#TeamRefugees In Germany

I hadn’t seen this until it started making the rounds on Twitter as a tribute to Obama’s tweet about #TeamRefugees in the Rio Olympics:

Note: There is a real “War on Women” going on in Europe. Obama is resettling these people all over the rural South. It won’t be long before this kind of thing is happening in rural Virginia, not just in Germany.

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  1. If this isn’t enough to get Trump elected then nothing will be. This should be on the television in every Trump Ad from here to November. Let Hillary defend this

      • I thought it was familiar. The question is why is Donald Trump going positive if he wants to win? I would go as negative as I could. Make sure the world knows Bill Clinton is a Pedophile, Hillary is a Bull Dyke and Huma Abdenin is an Islamicist Lesbian. Tell the f*&^^ truth

  2. I just saw a VISA credit card commercial featuring an Olympic swimmer who helped save some refugees in the Med. Disgusting. And of course Morgan Freeman did the voice over.

  3. I’m starting to think that many of our people suffer from some kind of mental disorder due to the decades of non stop anti-white propaganda and bullying. They simply seem to be unable to process reality. If things like this had happened just a few decades ago there would have been riots and lynchings. I am myself having difficulty processing the fact that many of our people oppose Trump because he says mean things. They are more afraid of giving of offense than of being raped or killed.

    • You’ve put your finger on the core of the problem. My hope is that massive doses of reality will cure this sickness. Nothing else has worked. We are not seeing anything in the way of effective organizations or charismatic leaders. People are buying guns but I suspect that is largely an activity trap.

      The amazing thing about the anti-white propaganda and bullying is that it has mostly been done by other white people.

  4. One would hope that post modern Germans are beginning to understand what their grandparents were fighting for and one of those ideas was to prevent this sort of bullshit. Germany hasn’t seen this since the Red Army initially and briefly penetrated into east Prussia in October of 1944.

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