Meet The Cucks

What do you think?

Note: I’ve thrown a few Jews in here, but you can’t tell them apart.

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  1. Strip them of their suit coats, khakis ,ties, and dress shirts. Force them to don blue jeans and sweatshirts. Put them in a police lineup with Carl the Cuck and try to pick Carl. It’d be tough.

    • I have been involved in a major offensive against Jonah Jew Goldberg at the National Review. These cucks have deleted over 50 posts so far im going for 100

      • You must have gotten on their good side somehow. I was summarily banned after just a few factual comments on race in just one article. That was at least a year ago.

  2. What a collection of creepy faggots. Good God! Every one of them looks like a violator of little girls, or boys.

    • Given some of the recent revelations of the perversions of our political and cultural elites here and in Britain they probably are.

  3. OMG! Gerson and Geraughty look like the ghastly results of some diabolical science experiment! All of them look like eunuchs! Arrggghhhh! Puke, vomit, hurl.

  4. I think Benjamin Teter aka lead singer of STRANGERS NOW aka AIDS SKRILLEX, Madeline Beckett aka Banshee and Jewish Girlfriend and Carl the Cuck Tomas Daniel Contreras should be up there as well. Leftists and Rightist Cucks all the same to us. #SecedeNow

  5. You’ve got a good list going but I’d like to nominate Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention for consideration. If there is a thing known as “cuckface” then Russell Moore must surely have it. Just yesterday he re-tweeted a story about a bantu pastor calling on the SBC to endorse a resolution to renounce the public display of the Confederate Flag.

    • Would be good if they could be detected by facial features alone. A Terminator robot could be created to hunt them down. lol

  6. The bearded fellow near the bottom wearing the maroon shirt looks normal.

    I think the goofy smiles on the faces contribute to the overall cuckiness.

    Years ago people looked more dignified, serious, sincere and intelligent in photos.

    Being fat and sloppy doesn’t help.

    I think the shaved head with a sparse or patchy beard looks silly. Everybody knows they are balding so why hide it.

  7. It’s more about power than ideology. In the West, it is more about the Big J(the Big Jew) than about the Big L(or Big Liberalism).

    After all, it is the Big J that shapes the Big L, not the other way around.

    So-called Liberalism is whatever people-of-power make it out to be. Indeed, Liberalism is a ‘fluid’ ideology in that it can mean just about anything. To be ‘liberal’ means to be ‘open’ to new or different things. So, the Powerful decide what society should be ‘open to’.

    Jews have been the powerful shapers of Big Liberalism in the West. So, Western Liberalism often followed the trajectory of Jewish power, indeed changing in accordance to the interests of Jews. Same goes for Conservatism.

    So, identifying Liberalism as the enemy of the white race misses the point. The problem is Liberalism happens to be controlled by enemies of the white race. If the white race controlled it, whites could shape it to mean what they want it to mean. When American Progressivism was shaped by race-ist men like Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson(who loved Birth of a Nation), it was pro-white.

    Take Christianity. It began as the teaching of some wandering penniless Jew who preached humility, poverty, and rejection of materiality. He also preached peace. But Christianity became the religion of the rich and powerful. It was used by the powerful to validate their own power. Divine Right of Kings. It was used to wage wars of conquest in the name of the Lord. So, in the end, Christianity was simply what the powerful made it out to be. In recent times, the churches have been taken over by homos funded by Jews. So, much of Christianity is now all about “Jesus died on the Cross so that homos can get married and trannies could use women’s washrooms.”

    It doesn’t matter how magnificent or glorious cathedrals are. Bricks and mortar don’t decide anything. People in the church decide. So, if current people in the church decide that ‘gay marriage’ is holy, it must be. It’s really that simple.

    And the Supreme Court decisions aren’t made the building that houses the judges. Or by the tradition of the courts. No, the decisions are simply those of the current judges. So, if the judges in the near future say ‘freedom of speech’ can be curtailed by ‘hate speech’ laws, that’s it. Ideology is fluid. There is no set rule to Liberalism. It is simply what powerful Jews want it to be.

    Take Communism. The Chinese Communists decided to get rich, so the new communism became all about accumulating huge amounts of wealth. So, in the end, what Marx and Mao actually said matters nothing compared to what the current powerful decide to make of communism. Chinese communism is now a form of capitalism.

    What is this thing called Liberalism? It used to mean unfettered rights of free speech. Why? Because Jewish leftists feared being blacklisted by anti-communists like Joseph McCarthy. Also, Jews in entertainment wanted to legalize pornography and other vices.

    So, there was a time when Jews argued that Liberalism has to be about total freedom.

    But once Jews got rich and no longer cared about communism, they molded Liberalism to be all about Political Correctness, speech controls, and blacklisting people for not going with the program.

    So, Liberalism once argued for total free speech and against blacklisting people for their creed.

    Today, Liberalism is all about speech control and blacklisting people who are anti-PC. Indeed, Jews have persuaded the majority of millennials that unfettered free speech must be banned in order to protect certain group. It’s really just Jews invoking ‘helpless minorities’ to take away our rights of speaking truth to Jewish power.

    So, which is the real Liberalism? Actually, there is no such thing. No such thing as Real Liberalism. It is what the powerful(and Jews are most powerful in the US) make it out to be.

    It is Big J that controls Big L.

    Liberalism, like Conservatism, can be molded into anything. it’s like putty. The shape of the putty depends on who molds it.

    Jews get to mold both Liberalism and Conservatism in the US. That is why both are so alike.

    Big J has its hands on both ideologies.

    Hillary is all about Wall Street, the 1%, globalism, free trade, speech controls, homo privilege, and etc. There was a time when all such things were anathema to most Liberals. There was a time when Hillary herself, as a young firebrand, would have scoffed at such definition of Liberalism. But that is what has become of Liberalism because Big J molded it that way.

    And no ideology is ever consistent. That’s because power is never consistent with any principle. Power is adaptive and pragmatic. Must be. If indeed Liberalism is all about open borders and deracination, how come American Liberalism as represented by Hillary Clinton is so pro-Zionist, so pro-Jewish, so pro-Wall Street? How come Hillary doesn’t demand open borders for Israel that she demands of EU and US? Because her Liberalism obeys the Power than any consistent principle.

    Also, Liberalism once used to be about universalism, color-blindness, emphasis on class than race, and assimilation via the melting pot.

    But then, Liberalism became neo-tribal and identitarian with multi-culturalism that encouraged non-whites to cling to their identity and resist assimilation. If LIberalism is this one unchanging thing that drags us all along, how come it has changed so much, indeed even made 180 degree turns?

    And given that diversity and equality are opposites — more diversity, less equality — , where is any consistent principle behind this?

    Actually, it’s a case of principles be damned. It’s just the Big J improvising with ‘equality’ and ‘diversity’ to mess with our minds to further their own power.

    Both conservatism and liberalism are fluid. If conservatism is about conservation, it begs the question, ‘conserve what?’ Christianity has long been seen as a conservative force, but it actually began as a revolutionary creed. After several decades of communism, conserving communism became the conservative position in Russia.

    If liberalism is about being open-minded, it begs the question, ‘be open-minded to what?’

    Who decides? The Power decides. And Big J has the power.

    Indeed, consider all the groups in the so-called Liberal camp: Jews, blacks, homos, Muslims, Asians, Hispanics.

    If Muslim-Americans were the main controllers of American Liberalism, would it be markedly different from the Big L controlled by Big J? Of course. One thing for sure, Israel would not be one of the priorities of the Liberal Agenda.

    Or suppose blacks dominated American Liberalism. Would it differ from Jewish-dominated Liberalism or Muslim-dominated Liberalism? Of course. Black-shaped Big L will revolve mainly around black issues.

    Or suppose American Liberalism was dominated by Hispanic or Asian Americans. Again, it will be different depending on their consideration of Power.

    Flowers bend with the direction of sun. Ideologies bend with the direction of the power.

    So, instead of focusing on the Big L, we need to focus on the Big J. Power in America is essentially ethno than credo, more about identity than ideology. If we focus on fighting the Big L, we will waste time since most people in the Big L camp have no power and just follow along. If it weren’t for Jewish control of American Liberalism, this homo business wouldn’t have gotten so far. Black Democrats, brown Democrats, yellow Democrats, Muslim Democrats, and etc were not into this homo business. It was a Jewish baby.

    We need to focus on the Big J. I mean most Hawaiians, American Injuns, and Eskimos are Democrats, but it would be foolish to waste our energy on them. They have no money, they control nothing in media and academia and Wall Street and Hollywood and etc.

    Indeed, Jewish ‘conservatives’ have more power than most gentile Liberals who only know how to follow like sheep.

    To fight the Big J, we need to hit back every time they hit us. That is Ross Douthat’s piece is so worthless. He bitches about Hitler and ‘antisemitism’. While I agree that Hitler was a bad guy and ‘antisemitism’ can get out of hand, anti-Jewishness is necessary for the simple fact that Jews are rabidly and virulently anti-gentile. Just ask the Russians. Just ask decent patriotic Germans whose land is being invaded by ‘refugees’ egged on by Jews. Just ask Palestinians. Just ask ourselves.

    Unless we hit back at the Jew, Jews will never stop. In any conflict, you must hit back at those who hit you.

    ONLY THEN will they either be defeated or stop hitting you and agree to a cessation of hostility.

    While peace is better than war, one must always hit back and fight back against the aggressor. If one doesn’t, the attacks will just grow bolder and bolder, meaner and nastier. And we see this with Jews now. Since no one is hitting back, Jews get ever more arrogant and strident in their war on whiteness. Jews don’t behave.

    Suppose someone hits you. Suppose you don’t hit back. Will he stop hitting you? Hopefully. But chances are that he will see you as weak and hit you again. And again. And again. He may then take everything you have and hit you more and more.

    Unless you hit back, he will not stop, especially if he is a nasty character. Jews are nasty characters.

    Jews hit the white race with collective character-assassinations. Jews make movies about evil ‘racist’ whites. Jews make tons of Holocaust movies. Jews demean white people as uniquely wicked. Jews insult whites. But whites never fight back. So, Jews just get nastier in their attacks.

    If Jews invoke the Holocaust, the white race must fight back by invoking Jewish role in communism. If Jews bitch about ‘white privilege’, whites must fight back by invoking the fact of Jewish supremacism, Jewish privilege, Jewish control of the Fed, Jewish control of Hollywood, Jewish control of foreign policy that killed so many.

    If Jews torch your ass, torch their ass. If Jews bitch about black slavery, fight back and mention Jewish role in slave trade, Jewish role in opium trade(in China), Jewish role in European slave trade(selling whites to Arabs), Jewish role in Brazil’s slave trade(the biggest of them all).

    When Jews hit you, hit them back. Only then will the Jews be beaten or, at the very least, only then will they think twice about attacking whites again. When Jews learn that every time they attack or demean whites, whites will fight back in kind and expose some horrible shit about them, Jews will think twice and beg for peace and ceasefire.

    It’s about time white people became like Ralphie in Christmas Story and fight back.

    Jews have a horrible historical rap sheet. They were slave traders, tax collectors, alcohol sellers, pornographers, financial hustlers, white slavers, Wall Street crooks, communist mass killers, Nakba-perpetrators, and etc.

    Whenever Jews dredge up some nasty stuff from white history, we need to dredge up some horrible stuff about Jewish history.

    When Japanese mention the Holocaust and Hiroshima, we say Japan attacked first and, furthermore, did horrible things in Nanking and Indonesia. We fight back. We don’t let the Jappers get a moral upperhand over us.

    Now, suppose Japanese accused and demeaned whites for war crimes in WWII, but whites never argued back. Then, Japanese would gain moral power over whites who will be filled with shame. And then, the Japanese will be able to morally black mail the white race and make endless demands. So, if the Japanese were to accuse and demean whites, whites need to counter-attack the Japanese. Even as whites might admit that US did go too far with nuking HIroshima and Nagasaki, they need to remind the Jappers that they did horrible things in the war too. Don’t let any people get the moral upperhand against your kind. Never. Surrendering the moral high-ground can mean death, especially if you surrender it to a people are nasty as Jews.

    It is a Rule of Power. The side that attacks ALWAYS wins if the other side doesn’t fight back.

    Imagine a crow vs a man. If a crow pecked at you and you did nothing, the crow will eventually win. It will make you bleed piecemeal by piecemeal. it will eat pieces of your flesh. It will pluck your eyes out. It will kill you like in the Chinese way of DEATH BY THOUSAND CUTS. Jews are not numerous enough to destroy the white race overnight. But Jews wield the institutional knife, and they are slicing off pieces of the white race. It is death by 1000 cuts, and whites are doomed to die unless they fight back.

    Imagine a rat and a dog. If the dog decides to kill the rat, it can kill it easily. But suppose the rat put a spell on the dog. The dog is made to feel so guilty and obedient to the rat. And then the rat keeps attacking the dog. The rat cannot kill the dog outright as the dog is so much bigger. But with every bite, the rat torments the dog, makes it bleed, and makes it lose pieces of flesh. The rat keeps attacking and attacking while the dog never fights back. Eventually, the rat bites the dog for the umpteenth time, and the dog dies.

    Or imagine a big strong boxer and a small runty boxer. Suppose the big boxer can KO the small runty boxer easy, but the runty boxer has made the big boxer feel shame and guilt. Thus morally paralyzed, the big boxer dares not fight back. So, the little boxer keeps punching and punching. Even if his blows are not strong enough to deliver the KO blow, he keeps punching and punching without any counter-attack from the big boxer. Eventually, the big boxer is hit with so many blows that he collapses.

    Again, it’s the Rule of Power. The side that attacks always wins if the other side doesn’t fight back. Always.

    Whites are under some crazy spell that Jews are their friends or that they must protect Jews from ‘antisemites’ when, in fact, Jews are the main enemies of the white race and most hellbent on destroying the white race.

    The Jew is on the attack. Unless whites come together and counter-attack, they are finished. It is not the Big L. it is the Big J.

    • The Jew isnt solely concerned with Whites, but we are the Linchpin to the building of his Satanic Kingdom upon the earth and they believe King Satan will reign in his new temple in Jerusalem. The Jews wish to kill the entire races of mankind except for their tribe, have special breeding farms like in the book BRAVE NEW WORLD. I doubt the world they envision will ever be above 100 million at the most. They themselves will inject themselves with nanotechnology and become like Terminators or Robocop and go on for eternity

      Now we all know this will never happen BUT THIS IS WHAT JEWRY BELIEVES

  8. What they have in common is a blankly content expression. I don’t know who the last one is, but the two before him appear to be well known Jewish commentators. They are not smiling, but they are also not cucks, since they are Jewish.

    • an important distinction. Fake-conservative Jews are neo-conz…their White, shabbatz goy servants are cucks. The Jews, at least, are looking out for the interests of their Tribe. The White cucks are beneath contempt and will be exterminated root-and-branch

  9. I keep telling people about Ray Kurizweil and Transhumanism and most people look at me like I am a moron when I tell them the Jews plan to once Whites are gone, kill all the muds, then merge with robots and live for eternity. Look folks these are sick people and we have to understand they will stop at nothing to rebuild the Temple where Satan will sit as God in the Holy of the Holies. Now this is Unscriptural I know from my Bible things are probably not going to shake out this way the point is THE JEWS BELIEVE THIS CRAP. We are dealing with a sick and insane group of people a pack of rabid dogs

      • Denise the funny part is the average idiot thinks Im the psycho. You should see the castratii on the National Review banning every single comment I have made, it’s bloody amazing the depths to which people will sink.

    • Opposing transhumanism is a way to expand the “alt-right” to a broader defense of humanity, rather than whites alone.

      • Transhumanism is the end goal because it allows the wormy Jew to make himself into a superman thus trumping our superior genetics.

  10. The self-proclaimed “brains of the right” who want to tell you how and what to think.

    I had to return for another laugh.

    • I am working on the Scalawag Wall of Shame. Hunter needs to really post this and every year update it with a new White Southern actor, politician, media person who deserves to be on the list with the immortals. Of course I think Abe Lincoln and Andrew Johnson will always be the Kings of Scalawagdom but who knows maybe someone will reach that level again

        • Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, are high on the wall of shame. Their support of Islam is enough to put them onto the top tier with Lincoln and Andrew Johnson themselves

  11. A lot of them remind me of Al Franken. Same self satisfied pleased with itself smug look.

    Then you have the guy halfway down, in the pink shirt. He of course is the Mastermind.

  12. OD cucks callin’ fellow cucks cucks
    Seriously what the fuck
    It’s wore out as the nigger I dragged behind my truck
    Now go get a job and earn an honest buck

    Alt-right queef wars is a joke, watchin’ you bitches pull hair and scratch
    Your taste in clothes stink like Captain John’s jewish wife’s snatch

    Captain John tryin’ to troll with a Sanders meme
    while his stretched English butthole drips with Trumps man cream
    Be advised maggots, this limey pest ain’t what he seems

    Jaye Ellis been out of sight
    He and Mildred Baena must of had a fight
    Now he’s back to pickin up hookers on Saturday nights

    Cruz and Kasich teamin’ up for double anal
    The GOP freakshow is anything but banal

    I spit these rhymes like hot fire
    I’ll kill Captain John Charity with piano wire
    I’ll necklace a nigger with gasoline and a tire
    I’ll make your family watch as you expire


  13. I have had some fun on National Review last two days this Cuckageddon is fantastic. Just remember to use alot of cuckoldry sex jokes, it pisses them off

  14. At first I wondered why you had Anglin on the list? It’s not him.
    Who is the bow tied hat wearer? He must have graduated first in his class at Cuck Academy.

  15. It’s a mix of prep school WASPs, charlatans, Jews (who aren’t cucks, Ben Shapiro doesn’t look like a cuck despite being wimpy, he’s the most aggressive looking of all of them) and a slew of people likely being blackmailed. I’d be surprised if any of them believed in anything.

    • They may be sexual cucks, political cucks, or both. Jews don’t get a free pass; though I agree, a minority of these faces don’t seem “cucky”.

      The cuck apparently does not want to portray any hostility or aggression.

      • Jews can’t be cucks, they’re the ones doing the cucking. When they undermine white interests or well-being using the labels of conservative or liberal, they are out there fighting for their races hegemony.

  16. sen ben sasse (cuck-ne) second from right next last row What an embarrassment Sen Deb Fischer has more T than he

  17. Testosterone deficiency are the words that come to mind while viewing these pictures. Most of these “men” look like overgrown children.

    • We seldom get credit for changing the course of American political history, but I think “we” can take a lot of credit for de-railing the political power of the l ikea of Rand Paul and Lisping Lindsey Graham.

      Lindsey Graham – Ted Kennedy in drag is apparently in shock, he doesn’t know what happened to his party that used to be Neo Con – all the way, endless US wars, interventions against secular Arab regimes, wars against the Serbs, restarting the Cold War against the russians and open borders mass 3rd world immigration to the USA, Europe, Australia – the White West.

      What happened?

      Well we did our part:

    • He looks like the village idiot there. Easy mark for a conman. Tell him lies and he’ll believe you.

  18. Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    Hunter Wallace Retweeted MicroChip

    I prefer CNN and MSNBC to FOX News. I would rather watch leftists than a bunch of cucked faggots in bowties

  19. Christian cucks learn lesson the hard way.

    SF post.


    Jamaica: Missionaries from Teams for Medical Missions killed – BBC News

    Missionaries from Teams for Medical Missions killed

    Two US missionaries have been found dead in a rural area of the Caribbean island of Jamaica notorious for its high rates of crime, police say.

    The pair have been named as Randy Hentzel, 48, and Harold Nichols, 53.

    They worked in Jamaica for a Pennsylvania-based religious group called Teams for Medical Missions.

    Their battered bodies were found in bushes in separate areas, police say. There have been no arrests and so far no motives put forward for the crime.

    Fellow missionary Merlin Pratt said he was informed the two men were killed as they made their way to check on the foundations of a house they were building for an impoverished family.

    “Harold and Randy were both great men of God who just loved Jamaica,” Mr Pratt wrote on Facebook.

    Jamaica had about 1,200 killings in 2015, an increase of roughly 20% from the previous year.

    Jamaica has a population of about 2.7 million people. It is ranked among the most violent countries in the world.

    Religious groups in America seem obsessed with helping non-whites in foreign countries or bringing them here despite the danger.

    Now we have what appears to be two Whites killed at the hands of blacks for trying to help them. Very sad. When will they learn?

  20. This goofy cuck and his hatred for Trump is really pathetic.

    But if Trump is going get hit with tens of millions of dollars worth of negative ads he should start asking for donations from ordinary citizens.

    ‘I’ve been telling everyone this was coming. Trump won’t be the Republican until the end of July, even if he has 1,237 delegates. He is not the nominee until the convention. Trump also does not have an aggressive fundraising operation and has burned bridges with major donors. Taking advantage of all of that, the Democrats are going to dump $20 million in negative ads against Trump in swing states in the month of June alone.

    That is exactly what Democrats did to Mitt Romney and Trump gives them even more ammo. And for those who have bought into the myth of Trump being worth $10 billion, he is not and even if he were a major billionaire, his assets are tied up in golf courses and buildings, which could not be readily liquidated.

    This is going exactly as so many of us predicted.

    This is also why Ted Cruz needs to stay in until June 7th — he needs to keep his delegate strategy alive so the delegates might be able to save us in July.

    $20 Million to Bury Trump in June’

    By Erick Erickson | May 2, 2016, 05:54pm

  21. Disgusting anti white traitors. Why do these ppl want to turn on their own kind is beyond me, Asians, Mexicans, all races need to stand up to the common enemy the ( African Americans) they are murdering, raping, our children. They steal from our houses ,blacks have all the children brainwashed thinking their all thugs. How, why, have we allowed this to happen.

  22. Please add my picture to the list. Here it is, already cropped to a square, to make it easier.

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