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  1. If the Merkel types and their backers ever lose power in Europe, they may be in real trouble, after all they’ve done.

    • They’ve all done more than enough to deserve a hole in the neck and a shallow grave – after a lawful trial and conviction for treason, of course.

  2. Does anyone have any more mainstream media places that allow somewhat uncensored comments?

    I got banned against from the Atlantic Magazine comments – this was my longest run.

  3. How’s that even newsworthy ? Happens everyday in some schools in the west. I guess we’re waiting on the next act of terror.

  4. The Commies and Lugenpresse are really going After Trump, implying that he has mental issues re: his feud with Haji Khan. So many despicable establishment figures are siding WITH the Sand Niggers. Yet we have full Jihad in Germany. And the Kikes are calling Trump crazy?

    • https://www.yahoo.com/news/donald-trump-sanity-mental-health-000000384.html

      Expect some damage control spin in the next couple days to come out of the official psych system. Congressman Tim Murphy himself is probably setting it up right now, although the psychs are used to playing the shell game and covering for their fraudsterism in public. They absolutely HATE when ‘mental illness’ is exposed as merely being a tool of political repression especially against whites, so some ‘official expert’ will opine about how Trump is really just a bigot, blah blah.

      Murphy’s bill must pass, and must pass without having Senator Cornyn’s amendment attached which will force some due process on it (to decide after someone’s committed whether or not they retain Second Amendment rights). They know that if the public actually knew there’s nothing ‘scientific’ about their edicts the whole racket would blow up. So they fear sunlight like vampires, and go out to nay say what their real MO is whenever a little shines on it.

      The black and jewish pundits (and jews are sandniggers BTW) just couldn’t ‘suppress the crazy’ long enough to get the anti-white Murphy bill passed. So even with the damage control about to hit the net waves it’s good that whites all over saw what’s coming. Anyone who defends whites against diversity is ‘mentally ill!!!’

      • Badmouthing Trump is badmouthing his supporters. Anti-Whites are only helping to intensify the political polarity they feign contempt for with all their talk about unity, blah, blah, blah.

    • Win or lose, Trump is helping to shape a new political landscape in which White interests can no longer be ignored, ridiculed or vilified.

    • The Jews cannot handle the fact that their control over the narrative is being destroyed before their very eyes. Its happening. The question is will it be in time for us?

  5. At Mr. W.’s July 31 post headed, “ISIS: ‘Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You,'” our fellow commenter Todd has just posted the following link:


    That’s to Issue 15 of “Dabiq,” the online ISIS magazine whose article was the subject of Mr. W.’s post. In just now looking through the magazine, I noticed another article, which appears immediately before the article Mr. W. discussed and is headed “Words of Sincere Advice From an American Convert in the Islamic State To the Former Christian Who Accepted Islam.” As you’ll see below, the said article includes an image that’s recently been in the news and is captioned, there in Dabiq, as follows:

    “Beware of dying as an apostate”

    According to Wikipedia, the said issue 15 went online July 31, just three days after Khizr Khan’s speech, at the Democratic National Convention, about his son Humayun. ISIS, in short, didn’t waste any time …

    • On the other hand, ISIS appears to be Southern Nationalist. The following is from “By the Sword,” another article, of which Todd has already provided an excerpt …

  6. The RaHoWa is here and it is breaking out simultaneously everywhere. Just as the prediction attributed to Albert Pike said that it would.

  7. Sessio Volans sighting.

    “Sessio Volans?”

    It’s a species that only makes rare appearances, and those appearances are almost always in black chimpouts, so it’s especially rare when it appears in circumstances otherwise.

    Sessio Volans is Latin for flying chair.

  8. We can only hope that the “migrants” aren’t going to be happy in the end and will turn on Merkel. That’s when Germans need to align with the migrants and go after their government. And I mean every single government official. As the saying goes… send them all to their maker and let him sort them out.

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