Outsiders Victorious In Republican Primaries

Is it a sign of things to come?

1.) In Kansas, Rep. Tim Huelskamp went down in flames tonight. Huelskamp was a “Tea Party” congressman and #TruConservative with four adopted black children to prove it. He was endorsed by Ted Cruz and was supported by the Club for Growth. Huelskamp had attacked Trump over his positions on trade and immigration and mused that he couldn’t vote for him in November.

In the debates, Huelskamp and his victorious opponent Roger Marshall had squared off on Trump, with Marshall vowing to “support the president and work with him to get things done” and Huelskamp saying in response, “One thing to know about Tim Huelskamp is I have conservative principles, and I’m going to stand on those conservative principles. If you don’t have conservative principles, I will work against you.”

2.) In Missouri, Eric Greitens won the Republican gubernatorial primary. I don’t know much about this race except that Dana Loesch and Chris Loesch were supporting Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder. Check out this campaign ad by Greitens below. It is reminiscent of Dale Peterson’s ads in Alabama.

Anyway, Huelskamp’s loss and Greitens’ victory suggests that voters are in a foul mood and change is in the air. It is worth noting here that Paul Ryan’s primary is coming up on August 9th in Wisconsin. His challenger Paul Nehlen has been running on an outspoken nationalist platform. Also, John McCain’s primary is coming up in Arizona on August 30th, and his challenger Kelli Ward looks interesting.

Note: Now you can return to The Narrative that Trump’s campaign is a “dumpster fire” and everything is fine with #TruConservatism.

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  1. “One thing to know about Tim Huelskamp is I have conservative principles’

    We could tell just by looking at your fambly photo.

    Excellent news that he was schlonged.

    • It explains his hissssing reaction to Trump anyway. Once you allow your wife to be used by a gang of bulls you don’t go back.

      • I’m sure Huelskamp loves watching his slutty wife get tag-teamed by Negro bucks. America will be a much better place after the cucks and race-traitors are ruthlessly dealt with.

    • This is one of the more bizarre things I have seen this political year. Four of them? Where did he get them? The one in the front looks like something from the Morbid Anatomy Museum. Imagine getting invited to his house. Talk about an awkward moment. Could this be why…? PS I still hate Dr. Roger Marshall. +FD

    • When I first saw the picture I thought he was a zoo keeper. The two males may rape and murder his wife someday and Cuckskamp will feel sorry for them.

      • Adopting blacks is something lesbians do. There is a lesbian at work, who just got “married” as soon as the law went through who harps endlessly about having a family in a way I suspect is really just a desire for affirmation for straights that her lifestyle is legitimate. She is actually quite bright and could have had a normal kid had she gone the “Turkey Baster” route at a sperm bank. Instead they are taking on defective children from the foster system. One kid has a deformed head and looks like a spitting image of “Timmy” from South Park. I guess it is actually quite nice of them to help these children, but I couldn’t possibly imagine knowingly taking on the burden of abnormal children and all the turmoil that creates in your life. My sister’s kid came out Autistic or something, it’s a secret but he is highly abnormal and has a horrendous behavior problem. Her life is absolutely ruined by this and I can imagine one of these loosely bound lesbians starting to think, “geeze, I can walk out of this nightmare and find some other childless dyke where we can spend the evenings hanging out with other lesbians listening to acoustic guitar lesbo music instead of this.”

    • Eric Greitens is a “proud jewboy” Said that he wouldn’t shoot itself in the head like another jewboy who was gonna run for governor. My name was mentioned as “bagelling” another St. Louis jewboy who fell victim to my 2002 whispering campaign.

      The jewboy who isn’t really a Navy SEAL but rather a jew intel oreficer collected $1.5 million from a Silicon Valley jewboy who sodomized an underage white girl and tore a 6.5 inch rip in her colon. That jewboy offered to pay her off with $40 million but only paid $10 million, so she’s suing him for $30 million. Greitens also is a Clinton Foundation critter who supported Obongo back in 2008.

      But Sneaky-Pete Kinder is an anti-racist piece of shit. I fought with Sneaky-Pete back in 2004.

      Anyways I’m running for Governor as a write-in candidate. Here is my “Anti Islamic Terrorism” video from a week ago making fun of jewboy Greitens:

      And two Republicunt pigs admitted that they like torturing and killing prisoners lost the primary [s]election for Sheriff.

      Hail Victory!!!

      Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
      Write-in Candidate for Governor of Missouri
      Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

      • But Greitens certainly didn’t wear his Judaism on his sleeve.

        It’s strange. After the Schweich suicide, Tony Messenger and John Danforth wonder twin activated to peddle a myth that there was some great anti-Semitic whisper campaign that had the effect of bullying Schweich and caused him to commit suicide. Come to find out, Schweich had been suicidal for a couple of years.

        And, after a year and a half, in the race that Schweich was supposed to be in? A Jew actually wins, and a real Jew. Schweich was only said to be Jewish through his father, meanwhile, he himself was Episcopalian. And if Schweich did not commit suicide and was on this ballot, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because he would have been the far away party establishment favorite, and that by itself would have ensured his defeat in a climate like this.

    • Too many of them can pass for white. I knew a jewess in university who could have totally passed for Anglo-Celtic white girl except for her last name. Brown eyes, hair, but otherwise no telling jewish features whatsoever. She was actually very pretty… face, figure, hair, eyes, everything.

      Also had a jew classmate who was whiter skinned than I am and had reddish-brown hair. If he hadn’t been so outspoken about his jewishness I would have guessed German descent due to German surname. He said everybody in his family expected him to go to law school because all the men in his family, uncles, cousins and all, were lawyers. He ended up flunking out.

      Another jew I knew in uni, who was a very bright guy, I would have guessed to be Italian or Greek due to his complexion. Until he told me he was a jew. He had an anglo last name so I asked how he ended up w a name like that and he responded “A lot of Jews changed their names when they came over.”

  2. Turns out the Kasr Khan chap is an influential Sharia AUTHORITY. He’s sought after to write prefaces to all sorts of books in Pakistan that justify stonings, honor killings and the like.
    He’s cited in opinions handing down punishments and he’s clearly in America because the Pakistani Army saw him a dangerous religious nutcase.
    He also said the constitution should be subordinate to sharia.

    Breitbart is leading with the revelations.

  3. I am laughing so hard.

    Now we need to look forward to no more Paul Ryan, no more John McCain and no more Kelly Ayotte. In 2018 no more Ted Cruz. And I almost forgot — I want Rubio gone, too.

    • I can’t imagine Ryan is going to be very confident about his victory in his primary now.

  4. For those worried about Trumps polls…

    Mid July polls had Huelskamp +9. He lost by 14.

    That’s a swing of 23 points.

    Pollsters cannot predict this year because Trump has changed everything making all models useless.

    • Seems like Missouri should be a great state for us. Just run against St. Louis, Ferguson criminal anarchy, run against University of Missouri BlackLiesMatter thuggery, PC, run against Hollywood, Obummer, Goldman Sachs.

      Is it Religious Right Christian Zionists who just won’t ever admit they made some mistakes in the Gulf Wars?

      Or has some renegade White wizard like Sauraman put most everyone under some kind of sleeping sickness spell?

      Understand the state seems ripe for illegal alien induces plagues like Zita and Ebola.

      • Really it’s not that. You and I both know the answer: It’s a one-two combination of the corrupting influence of money (Missouri’s state government have no ethics laws in essence), and ideological cultism of one sort or another.

        Mizzou hired the lobbying firm owned by the son of Senator Roy Blunt (and the brother of former Governor Matt Blunt) to ride herd in the General Assembly this past session to make sure whatever they did to punish Mizzou didn’t much punish them if at all, and I watched Andy Blunt’s horses at work a lot of evenings early this year.

  5. What a low-energy, low-testosterone beta male homo Huelskamp is. His picaninnies will have no problem throwing him around like a piece of Samsonite luggage before removing his head from his torso.

  6. Huelskamp was endorsed by Mark Levin. They bragged about his African kids on his radio show. There was also some guy with a “-ino” type Italian name from the East Coast. I wonder how he did.

  7. A large book could be written on the sociology/psychology of those trucon mega church cults and small town redstate church cults. Me and the missus dealt with a nice white lady in a small town deep deep in red state and while a superficially nice woman she turned out to be a virtue signaling head case.
    In those small towns its obvious who runs them, the local oligarchy with the women folk as the enforcers as to who is respectable and who is not. So if you want to move ahead in any endeavor beyond scut work you had better virtue signal your ass off.
    On the other hand think how hated those trucon cultists must be with their fellow citizens. Trucons bring in the coloreds, tax the hell out of regular Joes and Janes to pay for the virtue signaling and then Demetrius impregnates the local low SMV girls and ruins their families life.
    From the regular Joes or as Vox labels them Deltas church is something they wish would go away so they could go back to working, fishing and hunting. I cannot blame them.

  8. When Whites regain their freedom of speech we won’t have to scut about worrying about the secret jew. We will just be able to state in plain raw ethnocentric terms yes he is jewish but how anti-white is he. We will be a very powerful minority, higher IQ and dare I say it a sense of justice that is off the charts. If the comments sections of any type of media is a precursor hell on wheels is coming to the country.

  9. As an aside, I’m hypothetically interested in what kind of military lawyer this Captain Khan wanted to be.

    Generally someone of his ethnic background would be used in the JAG as a civil rights and war crimes enforcer. So he’d have been prosecuting the white jailers at Abu Ghraib or rooting out white supremacists from the ranks.
    Imagine the turmoil he could have sown in the ranks.

    I’m glad he was offed by his coreligionists!

    • I’m glad the Sand Nigger’s dead, too. I wish ALL the Semites and Swamp Nigger Pakis were, too. I created a minor feces storm, on my Twitter feed, for saying so. Of COURSE a bunch of Kikes expressed mock outrage for my joy at news of the dead sand nigger.

  10. It’s really up to the voters. Do they want to throw a Hail Mary (Trump) against the entire weight of the Establishment, or do they want the country to disintegrate?

    Brexit shows that it can be done.

    If Trump wins, it will be because of some gut feeling in the electorate that “this is it”, the last chance to change course within the paradigm of the United States.

    It won’t be because of Trump.

  11. Look at that family photo. My, my, how fall we’ve fallen. Those two crackers are completely delusional. Apparently, the voters of Kansas saw him for what he really is. A suck-up on steroids.

  12. Human evolution is happening right before our eyes:
    -Libs are having very few children. (way below replacement level.)
    -Race denying, virtue signaling cuckservatives often adopt niglets instead of having their own.
    -Racial realist conservatives by comparison are actually passing on their white, conservative, tribalist genetics at a much higher rate than shitlibs or cuckservatives.

    We’re not outbreeding dindus or welfare class whites, but we’re definitely outbreeding antiwhite whites. When the antiwhite whites are gone we can easily clean house.

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