Muslim Gang Storms Into Nudist Pool In Germany And Threatens To Exterminate Western Sluts

It was a close call, but at least we can say no one was raped, blown up, or beheaded this time:

“Nudists were told they would be ‘exterminated’ after a gang of Muslims who stormed into a German swimming pool yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The six men, described as being in their 20s and with beards, spat at women and children because they were swimming in the nude and called all the females ‘sluts’.

The revelers were at a pool in the town of Geldern in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, known for its preference for natural form of swimming.

One of the nudists, a local mother, said: ‘We [German] women are all sluts and they would exterminate all of us.’

She added the aggression made her ‘really afraid’ and according to according to other witnesses the men referred to the bathers as ‘infidels’, reports Breitbart. …

Unfortunately, this wasn’t true of a 79-year-old woman visiting the grave of her sister in another town in North Rhine-Westphalia about two hours away:

“A refugee from Eritrea has been arrested on suspicion of raping a 79-year-old woman in a cemetery in Germany.

The pensioner was attacked while visiting the grave of her sister in Ibbenbueren, North Rhine-Westphalia, on Sunday.

The suspect, 40, who has lived in Germany since 2013, was charged with rape and placed in police custody.”

The next Muslim terrorist should be making his presence known in Angela Merkel’s Germany in the next 48 hours or so. I will write something about it whenever it happens. “Rivers of Blood: The Movie” is going to be a summer blockbuster.


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  1. I got that one wrong then.

    Let’s put every Muslim in a concentration camp.

  2. If parents were to allow their children to swim nude in a public(Or even private because somebody would snitch) swimming pool in in America expect child pornography charges and the children to be taken by DHS!

  3. I don’t get nudists. That said, you shouldn’t be calling them ‘western sluts.’ Those are the names our enemies call us. Shame on you.

    • Most people should cover up because they are flabby and disproportionate. I don’t get it either.

    • It’s pretty common for European girls to discretely skinny dip in a slightly out of the way pond. No one is really fussed over nudity, the boys men don’t ogle etc and some spas have been unisex for centuries.

      Europeans can look at a nude statue or painting and see only beauty both spiritual and physical without crude sexuality.

      That’s part of our aesthetic. Other races and cultures can’t.

      Personally I don’t get going to a purpose built nudist colony but if there is a pond or the hotel doesn’t want to build two expnsive saunas, just one unisex unit, who cares.

      Nudist should vote for the mos Nazi person they can find.

  4. When are Germans going to fight BACK? This is NOT a call to violence, this is simply a matter of PRIMAL self-defense

    • Their military is currently massing in Poland and Lithuania along with the Brits and Americans surrounding this patch of land. Maybe they strike just before the rains and snow with the last of the good weather.

      • Kalingrad, once known as Konigsberg, home of Immanuel Kant an integral part of Germany before being sneed to the Soviet Union.

        No more White Wars. Ever!

    • Two world wars have reduced the fighting genes in the Europeans. Many warriors were killed in these wars before they had a chance to reproduce. Maybe that is why many European males are effeminate metrosexual geldings?

      • If you count the French Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815 which decimated the Male French Population and then factor in WW1 1914-18 France lost most of her strong male population. Germany lost most of hers in WW1 and 2 and Britain lost most of hers in WW1 less in WW2.

        The Immigration issue must be looked at from two sides. ONE Is subversion TWO is manpower shortages caused from the war. Germany wouldn’t have been in economic straits in the 1960s which made them open their borders without the decimation of their population in two wars. Great Britain and France likely wouldn’t have either. This immigration mess is not only corrolated to multicultural crap pushed by Jewish Masonic Illuminati Globalism but to war losses of the male population also caused by Jewish Masonic Illuminati Globalism.

        • Unless one is committed to the worship of Mammon, I would assume that any sane white person would prefer to live in a poor, homogeneous white community than be the wealthy top tier in a hopelessly multi-racial one (such as Brazil). Money isn’t everything – Money does NOT fulfill our deepest needs. Money is no justification for an unconnected, deracinated, hyper-individualistic Randian existence (the bitch Alisa Rosenbaum a.k.a Ayn Rand named herself after her typewriter!).

          • Ayn Rand was a filthy Jewish Whore and to hear the Conservatives worship her would be akin to having a Gospel Preacher yell Hail Satan when it is in effect the same thing.

        • Another point – This may or may not be completely true. I read somewhere that the sexual revolution of the 1960s that led to another decimation of white populations had its roots not so much in the availability of contraception than in the general depravity that became sort-of-OK in the aftermath of World Wars I and II when absent/dead young males led to women making near-whoredom a respectable alternative to marriage. Witness the general depravity of the “Roaring twenties”.

          • I have brought this up many times, people of course call me crazy. I argue that even in the United States, that the South actually WON THE WAR FOR SOUTHERN INDEPENDENCE DEMOGRAPHICALLY n that its women managed to reproduce more successfully than the Feminized Shrews of New York and New England. Which is why the Boston Brahmin was largely replaced population wise in Boston by 1900.

            For other reasons, I attribute it to Universal Education in the Northwest Territory States ie OH IN IL WIS MICH their birthrates began to decline in the 1800’s as well. Although not as extreme as in New York and New England but still a decline took place directly caused by the war.

            Hunter has never gotten around to addressing the collapse of Yankee demographics following the war and the Southern Demographic miracle which took place following 1865 but it truly was a miracle

        • Germany wasn’t in dire straight due to manpower shortages, that was a cover story. Germany was still taking in Eastern Europeans displaced by the war, mainly ethnic Germans, who struggled to get housing and good jobs while Turks got priority. The Japanese faced with the same problem automated, the ensuing higher quality almost destroyed the European car industry.

          Cheap labour or labour shortage is a concept to lower wages. Apart from a few billionaires most Germans are worse of for having addressed their labour shortage with wage lowering immigration.

          You want labour shortages and high wages. It’s great!

          • There is some debate on this, but the fact remains that no nation could have or would have been able to justify immigration if not for the stress the war placed on the population. I am not sure how many German males were wiped out in both wars who were childless, but it is a good bet that these were normally the strongest as they were healthy enough for military service. You wipe out the best and brightest the ones who were ill or too weak for military service live to reproduce, thus lowing your population quality.

            WWI decimated what male fighting population France had that rebounded from the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. Plus France did have for 400 years the slowest reproductive rate in Europe, for various reasons. Everyone wonders why France is so Cucked, well when your male population is decimated, that was the start of it.

  5. While sad for the individuals caught up in this, the strategic plot to physically and emotionally castrate men whilst undermining any opposition to state power (family, religion, the free press) is evident. Have long ago resolved myself to the depth and seriousness of the war individual liberty finds itself in. A lonely perch, I might add. My former work colleagues stick their heads in the sand, and the elite (who have attempted in the past to let me join their soire) want me dead.

    • OMG. I love him now. I thought he was a lot of fun, before – but now he has my devoted love and adoration!

    • That’s good stuff from Trump.

      He did something similar to Cruz when someone in the crowd shouted out, “Cruz is a pussy”.

    • Trump is the ultimate Shitlord. It takes quite an intelligence to be that good. I’m amazed at how clever he is. President xsir Gay Mullato is of course reacting as expected and saying Trump is not a fit and proper person etc.

      It’s fun to watch Trump toying with them, I just don’t know what he’s going to do next.

      What I don’t like is when he moderates.

      • Trump is not fit or proper
        …to run a BURGER BAR
        Twice accused of rape/sexual assault.
        Four times bankrupt.
        Trump University scandal
        Inciting violence
        Personal militia
        Narcisistic personality disorder

        He’s bound to win.

        • Baloney.

          Leftists to their eternal shame initiated violence at Trump Rally’s. You can’t be a left wing A-hole and physically attack people at Trump rally’s and then complain about supposed inciting to violence. You would deserve a punch in the head.

          The rest of your nonsesnse is to stupid to reply to. “Personal Militia” only an idiot long gone from the world of the rational could believe it.

          • Ridicule
            Latent violence
            No response.

            Trump is a joke.
            His adoptive party is disowning him.
            Psychiatrists are speaking out.
            Putin loves him.

  6. I will say this the German Police CANNOT arrest everyone, so if you are a White Nationalist, run wild and go completely into total anarchy mode. If enough Whites do it, and Merkel is forced to round up her own people, it will end in collapse. Whites in Europe and America need to get this, THEY CANNOT ARREST ALL OF US NOR CAN THEY KILL ALL OF US, EXCEPT WITH BIO WEAPONS AND NUKES

  7. Whenever the looney left gets a good dose of Diversity they either go into deeper denial or, perhaps in rare cases, wake up.

  8. Well evidentially the Islamic World doesn’t subscribe to the philosophy “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

    Another misconception is that nudists are sluts and the “beautiful people” People involved in nudism tend to be hideous. We had a “nudist” at work when I lived in Oregon, he was no more than 5′ 0″ all his hair fell out when in high school, fat, and walked with a limp. Looked like Dopey the Dwarf from Snow White and he bragged about his favorite nude beach on Sauvie Island. From the sound of his descriptions, homosexuals are disproportionately involved in nudism, no surprise, as he was giving us all directions as if any of us seriously wanted to go there and told us to avoid certain parts of the beach as it was gay turf.

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