David Duke Announces Louisiana Senate Run

Duke! Duke! Duke!

Because, why not? He is absolutely right. We need one man in the Senate who is unapologetically pro-White. We need one man in the Senate who will tell the truth about Jewish power and influence. We need one man in the Senate who has decades of bona fide conservative nationalist credentials and experience.

Donald Trump has bragged that the Republican platform is the most “pro-Israel” platform in history. Sheldon Adelson has promised to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on his campaign. No one in mainstream American politics is willing to criticize and confront Jewish power. No one is pulling in the other direction.

David Duke could be that man … and watching David Duke take his seat in Congress alongside the likes of Rep. John Lewis or Rep. Luis Gutierrez or Sen. Pocahontas, well, let’s just say it would be a laugh riot!

Note: I liked the Mike Pence pick because I thought it balanced the ticket. For the same reason, I like Duke running for Senate because he balances Trump where he is weakest on Jewish issues and explicit White Identity.

If the Democrats can explicitly endorse the Black Lives Matter movement and invite Michael Brown’s mother to speak at the Democratic National Convention after she endorsed burning down Ferguson on national television, we can vote to put David Duke in the Senate, particularly after cop killers like Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Micah X. and Cosmo Setepenra opened fire in New York City, Dallas and Baton Rouge.

The SPLC claims that Black Lives Matter isn’t a “hate group.” For the record, it has produced more mass shooters over the past year and half than even the most violent fringe of the White Nationalist movement.

Update: Klansman David Duke patrolling the Mexican border and sounding the alarm on immigration in 1977 when he was 27-years-old.


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  1. Duke is tainted. The Democrats and Democrat-controlled media only tolerate antiwhite racism and extremism. The Repubs don’t tolerate racism. What makes him, regardless of whether he is right or wrong, think he can win?

  2. Duke is reading and acting from a bad anti White Hollywood script.

    It s the American White nationalist movement curse – everything is about ego, personal jealousy.

    Whenever we get a huge mainstream breakthrough like getting Trump running and winning on race realism, immigration restriction, America First foreign policy some jealousy guy like David Duke tries to ruin everything, let the media scare off mainstream folks that Trump and his supporters are the same as David Duke, Jew obsessed NAZIS KKK forever.

    I m afraid I saw this coming.

    • Relax, I don’t think Trump has a chance of winning, but he won’t lose because of David Duke.

    • Trump can actually benefit here, Trump will disavow racism of course but he will first Drive that stake thru the Left’s identity politics heart

      Of course the genius stormtroopers got their Daddy here and actually might be of some use by disappearing from Trump’s camp

    • You need a much stronger stomach and possibly even send your balls in for a good check up if you’re going to play the role of Pro-White Strategist. At this point, Duke hurts Trump’s chances of winning no more than Trump’s flaccid and impotent approach to White voters as a constituency hurts his chances of losing the pro-White vote to Hillary.

      Trump is only in the position he is in now because A LOT of pissed off White people put him there. The Left doesn’t care if Duke is supporting Trump or Morgan Freeman and Samuel Jackson are supporting Trump. The fact that pissed off White people make up the overwhelming majority of his base will not stop the accusations of Trump being a Nazi and his supporters being secret SS soldiers.

      The only person Duke will end up hurting is himself. Trump will just ramble on about how he’s not a racist and pander to non-Whites even more, and that will be the end of it.

      • Did you not watch Trump’s speech last night? He outlined an America first philosophy that will actually benefit white people. Duke getting elected is a long shot and even if he is elected he will be shunned in Congress. It is possible that Trump flakes out and betrays his constituency. However, his mere election would change America’s current trajectory and give people the confidence that nationalism can win. It would be sad if Duke’s candidacy torpedoes Trump’s chances.

    • This could turn out to be a disaster. Why did Duke have to say this:
      “”I’m overjoyed to see Donald Trump and most Americans embrace most of the issues I’ve championed for years”

      Now Trump will be put in the position of having to disavow those comments and by doing so risk fracturing his constituency. With Trump as President we get immigration restriction and a rollback of political correctness and globalism. That is more important than Duke’s ego at the moment.

      • Trump’s constituency doesn’t have the luxury of fracturing: we are facing genocide. We have to be able to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.

      • Agreed.

        And I saw this coming. All about ego, jealousy someone else is doing things right.

        When Duke was mainstream success in the 90s other movement “leaders” like Tom Metzger were also throwing jealous fits:

        “Duke is selling out”
        “Duke is a drug addict”
        “Duke isn’t Christian”
        “Duke lives off the membership list”

        White power you want you got it.

      • Fracturing his constituency?

        Well, I guess maybe he should dig down real deep and see if he has any of that pandering left to spare for White Americans who seem to always be left out in the cold wondering whether or not anyone actually gives a shit about them in today’s highly polarized, racially-charged landscape. He can sure dole out the reassurances and empathy for blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, Jews, etc.

        Are we expecting too much? Is our ‘White Privilege’ clouding our view and making it impossible to see the “systemic racism” that we benefit from?

        If Trump(or anyone else) owned a business and had a customer who made up roughly 75% of their revenue stream, do you think he would make sure to cater a good portion of his business and platform to them? It says a lot about a person’s business acumen when 15-25% of the revenue stream is treated as cherished gem, while the 75-85% is treated like it’s nothing special and will always be there no matter how you treat it.

        David Duke wouldn’t have much appeal or much of a platform if Trump was already saying it and saying it in a way that might make it more palpable and less antagonistic than how Duke might come across.

      • You certainly have more faith in the American system than I do. I suspect if Trump wins any bills he wants will not be passed, die in committee, or be watered down as to be ineffective. Thats assuming the system doesn’t kill him outright or impeach him. In the event a law of his was passed they can rely on the Supreme Court to declare it null and void. The only benefit to Trump is to finally prove to politically retarded white America that the system is fatally flawed and there can be no solution within such a system.

    • I don’t think so.

      Duke has praised Trump and supported his candidacy even after he was publicly rebuked. If he wanted to hurt Trump, he could tell his supporters not to vote for him because of his position on Jews and Israel, which we are all swallowing.

  3. I’m not a big fan of Duke, but I would vote for him if given the opportunity simply because he reminds the Oligarchy and vast network of anti-White Regressives that there’s a price to pay for ignoring, maligning and attacking pro-White people.

    Trump ain’t a savior and neither is Duke. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be useful to opening up other doors if pro-White people will just learn to think outside the box and be proactive instead of perpetually reactive.

  4. This is not the David Duke of decades past, he has been upgraded with modern rhetoric courtesy of Bob Whitaker and his young acolytes.

    Dr Duke’s performance rises to the occasion, and could actually prove a useful foil for Trump – good cop, bad cop.

    Dr Duke: I’m running because Trump doesn’t go far enough.

    Trump: David Duke goes too far.

    It would make great theater for both if they fueded, for publicity. Much like professional wrestling. Trump leading marches against David Duke!

    If Trump wins, we will need some one to carry the banner, David Duke could be that man.

  5. As late as a couple of years ago, I would have freaked out. Now, I just don’t care. For like you said, because the other side is getting so wacky, so can and should we. Full Duke Ahead.

    I don’t have a strong opinion on Pence because I don’t think he’s there for any other reason but just to take up space and not do anything embarrassing. That’s all his speech two nights ago accomplished, and that’s all he’ll be good for for the next few months and the next eight years.

    • For like you said, because the other side is getting so wacky, so can and should we

      They are extremists because they promote lies as Truth, try to rewrite history at every opportunity, hide the truth about black crime, openly promote the killing of cops, eagerly flood Western nations with violent and barbaric Muslims who hate everyone who isn’t Muslim, push the Homosexual Agenda on a society that doesn’t want it, harass and attack anyone daring to be pro-White, etc.

      I’m an extremist because I support White people and want to protect my history, heritage, culture and racial stock.

      I can live with that.

    • Dr. Duke’s run for office has nothing to do with Trump. V. decided not to rerun for election in Nov. And Dr. Duke believes now is a good time to run due to the situation of our times and the great support he is getting from his like minded followers. It is that simple. Neither will affect each other’s campaign. Plain and simply, this country is in shambles with corrupt politics and the vast majority of true conservatives and traditionalists want it to stop. Clinton is just another of a long list of the same kind of corrupt tyrants this country needs to dispose of. We are on the very edge of total civil breakdown and if someone doesn’t have the courage to stand up like Trump and Duke to lead the people against this tyranny simple freedoms like posting our opinions will be a thing of the past. Quit looking at the name calling and hurt feelings and realize this election go round will be a total world changer no matter who gets elected. The question remains is which side do you believe supports freedom from tyranny? Clinton or Trump? All you need to ask about a canidate to convince yourself is; Is this person a tyrant? If yes move on to someone else. Focus people. Focus. A house divided amongst itself shall fall.

  6. ‘If the Democrats can explicitly endorse the Black Lives Matter movement and invite Michael Brown’s mother to speak at the Democratic National Convention after she endorsed burning down Ferguson on national television, we can vote to put David Duke in the Senate, particularly after cop killers like Ismaaiyl Brinsley, Micah X. and Cosmo Setepenra opened fire in New York City, Dallas and Baton Rouge.

    The SPLC claims that Black Lives Matter isn’t a “hate group.” For the record, it has produced more mass shooters over the past year and half than even the most violent fringe of the White Nationalist movement.’

    Excellent. Well said. We should copy and paste this and spread it around.

    • Actually the SPLC had now come out and classified BLM as a hate group! Did you miss BLM’s response to that?

  7. There going to try to hang Dukes candidacy around Trumps neck and associate the two. Trump is going to be endlessly asked to denounce the latest Duke comment. I think the thing may be a bad distraction to the more realistic Trump campaign.

  8. One has to ask if Duke’s purpose is to sabotage Trump. The Jew media will link Duke to Trump every chance it gets.

  9. David Duke would be a fine senator, particularly compared to most of the current crop. Now that he’s old, he even looks like a Southern senator. Also, if the progs and cucks are howling about Trump now, imagine the handwringing and breastbeating if Duke gets in.

    Additionally, it would be be one in the eye for the Southern Sellout political establishment. I see no downside.

  10. I wish Duke’s campaign the very best, but I have to say that was a very weak video presentation. His eyes shifting while reading from the script and his stumbling over words really hurt the sincerity of his message. And the glum look on his face at the end was terribly discordant with the triumphant note his rhetoric was striking.

    Still, I liked his “at least one man in Congress” line. I hope he returns to it again and again, even if just a last line of defense after the inevitable attacks on his “racism”. EG “Regardless of what people want to say about me, the fact remains we need at least one man in Congress who recognizes that whites are people too.”

  11. Aside from playing dress up Nazi in the 70’s, and trying to bring back a Confederate vets organization after the members had all been dead for decades…Duke may get lucky?

    Maybe he can get Terry Bradshaw to endorse him? Fat chance, huh?

  12. http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/24/politics/donald-trump-david-duke-louisiana-senate/ The Bromance Crumbles. Trump entertains that he in all likelihood would support a Democrat over Duke.

    I think Trump and Duke are two different men, I’m more taking shots at diehard alternative right types. These people think the white nationalists movement is right on the cusp of respectability, if only a Jewish backed media gave them a chance. In reality you can put them on a level media and they’re nowhere near it.

    I knew Trump wasn’t Duke, Duke wasn’t Trump and vice versa.

  13. David Duke is a true MAN among MEN for the sheer reason he has been willing to be killed for his beliefs since the Jewish Leftists at LSU tried to shut him up when he spoke on the Immigration Act of 1965 as a Student. Even then Dixie’s schools had been infiltrated. DUKE 2016. I wish i could vote fraudulently in Louisiana i would vote 100 times for Duke

  14. The Movement Turd, July 2016 Issue:


    Pastor Martin Lindstedt (Mad Dog the Conquerer) Write-In Candidate for Governor of Missery Fights Radical Islamic Terrorism:

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

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