Muslim Terrorist Attacks

I wasn’t going to bother to write anything about the suicide bombing in Turkey. After all, it is an Islamic country and what happens there isn’t of much concern to us. Now there is some kind of ISIS terrorist attack going on in Bangladesh, which is also an Islamic country. There are so many of these terrorist attacks lately that it has become a blur. They are becoming more common than hurricanes.

It seems like Brussels and Orlando were hit just days ago. Trump was saying there was an attack in Israel on Twitter. Oh BTW, Abdulazeez in Chattanooga was a jihadist.

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      • A whole debate, 1.3 billion Muslims aren’t all on jihad quite yet, however.. It bothers me that they’re everywhere and that they’ve blended themselves into our society.. and I expect more attacks anywhere in the West and that include the US. Paris, Brussels and Orlando were only the beginning.

          • The Iraq embargo and the wars led by the coalition has created a deep hatred for a new generation or Iraqis against the west. So, yep. No surprise more self detonating Muslims all around in the years to come. Thanks Bush dynasty.

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      I wonder if there would be fewer attacks if terrorists were denied the news coverage they expect

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      Mia Farrow is a retarded apologist. So many, in the West. THIS is why Dune Coons are succeeding.

      • She was also in relationships with Jews and with Frank Sinatra who was probably part Jewish himself as Southern Italians for the most part all have some Sephardic Jewish ancestry. Sinatra loved the Jews so much he actually was accepted as one of them!

  1. Volks…

    Lowest form of life is the Traicist, a traitor against his or her own race.

    Because PC made ‘racism’ the worst evil, so many whites turn traicist against their own race in the delusion that hating ‘white racists’ — white people who care to preserve and defend their own race — is the highest virtue.

    We must make traicism, i.e. being traitor to one’s own race, the greatest of all evils.

    Preserve white traits, destroy white traitors.

    Traicists have been brainwashed by PC into thinking whites are the devil race. So, whites can only find redemption by racial shame and attack on white pride. They must cuck out to the pride of OTHER groups.

    This mind must be broken. The OTHER groups must be associated with savagery, barbarism, and backwardness. And white history was must be associated with True Progress, not bogus ‘progressivism’ or prog-ism.

    • Agreed. In addition to BDS, we need a database of people and businesses, run by whites who shill for Israel, that we can boycot.

      • We also need a database of people and businesses that will be targeted for treason and collaboration with the adversary.

        • So easy. Just get on Twitter. Get on the feeds of the “I Support Israel Evangelitards”, or ANY GOP RINO fee, run by Kristol the Nation Wrecking Israeli Jude.

  2. These Islamic terrorists in Bangledesh targeted “foreigners” – looking to mass murder White Western people like us.

    Since there are very few White Westerners in such places as Muslim Bangledesh (a Muslim enclave carved out of India, separate from Pakistan, though I think it was once called East Pakistan), the Islamic extremists have to target Japanese or some middle class locals who are dressing and acting like us Western people.)

    Here’s the Al Jazeera write up – Al Jazeera is a pretty loathsome news source and anti White, Lib media targeting Middle Eastern, Islamic immigrants in Europe, USA. I think Al Gore was some nominal president of this sh#*$#. It’s the Washington Post, Guardian newspaper with special focus that Muslim migrants are misunderstood, victims of racism and should vote UK Labour, USA rainbow co alitioin.

    Here’s the Al Jazeera quote:

    “‘Dead foreigners’

    The crisis began at about 9pm local time, police said, when a group of gunmen burst into the cafe, which is popular with foreigners, young people, and middle class Bangladeshis.

    During the siege, ISIL posted photos of what it said were dead foreigners in the cafe, where police believed the gunmen were holed up armed with assault rifles and grenades.”

  3. So, I went to bed and woke up and heard they had killed about two dozen hostages while shouting “Allahu Ahkbar.” How many of these attacks will it take before we have sense to ban these people?

    • Alas – it’s going to continue until the Dune Coons slaughter EVERY Diversity loving moron, that’s left.

  4. Think of Islam starting a serious prison riot in the middle of the Western Civ Day Care Center ran by Mommy Professor and Big Momma Liberal with groundskeeper Cuck Contard.
    Now our standard response should the usual “we hate muslims and we should limit their travels within our countries.” The cynical me sees it a bit different, I’ll leave it at that.
    Who really expected that muslim men would willingly sign up for liberalism as expressed by our stupid carbohydrate annihilating feminists and their gimp males?
    The only advice I would give to conservative leaning people, don’t go out to fight every constituency group of the Left, that is a mook’s game meant to deplete us. Ultimately we should aim for having the Left’s groups fight amongst themselves.

      • ISIL or ISIS has yet to attack Israel, yet giving more creedence to the claim that AL-BAGDHADI is a Jewish double agent named Simon Elliot. Many Arabs in the Middle East believe ISIL/ISIS=MOSSAD

        • ….or it could have something to do with the fact that Israeli Intelligence ACTS on leads instead of allowing political correctness to dictate who gets profiled and what is and isn’t an appropriate response to a terrorist threat.

          I’m not too fond of Israel, but I do have to admire the fact that they have no qualms about making your ass disappear in the middle of the night once you’ve proved yourself to be a threat to their safety and you fit the profile of a guy/gal that wouldn’t mind strapping a bomb to your chest and blowing up innocent civilians. They’ll even target your family if there’s any indication that they’ve assisted you in even the slightest. Wasn’t that exactly what Trump was saying when he talked about going after terrorist networks?

  5. I’m certain the swarthy Muslim cops, in the Header picture, are really motivated to solve this crime.

  6. Don’t worry. Closet Muslim in Chief has got the situation under control. After every Muslim terrorist attack he claims “ISIS is losing ground.”

  7. People…

    “Some Japanese researchers think that Jesus’ history is different from what is generally believed. This alternative version of Christ’s story was forgotten until 1935, when Kiyomaro Takeuchi (Takenouchi) reportedly discovered an ancient document in Ibaraki Prefecture in Japan. The text of the manuscript presented a shocking tale. It says that Jesus was buried in Herai Village in the Aomori district in Japan.”

    Human mind is limitless in its nuttery.

    But perhaps, instead of just dismissing nutty claims, we should value the insights they offer as to how the human mind works.

    Even nutty stuff yield secrets to to the tendencies of the mind.

    This is the decisive key to Jewish power.

    Some people will see or hear something stupid and just dismiss it.

    In contrast, Jews will ponder why the human mind can fall for dumbass or nutty stuff. This will lead to secrets of how the mind operates and how it can be manipulated.

    So, if someone like Richard Dawkins says ‘religion is wrong and stupid’ and totally rejects it, Jews will delve into how humans with power of reason could nevertheless believe in fantasy. Consider Spielberg’s neo-Christo fable with ET. Incredibly, he made countless kids worship and weep over an androgynous walking turd from outerspace that munches on reeses pieces. He knew what imagistic and emotional buttons to push. Spielberg is much bigger than Dawkins.

    If culture snobs will just dismiss trash as low culture, Jews will wonder why so many people are addicted to trashy stuff.

    And if you learn the secrets, you can formulate means to control the entire masses.

    After all, the homo agenda was not spread through rational debate or factualism.

    It was proglytized (prog-proselytized) with fanfare and hype like the Catholic Church used to do.

    The masses were fanta-fudged into worshiping the homo. Homo agenda is not about a social acceptance of homos but about neo-spiritual celebration of homos as angels.

    Smart individuals often reject untrue or stupid stuff and just live in their own world. Like traditional Episcopalians. They may have privilege but they have no power over masses whom they sneer at.

    Dumb masses often accept nonsense and stupid stuff.

    Smart individuals who crave power(many Jews) need to sway the dumb masses, and so they look to nonsense and stupid stuff(that has great appeal to the masses) for clues as to what is most appealing to the masses.

    Thus, they formulate the clues into a strategy of mass control via the manipulative art.

    It’s like you gotta rummage through the shit or garbage to really understand what appeals to the consumptive habits of people.

    You gotta examine the waste to determine the taste.

    It’s no wonder Jews and not Episcopalian Brahmins of the East Coast came to dominate American movie culture.

    If you hold your nose above the shit, you won’t make the hit.

    If you want to fund astronomy, make money by selling astrology.

    If you know how most human mind works, you know astrology is more effective in manipulating the masses than astronomy is.

    Homo Agenda was more about ass-trology than ass-tronomy.

    Fact of ass-tronomy is some men are born to indulge do sodomic-buggering.

    Not very appealing.

    In contrast…

    Faith in ass-trology is that homos and trannies are like rainbow angels.

    Oh, that is so fun and rapturous.

    • The Weasel is dead!

      Liar, fraud and scammer.

      “Some stories are true that never happened.” Elie Wiesel

      “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate — healthy, virile hate–for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead.” Elie Wiesel

  8. ____

    True nationalism is stability and peace.

    True nationalism is about people ruling over their ancestral territory with deep roots.

    But imperialism created false nationalisms. Soviet Union was a false nation created by Russian/communist imperialism.

    Lebanon and many Middle Eastern nations were imperialist creations that bunched together people with little in common. So, those were false nationalisms that were really mini-imperiailsms where one ethnic group towered and ruled over others.

    Look at Yugoslavia. It was created into a false nation under imperialism.

    There was a bloody war in the 90s, but it led to true nationalism among ethno-states, and there is more peace now.

    But the problem is EU is a neo-imperialist entity. It is not even dominated by Europeans but by Euro-collabotors or Eurollaborators of the US that is ruled by Zio and Homo Globalists.

    So, EU has no means to defend itself from the African and Muslim tide.

    EU ideology is shaped by two ideologies and two idologies:


    (1) Leftist self-hatred that goes back to May 68 and fetish for Third World ‘authenticity’. This is also related to Holocaust Guilt and Imperialist Guilt. (Even nations like Sweden that had nothing to do with either are under this Imperialism of Guilt. It is imposed on all nations.)

    (2) Libertarian globalism that craves status and will sell anything(even one’s own nation) for careerism. These careerist cuck-elites will sell anything for a price, to rub shoulders with the ‘best’ people. They can be found on all sides: Blair and Cameron are the same.

    European Left is motivated by self-hatred. European ‘Right'(Merkel and Cameron) are motivated by self-interest and careerism in cocktail circles.


    (1) Hollywood and American style culture of celebrity. That is Euro culture today. Mass and crass.

    (2) Negro Worship. With sports obsession and spread of porny culture, white folks worship the black woman’s fat ‘twerking’ ass and the black man’s British Broadcast Corporation. And the Negro’s muscle in sports and rapping rhythm. Look at French music today, and it’s all rap.

    Each European nation now finds its own history, heritage, and culture boring. The boys imitate rap and watch NBA. White girls shake their ass to rap and look for negroes in night clubs.

    And such ideologies and idologies have been imposed on the European masses by the only superpower, the US that is now controlled by Jews and Homos(and negroes in music and sports).

    In the past, American culture used to mean Faulkner, Hemingway, John Wayne westerns, Hitchcock movies. Or white rock and decent black music like Jazz and Motown.

    Now, American culture is tattoos, Lena Dunham, rappers, black thugs, mainstreaming of porn via Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.

    Jews feel they have some toddgiven right to interfere in the politics, finance, and media of every nation. All nations better put out or else.

    Black males feel they have some toddgiven right to go to any nation and fuc* its women. And Jews promote this for every nation. Put out to the Negro stud or else you’re ‘racist’.

    Homos feel they have some toddgiven right to put on massive homo parades in every nation and demand homomania celebration. This is Globalist Imperialism.

    Only True Nationalism can save nations, and only true nationalism is the basis for good decent internationalism. Internationalism means each nation being independent and working with other nations in trade of goods and ideas.

    Globalism means all nations(except Israel) surrendering its independence and sovereignty to the NWO that is essentially dominated by the US that is controlled by Jews and their mini-me proxies the Homos.

    When people attack nationalism as the baddie, they fail to see that the ‘nationalism’ they are condemning really is a form of imperialism or was created under imperialism that increased diversity and/or redrew the borders.

    Imperialism = Diversity. Imperialism forces different people within a single domain.

    It also moves people from one place to another. It allowed tons of Jews to relocate to Palestine. British Imperialism moved many Asian Indians to Uganda and other British imperialist holdings in Africa.

    There never would have been a Northern Ireland if not for British Imperialism.

    So, the answer for all these problems is True Nationalism that says a people should rule over their ancestral homeland and EXCLUDE foreigners except as tourists, foreign guests, contract workers(who must go when contract runs out). Inclusion is Invasion. Exclusion is Survival. Israel certainly doesn’t allow just anyone to come and settle. It will no longer be Jewish State.

    Every true nation is the holy land for its own people.

    The problems of ‘nationalism’ is due to false nationhood created by imperialism that mixes up populations and increases tensions.

    • Islam is a religion of peace(sic) as pundits prefer to say. Thats why they have problems with every other religions ( be it christian, buddhist, hindu) who are war mongering, stupid, corrput in every cuntry. Allahu U Akbar

  9. folks…

    In all this talk of Jews and Chiners, what about the Anglos?

    They are the ones who built US, Canada, and Australia that are controlled by Jews and filling up with Chiners.

    I think Australia and Canada better be more vigilant about Chiners as they do have the possibility of being overrun by them. Chiners have to deal with too much diversity and other groups to ever take power in the US.

    Anyway, what of the Anglos in this new system? What role will they play?

    And why did they lose out in the lands of their own creation?

    Maybe their very advantage had a huge weakness.

    The huge advantage of Anglos was principle, honor, and rule of law.

    But for those to work properly, a community has to be de-culture-ized. Rule of law must apply to all individuals. Principle means one has to favor stuff like meritocracy over one’s own kind. And honor means one must maintain dignity.

    Among themselves, these were good things to have. But those factors de-emphasized culture and kinship and heritage since laws must be fair and neutral to all.

    So, over time, Anglos lost their blood-and-guts identity.

    And when their nations were filled up with darkies and Jews, Anglos didn’t have the red blood and guts cultural tribal sense to fight and win. Their culture became golf club privilege and high-toned air of Bill Buckley.

    And if white people did dig into blood and guts, their enemies could invoke the very Anglo book of fairness and point out how ‘racist’ the Anglos were acting.

    So, Rule of Law and Neutral Justice are good things… but they turn people into bland individuals who are decultured and favor principles over blood and homeland. When such anemic people come in contact with red blooded folks, they lack the balls to fight and struggle.

    Jews learned the art/science of rule of law, but they never gave up their blood and guts cultural sense… and they esp regained it after the problems of communism, nazism, and Zionism.

    Communism taught socialist Jews that just being ‘worker of the world’ was dull and meaningless. While social justice is good, man needs culture and history and heritage.

    So, Jews found more satisfaction in Zionism that bound socialism with Jewish identity and culture.

    In some ways, Germans did same with National Socialism that bound Germanism with socialism. If Nazis had kept it national devoid of nasty chauvinism, it might have succeeded like Zionism. But Hitler was a racial chauvinist and imperialist. (It could be that the undoing of Zionism in the long run is its imperialist side. Occupation of West Bank is turning out costly. And Ziocon messing of the Middle East may lead to some long term disasters for Jews.)

    Anyway, rule of law and idea of justice are good and necessary but they are tools. They are weak as core culture and identity of a people.

    A Jew who feels as Jew and Zionist has meaning. But a Jew who rejects his identity and says, “I’m just for individual liberty and rule of law” has weak meaning.

    Tools are good and necessary but must not be mistaken with the person of blood and flesh they serve.

    After all, each person matters more as a blood-and-flesh product of family than any ideology he adopts.

    If ideology or ideas count the most in determining identity, then it means you are NOTHING unless you believe in something. What you believe counts more than your very existence.

    So, if you believe libertarianism is what counts most, a person who is not libertarian is not human and has no value. But in fact, a person’s worth remains intact regardless of what he believes.

    A Jew is no less a Jew for abandoning communism and adopting capitalism. He is still a Jew. His core identity is more than any ideology. This is why a Jew must put Jewishness and Zionism first before any ideology. He may adopt parts of ideologies to serve his Jewish interest. But the thing is to have the ideology to serve him and his people than to have him and his people serve an ideology as the endall of truth.

    Tools exist to serve humans, humans don’t exist to serve tools.

    Even Marx made this point. Economics must serve man. But capitalism too often makes us believe we exist to serve the economy.

    Economy must serve man and his nation.

    Globalism says ALL MEN must serve the economy of globalists.

    In the end, it means we all must serve the economy of Wall Street and Las Vegas.

  10. Volks

    On Convenience, Conversion, and Convulsion.

    Maybe in some sense, blacks could take pride in not having been able to create civilization.

    To create civilization, the slavish genes have to outnumber the savage genes. It’s like dogs are easier to control than wolves. And yet, wolves are freer, wilder, and more robust. Dogs are more useful but they take orders and are wussy creatures.

    The races that created civilization tended to be more slavish. Maybe nature made them more slavish, and then, civilizational factors compounded the slavishness by weeding out the savage genes. So, as a group, they could achieve more but this happened at the cost of individual savage gene that was more robust, rambunctious, colorful, exuberant, and etc.

    It’s like Chinese and Japanese built high civilizations, but they are colorless, can’t sing, can’t dance, are mostly skin-and-bones, tend to be timid and sheepish, and look like dickless space aliens at the end of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. It’s like the natives of Mexico may have built Tiachuchatlan(sic) but they are a timid, sheepish, and colorless bunch. For them to be useful for building civilization, they had to be more slavish than savage.

    Now compare the wolfish Mongols with the doggish Chinese. Mongols, by Asian standards, are big and robust and have barbarian souls. They don’t like to take too much shit. They built less civilization but there’ something vital about them–and Mongol sumo guys bounce Japanese guys like ping pong balls.

    Because Negroes failed to develop civilization, they came to be subjugated by other races. And they became slaves in Arabia and the New World. But in terms of their nature, blacks are least fit to be slaves. They have the savage gene than slavish gene. From a social viewpoint, the savage gene is problematic as too many Negroes be running wild and be acting like lunatics. But many people also find it vibrant, exciting, manly, sexy, badass, and etc. Look at the worldwide success of rap music. No one watches Chinese sports, but many millions of Chinese love to watch NBA where big ass Negroes dunk the balls while being cheered on by blonde women cheerleaders who now salivate over having sex with big muscular Negroes who be seen as the superior males.

    Among all the arts, music is the most spontaneous and powerful, and blacks have been, pound for pound, the most dominant force in pop music in the 20th century with their contribution to or invention of blues, jazz, rock n roll, soul, reggae, rap, and etc. Such music arose from the savage genes, and it turns a lot of people on. No one listens to the music-of-slavish-genes of the Mexicans or Chinese.

    So, in some ways, blacks may take pride in not having built the pyramids and the great wall. They were too strong, too badass, and too wild to be subjugated to hauling bricks to build stuff for oppressive kings and queens. They preferred to be free and run wild and chuck spears at hippos and run from hippos when hippos hand enough of the Negroes and turned around to chomp off the Negroes’ ass.

    For every gain, there’s a loss. Chinese may have built a great civilization, but look at those scrawners. Non-asian women feel no excitement about Chinese men, and just about any good-looking Chinese woman in the US would rather marry a whitey, Jew, or Negro than some yellow scrawner. Asian women are the story of the horniness of women with hots for bigger/tougher warriors. Despite matter of IQ, if a white guy was given a chance to become a Negro or a yellow, I’ll bet he’d rather be Long Dong Silver than Wong Dong Lee.

    Humanity operates according to three main principles: convenience, conversion, and convulsion.

    Civilization improved matters of convenience, and this is especially true of the West. Think of all the great Western scientists and techno-inventors who created stuff like cars, refrigerators, airplanes, machines, toilets, and etc, etc, that made life so much easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. We owe so much to such people, but how come they are almost invisible to us? Because the purpose of convenience is to serve us and make us forget it even exists. We don’t think about the technology of plumbing every time we use the faucet to drink water or flush the toilet. We are very glad to have such things, and they make life easy. But they don’t turn us on. It doesn’t move us sensually or emotionally. Once the air conditioning is on, we don’t think about it. Elevators are useful but we don’t get excited about being inside an elevator. Western civilization has been the king of convenience, but how many white folks are reading books about past inventors to get their jollies? Think of the guy who invented modern textile technology. He did something very great. But I don’t know his name and likely neither do you. Machines are useful for exist to serve us and make life more convenient. And convenience is nice, even essential, but it’s utilitarian, not orgasmic.

    Then there is the matter of conversion. It operates in the field of ideas and emotions. Religions and ideologies are conversionary. Religions and ideology may require time and patience for us to appreciate. To understand Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taosim, or whatever, we have to do calm down, control ourselves, do some reading and thinking. Or some prayer and meditation. To understand ideologies, we may have to attend meetings, read certain texts, go to lectures, read pamphlets, and etc. In the end, religions or ideologies may be very fulfilling and moving. They may provide us with the meaning of life, a sense of truth and righteousness, and etc. They would make us realize that there’s a higher meaning to life, i.e. life isn’t just about material well-being but about spiritual, moral, or intellectual pursuit of truth. The Middle East, Asia, and Europe achieved great things in conversionariness. Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Greek philosophy, Confucianism, and many schools of thoughts arose from those civilizations. Conversionary stuff may not make life easier in the physical/literal sense–as the stuff of convenience do–, but they are compelling because they imbue us with a sense of truth and meaning. And this is why some Muslims in the West still cling to their old faith. Sure, the modern West offers a great deal in terms of convenience–medicine, technology, and etc–, but it’s not very meaningful to worship a refrigerator, ponder the significance of a carburator(sic), or meditate on the truth of a toilet. People find meaning by thinking about God, myths, high art, philosophy(ultimate meaning of life), history, moral progress, and etc.

    When it came to matters of convenience and conversion, black African produced next to nothing. No great science/technology/invention. No great religion, philosophy, ideology, and school of thought.

    But then, there is the power of convulsion. Human eyes, ears, skin, and genitalia are all erogenous-like zones. Convenience makes them comfortable. Conversion makes them feel meaningful. But it’s convulsion that makes their senses explode like Juicy Fruit gum and go crazy.

    Convenience is like a perfect chair that makes the ass comfortable. Conversion is the book one holds while sitting on the chair. In contrast, convulsion may not offer any long-term utility or any deep meaning, but it provides intense explosions of pleasure. It’s like a vibrator-dildo up a nympho’s pooter.

    Now, we could argue that humanity should be wiser and favor convenience and conversion over convulsion, but the power of pleasure is so powerful for a lot of people that they’ve come to favor convulsion over all else. It’s like if you give cocaine to a monkey, it will just want more highs.

    It’s like once a boy or girl experiences orgasm, he or she has to look for more and more and more.

    It’s like once young ones listen to pop music, they don’t wanna do anything else. It’s like sports addicts are crazy about sports.

    It is in the convulsion territory that blacks pose the greatest threat to the white race. Though convulsion may be the opposite of convenience and conversion, paradoxically the power of convulsion became magnified because of the success of convenience and conversion. The Western triumph in convenience led to huge technological advances. As people in the West have all the basic necessities and own TVs/stereos/computers, their minds are barely on convenience(even as their lives owe so much to it). In the 19th century, white farmers struggled to make a living. They had to grow food and so their minds were mainly fixated on making life easier through better convenience with better methods of farming and tool-making. Also, as there was no radios, TV, and stereos, fun and pleasure amounted to folk dances and get-togethers. And as morality and spirituality guided society, sexuality was carefully regulated.

    But today, we have enough food and water. We don’t have to worry about disease and cold. Our social mores are more libertarian and freewheeling and hedonistic. So, people take basic necessities for granted and instead seek wild/intense pleasure through sports, music, movies, TV, porn, dating-services, and free sex.

    Conversion also paved the way for the rise of convulsion. Why? Because conversion-dialectic led to the emergence of the kind of political/social/moral philosophies that best served to create and maintain modern societies of peace, law, and order. Once such socio-economic-political success was achieved, people began to take ideas for granted. I mean how many people regularly read the documents of the Founding Fathers? How many read up on the history of advancement of law and ethics from Roman times to the present? Though some people do find intellectual fulfillment in reading and stuff, most people don’t care much about ideas as long as life is pretty good for them. What passes for ‘ideas’ today is WWG and WWT.

    But one thing people are mad about is pleasure and more pleasure. If you’re dying of thirst, a glass of water will suffice as pleasure. But if you have all the water in the world, you want something like ice cold beer or soda pop with the fizzle.

    Since the success of the Modern West put people’s minds off convenience and ideas–as their usefulness are taken for granted–, people are looking for more and more pleasure.

    And it is in the area of convulsion that Negroes are beginning to take over.

    Look at sports. Muscled Negroes dominate. White girls cheer for black studs and line up to have sex with Mandingos who give them the biggest orgasms. White boys in the stands cheer for black athletes like crazy. The emotional response of white male fans of black athletes is almost orgasmic. White boys turn quasi-homo in their worship of black muscle and masterfulness. They act just like white cheerleaders. They scream their heads off like they’re having orgasm all over their bodies.

    And look at rap music. Black guys sing about how badass they is. How white girls worship their muscle and big dongs. And white girls have conniptions listening to that stuff. They ‘twerk’ their asses to rap as if they’re mounting big Negroes. And white boys listen to that stuff too and get quasi-homo jollies in their worship of black muscle and masterfulness. White rock critics sing hosannas to Kanye West. White guys try to emulate black rappers. White homo guys look for black guys to pump them in the ass.

    Intense sexual pleasure can be had through feelings of conquest or feelings of submission. White girls and white guys find great orgasmic pleasure in submitting to Negro masterfullery–or vicariously ‘sharing’ the conquest by the Negreos. There was even an article in DETAILS mag about how white elites are having “mandingoes” hump their wives on their own beds. White wives must have the big Negro, and white guys can only get off by submission fantasies before the badass Negroes.

    The power of convulsion is huge. It’s like WUTHERING HEIGHTS where some hussy runs off with Heathcliff. Or kate chopin’s THE AWAKENING which I haven’t read but I think it’s about some white woman getting turned on by a mulatto. Or Jane Campion’s shitty PIANO where some white hussy goes off with some white guy who’s gone native and acts like a Maori warrior. She feels ‘liberated’ by sexually submitting to the ‘savage’.

    We may admire the Japanese contribution to the technology of convenience, but in the area of convulsion, Japan fails at least in its maledom. Japanese males are seen as a bunch of scrawns. Hard-working drones who make good radios but zero in convulsion factor. On the other hand, Japanese women may offers some convulsion goodies since men prefer women who are feminine, and it seems men all over the world have fantasies about me-so-horny mamasans.

    Negroes achieved zero in convenience and conversion, but they seem to be masters of convulsion. And yet, this triumph of the Negro has been made possible by Western triumph in convenience and convulsion. Western invention of electronics, TV, stereo, and etc. made black music accessible in the bed room of every white boy and white girl. Western moral-intellectual development led to the feelings of ‘white guilt’, and MLK-ology is the reigning ideology of White folks.

    So, even though blacks are only really good at thuggery, humpery, and jiveassery, their power in this areas have been magnified as pleasure-drugs all over the globe through Western media. And ease of travel have sent Negroes all over the world to hump women of all color.

    Pleasure may be fleeting, but it is intense(just look at the loonies who totally lose their minds during Santana’s ‘Soul Sacrifice’ in WOODSTOCK), which is why some druggies are hopeless. They know that the drugs that give them convulsions are destroying them, but they are so addicted to the pleasure, they gotta have more and more and more. It’s like the orgasmo-orb in Woody Allen’s SLEEPER.

    Just look at the state of UK today. You still have elites who are well-mannered, well-read, and well-spoken, but the main cultural interest now revolves around convulsion, especially in relation to the Negro. Andrew Sullivan the homo may find meaning in books and surely finds life easy with the modern conveniences(created by so many white scientists and inventors), but where does he find the greatest pleasure in life? By having some muscled big-donged Negro pump him in the ass. That pretty much sums up the essence of what the British elites stand for nowadays.

    Today, Jews control much of the convenience industry–especially in high tech–and the conversion industry(academia, media, publishing, etc). Control of areas like Silicon valley and finance technology gives Jews tremendous amount of money. And with that money, they’ve bought up all the media and fund much of the academia. And they use their control over conversion-spheres to promote ‘white guilt’ as the main moral-spiritual ideology of the age.

    And as Jews own much of sports, media, TV, music, and porn, they work in cahoots with Negroes to push the Negro dope or Negrope on white junkies who are totally addicted to orgasmic convulsions from sports, rap music, porn, and even watching one’s own wives be humped by Negroes.

    So, as we look to the future, the issue is no longer who created the greatest civilizations but who produces the biggest convulsions?

    Though non-blacks created the greatest civilizations, the price they had to pay was the rise of slavish genes over savage genes. The greater degree of slavishness among whites, near easterners, hindus, and yellows enabled them to build bigger cities and get along better and obey orders. But they also grew wussier, wimpier, doglike, Dan Quayle-like, and Tony Blair-like.

    Just like Japanese built high civilization but get bumped around by bigger tougher Mongols(who excite the Japanese ladies who also run around Yokohama looking for Negro studs), white folks built greater civilization but at the cost of becoming dweebier and doglike.

    Even though the dweeby and doggish naturally fear the wolfish and savage, they are also turned on by demonstrations of great wolfish pitbullish power. It’s like dogs will be more impressed by wolves, and female dogs will have bigger orgasmic convulsions with male wolves.. and in time male dogs will find their jollies as quasi-homo bitches of male wolves.

    The future of wolfish negro males and doggish white males.

    • Why do you never respond to responses to your comments? Can’t stand your ideas being challenged?

        • The “savage” and “slavish” natures are most likely not genetic, or else the Mongols and the Scandinavians couldn’t have gone from being warriors without a cause to unheard of (for the formers) and civilized (for the latters) in less than a millenium.

  11. Actually, what happens in Turkey has far and wide and deep reprecussions in the United States and in Europe. Erdogan is bankrolling the building of Islamic mosques in the United States, ALL the mosques in the United States [ and in Europe ] Erdogan is bank-rolling preach die-hard Islamic JIHAD. Washington of course is ALLIED with Erdogan. Turkey is THE NEXUS POINT of the New World Order. A GIANT NEXUS POINT where so many aspects, so many dynamics, so many Geo-Political power-players of the NWO meet together, in Turkey, and plan and scheme their NWO dreams. What happens in Turkey is very much a matter of importance to us Americans. I respectfully disagree with what happens in Turkey “isn’t of much concern to us”. It should be. It really should be a matter of concern. Think, Southerners, think!

    • Felix, my apologies on the comment below and I am removing it. I read a bunch of your posts and I have a better understanding of where you are coming from.

  12. (((Ido Daniel))) ?@IdoDaniel
    The antisemitic storm following #ElieWiesel’s passing by #AltRight & #BDS racists is one of the vilest things I’ve ever seen on Twitter.

    (((Ido Daniel)))?@IdoDaniel
    Just look at this. I wish someone will sue you guys at @twitter for this. Really. SHAME ON YOU. #Antisemitism

  13. Volks…

    In American Sports, the great emphasis on winning and PC bias for blackness have led to horrible athletic behavior in colleges.

    Black thugs can get away with so much as long as they deliver the goods.

    Winning is all that counts.

    The idea of student-athlete is gone forever.

    In a way, the rise of raw meritocracy has led to vulgarization.

    The narrow ability is all that counts. So, never mind if college athletes know nothing except playing. That’s all that matters as long as they win..

    We see something similar among the geeks in tech and finance.

    Unlike jocks, they do have brains and have genuine academic credentials.

    But their interests are very narrow and care only about winning in the money game. They have NO interest in anything else that doesn’t lead to WINNING in the money game.

    Because colleges have become such money farms, these geeks are allowed to be like jocks or gocks.

    There used to be a time when to-be-educated meant gaining a deep and well-rounded sense of history, values, and culture.

    And there was a time when art and movies were about meaning.

    Early 70s American cinema put personal vision ahead of box office.

    But the sole interest now is the box office. Even artistic directors make superhero movies.

    So, if you can make the dough, you can get away with anything. You could be a total louse but since you can win with money, that’s all that counts.

    Art World is now all about the money. Hype artists win over real artists.

    Sportsmanship is dead. You can act like rapping thug and be worshiped simply cuz you win.

    SOCIAL NETWORK(zuckerberg movie) was about a Gock. Since he had a winning idea, he could violate all rules and ethics and get his way. Since he could win, nothing else mattered. Same with WOLF OF WALL STREET.

    We have Jocks in sports, pimps & whores in music, and Gocks in Wall street and Silly Valley because they got the winning formula in what they sell.

    But, is winning everything? All winnings are narrow endeavors. You can be a great athlete but a lousy person. You can be a super investor but a weasel shitter. You can be a innovative computer entrepreneur but a lowlife scumsucker.

    Because our culture cares so much about winning, the winners are forgiven all their loutish behavior. Or the grossness is not only glossed over but made glossy and sensationalized.

    In a bad way, we see this in the Donald Trump campaign even though, on the positive side, his message seems to be individual winning isn’t enough if it harms the nation as a whole.

    Globalism is about individual winning at the expense of national citizens.

    If you win as jock, you can rape coeds.

    If you win as gock, you can rape entire economies.

    The glamorous class is so besotted with winners that all their personal failings will be forgiven, ignored, or brushed over UNLESS it violates the holy three: ‘antisemitism’, ‘racism’, and ‘homophobia’.

    Then, like Donald Sterling, you get in trouble. Or like NBA players who say ‘faggot’, you get fined. But you can get away with all else.

    In the past, there were social and moral norms. It wasn’t enough to win. If you disgraced yourself like in the movie QUIZ SHOW, you had to pay a steep price. But we are now shameless as long as you win. Even cheating to win is normalized. Bailouts for Wall Street. Too big to fail. Black thugs in schools slapped on the wrist and treated as ‘victims’. Illegal aliens favored over citizens. Steroids in baseball. From top to bottom, cheating to win has been institutionalized.

    Now, one might say win-ism is more honest than all-around-ism, well-rounded-ism, and gentleman-ism. Indeed, one could argue that such ideals were abused by past elites to protect their privileges and to subtly discriminate.

    After all, the ideal of the ‘student-athlete’ favors inferior whites with brains and brawn over better black athletes with all brawn and no brains.

    Also, the culture of manners and honor favors the well-bred Wasp to the pushy haggly Jew like Alan Dershowitz who may be smarter.

    There is some truth to this. Such ideals can favor mediocrity with manners over superiority without manners. Muhammad Ali was a boor and had no manners but he was clearly the best heavyweight in the 60s. If boxing had insisted on proper behavior, someone like Ali would have been left out.

    Rugged win-ism had made it more difficult for whites to keep the power as Jews and blacks proved to be better winners than whites in certain key areas.

    But, pure win-ism produces its own set of problems. People are so admiring of the winner that his bad and ugly sides(apart from his area of success)is either overlooked(as with Roman Polanski the child rapist) or even made ‘cool’. Notice how rock stars who acted like shit have been lionized for their bad behavior simply because they won in writing fun songs. Rap culture took this even further.

    Now, some will say our society isn’t only about winning.

    There is PC to hold bad behavior in check.

    But PC plays the game of favorites. It only really cares about Jews, homos, and Negroes.

    PC attacks anyone for the slightest negative view of the holy three, but it will forgive Jews, blacks, and homos for so much bad, nasty, vicious behavior, esp if directed at white gentiles.

    Also, PC is poor way of cultivating the mind and soul because it is all about cliches easily learned by even an idiot.

    To master literature, history, ethics, and philosophy takes many yrs and much free thinking and critical process. This was once the ideal of college.

    In contrast, anyone can master PC in a single day by learning to spout stuff like ‘diversity is our strength’, ‘homo is love’, ‘black jives matter’, ‘check your privilege’, blah blah blah. It takes no real effort. Because rules of PC are so easy to master, the worst winner lout can make himself or herself a good person just by waving a homo flag.

    So, any nihilist winner can just mouth off PC cliches — in the manner of Rodney King saying ‘can we get along?’ — and be considered a good person.

    PC isn’t about cultivation of true virtue via critical engagement with honesty and truth. It is all about learning to SIGNAL whatever happens to be fashionably ‘progressive’ at the moment, like the 1992 hype about ‘year of the women’.

    Also, true moral cultivation requires self-examination and criticism.

    PC, in contrast, just tells certain groups that they were born ‘wise’ and ‘righteous’ and only have to blame it on whitey. And it tells whitey that they can be moral by being a ‘good whitey’ pointing fingers at ‘bad whitey’. It’s too easy and never calls for self-examination.

    No wonder there is such total lack of true virtue.

  14. ————————

    Speaking of history and memory, it is interesting that Obummer is the prez.

    Obummer as a globalist seems to be urging all of us to just forgo our identity, roots, and heritage and join with generic world community of Hollywood, Homomania, Rap, interracism, and PC.

    Yet, ironically, Obama himself rebelled against this globo-cosmo mentality and sought out his roots.
    After all, his book is called DREAMS FROM MY FATHER, not Dreams from the World or It Takes a Global Village Idiot.

    Obama was raised globo-cosmo-rootlessly. In fact, his own white mother abandoned her own race and filled up her own womb with seeds of non-whites. She didn’t care for whiteness, rejected her identity, and her roots. And Obama was raised under her kind of outlook.
    Obama was raised by leftist white grandparents. He grew up in Hawaii filled with all sorts of people. He had no clear identity. In NY, he hung around rich Pakis and maybe around homos.

    He was everything and nothing as a globot. He was like Dylan in the early 60s when he didn’t give a crap about Jewishness and was just happy to be a hipster. And then his father died, and he realized he is his father’s son and his identity mattered.

    Obviously, just being some hipster stoner globo-cosmo hedonist was not enough for Obama. He needed something more substantive, and he looked to his father, to Africa, and blackness. (And he specifically chose blackness over whiteness. If he were truly a globot, he should have felt equally white and black. And since he grew up with Indonesians and Asians in Hawaii, he should have felt Asian too. But no, he chose blackness cuz his father, the figure of authority missing in his life, was black.)

    Richard Spencer said BECOME WHO YOU ARE.

    Obama had this journey himself.

    He was raised as a globot. He was black, white, Muslim, Indonesian, Hawaiian, maybe even homo. He was everything, he was nothing. But he looked into his roots and that is when he BECAME BLACK by connecting with something deeper than ideology, fashion, privilege, money, etc. Obama decided he needed to BECOME what he is: BLACK.

    He was raised as a ‘global citizen’, but he needed something more specific, something stronger. It’s like Jewish Socialists realized they needed to be something more than ‘comrade’, ‘worker’, or ‘prole’ like anyone under communism. Communism says a Jewish communist has more in common with a Laotian communist than with a Jewish capitalist or Orthodox Jew. But in the end, race-culture-history is deeper than some ideology that, btw, totally vanished after several decades.

    Jews needed to be connected with history and roots and culture that set them apart from others.

    After all, every individual is special because he or she is unique and exceptional in his or her own way. If every individual was interchangeable with anyone else, there would be no meaning to ‘me’ and ‘you’ and personal biography. Even though all people have much in common, each individual has his or her own story of life and lessons and awareness. Even among Mormons, each Mormon is unique in his or her own way. We are not like mass produced cups or toasters that are identical and could be replaced with a new one if one breaks down.
    When a chair breaks, we can replace it with one just like it and all is well.
    But when a dear one dies, he or she cannot be replaced. Each person is irreplaceable.

    Same goes for ethnic groups. Just like each individual has meaning in his uniqueness or difference, each group his own his saga, narrative, experience, realization, and vision. Jews, Turks, Chinese, Persians, and etc are not interchangeable. Each culture is valuable for what it is. Each ethnic group has its own roots. And for each culture to remain healthy and viable, it must remain distinct from others. There must be some degree of exclusion though preferably not in absolute mode like in totalitarian societies.

    After all, why are Jews so horrified by the Holocaust? Because Jews are irreplaceable by non-Jews. If Jewish globalists really feel all peoples are interchangeable and roots/culture don’t matter, they should not be so upset with the Holocaust. They should just see it as deaths of millions of people than possible extermination of JEWS.
    After all, if identity, race, and history don’t matter, then what does it matter if all Jews die? We can just say Jews are nothing more than people, and even if all Jews die, there are plenty of more people all around? Jews seem to have this attitude toward Europeans, i.e. so what if Europe is demographically swept and altered by waves and waves of blacks and Muslims? They are all just ‘people’. White, black, or Muslim, what does it matter?

    But using this logic, who cares about the Jewish nature of deaths in Holocaust? Jews are just people, and there will always be lots of people all around even if every Jew were killed.

    Jews also say race and ethnicity has nothing to do with anything. So, it doesn’t matter if Britain becomes majority black and Muslim. It doesn’t matter if whites were to vanish from Europe. Europe is not about race or ethnicity. It is only about values and ideas. So, even if Europe is no longer white, it is still ‘European’ if non-Europeans in Europe practice European ideas and values and culture like speaking English.
    But using this logic, we need not worry if all Jews had died in the Holocaust. After all, Jewishness is just a culture, values, and an idea. It is not about race or blood. So, if all Jews had been killed, Jewishness can still survive if, say, 6 million Chinese or Iranians decide to adopt ‘Jewish values’ and ‘Jewish identity’ purely as a culture. Would Jews be okay with that?
    Would Africans would be okay with an Africa that is majority non-black as long as the non-blacks practice ‘African values’ that are redefined as open borders and ‘diversity’?

    It is ironic that Obama who ‘became what is he’—black—away from generic globo-cosmopolitanism is now urging all the world to just surrender their identity and roots and become part of GLOB. Are we to become interchangeable globots?
    He who went on a journey to BECOME BLACK is so bitter about white people BECOMING WHITE by looking into the dreams of their own forefathers. White people must not look to their forefathers. The dreams of white fathers were only nightmares, only evil. And white girls must not look to their fathers and mothers but be like Ann Dunham and surrender their wombs to blacks and others to make non-white babies.

    Same can be said for Merkel. She grew up under communism that said all socialists were brothers and sisters and comrades, and nations didn’t matter anymore. But with the fall of communism, West Germany and East Germany reunited for the same reason that they shared common history, blood, memory, and destiny. After all, why didn’t West Germany unify with France and why didn’t East Germany unify with Poland or Czechoslovakia? Because Germans must merge with Germans.
    But Merkel seems to have forgotten all of that. She berates fellow Germans and seeks to unify Germany with Nigeria and Syria. What the hell…

    And how was Israel created? It was the gathering of all the Jewish tribes by blood. Many scattered Jews from all over decided to come together in a new community. Just like West Germany and East Germany came together cuz of bond of common blood and shared roots, many Jews with shared blood and roots came together in Israel.
    If ideas and values trump ethnicity, then West German should have merged with France since both were capitalist democracies. And East Germany should have merged with Poland during the Cold War since both were communist states. Ridiculous.
    It’s like, if South Korea is gonna merge with any nation, it should be with North Korea. If values trump blood and race, then S. Korea should merge with Japan cuz both are capitalist democracies. Of course, US wants S. Korea to become like Puerto Rico and essentially merge with US as a defacto commonwealth. That is globalism.
    It’s so stupid. Look at Turkey. Even after all these yrs, Kurds in Turkey feel closer to Kurds in other nations than with Turks. Blood is stronger and should be that way. It is richer and thicker than stupid globo ink.

    So, how can humanity simply be content with globalism? Nationalism is what matters. And once we have solid nationalisms, we can have internationalism of trade and exchange of ideas.

    Globalism is not internationalism. Internationalism is nations working together. Globalism is nations surrendering their sovereignty and independence to the Glob Masters of the US that is dominated by Jews and Homos. Globalism is Jewish-Homo supremacist imperialism.

  15. Obama is bringing in Muslim “refugees” and Clinton wants to increase the flow by 500%. Trump is attacked by all sides for calling for a moratorium.

    If instead of servicemen (Ft Hood), Hispanic homosexuals (Orlando), co-workers (California), 5-year-old white girls (Twin Falls) and the rest, the Muslim “immigrants” exclusively targeted synagogues, Jewish centers and the like, you can be absolutely sure Muslim immigration would cease and be reversed.

    It’s all about who is more important.

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