French Priest Beheaded In Church During Mass By ISIS Terrorists


“Francois Hollande says France is at war with ISIS after two Islamist knifemen butchered a French priest and left a nun fighting for her life before they were both shot dead by police in Normandy.

One of the men who stormed into the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen during mass was a 19-year-old French national, who was being monitored by electronic tag after being jailed for trying to join fanatics in Syria.

The 86-year-old priest, named as Jacques Hamel, was beheaded while a nun is critically injured in hospital following the raid which saw five people held hostage by ISIS assailants shouting Allahu Akbar.

This afternoon it emerged that the murdered clergyman was deputising while the parish priest was on holiday. French authorities say they have arrested a third man in connection with the attack.

The two killers were ‘neutralised’ by marksmen as they emerged from the building, which is now being searched for explosives. French president Hollande said France is ‘at war’ with ISIS while the terror group has claimed responsibility for the killing.

It comes as it emerged that the building was one of a number of Catholic churches on a terrorist ‘hit list’ found on a suspected ISIS extremist last April…”

It was a truck in Nice. It was an axe in Würzburg. It was a gun in Munich. It was a machete in Reutlingen. It was a bomb in Ansbach. It was a knife in Rouen. The common denominator in all of these incidents – at least six of which were terrorist attacks, two of which may have been violent crimes – is that they were all carried out by a group of people who had absolutely no business being in Western Europe.

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    • Both, although we know which one demanded the gates be left open to usher the other in by the millions.

    • If not for the Jew, the White Man would rise up and defeat the Muslims, it doesn’t matter if they outnumber us 20 to 1 we defeated them before against all odds and we can again. HOWEVER for us to do this, we must expel the enemies in our midst and find our Faith Again.

      • For more than two thousand years, white men have failed to meet the Jewish challenge, failed to make the thought-adjustment that would meet it. Any white man who offers his fellow whites even the slightest realistic suggestion with respect to that is shouted down, with trite white boasts about the white might that will soon, very soon, show the Jews a thing or two.

        Do you doubt what I just said? Let’s see how long it takes before some white here, at Occidental Dissent, posts, in reply to what I just said, something like, “Shut up, faggot.”

          • I guess I rate his performance quite high, Captain John, because every time I see the heroic, homemade iconography of him that his fans post at sites like the Daily Stormer, I’m delighted by it, am in sympathy with it. As I more or less expressed when Mr. W., our host here, at Occidental Dissent, began talking about him, part of me thinks he’s a world-historical figure, the dawn of the Age of Race; but another part of me wonders whether he’ll simply lose the presidential election and then be no longer a part of politics, as if he’d never entered politics at all. In comments I’ve posted here over the past year, I’ve remarked on his curiously-constructed ego, which seems to include a litany of Defects One is Warned Against. I remarked here, too, the other day, in what became an exchange between Sam and me, that he seems to have none of the basics: a sense for oratory or rhetoric, a sense for prose, wit. On more than one occasion, he’s said something or other that gives one the impression he hasn’t even a high-schooler’s sense of the arrangement of our government. The other day, I encountered an article in which the writer remarked on his (the writer’s) watching “Pulp Fiction” while he was on a plane with Trump. As a scene in the movie unfolded, Trump said something like, “This is good writing, isn’t it?” Trump wasn’t being rhetorical: he was really asking, the way a man with no sense of color might ask his sister whether his shirt and tie match. Some months ago, I heard Rush Limbaugh say something similar about times when he’d played golf with Trump and heard him (Trump) say things like, “So-and-so–she’s a bad supreme court justice, right?” Something like that, where, again, Trump was really asking. When Trump said at one point that he’d abolish Common Core, did you get the sense he had any idea at all what Common Core is or why someone might object to it? Last week, when Trump revisited his Cruz feud the morning after his (Trump’s) convention speech, Mark Levin was appalled, because Trump wasn’t talking about, I don’t, issues or policies and the Hillary threat, but a part of me was thinking that Trump was talking about Cruz because otherwise he’d be asked questions about his policies or whatever–questions he’d be unable to answer. Sam expressed the view that Trump will do well against Hillary, in the debates, but I’m not convinced. He doesn’t seem to have any idea what a debate is. In a sense, it seems to me, all of this cluelessness on his part, is an aspect of his greatness. His mind–if that’s even the term for what animates him–seems to have taken on a form all its own. His ability to say, as nobody else would say, that he’ll build a wall or that he’ll ban Muslims is just like his inability to orate or construct a speech: all of it’s born of his unique failure to integrate, in his personality, standard inhibitions or aspirations.

      • They both refuse to eat pork. They both kill their animals in the most inhumane way possible, by letting the animal bleed to death, slowly and cruelly. And they both treat their women like shit.

  1. While it is great this news can no longer be suppressed by the Euro elite media, it is having a secondary effect as well….

    I feel less and less compassion for Europeans with each attack. The state has lost their monopoly on the use of violence, to the people of Europe what is the difference if they are imprisoned for hate speech or attacked by their own police and military if they are under the same threat of daily violence by the muslim invaders?

    1) Either the threat of muslim invasion is overblown (unlikely).


    2) Europe deserves its fate.

    I hope there is a third scenario…..

  2. Will we hear lamenting about the “backlash” that we hear so much about every time one of these attacks occur but that never seems to materialize?

  3. Islamicists beheaded a priest in the middle of mass while shouting Allah Akbar. There motives remain unclear.

  4. Some jewspaper: “Francois Hollande says France is at war with ISIS after two Islamist knifemen butchered a French priest and left a nun fighting for her life”

    What’s at war against France is ZOG, more than ISIS. But most people still haven’t identified their mortal enemy as ZOG.

    The two Islamic knifemen were imported by the two Judaic anti-White presidents Hollande and Sarkozy. It’s a close collaboration between the islamics and the judaics.

    And also, until recently, the priority of Hollande and his Jewish minister Fabius was not to oppose ISIS but Russia, and to keep giving weapons to the moderate head-choppers so they would foster civil war by attacking Assad and his Christian allies. Their objective is to have civil war in every country neighboring Israel, so that Israel will be surrounded by weak countries.

      • I listened to Roger Devlin on Red Ice (link) the other day. He said that during the muslim occupation of Spain, some jews actually took refuge in the North of Spain, which was still under Christian-European control. I think the jews actually arrived in Spain with the invading Arabs, but life was more comfortable around White people.

        It’s the same in Marseilles, a French port city on the Mediterranean sea. Not long ago, the jewsmedia had a news story (link) about one of the synagogues in Marseilles being sold to the Arabs to become a mosque. The Jews had to sell the building because Arabs are too dangerous to be around, and they have become the majority in that particular place. Better move to a city district still controlled by White people. But it’s actually the jews who invite the Arabs to invade Marseilles and the rest of France.

        All the articles relating that story made the same points: Jews are the first victims of immigration. But they are very philosophical and so kind-hearted that they are not even angry at the invading Arabs. Not a word about the dispossession and genocide of White people.

        • The Israelites (PROBABLY DANITES) were in Spain and in the port cities of France and Italy from the days of the Assyrian Empire. The Prophet Jonah was on a ship to TARSHISH=SPAIN when the fish swallowed him.

          • Most of the jews in Marseilles arrived there in the 1960s, well after the whale swallowed that jewish parasite. The jews persuaded the Arabs to kick the French out of Algeria but ended up being kicked out too.

          • Israelite peoples were always in Southern Gaul in the port cities long before Christ. How we know this is that Christianity first entered France probably before AD 60 it is believed that Mary Martha and Lazarus lived the remainder of their lives in Gaul .

            There were multiple expulsions and conversions over the years, in fact the people of Southern France have for 2000 years plus had a
            great deal of Semitic Ancestry from years of Phoenician (Lebanon) Syrian and Jewish traders working there. That is why it was relatively easy for Algerians and Moroccans to move there and somewhat assimilate. Just like Sicily and Southern Italy, it is at times difficult to tell the European from the Semite.

            After the French Revolution, most of the Jews in France were Eastern European migrants from German Poland and the German States, who I believe had little to do with the Jews in Southern France as they spoke Yiddish and the Jews there spoke Shuadit, a mixture of Hebrew Aramaic and Provencal French

          • It’s easy for Arabs to move to France because ZOG keeps the doors open and gives them free apartments and family allowances. People in Southern France do not have Semitic ancestry. We are told that “early Middle Eastern farmers” have left a stronger genetic imprint in the South of Europe than in the North, but it’s not the same as being contaminated by Jewish DNA.

          • I know all about ZOG moving them in and their White Genocide program. As for Semites, Syrians and Lebanese are Semites as were the ancient Israelite peoples. This people who calls themselves Jews today are imposters.

    • It’s that independent nuclear capability that they are after. Personally I think that might have been the motivation against the white South Africa.

        • Dismantling an arsenal controlled by a non-US actor. Israel and Russia are the only two nuclear powers in Europe and Near East. The Sandniggers think that the French will just leave the keys for the Ghazis though.

          The way that SA dismantled its arsenal as it transitioned from white rule to black rule the most likely outcome.

  5. Our best in the world artist Farstar has created a very hard hitting image of the recent Islamist slaughters of our people in Nice France, Paris, Bavaria, today the Catholic priest:

    Multiculturalism, It’s not very Nice

    Hunter, I would like to make a post of this image, think it’s one of Farstar’s best.

  6. Hollande and his police minister Cazeneuve (aka Case-vide) have made a visit on the scene of the murder. They must think it was a good photo op. Until a few months ago, Hollande’s popularity would go up after a massacre, especially after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, when ZOG organized a big unity march where people were given “Je suis Charlie” signs. What is ZOG going to do this time? It would be funny to see the anti-White and anti-Christian jews hand out “Je suis catholique” signs.

  7. The Jews brought the Muslims in fed and clothed them and now turn them loose as so-called Lone Wolves. The White People of Europe seem not to get it, Christianity is your friend ISLAM and TALMUDISM are your enemies.

    You can no longer be Atheist or Secularist White people, you must take a side.Secularism, Atheism, and Agnosticism are losing propositons because they assume that the rest of the world does not affect your life and is of no consequence. Well it does, Either GOD is with you or GOD fights against you on the side of your enemies by allowing SATAN and his army to do what they will. Make your choice White man. God or destruction.

    • How wonderful was Germany while protestants and Catholics were killing each other for 300 years.All the Abrahamic BS should be banished from the earth.You will be feeding the jew dragon forever with that stuff.

        • Napoleon could not break the ancient hold Roman Catholicism had on Europe,so he embraced it in the end,a little to late.So did every Judeo-Masonic power in Europe.They were puppet kings after 1830 or so.I knew this question was coming.

          • The Nazi Party in Germany tried it with Positive Christianity and other things as well. The Judeo Masonic Powers in Europe were all Protestant for the most part, the exception being France where the Jew/Masons won control in 1789. The Catholic nations ie Austria-Hungarian Empire, and later Italy were relatively morally stable. As was Germany which balanced between Protestanism and Catholicism. The Russian Empire also was independent. The Jews fully compromised the Kaiser, before WWI and of course they manuvered against the Austrian Emperor. The Jews ran the Protestant Nations almost from the time they became Protestant, their power over Catholic Europe excluding France was not complete till after 1918

          • Two powers left Europe to conquer the world,the Holy Roman,motivated by the counter reformation,and the newly formed stock companies, through the Dutch east India,caught up with the Holy Roman in Japan,at the time Japan was becoming a vassel kingdom.The true beginning of WW1.1602.The Japanese Christians were slaughtered.250,000.

  8. The genius of globalism is that the GLOB has spread a faux ‘ideology of resistance/progress’ that fools people(esp the young) into thinking they are opposing the master class of the world when they are only enabling and supporting it.

    Homomania is the genius stroke in all this.

    It is the agenda of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, the neo-imperialist Zio-Ivy-League, US government, and etc, but it makes its adherents feel they are on the side of the powerless against the powerful.

    Now, it is true that homos are powerless and even oppressed in some third world nations. But it is no less true that homos are the oppressors and ultra-privileged in the Zio-controlled West. They are the main allies and servants of the Zio-GLOB. Homos rob us of our moral freedom and conscience to speak the truth to homo power and privilege. They force us to honor, celebrate,and worship the homo as holy. It is the Cult of Deviancy not unlike the cult of personality of Stalin.

    So, serving homomania is to serve the (((greatest power))) in the world that prefers minority-elite-supremcist rule.

    But so many progs are so clueless.

    Same with the issue of Diversity. Sure, on the surface, being pro-diversity seems like siding with the poor around the world looking for a better life in the richer West.

    But Cult of Diversity doesn’t help the Third World. It just encourages people there to run from their own problems and come to the West to offer their services to Western elites. At its worst, it causes brain drain from nations that need smart people most.

    Furthermore, who really controls the West? The Zio-GLOB. And why does the Zio-GLOB want Diversity?

    To secure their own supremacist power by using divide-and-rule among diverse gentiles who, as they become race-mixed, lose their identity and unity(much like the mestizos of Latin America who accept permanent servility to the Hispanic elites) and grow weaker as a people.

    So, Diversity is ultimately an advantage to the top ruling class of the world. ( Also, a diverse working population is less likely to form labor unions — opposition to corporate elites — as there is less trust and common identity among a diversified working population filled with scab-like participants.)

    Also, open borders will not only destroy the Western white masses but all native folks around the world. The fall of Gaddafi led to open borders in Libya, and that nation is now flooded with blacks who wanna go to Europe. Look what porous borders did to Syria. Tons of Jihadis entered and tore that country apart.

    Nationalism is true justice. It favors the people over the greedy vain elites, and it protects indigenous peoples and cultures from invasion. Globalism is the new imperialism that subverts and undermines ALL nations for the supremacist advantage of the Zio-Homo-GLOB.


  9. The subject of nukes came up.

    I am as concerned about the 200-400 nuclear warheads in Israel’s possession as any Iran may or may not build. Crazies in both countries have threatened their use.

    Did the US help them with this or look the other way?

  10. Why a Christian?? Why not a Jew?? Why not a Jew that kills innocent women and children in their sleep?? Why a Christian that could not hurt a fly?? Why??

    • An Israeli major general said recently in Herzlija (sp?) that they preferred ISIS in control of Syria to continued governance by Assad. That despite genocide of the large Christian community in Syria by ISIS. Muh holocaust.

    • Because Christianity is a Jewish mind weapon to enslave the whites? That’s what certain rather colorful characters assert around these parts.

      Maybe because he couldn’t fight back? Now, he is among the Martyrs I guess.

  11. Another Muslim attack in France.

    (Homos ‘spiritually’ attack Christian and moral culture, and Muslims attack physically. ‘Spiritual’ attack is more dangerous cuz it’s seen as peaceable. But, forcing a culture of lies on a nation makes it defenseless even to physical attack. PC peacefully filled white minds with worship of ‘diversity’, ‘difference’, and ‘deviance’. Such corrupted and weakened minds cannot withstand the invasion of diverse hordes cuz it worships ‘inclusion’ that leads to invasion. So, Western PC committed spiritual and moral violence to the West, rendering the West defenseless even to physical invasion and violence. Destroy the will and the body will follow. PC ‘peacefully’ destroyed Western Will, and the Inclusion-Invasion is destroying the Western Body.)

    Aint safe european home no more.

  12. The execrable Ross Douthat tweeted today that the US government should use its power to sabotage Golden Dawn and Golden Dawn-like parties that might come to power in “important” countries. I think he was alluding to the National Front and Marine LePen.

    • The anti-Trump cucks are are out to lunch. Bitter, irrelevant weasels.

      Ross Douthat ?@DouthatNYT
      The Russian hack is just power politics. It’s a bad sign for our security, it should be (another) reason to be anti-Trump, but ..

  13. Western foreign interventionist policy(along with poverty) has made Muslims very angry with Christians(Arab or white) in the Muslim world.

    Consider this movie.

    Angry Muslims are lashing out at European Christians in Arab nations.

    So, why bring those angry Muslims into the heart of Europe?

    Why can’t whites just leave non-white lands and stay put in the West?

    Look what Western intervention in the Middle East did to Christian Arabs in Iraq and Syria.

    Export instability, import instability.

    Fright Trade.

  14. 86 year old….gosh how can someone do that to such a person. And they call it religion of peace. Can Islam create any functioning human with a semblance of humanity.

    • Blacks raping and murdering white elderly people in this country is a definite “thing.”

  15. Erdogan of Turkey says the coup d’etat attempt was a godsend for giving him the room to purge enemies and traitors.

    Maybe white Europeans should see the massive invasion of Europe as a godsend or godtest for revival of patriotism and nationalism.

    What is happening is a coup d’race, a wholesale attempt to overthrow an entire race of people for GLOB supremacism.


  16. What happened to that priest is less likely to happen to the jews, since their private schools, their synagogues, and probably their supermarkets, are under special protection by the police and the army.

    Attacks against non-jews could easily be reduced too. First of all, people should be kept informed of the racial situation. But ZOG makes sure people are kept in the dark. Crime against White people is under-reported. The jewsmedia do not publish any racial crime statistics.

    Violent Arab thugs like the ones who killed that priest should serve any prison sentence they are given and be sent back to North Africa at the end of it. Arabs like them who want to fight in Syria should be expelled and never readmitted into Europe. Jewish anti-White propaganda should be banned from the media. The jewsmedia should not be allowed to tell Arab invaders that they are oppressed by racist White people. Muslim imams encouraging violence should be sent back to North Africa too. And so on.

    A nationalist government would simply deport all the non-Whites. But even short of that, a lot could be done to improve White people’s safety. Unfortunately, the jews are in power.

  17. I think at some point there will be so many drunk Mexicans in the USA that the infrastructure will collapse, there will be power failures everywhere, and you won’t even know in what country the latest muslim attack took place.

    And also, Somali immigrants will steal your internet cables.

    • Maybe I’m out of the loop, but aren’t the cucks awful quiet? Since the West is clearly frozen in fear and the Muslims working on blood lust this is just the beginning. The sadism from the Left/Muslim alliance is just beginning to hit its stride.

      So gird yourself

  18. Who was the Frenchman who committed suicide in Cathedral Notre Dame (I think) to make a political statement. People like him are needed alive, and granted conceal-carry licenses.

    • And the security services are probably stumbling over new nests every few days.

  19. Left-wing Jews say the problem is White racism. Right-wing Jews say the problem is islam. Apart from immigration, I think the most obvious problem, both among Jews and Arabs, is the racial animus against Whites. As for islam, the culture of the young muslim terrorists who live in White countries has been heavily influenced and encouraged by the jewsmedia.

    Here’s a comment I saw on the Occidental Observer (link):

    The current generation of terrorists make some pretty bizarre Muslims, given their:
    – petty crime and antisocial behaviour
    – pot smoking
    – womanising
    – visiting strip clubs
    – gay sex / dating apps
    – western style of dress

    Islamists? More like a bunch of dazed, postmodern leftovers who went postal.

    That’s what Andrew Joyce calls “gangsta” jihad:

    Although the process has been accelerated among Arabs because of religion, the same pattern may also be observed among African populations in White nations. Despite a substantial Black middle class (significantly the result of affirmative action policies), the great majority of the Black population throughout the West is unable to adjust to a contemporary society demanding impulse control and cognitive competence. The cross-over of mutual frustrations has manifested itself in the emergence of what Burke describes (link) as “gangsta jihad” — the cross-pollination of Black subculture with Islam, resulting in “debased, ultra-violent culture” that along with rapidly increasing Black militancy will surely form the spearhead of eventual mass-violence against Whites. This in-built and inevitable failure of multiculturalism has been particularly acute in France, but has been observable in every Western nation.

  20. Liberalism is a mental illness. Its not being able to face reality and to believe your ideology will even overcome natural law or centuries of ingrained tradition. Not one country that has advocated for more Muslim immigrants can show us a workable plan where they were able to eliminate those who are likely to be terrorists from entering. Why then should the citizenry be willing to take that risk? Either the leadership is incompetent or malevolent, both scenarios are equally bad.

    • “Liberalism is a mental illness.”

      Maybe so, but we are ruled by the Jews, not by the loony left. The main role of the loony left is to make us believe that they really hold some power and some responsibility in what’s happening. But they are only a lightning rod used by the Jews who are hiding behind them.

      In the government, and even in town councils, everyone is afraid to speak up against the race replacement program. That fear of speaking up is not enforced by the loony left at the local level. It comes from the top. And the loony left is not well represented at the top of our institutions.

      Even in political institutions that are mostly staffed by right-wing politicians, people are afraid to speak up against immigration. It means that the problem doesn’t come from the left.

      “Either the leadership is incompetent or malevolent”

      The Jews behind the race-replacement program are anti-White, but they rely on White people to carry out the program. Some of those White people could be called traitors, but they will rationalize their attitude by saying that you can’t go against history, or against the system. I think most of them are conformists. They know what they are doing cannot be entirely wrong: otherwise, how come there is not more resistance? They think they can’t go against the era’s leftist Zeitgeist. They can’t see it is really an artificial Jewish Zeitgeist. They may think the liberals have too much influence on society, but they can’t do anything about it. They are not anti-White, they want to do their job as well as they can, and they try to keep society running in spite of the third-world invasion.

      • Deep down, the real leftists know that the best way to help the non-Whites is to do it in their own countries. They may be aggressive with White Nationalists, but they are not the ones who came up with the idea of importing the whole Third-Word population. They are only going with the flow. They have no idea that they are manipulated by Jews who couldn’t care less about the non-Whites.

        Most leftists won’t even attack the nationalists. Only a minority will do that, either because they are paid to do so, which means they are phony leftists, or because they are part of a leftist organization where they are manipulated.

  21. Invaders colonize land and womb.

    Colonization of white wombs by blacks is the greatest threat to the white race.

    Even if you lose your land, you can survive as a race/culture if you keep your women.

    After all, Jews were exiled from one place after another, but they maintained their race and culture cuz they kept their women.

    Jewish wombs kept on producing Jewish kids.

    And Europeans left the Old World and came to the New World. They left(even lost and forgot) their ancestral land forever, but they remained as white race because white women stuck with white men in the New World.

    Land is crucial, but land doesn’t produce life. Life is created via the wombs of women.

    If you lose your land but keep your women, your people will survive. The wombs of your women will produce your sons and daughters.

    If you lose your women but keep your land, your people will be lost. The land under your feet cannot produce your sons and daughters. Your women are with other men and producing children for their tribe.

    This is why globo-individual choice in sex is dangerous. It turns white women onto jungle fever, and then white women reject white men and only take black seed to produce Obama babies who grow up as black.

    Look at all those light-skinned blacks in BLM movement. They are children of white mothers(as race traitor whores) but grew up identifying as black and hating on white.

    White race must shun, shame, and reject any race traitor whore whose womb is shut off to white seed and take alien seed to produce sons and daughters for other races, esp the ghastly negroes. But Jews want to turn white women into globores(global whores) who shut their vaginas and wombs to white men and open them only to savage blacks. And white globalist men are willing to play cuck like Ken Burns and Quentin Tarantino.

    Down with the traitors. We live not in the Age of Reason but in the Age of Treason. We live not with Rationality but Trashionality.

  22. This movie was banned in France for many years, accused of being unpatriotic, for taking the Algerian Arab Muslim terrorist side, but I think the film has held up rather well and presents a very balanced view of this race war, clash of civilizations.

    The French anti terrorist army leaders have the best lines.

    The Battle of Algiers

  23. I just had a horrid vision of Clinton, May and Merkel invading Russia with their Rainbow Armies.

    But then the Cossacks slaughtered the LBGT Infantry and all was well.

  24. Jacques Hamel, the priest who was killed, was old enough to have been ordained PRIOR to Vatican Ewww.

    His martyrdom now makes him a saint in the Church. ven as a Roman Catholic, his martyrdom was for Christ, above and before all.

    Sancte Jacques, ora pro nobis. Pray to the Lord for France, that she may drive far from us the Hagarene infidel, and restore France to her right mind, and repentance for the crimes of the Regicide and the Revolution and Reign of Terror. Amen.

    • God’s judgement is often slow on the Human Clock but I believe we are seeing the bitter harvest from the seeds that were sown in 1789. Had there been no French Revolution Christianity in Europe would likely be in better stead today and this problem of LIBERTY EQUALITY FRATERNITY which came from the Masonic lies of Thomas Jefferson and his ilk and before him Locke which bore fruit in Multiculturalism would not have happened.

      John C Calhoun when he repudiated Jefferson in the 1840s wisely showed that only two human beings were CREATED and all since have been born into their condition and society and their abilities define their place. All Men Are Created Equal=Satanic Lie

      • And the two created in His image have the construct of Caucasoid as part of the definition of what “Adam” means. Just sayin’.

  25. I hope this latest outrage awakens the inner Charles Martell in the French. If it does, the social upheaval will be bloody and violent.

  26. It’s time to round up Muslims and stick them in concentration camps.

    Enough of this bullshit.


    French authorities have come under intense pressure to explain how they let Kermiche loose after judges believed his claims that he regretted trying to join Isis and was not an extremist.

    Kermiche had twice attempted to reach Syria to join Isis when he appeared before an investigating judge earlier this year, it emerged on Wednesday. Despite repeat warnings from the state prosecutor that there was a major risk he would reoffend if freed from prison, he was given parole after convincing judges he wanted a new start “to see my friends, to get married”.

    He was ordered to wear an electronic tag to monitor his movements, but Kermiche, 19, used his freedom to murder the Catholic priest on Tuesday, forcing the elderly cleric to his knees before slitting his throat.

  28. This is just another example of Islam being incompatible with our society!
    Imagine the outrage if a couple of Catholic extremist killed an imam.

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