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  1. Other silver linings – look at all the cuckservative, RINOS, lame Libertarians that got next to nothing in Iowa:

    Rand Paul 4.51% 8,299

    Jeb Bush 2.80% 5,143

    Carly Fiorina 1.87% 3,431

    John Kasich 1.86% 3,427

    Mike Huckabee 1.79% 3,282

    The Bush family getting 2.8% that’s great. Libertarian Loons in the Ron Paul and Rand Paul loner loser cult getting 4.5% they must be very excited.

  2. I am watching “Lawrence of Arabia”. In addition to the sumptuous photography, and the sublime score – there is a lot of fundamental political wisdom to be gleaned. Eternal verities.

  3. Let’s go with some Liberal Left ideas:

    Tax the churches – we have so very few tax exempt church folks on our side.

    • Great idea.

      Next, a tariff on every Nigerian, Honduran and Somali they import to diversify our communities.

      At about 100 grand per head for starters.

      That would cut back on the volume and cover welfare benefits for a few years until they wind up in jail for rape or murder.

  4. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter 1h1 hour ago
    Based upon exit polls, Rubio seems to have gotten the lion’s share of the Prevaricating Little Weasel vote.

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter 2h2 hours ago
    Fox is slyly denigrating Cruz by ignoring him. IT APPEARS HE’S ABOUT TO WIN. But it’s all hands on deck for the sweaty little Mario.

  5. Isn’t the simplist answer that Trump’s base didn’t show up? He may still win the nomination, but bear in mind that he does not have the support of the majority of the party. He also does very poorly in general election polls. I blame his erratic and unpresidential manner, which attracts the bomb throwers, but not the people that do the heavy lifting.

    • Takes time to get the ball rolling.

      Rubio and Cruz are sitting Senators and have infrastructures in place. Trump crashed the party In June and almost snatched the brass ring in flaky Iowa with the entire establishment, media and cuckservatives nuking him from every side.

      Impressive, actually.

      Levin, Erickson, Beck, and Limbaugh as of late have ganged up on his as well.

      After New Hampshire he will be looking good.

  6. Congressman Steve King played an important part in the Cruz victory. Congressman King came out early & strongly against illegal immigration. King proved to be a much stronger player in Iowa politics than anyone gave him credit for being.
    I would say that Steve King turned out to be the margin of victory in Iowa.

  7. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/02/breaking-carson-accuses-cruz-camp-of-foul-play-at-iowa-caucuses/

    ‘The Carson camp claimed Cruz’s team spread false rumors at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out.

    Ben Carson was incensed as the results of Monday night’s Iowa caucuses rolled in, accusing the winner of spreading falsehoods about him at caucus sites.

    Carson’s team claimed that Cruz’s campaign deliberately sent emails to supporters to spread false rumors at caucus sites that Carson had dropped out, so his supporters would caucus for other candidates.

    “That is really quite a dirty trick,” Carson said speaking to reporters at the end of the evening. “That’s the very kind of thing that irritated me enough to get into this quagmire.”

    “To have campaigns come out and send emails to their caucus speakers suggesting that Dr. Carson was doing anything but moving forward after tonight is the lowest of low in American politics,” said Carson campaign manager Ed Brookover.’

  8. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1004410756297757&set=a.222774721128035.55437.100001865270030&type=3

    Stephanie Grace
    CNN botched the election with a lie DURING the caucus voting. People were told based on CNN reporting that Carson dropped out and that his votes should go to someone else. I am glad Cruz beat Trmp but this is wrong.

    Carson supporters are reporting they were told Carson dropped out and wanted them to vote for Cruz! Yikes. I doubt Cruz had anything directly to do with this… hope not.

  9. Sir,
    At Redstate.com, they gave this pithy analysis…


    Ted Cruz: He stumped Trump. Enough said.

    Hillary Clinton: She survived. That’s all she needed.

    Marco Rubio: He nearly stumped Trump, and he now trails Cruz by one delegate.

    Emerson College: They called the Rubio surge.

    National Review: They took heat with respect to Trump, but he didn’t win.

    Fox News and Megyn Kelly: Trump was punished for skipping the debate.

    RedState: We dumped Trump early, and Cruz and Rubio have been our candidates for a long time.


    Donald Trump: He’s bragged about winning the polls for months, but the first actual vote went against him.

    Bernie Sanders: This was one of his most favorable states. He failed. He’s done, he just doesn’t know it yet.

    Right to Rise PAC: They shot at Rubio. They missed.

    Nazis: Cucked again.

      • As I have just been recently visiting that site, I do not know their angle well enough to know what you mean, thereby, Sir.

        Further, this is the rarest of elections, as you know, so unpredictable they could not even get the basick polling in Iowa right. They were 20% off, and that is huge.

  10. Flush Rimblow & jewr ZOG is Cucked:

    Why did The Donald cum in Second in the Iowa primaries behind “Big Rickie Cruz” and just barely in front of “Little Rickie Rubio”? Why because of whiggers. Stupid whiggers who want to die and becum-cum a dispossessed minority in theys’ own Mighty Evil Empire of ZOG/Babylon.

    Parody songs include: “jewr ZOG is Cucked”

    “Whigger Problem”

    and “Florian Geyer” as performed by Pastor Martin Lindstedt / Dick Reltney / Flush Rimblow in a hottt pink Halloween wig costing $1.97.

    Da Flush Rimblow Shoah on Talksjew:


    Hail Victory!!!

    “Flush Rimblow”

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt

    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri


  11. I wouldn’t be too hard on the Iowans if I were any of you.

    Remember that old saw about it’s he who counts the votes not he that votes that matter. So nothing would surprise me if the actual voting skewed the other way.

    Iowa makes a lot of money out these presidential elections by being the “First in the Nation” caucus state. Most of these candidates burn through the most money there. I recall reading how, when Iowans seemed a little too Pro-Ron Paul, the Republicans threatened that they would lost their position as the first caucus in line. Needless to say a county that seemed like it would go to Paul suddenly found itself pro-Romney.

    While I am as bitterly disappointed in Iowa’s outcome as any of you, the LAST thing we need to do is go on an Iowa-bashing spree. We need to understand that though the Iowans may be with many of us in spirit, the realities on the ground are that they have to put their own state’s self-interest first. Much like the competing states did in the lead up to the War Between The States.

    The united States of America was originally conceived to be like the cantons of Switzerland without the language barriers. They were countries that banded together for mutual defense. The biggest tragedy is that we Americans forgot that. We could not respect our diverse “nations” and that led up to the secession and the War.

    The Confederacy was defeated but only the District of Corruption won. Every state in the Union lost its own sovereignty after that to the point where Washington runs the whole country, takes the earnings of every citizen in every state in the country for purposes that citizen would never pay for willingly on his own and issues unfunded mandates through courts that were never elected by the people.

    We keep that kind of crap up to this day. “Hicks and sticks” in Iowa, “steers and queers” in Texas, “fruits and nuts” in California, “New York” values. This needs to stop and pronto. We can’t afford this kind of divisive attitude anymore. Not that we ever did. Americans lost almost 700,000 White men who could have married and had children. We are being overwhelmed by the other races and if we can’t show solidarity with each other NOW, stick a fork in us, we are done.

    Remember “Divide and Rule.” If anyone makes some smartass remark about the people of another state in your hearing, you need to put a stop to it. We can only prevail through solidarity.

    I don’t claim to understand why Southern culture is the way it is. I know there is probably an interesting story or two behind it. All I know is that a certain culture exists, because there is a pragmatic reason behind it. That people have to adapt to and do what works for them. So I respect that there are going to be differences in our cultural POV’s, but there should be no daylight where our racial interests lie and no denial of the existential crisis we face if we don’t pull together as Whites.

    No enemies to the White of me.


  12. Trump means jobs, and those jobs will be good jobs. He’s a builder, a manager and an organizer of large scale projects. That didn’t resonate in Iowa.

    There is no one better on trade than Trump, that didn’t resonate in Iowa either.

    Why people would think that either Cuban mestizo with no experience in business, could deliver on jobs is beyond me. The two catholic mestizos are lucky that they have their own jobs, let alone employ and organize thousands of others.

  13. There is a road I travel that has buildings going up in an area zoned for business. An Arby’s, Taco Bell, Dollar Store, Burger King, a bank building, and a Super-Wal Mart.

    Wally’s world sells stuff made by Chinese people and residents of other countries around the world.

    We make tacos and roast beef sandwiches.

  14. Insight into the mentality of Iowans. For the most part-cuck central. Deracinated. No concern about future generations.

    At the Tremont Grille, with the presidential caucuses just days away, regulars talked about crime, declining home values and the costs of caring for those who can’t, or won’t, speak English.

    The nine men seated around their usual corner table — older, white, conservative — perfectly reflect the Republican Party base, save for the lone Democrat. So their concerns were no surprise; nothing this election has animated the GOP’s core supporters like immigration.

    But nobody wants to wall off Mexico, or round people up, as Donald Trump and others in the Republican field suggest.

    “Some of these people came here because they were desperate,” said Ken Vinson, 65, who works at the local power station. “I don’t care how they got here, they got here, and they have a family. Now all of a sudden you want to rip those people out and send them back? I wouldn’t want my family torn apart like that.”

    Mike Casey, 69, who retired from a sales job at the packing plant, echoed the sentiment. “We have Hispanics. Some of them are here illegally,” he said. “But they’re not a danger to society. They’re not a danger to Marshalltown.”


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