Munich Terrorist Attack

MSNBC was speculating all afternoon that the terrorist attack in Munich this afternoon was the work of a rightwing, Neo-Nazi group:

“MUNICH — A gunman opened fire outside a shopping mall in Munich late on Friday afternoon, killing nine people, wounding 21 and sending Germany’s third-largest city into lockdown as the police scrambled to find what they initially thought were as many as three assailants.

By early Saturday, the authorities said the attack was probably the work of a single gunman, an 18-year-old German of Iranian descent who they said held both German and Iranian citizenship.

The body of the presumed gunman, whose name was not immediately made public, was found less than a mile from the mall with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, officials said. …”

Uh oh.

Ali David Sonboly
Ali David Sonboly

It was an Iranian dual citizen who gunned down German children in Munich. This comes only several days after the axe-wielding Afghan refugee terrorist in Würzburg, which is also in Bavaria, pledged allegiance to ISIS. Surely, this latest terrorist will be recast as a Neo-Nazi villain whenever the movie comes out, and Angela Merkel as Churchill for throwing Germans in prison for “Islamophobic” Facebook posts.

Note: Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the Mainstream Media spent the morning panning Trump’s “dark” acceptance speech. It is worth noting here that Hillary is running to be our Angela Merkel and has promised open borders and a 550% increase in Syrian refugees.


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  1. Thanks liberals for causing another mass shooting by the Islamic Terrorists! You must not care much for national security our people’s lives! We must secure our respective nations and the White World! WPWW !

  2. Mall Shooting.

    Another shopping binge ruined. Learn to live with it goys.

  3. Islam is bringing war to us, we will fight them with long essays and, and love

    This will sound weird to the internet stormtroopers but Islam bringing war to us is to our advantage, but of course I officially oppose Islam to the point that lefties would call me “islamophobic.”

  4. I’m sure it was a crazy Catholic, Mennonite, Evangelical, or a Westboro Baptist church member? :LOL:

    • It was notable to me the hiatus during the Convention.

      You could run some statistics to see the probability of rejecting the null hypothesis: namely, that there is no connection between terrorist attacks and the GOP convention.

      If I were a radical terrorist, I would prefer Trump, help him win, give him a hiatus in which to make good on his promises, then start hitting if he renegs.

      Trump calls back to Reagan, and not only did Reagan participate in the October Surprise, but he got out of Lebanon and exchanged arms for hostages with Iran.

    • The Peace of Allah

      Sat-sun-mon BLM shooting spree.

      Tues-wed-thurs Jihad

      Friday day off, no wait…damn.

  5. Did anyone here see my music video on YouTube about 10 years ago.

    Peace Train?

    The images of brutal Islamic terrorist attacks against White Western people are set to the music of Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam ‘s “Peace Train”

    I included comments that

    “We ve had a few minor misunderstandings with Islam like 9-11-01 but let s now all come together with Cat Stavens Yusuf Islam and all get on the Peace Train.

    YouTube doesn’t let us use copyrighted music anymore.

  6. They’re claiming it might be a “right-wing” attack. 2 or 3 shooter shouting “I’m German!!!” and “fuck refugees!” (I’m not joking) as they shoot… Germans? False flag attack maybe? Interesting timing. Hopefully these reports are just BS.

    • “Fuck the refugees I’m going to shoot up Primark and Hugo Boss outlet!” Did nobody do ever.

    • Yeah an ‘iranian german’ xenophobe, apparently. Dylan Roof pretty much retired the ‘crazedwhitegunman’ character, or at least non-KoolAid drinking white male skepticism did.

  7. Starting to look like “fucking Turk” statement not uttered by gunman. People called the Gunman a Turk, to which he replied “I am a German.” “What makes you German?” “I was born here.” “So what?” Apparently shooting happened some time ago but still no confirmation about his race? Also claims it’s 3 shooters, but we’ve all heard that before.

  8. Please wait to get the facts. We don t know if it is Islamic terrorists.

    Fox News is reporting the shooters shouted anti foreigner slurs, speculation that it s the anniversary of Breivik slaughter in Norway.

    • So, we should wait to get the facts on whether it is Islamic terrorists because we don’t know, but then you report speculation about Brevik and someone shouting anti-foreigner slurs?

  9. Shep Smith on Fox was really pushing the shooter was anti-immigrant narrative until it switched over to Special Report, and not more cultural enrichment from a muzzie. He poo-pooed the report of the woman claiming she heard Allahu Akbar several times. I mean Shep was giddy about the possibility of it being a right wing German.

    Of course, if it was another exploding Mohammed there will be no retraction, no apology. Shep is actually one of the most disgusting actors on Fox News, and thats saying something these days.

  10. This benefits Trump and thats a good thing for us. Germany needs to have the Neo Nazis overthrow the government and I mean NOW

  11. CNN; “The unidentified attacker was an 18-year-old German-Iranian who had lived in Munich for more than two years.”
    Really CNN? So If I move to Madagascar for two years am I now African-American?

    • We really should start using the term Sub-Saharan African-Americans because the term “African American” perpetuates the myth of Afro-centrism implying that everyone in Africa is black whereas they are native only to the central region. I’m sure North Africans aren’t exactly thrilled with that designation.

  12. Within 48 hours we’ll hear that he had ‘no history of overt mental illness’ but at the same time his significant other claims he was ‘bipolar.’ And maybe some other state appointed commissar, a lone detector of lone wolves, ‘knew,’ while the majority of criminal justice types perceived no ‘mental illness.’ Hence, only the priestly class of pseudoscientific psychiatrists could have sussed out the ticking time bomb of ‘disease,’ without any science, of course, or anyone in the normal public arena or even close friends ‘knowing.’

  13. Reich-Wing Watch ?@ReichWingWatch 8h8 hours ago
    @jma020 @YoungDems4Trump The shooter was a Neo-Nazi Trump supporter.

    Reich-Wing Watch ?@ReichWingWatch
    @YoungDems4Trump @SenSanders You’re more likely to be killed by lightning than an Islamic extremists. Quit the fascist fear mongering.

    Mandi S ?@tigersimon27
    @YoungDems4Trump Hmmmm… looks like white supremacy to me!!! Definitely not Islamic terror afoot!

    • Maybe he was pisseds that Jon Stewart returned to TV to take down The Don

  14. “If The Butcher of Benghazi gets elected ; every white person in America will need a copy of the Koran, a prayer rug and a Spanish /English Dictionary- or a sub machine gun and a pile of ammo!”

  15. Probably fake. The number of mass shootings in the US has skyrocketed during the Obama administration. They would have us believe that people are just crazy and suddenly have a desire to go on shooting sprees. It is like we are living inside a movie script where the unusual becomes the usual. This is probably because more than half of the mass shootings in recent years are fake.

    • Nonsense, there are no “fake” mass shootings, there is something about this modern political correctness world that is very alienating to young men. And the media tells you if you get despondent and want to die, if you make enough “bang” in the process you get to go out with your own 15 minutes of fame. Also these boys live in a popular culture filled with shows written by gay screenwriters about their own promiscuous homosexual lives thinly concealed by casting heterosexual characters. In the fake media world every man is getting lots of sex from lots of model quality women as easily as homos do in their bathhouses. Young nerds feel cheated when the see this, and add these psychiatric drugs they mass proscribe these days into the mix, result is said nerd dresses up as a comic book villain and shoots up some random public place.


    Krugman says Trump is Russia’s man in America. LOL.

    Well, with all the China-bashing from the Don, at least he won’t be a Manchurian Candidate.

    Btw, what would happen if some mainstream journo called Hillary a Zion Candidate?

    Cry of ‘antisemitism’ and end of career.

    Of course, Krugman is really upset that the Don is about America First than Globalia First. Globalia is controlled by his tribe.

    Krugman is just projecting. He accuses the Don of serving another government, but he really wants all white gentiles to serve Globalia, or Jewish Supremacism.

    NATO needs to go.

    NATO keeps European nations weak. They can just rely on US and play whore for ‘protection’. But that does that mean? It means being occupied by US military filled with Negroes who hump white European women. It means being occupied by US military that is controlled by Zionist Supremacists who are risking confrontation with Russia purely for Jewish Supremacists interests.

    NATO needs to go, and each European nation needs to build its own military.

    Of course, Germany has to play a key role in this, but other European nations still don’t trust Germany, and Germans don’t trust themselves.

    Also, the idea that Russia poses any kind of threat is the worse than any kind of Cold War paranoia.

    It is ironic that Jews who mocked ‘anti-communist hysteria’ even when Stalin ruled USSR and Jewish spies were feeding him with atomic secrets are now pushing this utterly ludicrous propaganda about the Russian threat.

    No, it is not the Russian THREAT that Jews fear. There is no threat. It is the Russia Thaw that aggravates Jews. Jews fear the Russian model of national independence and sovereignty for all European nations.

    And what Jews fear most about Putin is not he’s crazy. He isn’t. They fear his rational and intelligent and reasonable and sensible approach to foreign policy.

    If Putin were really like Hitler or Stalin, it would be easy to vilify him.

    But Jews are frustrated because Putin isn’t like that at all. Sure, he’s a master of gangster politics, the only way to survive in Russia. But he’s a man of peace on the global stage. And his message is each nation should be sovereign and nationalist. Each nation should preserve its own culture and values against homomania funded and pushed by Jewish globalists.

    Jews are doing their darndest to make Putin out to be Hitler/Stalin. But the evidence just isn’t there.

    Jews even used Jay Leno that pan-faced turd. When Russia said NO THANKS to homo victory marches, Leno invited Jew-stooge Obama to compare Putin to Hitler.

    Is US a serious country?

    We now live in a nation where kids are told that ‘anti-communist hysteria’ in the 50s was uncalled for(at a time when Stalin ruled over all of Eastern Europe) but that we need a new cold war because Putin is Hitler because… uh… no homo parades in Russia.

    Are we living in a joke wrapped in a farce in a bamboozle?


  17. Latinos are okay… if we end immigration now.

    If not, SW will just become an extension of Mexico. In fact, much of it already is. And it’s not a pretty picture.

    As for East Asians, they will just go with the prevailing power. Lacking a strong identity, EA’s are more white bread than white bread. Notice that some EA’s become staunch conservatives and wanna be honorary whites while other EA’s become staunch proggies and wanna be honorary Jewish, homo, or Negro.

    Hindus are somewhat different. They are wily. And as India still has a big birthrate and is about to overtake China, the future of Asian community in US will be dominated by the Hindots. India says it plans to export 300 million dotters. I mean that is like the whole of US population. And even after the 300 million dotters have emigrated, India will have more babies and produce 300 million surplus kids in two decades and they too emigrate. So, US has to watch out for the dotters.

    East Asians are the servile race. Their personality isn’t much different from that of Mexers who are of Mongoid origin. Mexers are happy to keep head low and say ‘si senor’. It’s like the scene in PAT GARRETT AND BILLY THE KID. Billy tells an old Mexer to bring him a Mexer, and the Mexer just smiles and obeys.

    East Asians have strong identity ONLY when they are in a homogeneous and united nation. Outside Asia, they are servile ants to the Power. Mexer peasant class are the same way. But there are now SO MANY Mexers in SW that they are forming a political power base. Even so, it is pretty lackluster given the numbers. It goes to show that Mexers still wanna follow than lead.

    As for Muslims, I don’t see them as any threat at all in the US. In EU, yes. Too many of them there. But there will never be enough Muslims in the US to cause problems other than the occasional terrorist bombing that will kill a handful, as in Boston by the Bomb Bros.

    But there is the Negroes. But then, Negroes were here for a long time. America’s biggest sin is bringing Negroes, the most dangerous race, over here.

    Diversity is a double-edged sword. It poses a demographic challenge to white power. But diversity-via-immigration serves as buffer between whites and blacks. And if reparations must be paid, having a large immigrant population places the burden on the newcomers. They will be taxed to give free stuff to Negroes.

    (Truly troubling is the huge immigration from black Africa into US and to EU. Blacks are trouble. Worst of all, they will kick white boys’ butts and steal white girls’ wombs.)

    But white elites gain more from Diversity than white working class do.

    White elites and white affluent will remain above the Diversity. Diversity will be working for them and serve as buffer between them and the nasty Negroes.

    But for white working class, they will lose to competition to immigrants and end up with the Negroes, with the boys getting whupped by Negroes and the white girls giving their wombs to Negroes to hatch mulatto babies.

    So, Diversity is good for white elite privilege/supremacism, but it’s not bad for white working class. Ironically, white elites who gain most from diversity accuse white working class for ‘white supremacism’. Those who enjoy white privilege as a form of defacto white supremacism accuse white working class who face a future of inferiority–mocked by that slimeball Fareed Zikavirus–are called a bunch of Nazis.

    Anyway, there is more than one white America. If you part of White Affluent America, you have more to gain from diversity. More nannies. More immigrant women as mistresses, girlfriends, or wives. More docile labor. More buffer between yourselves and the ghastly Negroes.

    But if you’re Struggling White America, more immigration means more competition for you. Lower wages and more chance that you will end up living next to Negroes who will beat up white boys and steal white girls.

    Also, there is the culture of debasement of tattoos, mainstream-ization of porn that we now see even in Disney products, piercing, stupidity, childishness, fatassedness, and etc.

    Privileged whites got fat assets, and poor whites got fat asses and not much else(unless we count tattoos on those asses).

    Anyway, I hear that Iran is only 50% Persian, but there is still a strong sense of Persian-ness among the Farsical folks there.

    So, maybe that is the future of America.

    What US needs is the development of a New White Elite.

    All societies need elites. Masses cannot rule themselves. They need to be led.

    Look at the Civil Rights Movement. While Negroes wanted justice and equality for a long time, the movement came about due to leadership, organization, and managements. Jews and people like MLK played a huge part. Without such a movement, Negroes would have just munched on melon and chicken and drowned their sorrow with ripple.

    So, unless there is the elite to lead the movement or cause, the masses will go nowhere. Most people are like herd of cattle. Unless there is a cowboy to lead them to pasture, they won’t know where to go. It’s like Jews needed Moses to lead them to the Promised Land of Milk and Money?

    The problem for whites is that the white elites have been co-opted by the globalists. So, white elites don’t lead white folks. Without leadership, white masses are sinking in morass of confusion and even suffering from White Death.

    Current white elites are collaborator-traitors, not unlike the comprador collaborator-elites among Hindus and Chinese who served the foreign imperialists.

    India was on the road of independence ONLY WHEN a new alt-hindu elite rose to lead the native masses than serve the foreign British imperialists. Same with Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnam. Ho decided to lead the masses than serve the French. Same with Castro. Castro decided to lead the Cubanos than serve the Hyman Roths of the world.

    The main role of the so-called Alt Right must be to create a new white elite, one that represents, expresses, serves, and leads the aspirations, interests, and concerns of white folks as a racial, cultural, historical, and territorial(and even spiritual) community.

    Such elite once existed but vanished as the white elites of both parties turned into comprador cuck-collaborators. The cuckerals and cuckservatives.

    Now, if the current white elites were to wake up, gain racial/cultural consciousness, and represent & lead the white masses, there is no need for Alt Right. But it seems hopeless to expect the current white elite to play that role. They got too much to lose. They’ve gained so much wealth and privilege as comprador-cucks to the Globalists.

    So, if white people need leadership, Alt Right must form a new elite. Since Alt Right lacks for money, it must rely on imagination, inspiration, creativity, and etc. like Fidel Castro and Ho did.

    Unless this new elite is created, there is no future for white power as a unified force.

    There will just be fractured bits and piece of white America. It’s like Germany was fractured into so many principalities until Bismarck came along to unify the Germanics into one people. White America needs its Garibaldi who can unite the fragments into a whole. It’s like China went into the Warlords era after the fall of the Republic until the KMT under Chiang began to piece it together again.

    America is one country geographically, but there are too many white Americas that are fractured, and of course, the globalists want it that way since they hate the idea of a united White America. White America is only united in worship of Israel and holy Jews, worship of MLK culture, and now maybe even homo-worship. White America is NOT united on any sense of white identity or white interests.

    Again, the masses cannot do anything without leadership. No Gandhi and Nehru, no India movement toward independence. No Ho and Castro, no movement for kicking out the imperialists.

    Unfortunately, the West has ‘leaders’ like Merkel, Holland, Cameron, May, and etc.

    In the EU, Orban of Hungary and the Polacks are showing some sense of national leadership. They are to their own nations what Netanyahu is for Israel.


    • Muslims are not a problem here because of the selective immigration. Low class or people underbellies of their countries will never make it to the US unlike Europe which shot itself in the foot because of jewish oligarchs over there. Even we take in crimes or terrorist acts committed by foreign nations, it is disproportinately high incase of muslims. You do not see christians, hindus, buddhists committing massacre in foreign countries. So there is a danger even if we allow educated muslims. Once we allow untrammeled immigration like Europe, the swarthy muslims could do a replica of what they are doing in europe, But still we do not need Hindus, buddhists, chinks here. They can keep their problems within their countries.US as such has enough problem in negroes, jews and third world savages, so we dont need any more muslims. Islam plus negro is a deadly problem. Trump is the right step in putting a stop to the jews. Once trump ends immigration from third world shit holes. Europe will soon follow suit.

  18. Workers can do only so much.

    Also, these elections and referendums come and go once in awhile.

    Real power is what happens everyday.

    People can win elections and referendums but still lose because they don’t control what happens everyday. People vote once every four yrs.

    Elites and insiders work tirelessly everyday to keep and expand their power(even when elections and such stuff go against them).

    Jews and homos won because they wormed into the inner corridors of power and worked day in and day out to push their agenda. They also amassed huge wealth and information that could be used to blackmail just about anyone. Since the kind of people who go into politics tend to be sleazos, they could be targeted with all sorts of things. I’ll bet most politicians of both parties had sex orgies, drugs, and etc.

    It’s all in the files. Jews and homos are the new J. Edgar Hoover.

    Indeed, why did Hoover have such power for so long REGARDLESS of who was president, which party had the power, and etc? It was because he worked 24/7 within the corridor of power to gain all sorts of info and dirt on everyone. Ironically, the Jews and homos who detest Hoover most gained most power by acting just like him.

    But then, Jews hate fascism because it is the model that they practice for themselves.

    When Jews say they hate fascism, they mean fascism for gentiles, not for Jews. Jews love fascism for Jews but, of course, Jews don’t call it ‘fascism’.

    It’s like Likud party is called ‘right’ but not ‘far right’. Israel is a fascist democracy. Like Mussolini’s Italy had a place for capitalism, statism, religion, atheism, modernity, tradition, militarism, nationalism, and internationalism, Israel has room for religious Jews, modern Jews, nationalism, militarism, and etc. To combine and harvest the energies and visions of all kinds of people within the tribe is fascism. Jews know it works for themselves. Why would Jews want to share their source of power with gentiles?

    Jews know that communism alone or capitalism alone will lead to failure. Communism destroys and suppresses too much individual initiative, innovation, and enterprise. Capitalism is great at creating wealth, but it lead to elite libertarianism whereby elites come to favor their own profits over good of nation, race, and culture.

    But, under fascism, racial-territorial nationalism must be the glue for controlled capitalism and socialism. Israel has some degree of socialism and free enterprise capitalism, but its main ideology is racial-territorial-historical-nationalism. Zionist socialism must be nationalist, not worldwide. Zionist capitalism must put Israel First.

    The masses think history is on their side if an election or referendum goes their way.

    But look at American history. The Conservatives won lots of elections since 68, but so much of America drifted to the other side. Why? Because when it came to daily workings of power, it was the Libs in Hollywood, media, academia, government, courts, and even churches who were pushing for their agenda. And homos were working 24/7 to gain entry into corridors of power, often closeted.

    US never had a Jewish president, but even under GOP rule, Jews were gaining more and more every year.

    While American Conservatives only paid attention to politics once every 4 yrs, Jews and Homos and others like them were working day in and day out for their own interests. Mormons are like the outlier among Conservatives. They are not complacent but work for Mormon power and influence tirelessly every day.

    Masses get to vote once awhile, but it is the elites, insider, and fanatics who work day in and day out the ultimate direction of power. Indeed, the elites remain in place even when elections go against them. Elites are not only in government but in media, academia, entertainment, finance, institutions, and etc. They got their think-tanks, well funded. Their NGO’s.

    The Deep State or the Creep State.


  19. Don’t be deceived by the lying press.
    The Munich Massacre Is A Complete Coverup. The Munich Shooter’s Facebook Including His Family Background Shows He Is NOT Iranian But A Syrian Islamist Pro Turkey
    They initially introduced his name as a western name “David S”. Then his name changed to Ali David Sonboly (which sounds western) when his real name is Ali Daud Sonboly/Sunbuli which is an Arabic name (better pronounced Sunbuli) and has an exclusively Arabic meaning: ‘from the wheat kernel’.

    Sonboly is no Iranian. He is Syrian. His Facebook page showed that he is pro Turkey’s Islamists. That, plus he had a record with the Interpol and was being watched. He is also not a teenager as they show us, but an adult as videos showed. What the reader should conclude after reading is this: why is the eye witnesses account (which is substantiated by material evidence) contradicts media reports (which provide zero evidence that we can verify, just government claim). Let me shred the media’s narrative piece by piece.

    First of all. There is only one way to spell Sonboly in the Arabic: ?????. In the English it can be spelled multiple ways like Sunbulli, Sonboly because Arabic vowels need to be added using English letters. This is why we find Muhammad spelled as Mohemmed or Mehemet or Mohammad …

    But in Arabic, it is always the same spelling: ?????

    Unless one knows Arabic, they do not know where to look. Examining clan Sonboly and even Sonboly’s own Facebook (archived here) we find no persian flags hovering anywhere. What we find are Turkish or Syrian flags or the combination of the two, just like the shooter’s Facebook shows. These are Syrian Islamists who are pro Turkey’s Erdogan. We also find Arabic and not a lick of Persian as their main language. This is unlikely a ‘Sonboly’ of the Persian variety.

    Ali Daud (not David) Sonboly, did not simply have a fetish for the red colored flag or the crescent moon. His clan is of Turkish origin living in Syria. Go ahead, peruse each of their Facebook pages yourself and see.

    The case for this clan’s love of Turkey’s Erdogan is ironclad. Plus he lived in the Turkish neighborhood and his Facebook shows he was in Germany’s hauptschule college since 2011. He did not arrive there just two years ago. Someone up there in Germany’s government is fibbing advertising him as an Iranian which would make him a Shiite Muslim. This is done in order to avoid repercussion. Imagine Germans finding out that Turks and Syrian refugees who are entering Germany by the droves are the real culprit? For Germany, it was time to sweep it all under a Persian rug.
    by Walid Shoebat on July 23, 2016 in Featured, General

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