Austria Presidential Election Annulled

Great news out of Austria this morning:

“Austria’s Constitutional court has today ordered May’s presidential election be annulled and another called after “particularly serious cases” of voting fraud were detected in the photo-finish vote.

The Green party-backed candidate Alexander Van der Bellen originally snatched victory by a mere 0.6 per cent in the second round vote, which was taken to decide the new president of central-European state Austria in May. He had made it to the round alongside Freedom Party (FPO) candidate Norbert Hofer, who campaigned to protect Austria from mass migration and Islamification.

Now the Austrian Constitutional court has upheld a complaint by the FPO about conduct in the election. The party had alleged that there were voting “irregularities” in 94 of the 117 total electoral constituencies in the country, reports Kronen Zeitung. …”

They cheated.

Back in May, I didn’t get the chance to write about this story. We had some family members visiting us that weekend. The Austrian presidential election was called for Alexander Van der Bellen who edged Norbert Hofer after he took a slim lead in the mail ballots. Hofer is now calling for a BREXIT-style vote on Austria’s membership in the European Union – an AUXIT – unless significant reforms are passed over the next year.

After BREXIT, the momentum has swung toward populists and nationalists in Europe. This was the one that got away. It is remarkable that Austrians will get another swing at it.

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  1. A couple of years ago I read an account of Austrian ag and food policy and concluded it was a left of center national socialist regime. If a person was wedded to national socialism then in Austria that person should become at that time become a centrist and work at demonizing the left and delegitimizing those to the left of you. But of course all right wingers work in the intellectual vacuum and personal politics of delegitamazation are utterly beneath them (unless you are a Cuck who is ordered to slander those to your right)

  2. To me an American Cracker out in Crackerstan Austria looks to me to be a small ethnostate carved out of the wreckage of a former empire that at this time looks to be swallowed by another wreck of an empire.
    So the Austrian ethnonationalists have an advantage if they fight that battle since the EU empire at this point is a large anchor about the necks of the enemy.
    But I assume the Right in Austria will instead allow the Left to go on the offensive so the Right will always be chasing “its racist tail” around in circles. It is better to take the battle to the enemies cities ask the Berlinners

  3. Leaving the EU is solving only half the problem. They need to replace the EU with a true Occidental Union based on a common heritage and destiny and not a free for all trade zone like the EU is which is but another path on the road to globalism.

  4. PS- the famous stars and bars was designed by an Austrian which is why its stripes (red, white red) exactly match that of Austria.

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