#TruConservatives Remove 50 State Flags

Once again, we see that there is no difference between #TruConservatives and SJWs:

“WASHINGTON — State flags, including the controversial Mississippi flag featuring the Confederate battle emblem, will no longer hang in the tunnel at the U.S. Capitol where each had been displayed.

Rep. Candice Miller, R-Mich., said Thursday the flags, which had been removed during renovations, will instead be replaced with prints of each state’s commemorative coin.

“Given the controversy surrounding confederate imagery, I decided to install a new display,’’ Miller, chairwoman of the House Administration Committee, said in a statement. “I am well aware of how many Americans negatively view the Confederate flag, and, personally, I am very sympathetic to these views. However, I also believe that it is not the business of the federal government to dictate what flag each state flies.’’ …

It is not just the Mississippi State Flag. The #TruConservatives on Capitol Hill are worried that the Alabama State Flag might also trigger minorities.

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  1. Oh what Fresh Hell is this? Seems as if every single day brings another of these ridiculous stories. Of the 13 Confederate States, only Kentucky, Louisiana Missouri South Carolina Texas and Virginia have flags that either have no symbolism of the war or Pre-Date 1861.

    Mississippi Alabama and Florida are obvious of course, but now they’re reading meanings into designs because after all the colors and stars of the Ark and the Tenn Flag are the same in the Confederate and have subtle Confederate meanings the Georgia Flag is of the style of the 1861 Stars and Bars, and so on and so forth. Of the four Confederate Territories, Arizona’s symbolizes nothing, Maryland’s is colonial arms of the Calvert Family, West Virginia symbolizes the Union’s theft of the state from Virginia and Oklahoma symbolizes Indian Territory.

    The Confederate flag is merely a pretext, they mean to eliminate any and all symbolism of anything they deem offensive. I am sure next the California Flag will be ruled offensive to Mexicans.

    The thing with the Northern and Western State Flags is they basically symbolize nothing historic they’re just artwork so obviously they will make no issue there. At least not until the UN Disbands our state governments and relegates us all to Communist districts. GOD FORBID.


    • They’ll eventually come after the Texas flag. Give it time. The sixteen Northern flags are almost universally blue, and differ only in heraldic devices, Illinois and a few others have Federal devices on them. They all look like Federal provincial flags with no real distinctiveness whatever. They seem to be conformist even before 1860.

      • Well I dont know if you consider the west part of the North or are you using the 1860 North definition. Ohio flag is pennant it didn’t exist until 1902 and had nothing to remotely connect it to the war. I hadnt looked at all of them until I got out my worldbook and I have it in front of me. Most of the Northern are blue with state seal. California Nevada Kansas and Oregon are def Yankee States and of them Nevada Kansas and Oregon have blue flags and Nevadas represents the Yankee war effort with the phrase battle born. Washington State I include as well it has a green flag with George Washington on it. Washington State is Yankee, it received much of its population from New England and its towns declare this.

        I include Delaware with the Yankees because it said _______ to Dixie in January 61 when it voted on secession and voted it down by a huge margain. Not to mention it is above the M-D. What is unfortunate about Delaware is had Maryland and Virginia ceded all the Eastern Shore to Delaware and created the State of Delmarva as some wanted it would have been a Confederate State by a 1000-1 margain.

        As for Texas, there is differing opinions on the Texas Flag. Most Texans regard the 1839 Flag as the flag, others regard the Burnet Flag as the proper flag. The Republic of Texas Secession Group only flew Burnet Flag

        • I don’t count anything west of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois as part of the North. I’m aware of Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, New Jersey, Vermont and Rhode Island being at variance with my theory. However, even Iowa and Illinois have Federal themed seals. They’re just uniformly bland to me. As far as eventual opposition to the Texas Flag, Mexicans is all I need to say. They have a grudge against Texas, and the rest of the U.S., too.

          • Well if going by the 1861 defintion, i definately count Kansas with the North as I do Oregon California Washington and Nevada. Oregon and California being Union States, California actually invading Confederate Arizona, Oregon and Washington being extensions of New England and Nevada being BATTLE BORN meaning born of the war. The rest of it is the west.

            Thomas Jefferson and his pals decided in 1784 that the territories above the Ohio would be Free which of course was against the law as if slaves were property, and we fought a war against those wishing to deny us of our property, then Jefferson was a hypocrite. If you take Cincinnati, Ohio which is the northermost point of Kentucky and draw a line all the way to the Pacific even before the Missouri Compromise, it had largely been decided that all areas above the line would be “The North”. The Compromise which was Unconstitutional btw merely put this into law.

            The whole entire idea Jefferson and his cronies seemed to have for THE NORTH was that it would have elements of New England and Dixie with the hodgepodge of the Middle States thrown ie The Pennsylvania Model.
            This is why today everyone basically knows what a Southerner is or a New England Yankee is or a New Yorker/New Jerseyite or even a Southern Californian. Can anyone tell me what an Illinoisian is? Michigan? North Dakota? You cannot because they have no organic culture.

    • It’s not just the flags of the South. They’ll come for *every* flag including the current American national flag. The Union States did nothing to prevent or stop slavery until 1865. Plus every state had discrimination of some sort. The point is not the flag, it is to brand all white history as evil. The flags don’t make any difference to them, they’re only a cudgel that is convenient currently for purposes of making the cucks do their bidding.

  2. It will be the cross soon.

    Sad that some (too many) Christians don’t get that (or they consider it good!).

    What’s even sadder is that it has happened so many times in the past, distant and recent, as well as in the present in places like China, Saudi Arabia and so on; providing examples of the consequences.

    Don’t believe me? They will use the gay / trans litmus test and any adherent Christian will buckle. Your state wants to buy and sell? Give up your “hateful” religion. You want to buy and sell? Give up your “hateful” religion.

    Doesn’t the Greek portion of the Bible mention something like this?

    Oh yes, yes it does. Here let me share it with you:

    13:7 And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome

    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name
    of the beast, or the number of his name.

      • Don’t be so sure. While being taken to the place where their abductors held them, those missionaries who were captured by Philippine Islamists in 2001, sang John Lennon’s “Imagine” …

        “Imagine there’s no countries
        Is isn’t hard to do
        Nothing to kill or die for
        And no religion too … ”

        That, anyway, is what I remember hearing. Details are at http://archives.adventistreview.org/2005-1501/story5.html

      • Seriously? Not a chance. They’ll pray for those who are hacking up the corpses of their freshly raped and murdered children. Look how many “missionaries” of the pin-up Prince of Surrender have been eaten in Africa – and a week later the church has sent in a fresh supply of meat for the hungry cannibals. No, the cucks are not going to learn and become uncucked. They’re already giving away 10% of their income to the Jew on a Stick, another 50%+ to the government based on this omniscient entity who’s always broke, and giving up their children to a hellish fate controlled by sub-Equatorial cannibal savages. If they were capable of learning they wouldn’t be cucks.

    • They have been removing crosses for 20 years now, i fully expect them to turn up the heat. The Mount Soledad Cross near San Diego CA being one of the most aggregious examples.

  3. PS what is to stop Obama from pardoning his black brothers in prison on the way out?

    We just saw the Governor of Virginia restore voting rights to felons via executive power (all constitutional). Was that a dry run for something bigger?

  4. Whites have to get approval for the symbols we use to represent ourselves. We aren’t allowed to offend the people we “oppress”. This is the meaning of White “privilege”.

  5. There is only the Truth. Truth is neither left nor right, progressive or reactionary. It just is. For example, an anus is NOT a sex organ. That is the truth. A man who puts on a dress is NOT a woman. Black Lives Matter is based on lies. Jewish cult of ‘white privilege’ is to mask and hide Jewish privilege. US has been the aggressor in Ukraine because Jews control US foreign policy.

    The biggest closet-rightists are actually Jews. Jews use Liberalism as a tool to serve Jewish identity, power, history, and territory.

    For Jews, Liberalism is a tool, a weapon, not a principle.

    There is only the Core Formula. And Jews mastered this formula better than others.

    Consider the Moses story in TEN COMMANDMENTS. Moses is a Jew kid born to a Jewish mother but he’s raised by an Egyptian ‘mother’. He thinks he’s an Egyptian kid. He can have all the privilege in the world. He can have good times as an Egyptian. But upon discovering that his mother is really Jewish, he has a change of heart. He can choose Egyptianness and privilege or Jewishness and slavery. He opts for the latter because he realizes his real mother is Jewish and her blood runs in his veins.

    So, he chooses identity over materiality. For him, it’s better to be Jewish slave than a rich Egyptian cuz blood and identity come first. To reject his Jewishness for Egyptian privilege would be a betrayal of his mother and ancestors.

    Jews have had such mindset for 1000s of yrs, even in exile. So, they survived as a race and culture. Jews are Jews not only by faith but by blood. It is about blood identity.

    It is not a matter of faith that makes Moses change his mind. It is a matter of blood. His parents are Jewish. That’s what matters. (Those who honor and respect Jewish people cannot overlook this fact of Jewishness. It has been a blood identity.)

    In contrast, look at all the lowlife white cuck traitors. They will give up whiteness, identity, heritage, tribe, lineage, and etc just to gain privilege as globalists. They choose materiality over identity. They will sell their mothers and fathers down the river just to have the good life as deracinated globalist cucks. Race traitors who sold out to globalism feel themselves to be too ‘intellectual’, ‘sophisticated’, and ‘cosmopolitan’ to OBSESS about tangible stuff like race, blood, and territory. That is for mouth-breathing ‘racist’ white ‘male chauvinists’.

    Never mind that the Liberal Jews who work at the NYT believe in the Jewish race, Jewish memory, and Jewish territory. They not only believe in the sanctity of Israel but do everything in their power to turn entire city blocks into Jewtopias of power and privilege. Jews survived with such mind-set for 1000s of yrs, and we are supposed to honor them for it. But it’s somehow wrong for non-Jews to have a similar mindset?

    Jews didn’t only have the Power of Identity, as in the case of Moses who chose his true identity even in slavery than privilege in freedom and riches. (At least in the movie which is more fun.)

    Jews also have the power of spirituality but in the form of Covenant. Christian spirituality is eventually deracinating and generic because Jesus was about all people worshiping in Him and going to Heaven. Jesus also divorced spirituality from the flesh. By sacrificing His flesh, He offered mankind a way to abandon the power of tribe and blood and reach Heaven by spiritual faith alone. So, it didn’t matter who your ancestors were. If you just believed in Jesus, you were cleansed and could be with God.

    In contrast, Jews believed in a special Covenant between God and themselves. Jews needed such a Covenant to maintain their unique identity. If Jews believed in one and only true God whose plan was same for all peoples, there would be nothing spiritually special about being Jewish. But through the Covenant through Abraham, Jewish identity became special. Sure, there is only one God for all mankind, but God has a special Covenant with the Jews.

    And the Jewish Covenant fused flesh and spirituality. God blessed the Jewish pud to produce Jewish kids whose puds would be sliced and blessed to produce more Jewish little ones. So the Jewish race survived. To be born Jewish was spiritual in and of itself through the Covenant. Being Jewish preceded believing Jewish.

    So, if gentiles wanna learn something from Jews, they need to reject or revise Christianity and have their own Covenant with God. If it’s good enough for Jews, why not for other peoples? If Jews can have a special Covenant with God, other peoples can have it too. All they need is for someone to come forth as prophet and talk with God and return with the divine truth for their people. It’s like there’s only one Sun but each nation has its own relation with the Sun. So, each people need a special Covenant with God or some cosmic power.

    Third, Jews developed an idea of a sacred homeland. Not just a piece of real estate, but the Holy Land given to them by God, the land where their ancient folks once lived and where their bones are buried. This is why even secular Jews demanded that the Jewish homeland be founded in the Holy Land and not in some nice quiet empty territory with far less political trouble. In order for a people to cling and fight and die for their land, they must believe that their land is holy to them. It’s like the Exodus song where Andy Williams says ‘God gave this land to me’. All peoples must formulate a Holy-Landism for their own nation. Otherwise, it will just become another piece of globalist real estate. So, if Jews say ‘your land should be open to all’, just sing the Exodus song and say ‘we have a special covenant with God and God gave this land to us like God gave you guys Israel’.

    Fourth, Jewishness isn’t possible without history. Old Testament reads like a history book. And it offers a vision of the world through Judeo-centric eyes.

    So, every people must have a history controlled by themselves. Imagine how Jews would think of themselves if they relied on ‘ant-semites’ to tell them about the meaning of their history. If Jews relied on people like Kevin MacDonald to explain the history of Jews, they would be filled with guilt, shame, and loss of confidence.

    Sadly, white gentiles rely on Jewish Macdonadowiczs who’ve reduced white history into a narrative of ‘historical sins’ that can only be redeemed by whites cucking out to other races.

    This is the source of Jewish power. It is the Core Formula. And it is something shared by both Neocons and Liberal Zionists.

    So, all such labels as ‘liberalism’, ‘conservatism’, ‘progressivism’, ‘libertarianism’, and ‘reaction’ are for the suckers, the birds.

    There is only the Truth and there is only the Formula. Jews came up with a powerful formula. All peoples who seek to survive must follow this formula.

    Abraham: Covenant between God and our tribe. Unity of flesh and spirituality.

    Moses: Identity over Materiality.

    The Jewish Kings: defense of homeland.

    The Rabbis: preservation of memory and history from Jewish perspective.

    All else is gravy.

    • The consolation here may be that while the Jew on a stick and his cult of Universalism has indeed fatally infected the white race and will certainly result in collapse of Western Civilization, the Jews who are so heartily cheering for this outcome will face a very bleak and very certain fate themselves once the white race is gone. They will find that followers of the desert pedophile have zero reverence for Jews whether on a stick or otherwise. And while I expect some whites will survive by switching allegiance from the pin-up Jew to the pedophile, I’d be surprised if any Jews survive the pedophile’s followers retribution for Palestine. I myself find little consolation as I blame our own people who have chosen to worship the pin-up prince of surrender rather than our pantheon of native gods or rational science. I will look for my consolation when the cucks are eaten by their blessed sub-Equatorial savages.

  6. Let’s ask the UN to take up a vote for the banning of the USA flag. If many of these 3rd world countries voted to ban it would everyone in the USA be in favor of complying with people outside the USA making a decision about their flag? I think not!

    That’s how the South thinks about all of you non-Southerners condemning our flag! Back off!

  7. Ive heard the same thing with the Arkansas flag, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful of all 50 state flags, because of its solid red background. They hate the Arkansas flag because the blue diamond with stars if folded looks like a Confederate X and there is a star that honors the confederacy.

  8. The battle flag is only a small part of this. The goal is to vilify *all* history and historical figures. The purpose is to complete the demoralization of white Americans so they will not resist displacement and ultimate replacement. Don’t worry, there will be much much more to come..

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