Donald Trump Endorses Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Kelly Ayotte

After he read out his remarks from the prepared script, he blinked out in Morse code … I DON’T MEAN A WORD OF IT, Reince and Paul Manafort made me do it!

Note: Paul Nehlen isn’t taking it personally. He gets it.

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  1. Trump’s advisors are doing a horrible job. His original brand was what brought out the White voter that usually doesn’t bother voting.

      • The real problem is Trump himself. Imagine, say, Lou Dobbs as the nominee for contrast. Strong on immigration, anti-free trade, but without the erratic behavior and baggage. Clinton is a horribly weak candidate, but all she has to do is sit on the football and its over.

        Remember the EARLY criticisms of Trump? No ground game, not raising/spending money, erratic, no discipline?

        Trump views those as positive things.

        • No I didn’t understand the total media (including Fox) collusion. I knew it was bad but the degree of coordination. Really, there is absolutely no-one on the TV who is going to stick their neck out.

          Hannity seems to have broken ranks but not by much.

          • It wasn’t expected that Murdoch would remove Ailes.

            Which coincidently happens at the moment Trump faces a barrage of coordinated/colluding attacks.

          • But Trump did that himself on the strategic level:

            Early on he “moved the Overton window” with his comments on immigration. At that point he should have shut his mouth and ran a disciplined campaign. He had the GOP nomination in the bag and should have started courting centrists.

            Instead, days after Obama fumbled on terrorism, he called for the stupid Muslim ban instead of a geographic ban and a general slow down of immigration to properly vette everyone including social media.

            He went too far, and the Overton window snapped back on him.

            Then the judge, and now the Khazir Khan guy.

            It’s too late now. Trump cannot reintroduce himself after a 30 year career in the spotlight and > 1 year as a politician. He can’t win Pennsylvania – he cannot win the election.

          • He will lose Pennsylvania for the same reason he will lose most of the North and that is spelled N E G R O E S. The Hispanics are even expected to break 20% for Trump which is bad but not as dismal as the NEGROES. If Trump broke 20% with the Negroes he would win. He won’t get above 7% Negro support thats about a 93-7 block.

            If the Negro population was the size it was in 1920 in PA OH MICH etc, he would be winning every state by 20-40 points. To apropriate Bill Clinton ITS THE NEGROES STUPID

          • I swear to god, Illinois must be as black as Mississippi or Louisiana. Not only is Chicago a ghetto, so are all the downstate cities like Decatur, Springfield, Champaign, Danville, East Metro (Illinois side of St. Louis) etc. Also the ring cities around Chicago like Rockford, Joliet, Elgin, Aurora, Waukegan are black and hispanic ghettos.

            Bloomington used to be the crown jewel in the economy of Illinois, with low unemployment and <10% ghetto but since Mitsubishi mothballed the Diamond Star Plant, and the power company is shutting down the nuclear power station that will cause an 85% rise in electric bills. (Global warming wackos refuse to allow Nuclear power, the only realistic way to generate "green" energy.) That town sadly seems to be going downhill. I know a Korean bimbo who thinks she is going to get rich flipping condos in Bloomington. She bought one that had been on the market for years at $46K and spend another $46K renovating it. When I went over to see it, sure it looked nice BUT IT WAS RIGHT NEXT TO A FRIGGIN NIGGER SECTION 8 APT WITH THE NIGGLETS PLAYING OUT IN THE STREETS BLOCKING TRAFFIC! I told her forget it, no one wants to live in this neighborhood and there's a reason it didn't sell at $46K, no one in their right mind is going to want to pay double that to live in a mini "Trump Tower" in the middle of the 'hood.

          • Illinois is set to be the first Majority Negro Northern State if all trends continue. Sickening indeed as except for the Northern ring around Chicago the demographics are still about 85% or better White and will be for some time.

          • You ‘experts’ have apparently not been in the part of Illinois that I live in or you wouldn’t think that it is mostly negro. You stay away from Chicago and the smaller cities and you’re looking at places that are 95% white or more. And it isn’t like there only a hundred of us.

          • Marshall Illinois is a really nice little place in the rolling valleys of the Wabash and pretty much all white. Sure I know this, but these ghettos making the state 20-30% black make it impossible to outvote them since whites don’t vote as a block here the way they do in the South.

          • ‘Instead, days after Obama fumbled on terrorism, he called for the stupid Muslim ban instead of a geographic ban and a general slow down of immigration to properly vette everyone including social media.’

            He called for a temporary ban which is very reasonable and wise. The majority of Americans polled on that issue agree with him.

            ‘Then the judge’

            The Mexican judge has ties to La Raza and is an advocate for Mexican affairs. No way he can be partial in Trump’s lawsuit. Pointing that out minimizes damage in the likely prospect the beaner rules against him.

            ‘ and now the Khazir Khan guy.’

            The credibility of the Sharia Law advocate has been torn to shreds as his history and writings have been exposed.

          • And these suburbanites decide the election, they also tend to still have it fairly comfortable. Trump has the “enemy of my enemy is my friend vote” who know how bad free trade and scab 3rd world immigration have ruined their lot in life and will tolerate his thuggish behavior the way the working class put up with big city mafia pro labor machines several generations back. But this block is 1/3rd of the vote, the rest is comfortable whites, leftist whites, ditzy women, BLACKS! and all these foreigners. He’s not going to win, I’ve seen enough now to know a leopard can’t change his spots. His comebacks are like Anthony Wiener’s, ruined a week later by the next wiener tweet.

        • ‘The real problem is Trump himself.’

          Most of your posts are about ripping Trump.

          If the DNC sifted through all of them they could fashion one hell of an anti -Trump campaign ad.

          • He’s been a 100% anti-Trump faggot from the start. I don’t know what it is with some people and Trump. Just unreal.

      • Perhaps, but if he is transformed in to a Romneyesque candidate, his White voter turnout will mirror Romney’s.

        Arizona, where I spend quite a bit of time, is an odd state. It is not uncommon to see trucks with the “stars and bars” on bumper stickers, and flags.

        AZ is also very pro-military. He needs to walk a fine line there with bashing Mc Cain, and the whole Khan fiasco as well. Racialism is very present outside of Phoenix (and even in Phoenix), but racial views come second to the White voters in regard to patriotism and love for the military.

        I see Trump stickers everywhere in AZ. Here in Nevada I almost never see them.

        None the less, I’m fairly confident he will take both AZ and NV as things stand now.

        • It’s a balancing act.

          Take Pennsylvania for example. He has to do much better with the White working class around Pittsburgh and Scranton while holding middle class suburbanites who voted for Romney in the Philly suburbs.

          That’s the same problem he faces everywhere. In Ohio, it is running up the score where he overperforms in the primaries while winning suburban Kasich voters.

          • The problem in every Northern State is the Negroes, because the Negroes in the North vote about 94-98 percent for Democrats each and every time. That was because after 1877 when Reconstruction basically WENT ON HIATUS FOR SAY 75 years give or take the Republican Party’s official Negro policy became was Daniel Patrick Moniyhan called Benign Neglect, which was neither help nor harm.

            Because the Northern Democratic Party had been since Jefferson the party of Immigrants, the whites in rural areas all became Republicans over time. By the time of WW1 when large numbers of Southern Negroes began appearing, you had basically a Pro-White Republican Party at the local and state level (NOT NATIONAL) a tiny residual Radical Republican strain in the cities and an Anti-WASP Democratic Party in the cities, The Jews had taken over the Democratic Machines in New York, Cleveland, Chicago by WWI financially.

            The Negroes were seen by this Jewish/Immigrant Democratic Machine as potential leverage against the WASP Republican establishment in the rural areas, who before reapportionment under Baker Vs Carr in 1962 held sway. They slowly evangelized among the Negroes calling the Republicans DO NOTHINGS and even blaming them for the 1927 Mississippi River Flood Deaths but it took until 1936 for the Negroes to come fully to the Democratic side but after Adam Clayton Powell became the President of Black America in 1944, they were all Democrats or in the words of Inverness Mississippi’s Rufus Hambone Johnson upon registering to vote in 1966,” Yassuh I’se shos be a goods Democrat now Yassuh”

            The Latinos it is expected will go 20% for Trump irregardless as they are not a monolithic ethnicity like Negroes, they are in a sense more white making them more individualistic and more ethnocentric in other words Cubans vote for Cubans and Ricans vote for Ricans, they dont vote for Mexicans.

            If for some reason the Negroes went 25% for Trump nationwide, he wins in a walk. However if he even gets 3% even with Omarosa and Mike Tyson I will be surprised

  2. I understand this is probably in response to the whole Republicans For Hillary movement but Trump shouldn’t have done this. He should have said F-U and went on

  3. Does Trump think these bastards will support him? If they wind up back in Congress and Trump wins they’ll fight him constantly.

      • I wish they could make him stick to the script.

        If it wasn’t in his acceptance speech, it doesn’t pass his lips.

    • If Trump simply endorsed Ryan, then it’s political calculus. He just snubbed him, got hit hard, so it’s a surrender. There is never any strategic vision with Trump, just flailing about, sometimes landing haymakers, but mostly just tiring himself out for the late rounds KO.

      The early immigration stance may have been a bone fide accident.

  4. There will be no reciprocation from these three. Expect slack support, shivving and subtle undermining…

    Bad day.

    • You’re right. How much you want to bet they screw him? Not much.

      I understand why he did it. In all fairness he’s got nothing to lose from doing it. If they get reelected then it will make it somewhat easier to deal with them and the voters that do vote against this horrible group will understand why he did it.

  5. Had it not been for his own missteps, Trump would have had more room to move. Now, he’s in complete confusion, trying to go in every direction at once.

      • What do you mean by “That’s all”? He’s in a bad position–by his own doing.

      • Errr… TELL the Suburbanite RETARDS that they DESERVE TO BE SLAUGHTERED BY SHITSKINNED SAND NIGGER VERMIN, if they take the side of Paki Pig goat fucking child raping TRASH, over the side of a WHITE AMERICAN MAN – and they deserve to have the shitskins SHIT DOWN THEIR THROATS, before they are GUTTED. And that this is WHAT WILL HAPPEN. ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?
        You use those EXACT words. I did. All week long. And you make them SWALLOW EVERY WORD, and say THANK you.
        I did. All week long.

          • I’m not running for office, and Trump is doing GREAT where I am. Sometimes you must go Vlad Tepes, on SuburbanTards. It’s fun to watch them gulp, and shut up, and see the flicker of pure terror in their eyes, when called out on their pure bullshit.
            That Cucked “Tolerance of Diversity” must be killed DEAD, once and for EVER.

  6. At is “How the Right Got Khanned,” which is about Trump’s Khan problem and in which it is remarked that “Trump’s instinct is to counterattack.”

    In response to it, I just posted the following:

    “Trump is just plain foolish. This is what? The twentieth time or so that he’s put himself in a hole?

    “‘Trump’s instinct is to counterattack.’ Translation–again: He’s a fool.

    “All he had to say, in response to the Khan speech, was that although he understood the grief of those parents, that’s not the political question: The question is what our immigration practices should be in the face of the danger of Islamic terrorism. As to Khan’s cry that he, Trump, had sacrificed nothing, Trump should have said, well, yes, of course, I haven’t made that sort of sacrifice, of the life of my child; but when my daughter Ivanka said at the Republican convention that I’d ‘sacrificed’ to run for President, she was expressing her daughterly pride in my having stepped out of my comfortable business world and into this political contest.

    “No–he took a cheap shot at the quietness of a woman who was asked to stand in front of a worldwide audience and talk in what is not her native language to an assembly in what is not her native culture about her son’s death in combat for that country, that culture. Instead of acknowledging their sacrifice, he tried to put those parents back on their heels, by rejecting, with feeble semantic subterfuge, the contention that he’d sacrificed nothing.

    “He could have made this a win–and not by trying to dig up info to the effect that Khan is something of an Islamist (though discussion of that could have come in time). All he had to do was step out of the path of the charging bull–but no, he tried, idiotically, to go head-to-head with it, because his ‘instinct is to counterattack.’ So stupid.”

    • It battle, chess, any competitive endeavor: if you cannot change, your opponent finds your weakness and beats you. Trump’s “alpha male” must-always-counterattack proved his undoing. Clinton waved a red flag in front of the bull, and he charged.

      How’s that debate prep going?

      • For fucks sake. He’s playing chess where the opponent gets to have an extra set of knights (Chuck Todd, Tapper, Blitzer) and Trumps Bishops (Ryan, McCain, Ayotte) are deliberately fragging his pawns.

          • No, dude. As always, I’m being objective. John, I presume, has the pulse of Pennsylvania. It’s been 3 years since I was there for a spell. How does Trump erase a 400,000 vote structural deficit in Pennsylvania?

            How? No one is addressing reality on the “alt right”.

          • To be honest, Afterthought, I’m not sure I have the pulse of Pennsylvania, except insofar as Pennsylvanians, like most Americans, are averse to social unpleasantness.

            In response to the above-linked Radix Journal piece, about Trump’s Khan problem, someone posted a long comment whose opening sentence was as follows:

            “The Michelle Fields incident, among many others, made it perfectly clear that the Left was going to just try this ‘throw everything at him and see what sticks’ strategy.”

            The commenter’s view, as you see, is that this Khan problem is just another manifestation of the anti-Trump crowd’s foul play.

            In response to that, I myself posted a long comment, which consisted mostly of a re-post of the comment I copy-and-pasted above, at the head of the present thread, but whose introductory paragraph was the following:

            “Evidently, your political instincts are as poor as Trump’s. The Michelle Fields problem was like this Khan problem, in that it was something Trump escalated rather than defused. All he had to say when the Fields things broke was that there would be an effort to find video or photographs to determine what, if anything, had happened; then, when the video undermined the position of Fields by revealing, as the prosecutors determined, that Corey Lewandowski had been justified in yanking Fields the way he did, Trump would have come out on top. Rather than say that, Trump instantly, gratuitously put the dignity of Fields into play, by suggesting, on the basis of no information at all, that Fields’s account of the alleged battery was a fabrication, that she had ‘made it up.’ (His exact words, as I recall.) He turned it onto a war, just as he turned this Khan thing into a war.”

          • Yes, the left doesn’t want the far right to win. That is the problem with many of the fantasies of the “alt right”. Hitler, Pinochet, helicopters, gas chambers, firing squads, ethnically cleansing black and Mexicans from North America: there is another side.

            The other side has essentially triumphed from an inferior position back in the 60s. They’re going to lose now? When they have already made “the long march through the institutions”?

            All of these things have to be weighed in the balance. I don’t expect Trump to do that. But the white intelligentsia must.

            I’m fully prepared for Trump to lose. It means that a better vanguard can displace the “alt right” and actually start moving the ball down the field. We go for Partition in America, and win or lose, as long as we go down swinging, there will be some white nations that will survive in the Old World as a consequence of our sacrifice.

            We will get off the planet in the blink of Darwinian time, and our people will conquer the universe. All of this can happen once we trade “Evil be my Good” for “Right makes Might”.

          • If being mean to a heavily accented Asian Mafia means that whites in the US swing to Hillary…I don’t want to say it…then annihilation is truly deserved. If Muslims and Others were ever interned exterminated of deported don’t you think it’s going to be ugly work?

          • ” He turned it onto a war, just as he turned this Khan thing into a war.”

            So, it was Trump’s fault again. He tried to turn the Fields thing and the Khan thing into a war.

            Sorry, but Fields and her companions devised a scheme to screw Trump over. If there was a war… they started it.

            He has to defend himself BECAUSE no one else will.

            Same with that filthy Sharia Law loving koranimal who lectured Trump on the Constitution who once wrote that Western laws are all subservient to Muslim Law.

            He’s a twisted Koranimal lizard who should have been shouted down and condemned by every journalist and taking head in America.

          • I’m afraid I don’t have time to do the count, Sam; but if that’s no more than 140 characters, maybe Trump should tweet it:

            “Khizr Khan’s a twisted Koranimal lizard who should have been shouted down and condemned by every journalist and talking head in America. Sad!”

          • This illustrates the nation’s terminal illness. At least the late Roman Empire used 10,000s of German auxiliaries and those auxiliaries died in their 1,000s for Rome. The US is hypothetically giving over the plot because of 14 agreeable Muslims who died for the Stars n Stripes in the last 16 years of pitched combat with their coreligionists.

            Really it’s touching.

          • What illustrates the nation’s terminal illness is that the only man with mental freedom sufficient to have enabled him to escape its suicidal philosophy lacks nearly all mental discipline.

          • No one has done this since Hitler.

            So he’s naturally making this up as he goes along.

          • I think you just defeated your own argument. Trump, at least, has Hitler as a model. Hitler’s the one who was making it up as he was going along.

          • Hitler wasn’t in charge of an overwhelmingly powerful economy with an overwhelmingly powerful military. The Germans were chancers.

            The buffoonery is similar though.

          • Hitler wasn’t at all a buffoon. He was a very-unusual personality, but he had all of the normal political skills. His speeches are real speeches, with wit, substance, strong turns of phrase. His chronic agitation notwithstanding, his oratory, too, is skillful, with pace, rhythm, and its own kind of modulation. He had a genuine command of the issues he deemed important; and he knew, just basically, how to deal with persons in a normal way. Trump has none of that.

          • His professional Generals appear to have considered him a lucky buffoonish gambler. He was outplayed easily by his rivals and allies in the Beerhall Putsch too. Ludendorf and others played him into a corner.

            One thing Hitler did have going for him was the willingness to kill opponents when needed. And that is something Trump doesn’t do.
            Hillary is like Murder Inc.

          • I’ve already stated some of the things he had going for him; his willingness to kill opponents was hardly his only strength.

            As for the Munich putsch: I’m not going to review his entire political career, about which I am not expert and of which that was an early episode, from which, as will never be said of Trump in any context, he learned. What his generals had to say, I don’t know, and I don’t think it’s relevant to this exchange of ours.

          • It is. We have three or four fascistic leaders in the 20th century who might serve as examples. Hitler is one who gained control in a modestly powerful state. Mussolini who bears a strong resemblance to Trump gained power in a much weaker state.

            Trump is a fascist taking control of a world Hegemon if he actually wins.

          • Fine–I’m out of my depth here; but if you can find, say, any film footage in which Trump, Mussolini, or any other political leader is conducting himself in the way Trump is conducting himself in this campaign, I’ll be very interested to see it.

          • Damn, you’re right: I revealed my unconscious belief that it’s possible to find footage of Trump acting like, well, Trump.

          • I haven’t any idea whether Trump has the ability to kill ruthlessly. I do know that he lacks Hitler’s other talents, which I mentioned above.

          • Now you are lying outright. Stop it. Hitler was neither a buffoon, nor a ruthless killer. He was a German ROMANTIC. He was too trusting. He didn’t kill any-one, and he was waaayyyy too Liberal.

          • Hitler was also a shrewd politician who didn’t run off topic with petty feuds about Megan Kelly’s menstrual flow. Bring him forwards in time, give him a new hairdo, shave off the mustache, and program him with an American dialect and I bet he would run a far more disciplined campaign than Trump. It was only when his doctors were shooting him full of amphetamines during the war when his behavior became erratic, and he gave in to his dark side and gave the orders to mass murder the Jews.

          • Interesting. Perhaps you are even more pessimistic than I am.

            I am reading your messages and pondering them but I still like to think Americans will put the fate of the country and the momentous issues facing us ahead of concerns about personality, style and what we’ll call manners.

          • Well, yes, that’s what it comes down to, Mestigoit: Will the majority of Americans do what you like to think they will do? Will they “put the fate of the country etc.”? My guess is that they will not.

          • Nothing good at all has come of his twitter messages that appear undisciplined and crass. Sending out prepared statements are something that you need consultation with political advisors and lawyers to do right, these appear like something a drunk sends out. I see why he doesn’t drink, could you imagine how he’d behave under the influence if this is how he acts when sober? The twitter account should have been under control of the campaign, twitter is for the likes of Katy Perry or Kanye West not a Presidential candidate.

          • In all fairness I doubt Trump could win in Pennsylvannia. But that’s another issue. I expect his rallies in Pennsylvanian towns are designed to boost votes in the rust belt as a region with an eye to Ohio.

          • There’s a “groupthink” on these websites that blinds people to reality. I remember the “Ron Paul had the election stolen from him by diebold” meme in 2008. Where I worked not a single person had ever heard of Ron Paul so I had no doubt the 8% he’d get in the primaries was accurate. Yet the Ron Paul cult (who strangely imagined him to be a white nationalist) was so convinced by the groupthink in the comments on the blog that he must have mass, popular support and not be the fringe candidate he was. When his supporter Chris Christie winced during Trumps off topic babbling after the Florida primary is when I knew Trump had to let the PR people take over or he would never win the general. Instead we get the same and it is now a sure thing Hillary wins, might as well step back and let Pence run. At least when I drive through Indiana it’s towns seem to be booming with economic activity (minus the black hellhole Gary) unlike Illinois which is in mothballs.

          • Consider, Sam, a third possibility: We’re attempting a clear-eyed assessment of the situation.

          • HH pointed out that he’s not really a conservative. Which is a pretty good point. The battle is just to keep conservatives on board for long enough. Then break out the piano wire.

    • If not this ginned up crises then it would have been something else.

      It could have been over something much more punishing. Easily.

      • You’re too forgiving. One mistake? OK fine. Twice, you intervene. Three, four, five? He’s incapable of change.

      • “Ginned up,” “rigged,” “cooked.” Let me tell the right-wing something it should have noticed, oh, about sixty years ago: Those are not magic words, which make your political difficulties go away.

        • You are insufferable. Let’s revisit this issue when the next Pakistani goes off and kills 60 people. It’ll happen and before the ballot.

          • Trump has had an astounding number of Black Swans already, but he fumbles them all away.

            One more won’t change anything. It would have to be a nuke in a major Democratic stronghold at this point (DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, LA, Seattle, San Francisco).

          • Brexit, the FBI report on emails? It isn’t just random killings. Trump would be curb-stomping Clinton if not for his idiocy.

          • The Cuckoldry of the public is astonishing to behold. 3/5s of humanity are natural slaves.

  7. A serious question.

    We know the sharp policy differences between Trump and Clinton– on wars, taxes, amnesty, immigration, trade, law and order, etc.

    We know the serious flaws of Clinton– dishonesty, corruption and a dismal record as Secy of State (and no record as senator).

    Do you think Trump’s political clumsiness, his insults, and “social unpleasantness” are the main issues which will decide this election, overriding the ones mentioned above? Is the election to be a referendum on Trump’s personality? Really?

    • If it’s about manners then how shall we intern the Mestizos and crush the blacks? Many hands would have to get dirty.

      • This isn’t about “manners.” It’s about the basics of social interaction: putting the dignity of others into play is to be avoided.

          • Not quite. The main issue is that Trump is not a conservative. He’s a fascist.

          • Nehlen has been very aggressive. Attacking, counter attacking and totally eviscerating Lyin’ Ryan.

            He’s a fighter.

            Case in point:

            Paul Nehlen ?@pnehlen 40m40 minutes ago
            @HowardKurtz: Donald Trump was as enthusiastic endorsing @PRyan “as someone endorsing the zika virus.”

          • Right–so by retweeting a Jew’s wisecrack, Nehlen manages to neutralize Trump’s endorsement without attacking Trump. That, as I say, is deft.

          • He’s still going to lose though. Most likely. He gets style points though…cold comfort for him.

          • It doesn’t matter whether he wins this particular round. He’s playing the long game, as one says.

          • Nehlen? If he loses to Ryan you’ll never hear about him again.
            Nationalism is high risk gambling.

          • Saying, as Nehlen said the other day, that every mosque in the country should be monitored is pretty high-risk.

          • I’d say it’s common sense.

            I’d rather blow up all the mosques and sprinkle pig’s blood on the congregants.

          • I wasn’t saying I disagree with Nehlen re the mosques, Sam. I was simply countering Captain John’s remark to the effect that Nehlen doesn’t take big risks.

          • Oh–okay. I see. Since I haven’t been following Nehlen, I thought you were saying he’d disappear because he’s been playing it safe. If, yes, he’s been taking some big chances, then more’s the pity that Trump, who might have been able to provide him some cover, is self-sabotaging.

          • It’s still an attack.

            If Trump did the same he’d be pilloried for being mean, petty, vindictive.

            Hey, I didn’t say Hillary is a fat, ugly bitch. My neighbor did. I’m just retweeting what he said.

          • Yes–except that, as I just pointed out to Sam, Mestigoit, the Kurtz remark that Nehlen retweeted wasn’t a specimen of witless viciousness, like the thing that Trump retweeted about Cruz’s wife. It was a wisecrack–a good one.

          • Paul Nehlen Says Paul Ryan is a Soulless Globalist.

            Was that a deft, witty remark?

            If Trump said that he’d be vilified.

          • When Kahn said that Trump has a Black Soul he’s lauded. I’ve never heard any western politician called that. Sounded plenty spitefull.

          • It didn’t sound spiteful to me. It’s just a strong sentiment that I don’t share.

          • No, it’s not a witticism. It’s a pointed political remark, within the normal range of electoral rhetoric. It’s not–for comparison–a viciously unflattering presentation of the appearance of Ryan’s wife.

          • Are you referring to Cruz’s wife?

            Liz Mair and the Cruz campaign sent out a photo of Trump’s wife during the Utah Primary in an effort to ‘slut shame’ her and discredit him.

            Trump responded with a tweet contrasting his pretty wife to that of Mrs. Cruz.

            Oh, how vicious!

            It’s how she normally looks.

            The media didn’t care about the tactics used against Trump and his wife but were appalled at Trump’s tweet.

            Always the double standard.

          • Yes, Sam, I was referring to Trump’s tweet about Heidi Cruz.

            Everything you say there makes clear how Trump bungled the episode of which that tweet was a part. Was Liz Mair’s slut-shaming of Melania Trump out of line? I’d agree with you that it was. Trump was holding a winning hand–and as is so often the case, he completely misplayed it. In the first place, he more or less insisted, without any real evidence, that Cruz had been behind the attack on Melania. That gave Cruz an easy out: I had nothing to do with it. What Trump should have done–what any normal, intelligent politician would have done–is ask Cruz publicly if he’d been aware of the Melania attack and, if so, why he, Cruz, had not denounced it before Trump himself complained about it? In the second place, his retweet of the unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz was, in fact, vicious, whether you want to admit it. (It would have been vicious even if, as you say, Heidi Cruz “normally looks”; but in fact, she doesn’t.) What’s more important, as odd as it might sound, is that slut-shaming a woman isn’t as bad as making fun of her looks, just as Nehlen’s calling Ryan a soulless globalist isn’t as bad as Trump’s making fun of Kasich’s eating habits. I know you might want to think it’s worse to call a man a soulless globalist than it is to make fun of the way he eats–but it simply is not.

            So, no–I don’t think there was a double standard, re the Melania and Heidi thing. There were two distinct types of behavior–and Trump’s was the behavior that was way out of line. In a characteristic misstep, Trump turned what could have been sympathy for his wife and thus for him into sympathy for his opponents whom he attacked.

          • Had he known he would run for president, and there were statements in the 80s saying it was on his mind, he should have stuck it out with Ivana Trump and had his bimbos on the side. Say what you want but it worked for Slick Willy to stay with that awful Dyke Hillary and her kid by Webster Hubbell for show. Had he been on a 3rd marriage to a trophy wife half his age I doubt he would have won in 1992.

          • That’s one thing on which I must disagree with you completely, Nightowl. I myself give no thought at all to Trump’s marital history, and I’ve seen no indication his success in the primaries was decisively affected by it, one way or the other.

          • Evidently, I missed something, Sam. Did Nehlen retweet something about someone’s being fat, ugly, and a bitch? What I read was an amusing remark, in which the political reality was addressed. I didn’t say it wasn’t an attack. What it wasn’t was a “counterattack,” a harsh remark about Trump–or about anyone else, for that matter.

        • Turnabout is fair play.

          Trump’s most vicious attackers don’t give hoot about dignity, manners or truth when it comes to trashing him.

          • Do you want to win, or do you want to lose, Sam? Do you want to try to understand what’s going on here, or do you want to wander away, in defeat, prattling about fair play and who started what?

            Trump’s attackers certainly do give a hoot about dignity. Their attacks are all of a normal type, within the normal range of human conduct. Trump’s are not. They’re ridiculous and obnoxious.

          • ‘Trump’s attackers certainly do give a hoot about dignity. Their attacks are all of a normal type, within the normal range of human conduct. Trump’s are not. They’re ridiculous and obnoxious’

            You can’t be serious.

          • Yes, I’m serious. An attack is not in itself bad manners. Trump’s attacks are awkward. They make onlookers uncomfortable. That’s political death–and that’s why he’s dying, politically.

            To paraphrase what I said above, to Mestigoit: You yourself, Sam, would never conduct yourself socially the way Trump has been conducting himself in this campaign.

          • Attend one of the rally events he holds. Hang around for the after speech signing and line walk. He’s got a great deal of personal charisma.

          • That’s clear enough in photographs and on television, Captain John. It’s one of his remarkable strengths, but as I’ve already said, his strengths are ever in the toils of his faults.

          • ‘That’s political death–and that’s why he’s dying, politically.’

            He’s not dying, politically.

            ‘Trump’s attacks are awkward. They make onlookers uncomfortable.’

            People who do not like him are uncomfortable no matter what he says.

            The same people are not bothered when he is attacked.

            Mark Belling recently said that Trump is a buffoon, an idiot, a blowhard, an orange faced clown who doesn’t know anything about anything and is clueless about world affairs.

            He has conjured up the Hitler, Mussolini, Brown Shirts and KKK comparisons in the past.

            But Belling was so-o-o-o-o put off when Trump called Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig.

            He can stuff it!

          • “People who do not like him are uncomfortable no matter what he says.”

            Actually, you’ve stated that exactly backwards, Sam. It’s the persons who like Trump, who want him to win, who are made uncomfortable by his antics. Those who dislike him are merely appalled.

          • BS. I dont know DJT. all I know of him is on the talmudvision and the internet. I know who hates him, who wrings their panties over what he says and does- good enough for me. Fuck all of those people, and if he doesn’t get elected. get fashy, goys.

          • Let me restate that:

            The persons who are made uncomfortable by Trump’s antics are supporters of his, not opponents of his.

            That doesn’t mean all of his supporters are made uncomfortable by his antics. You obviously are a supporter who is unbothered by what he does. When he loses, I might mention, goys will be unlikely to get fashy, within the cages where the Jews have them securely confined.

          • Just watch the look of bewilderment on Chris Christie’s face when Trump jumped off topic and began personal attacks on his opponents in that speech back in the spring. I could see there even though the message was correct, something was wrong with the messenger. A vote for Trump is not a vote “for Trump” but a big middle finger at the globalists. But are 51% of the electorate willing to go this far? No, Hillary will win, done deal.

          • Trump if he’s smart should start erasing a long list of journalists (off his Rolodex) ahem.

      • My mother voiced exactly the same concerns as JB (but has moved on from them and didn’t declare “the end” every week). She explicitly spoke of how women view these things. So, yes.

        • In particular I’m thinking about single white women, they tend to break for the democrats at similar % to the minorities. In this atomized eras where a majority is no longer married this pretty effectively explains how Obama won twice. Bush 2004 was an anomaly based on his perceived vanquishing of the terrorists before the Iraq thing blew up in his face after the election. Gore won the popular vote and nearly pulled off Florida 16 years ago. Trump needed to be on the top of his game and a “new Republican” that wouldn’t completely eliminate the government safety net that a nation of atomized individual know they will need at some point. Instead he keeps getting involved in these “fights” with minor media critics that look like something petty characters on a sit com do, not presidents. Bush never broke down into personal attacks on Cindy Sheehan when she camped outside his ranch and blamed him for her son’s death. Sure I know the public has a short memory span and he can still pull it out if he changes his ways. Unfortunately I know this guy can’t change his insulting ways any more than Anthony Wiener could clean up his act, lay off the “Carlos Danger” sexting, when his “comeback” as NYC Mayor was all set up for him and waiting.

  8. An openly homosexual Latino politician born to illegal alien Mexican parents has introduced legislation which infringes on the religious liberty of Christian universities in California.

    “SB 1146, introduced by Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), seeks to eliminate the current religious exemption in California that fully protects the freedom of California’s faith-based colleges and universities to operate in ways that are consistent with their religious missions and faith tenets. The provisions of the proposed bill represent a dramatic narrowing of religious freedom in California. It would mean faith-based institutions would no longer be able to determine for themselves the scope of their religious convictions as applied in student conduct policies, housing and restroom/locker facilities, and other matters of religious expression and practical campus life. Though the free exercise of religion is guaranteed by both the U.S. and California Constitutions, SB 1146 would make religious institutions like Biola vulnerable to anti-discrimination lawsuits and unprecedented government policing.

    This bill, if it became law, would diminish religious liberty in California higher education. It would unfairly harm faith-based institutions and it would weaken the rich educational diversity of our state.

    Which Institutions Are Affected? As many as 42 faith-based institutions of higher education in California.

  9. Off topic but ??
    ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS DEATH=> Activist and Sanders Supporter Who Served Papers to DNC on Fraud Case Found Dead

    Jim Hoft Aug 4th, 2016 10:26 pm 985 Comments

    On July 3, 2016, Shawn Lucas and filmmaker Ricardo Villaba served the DNC Services Corp. and Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz at DNC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., in the fraud class action suit against the Democrat Party on behalf of Bernie Sanders supporters.

    ** This was before Wikileaks released documents proving the DNC was working against the Sanders campaign during the 2016 primary.

    Shawn Lucas was found dead this week.

    This follows the death of 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich who was murdered in Washington DC on July 8. The killer or killers appear to have taken nothing from their victim, leaving behind his wallet, watch and phone.

    ‘Shortly after the killing, Redditors and social media users were pursuing a “lead” saying that Rich was en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family.’

  10. I think at this point we must come to the conclusion that Donald Trump no matter if he had a 20 point lead on the Hildabeast is likely going to lose and this is because of voter fraud, media interference and the Voting Rights Act. The Diebold Machines have been hacked and I fear millions of fake votes for Hildabeast will put her over the top. I don’t believe that Hillary will win big, it will likely be by 2 points if that, once the terrorists begin bombing again, thats a matter of time.

    Get the tools, the dried foods and get ready. The showdown is nigh. Mr. Putin has already said President Hillary means War with Mother Russia

    • I don’t know about the war with Russia but the voter fraud will be rampant.

      Last week in WI a jew judge (Lynn Adelman) a career SOB challenged our voter I.D. law right on schedule.

      Like clockwork. Every. Single. Time.

      Meanwhile, Obama is flooding us with mystery meats from around the world.

    • That’s the funny thing. You clearly have a Coven of May, Merkel and Clinton forming to invade Russia or at least violently contest Kaliningrad and Crimea.

      That’s the reason the press happily repeated the Russia Hacked DNC meme. It further sets the stage for a war.

      There’s no victory possible grappling with Russia. Just a dead 1,000,000 boys.

      • NATO ceased being a defensive pact in 1999, when they wrested Kosovo i Metohija away from Serbia and handed it to Muslim KLA terrorists. They only want Crimea to deprive Russia of its Black Sea port. If they attack Russia I hope they lose.

        There won’t be a repeat of three harridans chuckling, “We came, we saw and he died.”

        • Everyone who attacks Russia loses. It’s an Iron Law. The Ultimate Enemy awaiting the Ultimate Pretext.

  11. I’m almost hoping Trump loses so that these maggots get what is coming to them.

    James C Golden ?@jamesgolden93 6h6 hours ago
    @occdissent uh so what’s your point? That’s a good thing. Trump is a nazi, I would expect every freedom-loving American to oppose him.

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent 6h6 hours ago
    @jamesgolden93 Trump isn’t anything close to a Nazi. You’re being hysterical

    Chris Wikler ?@chris_wikler 6h6 hours ago
    @occdissent @jamesgolden93 Trump’s not a nazi! Trump is more in the Mussolini vein of fascism. All of the hate with none of the organization

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent 6h6 hours ago
    @chris_wikler @jamesgolden93 Trump isn’t a fascist. If he was a fascist, the #NeverTrumpers would have been put down months ago

    Chris Wikler ?@chris_wikler 6h6 hours ago
    @occdissent @jamesgolden93 I’ll clarify, budding fascist- he can only suspend the rule of law if he’s elected, which he WONT be.

    Chris Wikler ?@chris_wikler 6h6 hours ago
    @occdissent @jamesgolden93 can’t wait to join everyone with a trump target on their back to curbstomp the moral rot/disease that is trumpism

    Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent 5h5 hours ago
    @chris_wikler @jamesgolden93 Be careful what you wish for. If Trump loses, you are going to see a real fascist movement

  12. Okay–Sam, Mestigoit (and you, too, Captain John, God love ya):

    Below is a comment I just read at Radix Journal, at the piece I linked elsewhere in the present comments. Maybe you will see that the commenter is making rather the point I’ve been making here …

    “Does anybody else feel like Trump is tanking on purpose? It feels to me like he is constantly calling a ‘hail mary’ when it is first and goal from the one yard line. And it isn’t just the Khan situation, it is every time the guy stands at a podium. Let’s face it, he got through the republican primaries by basically rebutting every other candidate with no more substance ‘what a fag, am I right?’ Everybody laughs and cheers. It was refreshing and entertaining, and the republican establishment richly deserved to be treated with that disrespect and more. But going head to head with evil incarnate is going to require stepping up the game, but he seems dedicated to the old playbook. I’ll go further and say that to win my vote, he could walk onto the stage during the presidential debates and do nothing but make fart noises with his mouth or read the lyrics to Wesley Willis songs*, but a lot of people are still convinced that office is something more than just being the head sales rep for Globalism Inc.”

    (In case you’re wondering, the commenter’s note for “Wesley Willis songs” was: “admittedly obscure reference,” with a link to a YouTube video of a Wesley Willis song.)

    • Of course, I am partial to this because I have been saying the same thing since December, but this is actually how Trump won the nomination:

      He had the most popular position on the number one issue to the primary electorate: demographics.

      Trump’s call to build a wall and deport illegal immigrants was the strongest position of the 17 candidates, and essentially gave him a lock on the nomination. Even when he did and said stupid things, his base calmly and rationally decided to stick with him because he had the strongest position on an existential issue.

      Ironically, Trump’s position MAY HAVE BEEN AN ACCIDENT, or at least not conscious. He may simply be an idiot savant channeling what his father told him 50 years ago. I’ll bet if you go back and study Fred Trump’s political views, you will get verbatim Donald Trump. If you look at Fred Trump’s mannerisms you will get Donald Trump. A vast potion of “The Art of the Deal” may have been simply Donald transcribing what Fred Trump taught him.

      It’s not clear that Donald Trump is a conscious man like the rest of us, instead he may be a mental automaton – an idiot savant.

      • Yes, you’re right, Afterthought: It’s not clear that Donald Trump is a conscious man like the rest of us.

          • Both of these faggots were as emphatic as the MSM that Trump had “no chance” right from the beginning. Nothing’s changed. Their opinions are only interesting to me insofar as they illustrate how far some people will go to justify themselves, evidence be damned.

          • Apparently, silvio, you think yourself free to say any vicious thing you want to, when someone says something you don’t want to hear.

            I won’t speak for Afterthought, but I’m pretty sure you’re mistaken about me. When Mr. W., our host, first gave his attention to Trump, here at Occidental Dissent, I went so far as to transcribe and post some Nietzsche passages about Napoleon, with whose emergence I was comparing that of Trump. After Trump survived what I’d regarded as a stumble, in the form of his first rally, in Mobile, I said I would never doubt him again. For some time, accordingly, I did hold my tongue when he seemed to be hurting his campaign; but eventually, I wearied of the roller-coaster that his supporters must endure. All the talk about political invulnerability of his notwithstanding, he paid repeatedly, during the primary season, for his missteps. Maybe he’ll prevail in November, as, after much unnecessary distress, for both him and his followers, he prevailed in the primary; but at the moment, his position seems to me to be much worse than it’s ever been.

          • He was less than perfect therefore he was hopeless. I get it. Unlike any other candidate in history, clearly.

          • Oh, right, silvio: You “get it.” I’m regarding Trump unfavorably merely because he’s “less than perfect.” That, you think, is a perfectly-reasonable way to characterize my behavior, which has so much distressed Sam, you, and one or two others here.

            Take a look at the following, which is the FiveThirtyEight now-cast graph as of this early A.M., August 7. Behold the dramatic change, over the past ten days or so, in Trump’s fortune–a change occasioned in no small part by the Khan thing, another of the totally-unavoidable messes through which Trump has put his followers. What you’re looking at there is not what’s known as “less than perfect.” It’s what’s known as insanity …

          • I’m regarding Trump unfavorably merely because he’s “less than perfect.”

            You don’t merely regard him unfavorably. You regard him as utterly hopeless. You are quick to attribute his setbacks (irreversible and fatal, as you see them) to his brashness, while discounting the many occasions in which his brash approach has worked in his favor with your assurances that had he would have done even better without the brashness–and for the sole reason that you find his approach distasteful. So yes, I do think my characterization of your behavior is reasonable.

          • You’re just prattling, silvio. “Brashness”–don’t make me laugh. The mindless remarks with which Trump has put himself in a hole every two weeks or so for more than a year now are “brashness” only in your undiscriminating mind, in which brashness is classed with, I don’t know, boldness, bluntness, and God-knows-how-many other concepts you’re unwilling to distinguish from each other.

            You’re talking like some grandmother, who’s upset that someone’s pointed out that her grandson is a screw-up. Trump’s “brash approach” has “worked in his favor.” Grow the fuck up. His approach gained him, startlingly, news-worthily, a large, devoted following–more than a year ago now. As Afterthought has observed, that following–which was never a majority of the Republican electorate–enabled him to secure the nomination, amid a crowded field; but there is no evidence that Trump’s “brash approach,” of which you speak as if you’re a twelve-year-old, enamored of James Bond, has enlarged that following since he gained it. That augurs his defeat in November …

          • I really liked his message on immigration and trade and hoped for the best, but saw his crassness put a cap on his % of the electorate that isn’t changing since he can’t change his act. Yes his rallies make him appear invulnerable surrounded by this % but I can think of someone else who appeared invincible amongst his supporters, but had a clear peak on the number who he could sway. Charles Manson, his act sure worked to hold the awe of his cult in the courtroom, but he was in a wider world and his antics had no sway on the jury and broader society which quickly rejected his revolution.

    • ‘And it isn’t just the Khan situation, it is every time the guy stands at a podium.’

      The BS Kahn situation again. Oh, and every time he stands at a podium? Absurd.

      “Does anybody else feel like Trump is tanking on purpose?”

      Only Nervous Nellies and antis.

      ‘ Let’s face it, he got through the republican primaries by basically rebutting every other candidate with no more substance ‘what a fag, am I right?’

      Okay, so Trump won the debates, defeated all of his opponents many of which were career politicians and accomplished speakers/debaters with nothing more than wisecracks, is that right?

      This guy is full of **it.

      • Well–I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree, Sam. If we’re lucky, you’ll prove to be the one who’s seeing things clearly, and Trump will win.

  13. There’s a good chance, I’d say, that Hillary Clinton won’t be the Democrats’ nominee by election day. Take a look at the video clip below, the one in which she appears to suffer some sort of cerebral episode at about 0:07. As was pointed out by the commenter who posted it at Radix Journal, where I encountered it, the security people dash up to her, as if they’d been expecting the problem.

    It’s not the only such clip that has recently surfaced. Clinton has a medical problem that will be difficult to mask much longer.

    • It’s been seen. But the manners police drove it off the airwaves.

      Yes she’s a strange bird.

    • Please don’t write such nonsense. It’s really conspiracy theory speculation that has no basis in facts. Unless she dies, she’s the nominee and with the fix in, mostly likely the Hildabeast will be another Harvard/Yale SJW President.

      • Observing that someone is twitching and zoning out and being assisted in public is not a conspiracy theory. The following is not a conspiracy theory …

        • Speculating wild not realistic things like Hillary Clinton not being the nominee after 3 1/2 years of full time campaigning….. yeah, CT

          • The candidacy of an elderly woman with a medical problem that is becoming apparent is not secure simply because she spent three-and-a-half years pursuing it.

          • She may be sick, but she isn’t going to drop out. Paul Tsongas’ cancer had returned which he kept secret, but that didn’t stop him from staying in the Democratic primaries till he lost for other reasons.

          • I’m not suggesting she’ll drop out, Nightowl. I’m saying she might not have a choice. If you’re right that seizures and symptoms of neurodegeneration will be overlooked in a president, as FDR’s paralysis was overlooked, I’ll be very surprised.

          • I guess I’m not a doctor and don’t know the prognosis or how bad this will get. You may be right and this may be the tip of the iceberg and in private she may be a mess, getting totally shot up with some powerful chemicals like L-Dopa for public appearances that they hope will last long enough to get her through it and don’t seem to be working anymore. Enquirer has been having headlines about her health crisis for a while, maybe they’re true? Any idea exactly what this is? Blood Clots do this almost epileptic stuff?

          • No, I’m not a doctor either, Nightowl, but the problem doesn’t look trivial. When I watch that latter video, in which she appears to twitch severely, while she’s with that crowd, my layman’s reaction is (1) she shouldn’t have a driver’s license and (2) Chelsea shouldn’t leave the grandkids with her.

          • Yes it looks very real and my reaction was pity which is why her opponents need to be very careful how they handle this. My sister’s kid has something very wrong with him, they claim “ADHD” but I see it as full blown autism or something very similar. I saw this kid have a seizure as a toddler while watching that Dora the explorer, lasted about 15 seconds, his eyes opened wide wide wide and he jerked with huffing breaths about two seconds apart. That strange way she reacted with those reporters was definitely not deliberate behavior. And I’m not sure those reporters didn’t sense it too.

          • And which prominent party hack like a Ryan or a Gingrich will go to the mat to make sure this is discussed in the MSM? Or do you think Trump should grab that third rail?


          • I see that your insolence, Captain John, remains securely founded on your lack of reading comprehension. Nowhere in this thread have I suggested that the Republicans should go after Hillary on this. I simply wonder whether, at some point before the election, the subject will be forced to public attention by some dramatic display of symptoms or by some increased frequency of conspicuous symptoms.

            Now that I’ve made that clear, I’ll be waiting for you to withdraw your above “Disingenuous,” just as I’m waiting for you to withdraw the “lol” you sneeringly directed at me two days ago, when you thought I’d be unable to retrieve and screen-cap my old e-mails of which I’d spoken. My wait will be a long one, I have little doubt (because you have no character).

        • If this is true health is something people can’t control and people will have sympathy for her and not affect her in the polls unlike Trump’s rude comments and erratic behavior where are deliberate and do affect peoples opinion of their moral character. While not ideal, Epilepsy or Parkinson’s doesn’t completely disqualify a person from high office the way FDR’s paralysis didn’t.

      • She has an issue with blood clots. Allegedly she’s fainted many times. Trump alluded to this, months ago, when he asked, to whit, “Where’s Hillary? She’s off sleeping…”. That’s not a direct quote. I’m paraphrasing.
        Andrew Anglin refers to her as Seizure Hillary. And then there’s that Cancer Cough…..have you seen Bill lately? He couldn’t stay awake during his wife’s acceptance speech, during the DNC Commievention. Charlie Sheen sez Bill has AIDS. I dunno if this is true – but he looked far worse than Gloria Swanson did, in the last scene of “Sunset Boulevard”. For Jay Ellis – Slick Willie was wearing enough pancake make-up to coat every-one in attendance, and ooze out of the TalmudVision screens, and coat any-one who watched. I noticed that immediately. He looked like a corpse, attending it’s own funeral.
        Back to Hellery. I wrote, on this site, months ago, that I wanted Trump and Clinton to be the nominees. I got what I wanted, thus far. I’m sure she’s medicated to the gills, but he’ll say something, during the debates, that will cause her to stroke out, live, onstage. I want that, too.

        • Bill has heart disease, it aged my father 20 years in just 5. My dad had two heart attacks in which he didn’t seek medical attention and laid around the house and pretended to have the flu. The 3rd my mom figured out what was going on and took him to the hospital to get stents. I look at pictures of him at age 68 before they happened and he looked like a 49-50 year old healthy man. By his mid 70s he looked like hell. Unless Bill is having sex with men he isn’t “poz” Charlie Sheen had become so jaded with perversity that ordinary girls didn’t cut it anymore and he had to “up the thrill to chicks with dicks.” In other words Charlie Sheen got it from gay sex, probably taking turns and offering himself in the “bottom” role. That’s what perverts into transvestites do, one Bangkok based blogger interviewed a bunch of transvestite prostitutes and was shocked to learn that most of their customer’s wanted to take both the top and bottom roles during their interludes. Hangover II wasn’t that far off the mark.

    • And Trump’s instinct to “counter attack” will make fun of it and put the public’s sympathy with Hillary suffering from a medical problem and make him look even meaner.

    • A follow-up commenter at Radix Journal has pointed out that Clinton, at 0:07 of the clip above, is staring off at some sort of disturbance in her audience. The guard who comes up alongside her and puts a hand on her looks to have his eyes on the same thing. Clinton, in other words, does not appear to be experiencing a medical problem.

      • Hmm, yes. I’d gathered from her remark that what she’d seen had been some sort of animal-rights thing, but I hadn’t been aware that, as you say, Nightowl, it might have been something weird …

  14. I feel like it’s the part of Braveheart movie where William Wallace waves the flags to get the Scottish nobles to join the route of English forces and the Scottish nobles smirk and go off the battle field and then Longshanks casually tells an aide that he bought off the Scottish nobles with land and titles.

    It was a mistake to put all our hopes in to a savior somehow being elected President of the United States. The system is too corrupt.

    We must concentrate on state and local politics, power and culture and work to separate from this system. The system can’t be saved.

    That said, it’s still a good thing to work, network in the Trump campaign – we’ll find like minded people and can look for young talent.

    Trump should have run for Governor of New York State just as Buchanan should have run and won governor of New Hampshire. Governor’s have real power and state politics aren’t as fixed as the national presidential election.

    • Trump like Duke always polls much lower than his real support because those being asked who they will vote for understand that the polling people want them to support Hillary, be against RACISM etc.

      • As I recall, Trump won every primary the polls said he would win, and he lost every primary the polls said he would lose.

    • And he’s losing it.

      Had he run a disciplined campaign since May, he would be winning big. He can’t stay on script. He thinks this is The Apprentice!

      Does he think the President can say whatever comes to mind? No, he can’t!

      All the criticisms of Trump are enduring, which means that his problems are simply who he is, not “inexperience”. He’s been at this for over a year.

      Do you know what’s iffy about this new “Trump is just being rational” narrative?

      In general, Trump isn’t rational, but goes by his gut. And this has hurt us many times.

      My hypothesis is that Trump is an idiot savant who is just channeling
      his perception of his father. He did not run a good campaign in the
      primary, rather he was pushed through by his base, despite his many
      failings. If we were strong enough to do that in the general we wouldn’t
      need Trump to “Make America Great Again” because it would still be

  15. Let’s keep our eyes on the ball, the election. True, endorsing these snakes is a vile thing to do, but far worse is losing the election. He had no choice. It was absolutely necessary to stop the MSM blitz against him. We need every vote. Trump will sort these bastards out once he is in the White House. All hands on deck, fall in line, continue to march. Real Americans understand what is going on.

  16. I think this will take a lot of steam out of the Trump train something we can’t afford due to the close race.

  17. Trump is being played.

    Don’t believe the cooked poll numbers. They are manipulated for this very purpose, to get Trump off track. These 3 betrayers, Ryan, McCain, and Ayotte are the very source of our problems. They consistently vote to give Obama everything he’s asked for including Loretta Lynch as atty gen.

    This is a bad move. All 3 need to go via primary.

    • Yes, Trump is probably down by 4, but a 51-47-2 race is a landslide electorally. Not even close.

      Trump is now in danger of doing WORSE THAN ROMNEY!

      He’s scaring people in a way we haven’t seen since Goldwater lost to Johnson.

      Wikipedia sums it up nicely:

      “The Republican candidate, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona,
      suffered from a lack of support from his own party and his deeply
      unpopular conservative political positions. Johnson’s campaign advocated
      a series of anti-poverty programs collectively known as the Great Society,
      and successfully portrayed Goldwater as being a dangerous extremist.
      Johnson easily won the Presidency, carrying 44 of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.”

      61.1% to 38.5%

      486 to 52.

      Trump isn’t there yet, but the frightening thing is that HE COULD BE before this is over.

      • Jim Webb could have run on an anti-free trade platform and not scarred off the moderates (nor had the gaffs) like Trump. Unfortunately he tried to hitch his political career with the democrats as Bush and the neocons were sinking the republicans in 2006 not foreseeing Obama 2008 and the total minority-far left takeover of the democratic party that made the “Kerry-Edwards” white male candidates as recently as 2004 obsolete.

        • Webb would have been an inspired VP pick. Though I’m sure the Trucons and Goodstudents would have found something to bitch about.

          • Every time I think of Jim “Andrew Jackson” Webb I get angry, sad, nostalgic.

            The best candidate for VP was not some nobody that no one ever heard of, he was one of the 21 candidates of the major parties for President.

            The day he dropped out, or the day Webb went on MSNBC and said he wasn’t voting for Hillary and might vote for Trump, that was when Trump should have said to the world “This is my VP”.

            Odious beasts like Gingrich and Christie were considered. Webb wasn’t even considered.

            How’s Trump’s debate prep going?

      • ‘Trump is now in danger of doing WORSE THAN ROMNEY!
        He’s scaring people in a way we haven’t seen since Goldwater lost to Johnson.’

        Oh, brother!

  18. Tactical analysis of this endorsement is necessary.

    The left were organizing a cross over vote to support Ryan. So Trump endorsing him has killed that effort. Few people who support Trump like Ryan. All Trump surrogates are apearing with Nehlen.

  19. What is truly appalling is Obama sticking his nose into the race and calling Trump ‘unfit’ and telling the GOP to dump him.

    Where does he get the nerves? Why does the media give him a pass on such boorish and a**hole behavior? This is huge breach of political protocol.

    Bush II, jerk that he is, didn’t butt into the contest between McCain and Obama.

    If he had, media would have trashed him as unstatesmanlike.

    Reagan didn’t butt in between Bush I and Dukakis.

    Obama acted like Kanye West interrupting Swift at the Grammies. He feels so entitled.

    He’s acting like Jar Jar Binks.

    Now, why is Trump ‘unfit’ to rule? Because he questions and challenges some of the Establishment agenda and positions? To be ‘fit to rule’ is to suck up to the donor class? I suppose Jeb and Rubio are ‘fit to rule’.

    Of course, what Obama really means is that the president is supposed to be ruled by the globo-oligarchs. He’s been a good boy. And Hillary will be a good girl. And Jeb and Rubio would have been good boys too. Part of the GLOB CLUB or GLUB.

    ‘Unfit to rule’ is codeword for ‘difficult to be ruled by the GLUB.’

    It’s what a house negro might say about a field negro to his master. “Massuh, you gots to watch dat ni****. He don’t do like Massuh say. Like I do cuz I always obey Massuh.”

    And why doesn’t the GOP tell Obama to go to hell? Did Bush II tell the Dems that Obama, the member of Wright’s church and friend of bill Ayers, is unfit to rule? Had he said such, the Dems would have been up in arms. But GOP is mum about Obama’s rude interruption.

    You see, the GOP Estab is all part of the GLUB.

    Obama has been ‘fit to rule’ only in the sense that he’s been a smooth liar and operator of the GLOB agenda pushed by the cosmopolitan Zio-Anglo-Homo Oligarchs.

    It is incredible how the US messes up the world but then charges Russia of bad faith and lack of trust.

    Get a load of this.

    The very lowlife Obama who created the conditions for ISIS all over the Middle East is saying that Russia isn’t serious about defeating ISIL when, if not for Russia, the terrorists would be laying waste to all of Syria.

    Because Hillary is such a lackluster zero, the Dems have told Obama to play an active role in the election to make Clinton’s run seem like Obama’s term. It’s like Trump vs Hillary as Obama’s shadow. (Trump has been muted about Obama because he wants some of the black vote.)

    Obama’s presidency has been a total fiasco, but his Hollywood hero style has many idiots fooled that he’s been a steady and firm hand in the world during troubled times.


  20. With his response, Paul Nehlen shows himself to be a class act and a man of genuine principle rather than crass careerism. His kind is virtually unknown in politics. Would that we had more men of his character running for office.

  21. They say Trump is thin-skinned.

    Has anyone known Obama to handle criticism well?

    Without knowing the facts, he interjected into the Henry Gates arrest and called the cop ‘stupid’ and refused to criticize and pompously called for a ‘beer summit’.

    But then, he’s protected by the fawning press.

    Obama once even left a question-and-answer session because he didn’t like questions.

    And he blew up at Bill Daley after meeting with Netanyahu.

    Anger is a pathology in a white man. It is passion in a black man.

    Media played a game of Obama-shielding.

    Media hide the rages of Obama and Hillary but airs everything by Trump. to be sure, Trump’s style is to let off steam.

    Now, it’s playing a game of Trump-baiting, not unlike bear-baiting.

    Trump needs to know that in a bullfight, the bigger and stronger bull usually loses because it is distracted by the cape and other things.

    Don’t look at the cape and distractions. The bull must think like the matador and focus on the real danger and gore that.

    In any bullfight, the bull would win IF it weren’t distracted. If it focused on the matador than on the cape and stupid shit. Khan was one of those capes.

    But trump is tied up and it’s not a fair fight, like in bear baiting.

    Khan is a Paki dog used in Trump-baiting.

    Trump needs to be smart and be the smart matador himself against Hillary the Sacred Cow.

  22. Nehlen makes innocuous statement and gets the ‘Trump’ treatment.

    Paul Nehlen @pnehlen
    With globalist advisers like @DanSenor it’s no wonder @PRyan is to the left of @HillaryClinton on #TPP.
    It’s time to #RetireRyan.

    (((Jamie Kirchick)))
    ?@jkirchick (((Jamie Kirchick))) Retweeted Paul Nehlen
    Why don’t you just say “Jew?”(((Jamie Kirchick))) added,

  23. Amazingly, Trump just brought Stephen Moore on board as an economics advisor. Can I get a refund on my donation money?

    • Heh, Lew these dogs in the party will not act as loyal surrogates unless they are getting concessions out of The Don.

      As I pointed out elsewhere today and in this thread, Trump is a fascist and at the end of the day the GOP is Cucks. That’s the structural flaw.

  24. What is interesting about this election, especially with the people-of-color minions standing behind the 4-star general giving a neo-imperialist speech to morons chanting USA USA USA, is that it goes to show the degree to which Diversity makes the Globalist-Imperialist-Elitists seem like the underdogs(or noble defenders of underdogs) in relation to the nationalists who are made to seem as the overdogs.

    The rulers of the West are the globo-oligarchy. They got the money, the connections, the institutions, and etc. They are the 1%. They are the topdogs, the overdogs. Thus, they are vulnerable to nationalist populism, to demands made by people who have less and are even facing tough times.

    So, what the Globo-elites do is use the Diversity Card. They make themselves the champions, defenders, and saviors of the poor, huddled masses yearning to eat Bic Mac and watch big screen TV as the American Dream. It’s the New Colossus alright. Or Globossus. The GLOB sounds like John Wayne in GREEN BERETS. Or the general in FULL METAL JACKET who says, ‘Inside every good is an American trying to get out.’ We can invade and destroy your country cuz we feed your kids.

    ‘Inside every ragger is an American trying to get out’. It’s surreal because the general at the DNC spoke before service men made up of Muslims and Homos, men and women. So, US respects Muslims and Islam… but it uses Muslim soldiers to spread America’s Zio-Homo Imperialist war policy in the Middle East.

    This is beyond the KKKrazy Glue to hold the coalition together. Neo-imperialist Militarism is the New Glue for the coalition. Hey, you can come to the US, join the military, destroy your homelands, and live better material lives. You can have Bic Mac and Big Screen TV. And a mega-mansion in the surburbs.

    Given that Third World people will do anything for a better material life, they just nod along. And besides, with so many divisions and tensions in the Third World, many third worlders see US as lesser evil in the sense of ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’. They hate each other more than Americans who are bombing their nations. In some cases, this is understandable. If you’re a Kurd, surely the US is better than Hussein.

    If you’re ISIL, surely US is better than Gadaffy.

    Remember that song “We are the World”?

    The new song ought to be “We are the World War.”

    WWD or World War Diversity. In exchange of the West letting you come and live in America and enjoy all the amenities, you will give us your sons and support(like the Khan family) to bomb and destroy your nations of origin.

    Diversity is the gift that keeps on giving to the globo-elites. Without diversity, the politics becomes the game of rich elites vs the native masses. The latter has the moral upperhand as the underdogs. But with Diversity, the elites can pose as noble defenders of those poor huddle colored masses from the ‘racist’ and ‘hateful’ native populists while they enrich themselves and blow up the world. Even when the person of color is rich and privileged like Fareed Zakaria, there is the Narrative of him being an underdog and white working class being the ‘privileged’. It is so foul.

    Diversity also makes for more corruption at the top. Because the majority or the minority depends on the elites for protection, the elites can get away with a lot of shit.

    This was the problem of the American South. Too-many-blacks meant that white southerners lived in fear. So, the Southern elites could get away with anything as long as they offered protection to whites from blacks. White masses were too terrified of blacks to complain about white southern elite corruption. They felt a need to stick with the elites no matter what in order to maintain the anti-black coalition.

    Now, it’s the same way with Diversity. Blacks, Muslims, Asians, and etc must know that the PROGLOB elites are very corrupt, lowdown, and slimy. But they depend on the PROGLOB(especially Jewish elites) for protection and favoritism. So, they don’t rock the Democratic elite boat even though it is rotten to the core.

    In contrast, the elites in all-white Wisconsin and Minnesota(in the past of course) used to be much cleaner. Since the masses were all-white, they didn’t have anyone to fear. They didn’t need the protection of the elites from the darkies. So, they pressured elites to run clean governments and provide good service.

    But what does Diversity do? In states(esp in the south) where white masses depend on elites, they are willing to overlook elite corruption.

    In states where non-whites depend on elites, they are willing to overlook elite corruption. Why upset the applecart on which they depend for their nebulous and uncertain power without firm grounding?


    • I liked this one.

      The Roman imperium must have done this a hick too.

      Trump significantly told these nations to look to their own defenses.

  25. Playing the game, until he wins. Playing the game.

    But we will never forget, nor ever forgive what McCrazy, Sheeny Ryan, and all the other CUCKS are. And they WILL be removed. Not tomorrow, not next month, but soon.

  26. Trump will be calling for large supply-side style unpaid for tax cuts later today, along with repealing Obamacare which will let mega-insurers go back to denying for pre-existing conditions. Nice. A real winning formula there.

    Trump is fucking finished. I’m certain of it. His only shot was to go full populist, the donor class, GOP and squishy cuck sensibilities be damned. Instead, he is doing the opposite. He’s creating a campaign that will repel potentially persuadable cucks and the industrial working class at the same time. So sad to see this opportunity squandered.

    • I don’t see the hatred Rush Limbaugh etc have with Obamacare, sure it is filled with flaws, but fact of the matter in this day of outsourcing treason where employment is unstable, the old system of employer provided health care just doesn’t work anymore. Health care is unaffordable for the average Joe and we need the Canadian system, but at least Obamacare lets you get some sort of coverage. After the treasonous Globalist racket called GE hostilely took over my company, shipped the production equipment off to Shanghai, and my Cobra benefits ran out after a few years I found I couldn’t buy health insurance period because of a preexisting condition affecting about 1/3rd of American Adults. Obama himself knew he wasn’t getting what he really wanted, and Obamacare was full of flaws. But no one would want get rid of it unless it was scrapped for a Canadian system because the previous system was so broken and antiquated and means bankruptcy for 60% of the population left with Mcjobs since Capitalism Inc stole their jobs for the Red Chinese.

      • I’ll say this as kindly as I can. If you have a ‘pre-existing condition,’ that affects roughly 1/3 of Americans, I bet it’s DIABETES.

        And if it is, I have NO sympathy with you folks, who continue to steal tax dollars from those of us who don’t, and won’t become Health care couch potatoes.

        Now, having a father who got it late in life, and a paternal aunt who died of it, and a friend who is currently living with it – (who also is obese, won’t change the eating parameters that are forty years out of date when she first got it, and who is too damn cheap to purchase nutritional supplements, change her diet (see below) and doesn’t exercise, and who ‘swears by doctors’ who have her entire family on such a variety of toxic meds, I wouldn’t touch ANY of them, with a ten foot pole) I’m going to say this, in the spirit in which it was intended…

        CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE, and maybe WE wouldn’t have to SUPPORT YOUR self-destructive behaviors! Instead of kvetching about it, remove gluten-based HIgh Glycemic foods ENTIRELY; Eliminate ALL Fast Food eating, ENTIRELY; replace salt with a salt substitute, drink more water, not Diet soda; eliminate HFCS as well as Aspartame, eat grass-fed beef instead of CAFO crap:!

        And above all, get off your duff and exercise- even walking is better than nothing. Amazingly, people who do that have a CONSISTENTLY lower blood sugar, feel better, look better, lose weight, and OFTEN GO OFF DIABETES MEDS- including insulin.

        We waged war for over 3/4 of a century to point out the evils of tars and nicotene in tobacco, while the Giant Agribiz folks were poisoning us in other ways. Now, we need to be just as vigilant in saying, ‘Eating this/eating this way,’ WILL kill you!’

        And what is more, WE WHO DON’T ABUSE OUR BODIES in this fashion, no longer should be mandated to pay for AIDS drugs, lung removal from cigarette addicts, liver transplants for alcoholics, and eternal $10. co-pays for gluttons and food orgiasts, who won’t remove the very food that is causing such things as Diabetes in the first place.

        • I agree with most of your post. I like Mercola but find he is way too extreme regarding nutrition. However, some people may benefit from his recommendations.

          Because of muscle loss due to ageing (sarcopenia) and a few injuries I’ve experienced a decline in strength and a noticeable accumulation of adipose tissue around the waist that has been increasingly difficult to dislodge.

          So, I decided to join a gym which has all sorts of equipment friendly to those with back problems. Previously, it was sufficient for me to do body weight exercises, such as chins, dips, free squats, bike riding and jogging.

          The resistance machines are friendly to my joints and back. I’ve been increasing intensity and loads and getting much stronger and noticeably leaner in less than a month. My abs are squishy but visible again which is satisfying.

          The only drawback is the loud irritating noise emanating from speakers that is erroneously described as music.

          Anyway, a few doors down in the strip mall where it is located there happens to be a Greek Restaurant. It is sad to see so many obese dads, moms and children waddling out to cars which invariably have a handicap sticker hanging from the rear view mirror.

          So many of them have all sorts of ailments related to their sloth and gluttony that are treated with drugs largely at tax payers expense.

          I remember you said that you lost 70 lbs. a few years back which is quite an admirable accomplishment for a sedentary cleric.

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