Ann Coulter Speaks At Paul Nehlen Rallies

For what it’s worth, I also officially endorse Paul Nehlen, so if I have any readers in Paul Ryan’s congressional district, vote for Nehlen on Tuesday.

Note: We all know that Nehlen has a very outside chance of winning, but it is worth taking the shot and supporting someone who is running on our principles. Also, he is running a hilarious campaign which is worth supporting for the trolling value alone.

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  1. Ann Coulter did a great job here and she is generally very solid – one of our best…..

    Just be on guard if you are personally in the same room with Ann as she is apt to turn her tongue on you/us with a brutal tongue lashing.

    I found out the hard way.

    But great job Ann Coulter and the Paul Nehlen campaign.

  2. The true test will be voting for the Democrat in November, and that goes for McCain as well.

    Worse often is better, as you can get a better person in there next cycle with the incumbent gone.

    Remember that the cucks did that with Lieberman when he ran against an anti-war liberal, and are doing it now with Trump. They seem to have facility with crossing aisles, perhaps because they are the brainwashers, not the brainwashed.

    • One good thing about this fractiousness is that it gives a sharp contour map of exactly who is what. Down to a local level.

  3. Should be noted here that Nehlen is running in the most hostile district towards Trump outside of Utah. It will be amazing if he wins. Kelli Ward has a far better chance in Arizona.

  4. The Kenosha/Racine areas of Ryan’s district can produce some major lefty flakes.

    This cuck is running on the Democrat side in the fall .

    Just one example of his thinking.

    Tom Breau: American Values: GOP’s attempt to stop Syrian refugees from entering the U.S. won’t stop terrorist shootings at movie theaters or grade schools. This bill won’t make the world safer. This bill is comforting to ISIS/Daesh.

    • He would just be one of ~200, not the speaker. If Ryan wins on Tuesday and if I were living in WI-01, this cuck would have my vote in November.

  5. From a Washington Times editorial, today (Sunday, August 7):

    The Donald doesn’t understand that a campaign for the highest office in the land is a lengthy job interview, and he should know from personal experience that a job applicant who spends the interview attacking others and ranting about the irrelevant will be told before he’s hired that, “You’re fired!”

    Mr. Trump won a clear shot at the White House, and he’s wasting the opportunity that few Americans get. If he won’t or can’t get his act together, he won’t get the job. His prospective employers are beginning to lose interest in him because he wants to talk only about himself and petty distractions of interest only to himself. He’s wasting time, his and ours. Tick, tock.

    • MSM hates Trump. No matter what he does he’ll always be wrong as far as they’re concerned. His biggest sin is attracting so many right wing bigots and “racists”. Meanwhile, Silence and damage control for Hildebeast.

      This isn’t one long job interview. It’s one long attack campaign with intent of demoralizing or alienating Trump’s supporters.

      • I’m keeping a list of all the so-called journalists and reporters in the kikemedia who are nothing more than shills for Hillary.

        • How about doing just a bit more?

          Learn to


          This entails publishing the personal information of an adversary/enemy – working to get them fired, lose social privilege, have their friends, family and neighbors disown them.

          The Left did this to anyone who gave money to the California traditional marriage initiative. Doxing works.

          I doxed 2 local Chicago reporters who were doxing Ferguson MO officer Daren Wilson, publishing where Officer Wilson and his family lived so BlackLivesMatter mobs could harass him or kill them.

          I did the same to the Chicago Reporters who did this shameful act and let local police officer groups know where the reporters lived – I was careful to state that nothing illegal or hateful should be done, but it’s fine to let good folks know where the bad folks hang out.

          How about doing the same to these Lying Washington Times Reporters?

          • This comment violates OD comment guidelines.

            Plus it reaks of trolling.

            Our side doesn t promote the lie there numbers of Jews were deliberately killed using zyklon B

            Hunter watch this one and be ready to ban

      • ‘MSM hates Trump. No matter what he does he’ll always be wrong as far as they’re concerned. His biggest sin is attracting so many right wing bigots and “racists”. Meanwhile, Silence and damage control for Hildebeast.’

        I agree entirely.

        If Trump should start a press conference by saying it’s a lovely day and he feels great the press would report that only an uncaring ‘White privileged’ beast would express those emotions in light of the world’s suffering and pain.

        • Which is why he needs to be at the top of his game and seek council to carefully think over everything he says, (worked for Slick Willy.) To his credit after the disastrous PR event of the White Bronco Chase OJ Simpson shut his mouth and listened to his attorneys, so did Casey Anthony and both these guilty as sin people manipulated stupid juries to let them get away with it. On the other hand you have people who continue to run their mouths, not listening to council, or try to handle their defense by themselves and it always ends badly. Trump knows first hand how the Amanda Knox was destroyed by hostile police and press. However he seems not to have taken away the lesson that you don’t go into such hostile interviews without proper council and a script you never stray from. Instead he seems to think she just wasn’t as smart as he is and he can handle them as handily as he dominates fourteen people sitting around a table at a business meeting.

  6. If someone really wants to vote against the TPP, voting against Ryan, and for Nehlen would be the way to go in Wisconsin.

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