Machete Wielding Muslim Terrorist Attacks Two Female Police Officers In Belgium

When this happened yesterday, it was pretty obvious it was terrorism:

“BRUSSELS—Belgian federal authorities have opened a terrorism probe following a weekend machete attack on two police officers in the city of Charleroi for which the extremist group Islamic State claimed responsibility.

The federal prosecutor’s office said Sunday the assailant was a 33-year-old Algerian man who had been living in Belgium since 2012. They said the man, who was shot during the attack on Saturday and later died, was known to police for common crimes but not for terror links. He was identified only as K.B.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Charles Michel said K.B. had been in Belgium illegally, but provided no details. …”

As of this morning, ISIS has taken responsibility, and the police have confirmed the terrorist was a 33-year-old Algerian illegal alien. They haven’t released a name or a photo yet though. This is the latest example which highlights the cause and effect relationship between liberal immigration policies and Islamic terrorism.

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  1. If Donald Trump cant seize on this and Tar brush Hillary with the fact that every terrorist attack is because of her and keep saying it on TV Hillary Created Isis Hillary is sending terrorists to Europe say it a million times he is toast. Stick a fork in him

  2. Trump has been relatively fearless in this campaign. Is it shtick? Did he learn that the only way to survive in NY real estate business is to be a tough talker? Giuliani and Ed Koch also have the NY style. It is so different from Midwest political style.

    They say John McCain has one of the worst temperaments in politics, but it’s with his underlings. He’s a total dog when dealing with his globo-masters. He’s on his knees with his mouth wide open.

    Of course, white gentiles fear Jewish Power. But they don’t want to admit this fear since they will come across as chicken. So, even as they serve Jews out of fear, they make believe that they going out on a limb to defend pitiable Jews, the Holocaust Folks, from their formidable enemies, the New Nazis that seem to sprout like mushrooms all over the world. (Funny how the helpless Jewish power in the US smashes all these New Nazis like Nazi Germany steamrolled over Poland. But the likes of McCain and Romney sees helpless Jews in Israel and all-powerful Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank.)

    In a way, the new McCain hasn’t changed from the POW McCain. As a POW, McCain was helpless at the hands of his captors. They had power over him. He was afraid and hurt(understandably and humanly so). But he didn’t want to admit it. So, he played ‘Hanoi John’ and made a radio speech as if he was the champion of the noble Vietnamese. He was acting out of fear but pretended to act out of sympathy and principle.

    McCain, as a virtual prisoner of the Neocons, is reading from the same kind of script. He is totally under their power and doing as they tell him to do. But to maintain a modicum of pride and dignity, he makes believe that he’s passionate about supporting neocons because it’s all about human rights and defending helpless Jews from New Nazis all over the world. It’s the only way a whore-dog can live with itself. By barking rabidly, it tries to fool itself that it is enraged of its own accord than following the master’s command to attack and bite.

    Jewish Globalists have the power; they can destroy white gentile lives.

    So, whites serve Jews. But they don’t want to admit they are acting out of fear and cowardice. They repress the reality of their condition by acting all tough and moral… like Hillary and that 4 star general at the Dem Convention. Though dogs serving their masters, they act like masters defending helpless puppies.

    To be sure, what whites fear most isn’t Jews per se but one another because most white people are sincerely under the Jewish Spell.

    After all, if all whites were to think and feel alike as proud white warriors, they could easily come together to topple Jewish power.

    But because so many whites have been brainwashed with ‘white guilt’ and PC, whites know that fellow whites will denounce and attack them before Jews even hear about it.

    It’s true that Jewish control of media and academia has brainwashed whites to attack other whites. But even without any Jews around, whites will routinely attack and denounce whites all on their own. Once a people are turned onto an ideology or world-view, people fear one another more than the elites, with whom few come in contact anyway.

    Once most Russians were turned onto communism, a Russian was most afraid of another Russian who might accuse him of being ‘bourgeois’. In East Germany, most people feared most their next door neighbor who feared him in return.

    Because so many whites have been turned onto ‘anti-racism’, whites fear fellow whites most of all.

    Because Jews are only 2% of the US population, they know that their power depends on controlling white minds. If white hearts-and-minds become independent of Jewish manipulation, whites could rise in racial consciousness and then unite & move against Jewish Power, and then, Jews would be finished. Minority power is always very vulnerable no matter how rich and privileged and connected it is.

    In a way, what happened in the GOP in 2016 is a testament to this fact. When so many GOP voters turned against Neocon elites and went with ‘god-emperor’ Trump, there was little that the Jewish elites could do. Neocons had the money and top positions in the GOP. They had the connections. But, Neocons don’t have the demography, the brute power of numbers.

    Jews need to control the minds of the gentile majority to maintain supremacy of power. Once neocons lost the control of the hearts/minds of white Conservatives in the GOP, it didn’t matter how much elite power they had. White Conservative masses were NOT going along with their agenda. If the cowboy loses control of the cattle, there is nothing he can do.

    So, Jews are now heavily invested in Democratic Whites(who are more brainwashed with ‘white guilt’ PC and showered with globalist ‘white privilege’ that comes with being proggy) to push against the GOP white masses who support Trump. If Democratic whites were also to become like Trump supporters, the twilight of Jewish power would be at hand. No matter how much Jewish elites control media, academia, banks, and etc., they will be vulnerable without mass support. It’s like Brits had all the elite power in India, but once the Indians rose up en masse, there was nothing the Brits could do.

    So, Jewish power needs to control the minds of whites. But there is no guarantee that whites will be manipulated forever. In 2016, Jews saw the ebbing away of their control of narrative/agenda in the GOP. Even if Trump loses, what happened in the GOP primaries is a frightening harbinger for Jews. So, it is no wonder that Jews are working so hard to push for Diversity. That way, if whites are reduced to a minority, even the unity of white masses won’t be enough to topple Jewish power since Jews will have non-white new majority on their side. Of course, non-whites have no love for Jews(and may even hate Jews more than any white person does), but to the extent that Jews have opened the gates to the West, they figure alliance with Jews is their ticket to Western affluence and goodies. It’s like Mexicans hate gringos or gabachos, but they are more than willing to grovel to any gringo who will hire him to pick lettuce to send some dinero back to Mexico.

    2016 saw white rebellion in the GOP. Though Sanders voters are PC, even their rise frightened Jews on the Democratic side. They threaten to break up the Jewish elite and Democratic mass coalition. They talk of 1% vs the rest. Also, their BDS agenda pits people-of-color and White Progs against Zionist globalists. Sanders supporters’ style of ‘progressivism’ is a threat to Jewish Power because it is more consistent than Hillary’s kind. Many Sanders supporters believe ‘anti-racism’ should apply to Zionism and Jewish privilege too. They are like the Mainline Protestant Churches that are now voting to boycott Israel and support BDS. Hillary’s style of Proggism denounces ‘white racism’ but praises Zionism regardless of how long the Occupation continues. Her style of Proggism yammers about the helping the less fortunate but also panders to Goldman Sachs. It is a hyprogressy, or hypocritical progressivism.

    It is no wonder that Jews promote homomania. With homos as their proxy, Jews can exert their power through ‘rainbow’ colors when the Zionist flag becomes a bit too ubiquitous and queasy.


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