Bernie Sanders Concedes Iowa

Bernie Sanders was defeated by less than 1 percent of the vote in Iowa:

“Bernie Sanders accepted his defeat in the Iowa caucuses on Wednesday morning, while remarking that his campaign is still looking at contesting the results.

“Well, sure,” the Vermont senator told NBC’s Matt Lauer on “Today,” appearing from Burlington, Vermont, when asked if he accepted the results. “She ends up getting about 22 delegates. We get about 20 delegates.” …

As Pat Buchanan points out at VDARE, there are many points on which Trump’s supporters agree with Sanders:

“Yet there are areas where the Sanders agenda overlaps that of Donald Trump and other Republican candidates. Bernie is an anti-interventionist, anti-nation-building, anti-empire leftist of a breed common in the Labour Party after World War II, when the British Empire was liquidated, Churchill notwithstanding.

Moreover, Sanders is no free-trade globalist of the Davos school. He opposed NAFTA, GATT and MFN for China. Like Trump, he backs a trade policy that puts American workers first.

Thus, on both trade and foreign policy, there is common ground between the rebellions in the Democratic and Republican parties, even as Clinton has ideological allies among the GOP free-traders and neocons of the Bush I and II presidencies. …”

This will probably go on until Hillary finishes off Sanders with black voters in South Carolina and the Southern primaries on March 1. Sanders is trying to run a class-based campaign in a party based on racial and gender identity politics.

Listen to this excerpt from Bernie’s concession speech. Speaking for myself alone here, I fully agree when Sanders when he talks about our rigged economy. I could take you all over the South and show you how free trade has devastated our economy. It was the Bushes and Clintons who gave us NAFTA and the WTO. Sanders should be walking away with this election, but he can’t do it because he doesn’t have Trump’s killer instinct and he can’t convince the White working class to support his campaign.

Does anyone believe Hillary Clinton or Ted Cruz wouldn’t support the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Before writing off Sanders as a raving lunatic, remember that Princeton study which showed that the US is an oligarchy and that voters have no control over public policy. Angry voters are responding to a kernal of truth here.

Note: Trump is winning in the places where Sanders message should have the greatest impact. He probably lost Iowa, not because Cruz cheated, but because of the close race on the Democratic side between Hillary and Sanders.

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  1. “Sanders is trying to run a class-based campaign in a party based on racial and gender identity politics.”

    Because I don’t understand these political calculations, I find an observation of that kind, whether in your posts, Mr. W., or amid the subsequent comments, very interesting. Now, yes, I’ll be interested to see whether the South’s black vote will finish Sanders off, as you foresee.

    • Sanders has two conflicting messages:

      1.) The working class is getting shafted by the billionaires who debauch elections.

      2.) Do All Lives Matter or Black Lives Matter? Black Lives Matter

      • As soon as Bernie talks about ‘Socialism’ in the South, he’s doomed. I understand his socialism isn’t Mao Ze or even European socialism but that’s still a word that will scare away many Americans. I quite like Bernie as a person tho, he’s definitely a sincere politician, unlike… eh know what I mean.

        • Bernie would be more effective if he pointed out that, say, Alabama paid ThyssenKrupp a $1 billion dollars to build a steel plant after we free traded away our own steel industry.

        • He’ll be appealing to southern Democrats, not southern Republicans. Blacks aren’t nearly as put off by the word ‘socialism’ as whites are. And if Iowa is anything to go by, neither are younger white democrats.

          • silviosilver
            ‘Blacks aren’t nearly as put off by the word ‘socialism’ as whites are. And if Iowa is anything to go by, neither are younger white democrats.’
            Socialism to them means more ‘gibsmedats’ no need to write long winded essays about it.

        • OK, just to tweak the framework here a bit.
          “I quite like Bernie as a person tho, he’s definitely a sincere politician…”

          Do you realize how inane that statement sounds?

          Let me rephrase it for you…
          “I quite like Adolf as a person tho, he’s definitely a sincere politician…”


          • I probably needed a Hitler analogy, except he shot himself in the face 71 years ago and isn’t running for POTUS in 2016 so who the hell cares. Thanks @silviosilver for the serious answer at least. Oh and Hunter too.

      • Why do you say those messages conflict? How come you don’t say, for instance, that he’s working the party’s class message and civil rights message both?

        • It conflicts because he is afraid of offending the blacks by saying that “all lives matter,” but at the same time wants to emphasize the negative effects of globalization.

          • I guess it comes down to this: If a politician is asked whether “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter,” the white working class wants to hear “All Lives Matter.” Sanders doesn’t have it in him to say that, so his appeal to the white working class is thwarted. Is that it?

          • But wait a minute. If that’s right—if, in other words, the appeal of Sanders to the white working class is limited by his Black Lives Matter bit—then why will Clinton beat him in the South, via the black vote? Doesn’t she need the white working class, too? Does she make no appeal at all to that class? Does she say nothing at all about globalization? If that’s the case, then to whom, other than the blacks, is she making her pitch?

          • Obviously, I’m missing something basic here. How come Sanders won’t pick up the South’s black vote with his Black Lives Matter bit?

          • Oh, wait—I’ll reply to myself: Bernie’s problem, as Afterthought has just pointed out, in a comment posted above, is that the blacks see him as a white man.

          • As a Jew, ideologically, he sees the ‘plight of the blacks’ as somehow akin to his [spurious] claim to be an ‘Israelite,’ chafing at the hands of Pharaoh. Thus, his desire to ‘ameliorate the lot of the Negro.’

            As a Jew, he also sees the bizarre contradiction (I never said they were intelligent, just ‘smart’ i.e., cunning, devious) that if his White host class goes, he cannot maintain his ‘own personal Vermont’ very much longer. He DOES live in a 90% -plus WHITE state, after all.

            It’s the typical Jewish schizophrenia at work. And you just don’t want to admit it exists. Even after MacDonald’s three tomes… and Luthers’ The Jews and their Lies.

  2. I have a soft spot for Sanders.

    When he claims the billionaire class controls our politicians, I have to agree because Goldman Sachs controls Ted Cruz, ¡Jeb! thought he could buy the nomination with his donor network, and Norman Braman and Paul Singer are Rubio’s handlers.

    Scott Walker changed his position on immigration because of a single angry phone call from a big donor.

      • It’s not just that.

        Texas, for example, has the worst immigration problem in the South. It is due to the billionaires who control the Texas GOP and who have shot down every attempt to address the problem for over a decade now.

        • “It is due to the billionaires who control the Texas GOP”

          But why would they like immigrants?
          Are they Jewish billionaires?
          Do they need the support of the Jews to do business?

          • A few years ago, it was Charles Butts and Bob Perry who blocked about three dozen immigration bills in the Texas legislature. As far as I know, neither are Jewish. I think Perry has since died.

    • My head spins as alleged White Advocates who still get suckered by a Zhid promising Free Stuff for everybody.

        • How about this- You cannot have Jobs, Healthcare, and Education for YOUR OWN, if your tax dollars are constantly, inevitably, FORCIBLY being STOLEN from you, for the Nig, the Ay-rab, teh Moslem and the Pervert?

          And at the hands of those whom ye will not see, even though their ‘-berg, -witz, and -stein names are on every dossier of every crime committed, in the last hundred years?

      • Denise put down your copy of “White Power” that script has had no success at all, it barely had a theoretical chance in 1960’s America, now it is nothing but a fund raiser for the SPLC.
        I won’t even bother trying to explain my nuanced stance on The Bern’s campaign since you have no chance of understanding it.
        For one thing Hunter shows extraordinary patience with you, my feelings are that you should shut up and go please your man.

        • Sir- do you EVER hear Denise’s husband complaining?

          Yeah. Thought so. She’s correct. An entire NATION was put to DEATH through the machinations of antichristian Jews, and you have the GALL to tell us ‘this won’t play’?

          Have you been listening to Putin’s speeches, as he brings Russia back from the Bolshevik DEAD? You are ‘beyond the pale’ as far as your intellect is concerned.

          “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

          “He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.” – St. John Chrysostom

          “For the honorable Cross and golden freedom!” -Sv Lazar

          “Give up everything for Christ, but Christ for nothing!” -Sv Sava

  3. How many Democratic voters consider Bernie “non-white like me”? Probably not 1 in 100, despite folks in this neck of the woods seeing hims as a non-white Jew.

    This is why Omally, Webb and Biden went nowhere; you have to be a member of the rainbow coalition to win in the Democratic party. Hilary has promised a hispanic VP, who will take over as prez in 8 years, maybe with another black, or gay Asian taking the number 2 at that time.

    It’s just odd that 60% of GOP caucus goers chose non-white candidates, while in the Democratic caucus nearly 100% of the vote went to whites*.

    * If you plotted Bernie’s DNA onto a Principle Components Analysis graph, he would fall somewhere in the main body of Europeans: in other words, he is white.

  4. The most important issue is immigration. Bernie supports amnesty for illegals, refugee programs, and multiculturalism. He may oppose H1B visas but he hasn’t made it a feature of his campaign. Therefore I can’t support him.

      • You know what would be the ‘gentlemanly thing to do? If the Bern finds he’s losing to Queen Jezebel the Bloodthirsty, he should break ranks, divorce the Demon-crap-ic party, and tell all those disaffected Dems to VOTE FOR TRUMP.

        Hitlery is a whoring b*tch from hell. She deserves to be put under the bus, and then have the driver burn out the clutch, going from D to R, over and over, and over, and over…..

  5. I’m interested in changing the perspective on Sanders.

    Let’s ignore that he’s a Jew.

    Let’s look at the constituency.

    These white kids are voting for a socialist.

    I do not think of National Socialism as a leftist movement, but I do see mobilized collectivist whites as a good thing.

    All they need is a racial awakening.

  6. Do you think these socialist kids might notice that niggers kybosh the Sanders Movement?

    I smell an opportunity here.

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