, they will have no problem affording private education.

          How’s this for a platform for the WN movement? Let’s get rid of your healthcare, cut taxes for the wealthy, and make education unaffordable for your children.

          • Right. That’s what I asked. In your original comment you said, “[L]et’s go back to the days when only the wealthy could afford private education.” By saying that, you implied those days are over; but now, you acknowledge that the student-loan programs haven’t made private education affordable at all: we’re still in the days when only the wealthy can afford private education. The only difference is that whites now spend the years of their first adulthood taking on mortgage-sized student-loan debt that, unlike an actual mortgage, doesn’t even gain them a residence.

            “Free college,” via Bernie Sanders, will be rather like Obamacare: one more level of government interference that will simply magnify the problem that government interference has created. Sanders merely flatters whites, enables them to avoid recognizing that education-debt is a consequence of the student-loan programs for which no small number of whites have voted. For the whites who, as you say, spend decades paying off the loans, or who bear the taxes by which repayment of those loans is guaranteed, the loans are socialism—costly, corrosive socialism. For the bankers who needn’t fear the loans won’t be repaid—and not a few of whom, I suspect, are Jews—they are capitalism. With the profits on those taxpayer-guaranteed loans, those bankers send their own children to the Ivy League—not state college. At those high-level schools, those children get the education and prosperousness that enable them to buy the next generation of goy politicians. Those politicians, of course, will preserve the scam—along with whatever warmaking the Jews require.

            It’s rather like the colossal stadiums whose construction, maintenance, and operation are underwritten by white taxpayers, because, of course, a major-league sports franchise “helps the local economy.” Right—taxation to cover the overhead costs of Jew impresarios is in whites’ interests.

            I’m reminded of the line near the end of “Body Heat”: “Keep talking, Matty. Experience shows I can be convinced of anything.” Something like that. That’s what Jews know about whites: they can be convinced of anything.

          • If market forces were applied to college education, tuition would not be anywhere as high as it is now. Government involvement is to a large extent what has driven up tuition.

            And many people who go to college would do far better in trade school.

            In order for me to possibly support “free” college, I’d have to know that it was only free for Whites, and I know that that’s fantasyland territory.

          • If market forces were applied to primary and higher education, the result would be a sharp reduction in the number of people who go to both high school and college. The overwhelming majority of Whites care about the education of their children. We saw that when the segregationists blundered by closing down public schools.

          • How is that a White anything platform? It doesn’t address White people or devote any energy or money into assuring them that they won’t be the ones funding all of this free stuff and be left out of the loop when the time comes to start passing it out. That’s exactly what we have now. Bernie’s little utopian ideal doesn’t translate very well when you take it out of Very White Vermont and try to apply it to the rest of America.

            Are you willing to work overtime just so you can pay for the education of someone who will more than likely hate your very existence and be taught by highly-vetted professors to think and act against any pro-White people or views? Which university would you trust giving money to so they could donate that money toward a student and course of their choosing?

            Forget student loans and higher education for a minute. We have a lot of FREE things in this country if you meet certain criteria. How is that working out for White America? Whites are pushed to the back of the line when it comes to handing out anything free, right?

            Hell, man, we have FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION K-12. How’s that been working out for us? Are we producing this brilliant crop of High School seniors because of that? No, far from it. We spend a lot more on public education than other countries, only to have our students lagging far behind the students of other countries who spend a lot less. Taxpayers pay somewhere around 600 Billion per year in public education. At least that’s the last numbers I remember—might be a lot more. What’s the ROI?

            If “free” is this magical remedy to fix our problems in education, then why are so many parents deciding to homeschool their children or send them to private schools? They are tax payers and get taxed for public education whether they like it or not. So why are they forgoing the “free” education that the government is giving them?

            FREE and a multicultural/multiracial society that is conditioned to be anti-White from birth is nothing but a recipe for disaster.

          • 1.) How is student loan debt a White issue? Have you seen the crowds that Bernie Sanders attracts? They are overwhelmingly White college students.

            As the wealthiest ethnic group in America, Jews have the easiest time affording college tuition. Nonwhites that excel academically are showered with grants and affirmative action allows them to glide into the corporate world.

            It is primarily the White working class and White middle class that is saddled with student loan debt.

            2.) Germany has free college tuition. Virtually every other Western country has some kind of national healthcare system that it takes for granted.

            3.) Why do people work so much overtime these days? Hell, why are women even in the workforce? Because real wages have stagnated since the early 1970s.

            4.) Just out of curiosity, would you care to share the White literacy rate in Tennessee before public education? Every other industrialized Western country has a public education system and White Americans are no better or worse than many of their European counterparts.

            5.) Because of the curriculum that is taught in public schools these days, not the concept of public schools. Even still, home schooling and private schools are yet another massive economic burden for White families.

            6.) Student loans are hardly free. It would be nice if that were the case for millions of White students. That would certainly have a direct financial impact on their lives.

          • Did Bernie day anything about cutting foreign aid? THAT would pay for a lot of college. You seem to forget that you need a TX BASE to pay for “free” education and medical care. Lots of “Americans” get a lot of “freebies”. They aren’t WHITE Americans, though.
            Bernie LOVES the Darkies, doesn’t he?

          • You’re always trying this trick, making it sound as if it’s the JEWS who are hurt most by high taxes. Fact is, not only do Jews represent a small minority in this country, they represent a small minority of millionaires as well (though they are grossly overrepresented there, for sure). It is SUCCESSFUL WHITE PEOPLE who pay for all the social programs we have now, and WHITE PEOPLE who are disproportionally affected anytime there’s a tax hike.

            It’s like you don’t want to admit the obvious truth: in a country like the good ole US of A, where Whites control the wealth and resources, redistribution of wealth is inherently anti-White. Period.

            If this were Scandinavia, the conversation would be different.

          • Germany There are what? approx. 8o million actual Germans. The population is homogenous, and the country itself is small. As in the land mass. Germans are honest and hard working. They can provide “free education” and healthcare- until now.
            Germany is being deliberately flooded with non-Whites. Feral, predatory Negroes and Arabs. There are about a million Orcs in Germany now. They don’t WORK. They DEMAND money and services.
            How much longer will Germans be able to keep their healthcare and education afloat?

      • If there were good family supportive jobs available there would be little or no pressure to attend college.

      • You are COMPLETELY missing what I am telling you – Bernie is NOT going to do what he’s telling every-one he’s doing. It’s NOT going to happen, for a host of reasons, Don’t you understand this?

        • You’re probably correct.

          It wouldn’t happen because the “limited guvernmint” crowd that controls Congress would never support spending money on anything that actually helps the White working class. They would much rather sink trillions of dollars into declaring war on Iran and Syria.

          • Great. you are finally getting what I am trying to communicate. The American debt is 19 trillion as of today. If Bernie SAID, “I’ll get my Tribe to forgive the debt they created, and take all the shekels we spend on direct payments to Israel, and wars for Israel, and spend that money on healthcare and education” – I’d be impressed. But he doesn’t.
            John Kasich has a FAR better REAL WORLD track record on fiscal/monetary issues than Bernie the Jew does.

      • If people are not already literate before college then I think there are other problems that need to be addressed.

          • The New South was its own dynamic.

            I only mentioned higher education being market driven. If it were, I believe you’d have not only much less expensive tuition, but also a more practical and more varied approach to the education they offer. As in, much less of the lefty crapola.

  28. Hunter Wallace

    ‘Please explain why it makes more sense to pay for the medical bills of “wounded warriors” than to relieve young White families of the burden of student loan debt.’

    I’m not for endless wars for Israel ,but the concept of a military defending our nation is totally legit.

    If they get wounded or maimed, sure, they should be taken care of medically.

    If the Confederate soldiers had someone like Trump raising money for them and advocated for better health care for them would you find that praiseworthy?

      • No, but we still need a military. As for the soldiers. Look, an agreement is made between parties. The gov. says we will do this, you do that. It’s a contract. I believe in honoring contracts.

        I’ve made business deals that were not wise and cost me dearly.

        I didn’t weasel out. I always honored my commitments.

        I like country music.

        Interesting that so many of them are Southerners who served.

        No job, no family wealth, no prospects, join the military.

        In peace time it is a good deal. Make some cash, acquire skills. Room and board.

        The G.I.Bill was a tremendous benefit.

        ‘But I never picked cotton like my mother did, my brother did and my father died young’

    • The Confederate soldiers were defending their homes. What about the people who are wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan? The overwhelming majority of them are there because the economy is so terrible in their area that they had little choice but to join the military.

      • I agree with you, Brad. But plenty of decent people went there thinking they were defending us from Koranimals. If they suffered injuries or have PTSD they should be able to get treatment.

        And it is not a bad thing that Trump was able to raise 6 million dollars for them because it did not come from our taxes.

  29. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 4h4 hours ago

    ‘I don’t believe I have been given any credit by the voters for self-funding my campaign, the only one. I will keep doing, but not worth it!’

    He’s right.

    I don’t know what he is implying by saying it’s not worth it.

    He losing tons of cash… and for what?

    Second thoughts?

    Perhaps he realizes how difficult it is to buck the establishment’s bought and paid for lackeys.

    Or maybe he knows that people value something more and and will be motivated to to a greater extent when they have skin in the game.

    Cruz had a ton of people invested in him financially.

    Trump should ask for donations. Contributors will feel like they are part of the Trump Express. Part of the team, not just a spectator on the sidelines.

    • If I were to give Trump any strategical advice, I’d tell him to stop mentioning the fact that he’s self-funding. He could have done just as well—he still can—to emphasize that he only wants donations from citizens who can afford to donate; but he will not take any campaign contributions from lobbyists, corporations or any of the other special interests groups that own every hair of the other candidates.

      There’s really no reason for him to deplete his wealth while trying to fight off the monster when so many average Americans would gladly donate to Trump just to watch him speak his mind without filters or fear of reprisal like so many of us have to do.

      • Part of the appeal of Trump for me is that he is self funding his own campaign. He is a billionaire and can afford to spend hundreds of millions of dollars. If what he is doing is so important, then it should be worth the money to him.

    • Even though the Iowa result has probably left him pretty bugged—hence his “not worth it”—he’s committed (hence the “will keep doing”). It was a gamble he knew he was taking, even if he didn’t really feel it until the Iowa loss. When he declared his candidacy, he crossed the Rubicon, as one says. The die was cast, as the Rubicon’s original crosser said.

  30. Last showed just how difficult it is to change the system. People have tried before, Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader but it doesn’t seem to change. I’m not too surprised that the holy rollers in the Republican Party picked Ted Cruz, these are the same people who picked Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum. Sometimes I can see why the establishment gets sick of these shit kickers.

  31. I wish the media would stop banging on about how important Iowa is. Iowa is not important, it did not matter in the last two elections.

  32. Trump is speaking in NH. Seems fired up.

    Anyway, after what went down in Iowa I’m sure he realizes that sneaky Cruz and his Iowa values are not a whole lot different than the values of NYC.

    Okay boys, let’s fight fire with fire.

    After decades of dealing with the shysterbergers, crooked politicans, trade unions, mobsters and flat out killers he just might have a thing or two up his sleeve in store for Beck’s boy Cruz.

    You wanna play, let’s play.

    As for the NRO and the cuckservatives crowing over their little stolen victory? Well, they had better play nice, too.

    I would not put it past Trump to spoil Rubio’s nomination party by playing the Trump card at the end of the day.

    Third party.


    Bye, bye, GOPe.

    • Good. I was hoping Trump would get pissed. He’s supposed to win NH in a landslide. Let’s see what happens there.

  33. I hate this guy!

    ‘Tuesday on his radio show, talk show host Glenn Beck likened supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to the so-called “brownshirts,” the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party of the 1920s and 1930s that aided the rise of Adolf Hitler.

    Beck referred to remarks from Trump at a rally in Cedar Rapids, IA on Monday, which Trump lobbied attendees to “knock the crap out of” any person in the audience that might try to throw tomatoes at him, adding he would pay their legal fees.

    “That’s not who we are,” Beck said. “And when you start to plant those seeds, what is he doing? I’m going where everybody knows I’m going — that’s brownshirts, teaching people to be brownshirts. It is. And what happened with the brownshirts? The brownshirts were trained to knock the hell out of people who disagreed with Hitler. They were trained to do that, then Hitler distanced himself from that and said, ‘Oh my gosh, these guys are so out of control.’ But behind the scenes [he] was helping them, yes, ‘Keep going, keep going.’ In the end the brownshirts were all killed by Hitler because he outgrew the need of those kinds of thugs when he got the black-suited thugs of the SS. You don’t train people to do that. You don’t train people to do that.”

  34. Wow, Sir – I thought I disliked Trump’s personal mannerisms, but, you take the cake on Cruz.

    You and I sure divide over the matter of personal style and substance,, because, though I find Trump an uncouth city-slicker braggadocio and churlish Yankee who cannot stop fawning over himself and passes out the most ridiculous cookie-cutter kudos, I’ll sure as hell vote for him, if he is the nominee.

    Whatever he is personally, he’s a patriot, a clever man, and he has some things right – like renegotiating the debt of putting up the wall.

    After 8 years of listening to Obama, ANY non-socialist voice, would be a relief…

  35. Reagan, Bush, McCain & Romney – all lost Iowa caucus, then became GOP nominee.
    Iowa has history of picking losers.

  36. Bill Mitchell ?@mitchellvii 2h2 hours ago
    This is the difference between Trump and Romney. Trump doesn’t slink away when you cheat him. he busts you in the mouth.’

  37. The trouble with this is that even though Sanders and Trump both share populist supporters, they also need the support of others to win. Meaning Sanders needs Clinton and Obama supporters and Trump needs Romney and McCain supporters. They don’t need as many though because the populist element raises their total count.

    Therefore any alliance would have to be secretive. In public they need to be enemies.

  38. Once again Trump packs em in at rally in Little Rock breaking attendance records.

    In Iowa he drew large crowds, lines of people on the sidewalk and around the block in most places. Cruz and Rubio barely filled hallways, class rooms, broom closets, Ruby’s Diner, Wilbur’s barber shop and the local Wendy’s… yet Rev. Nasty beats Trump and Pool Boy finishes closely behind after all the polls showed The Donald leading.

    No way!

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