ISIS Attacks Russia

This attack was nearly identical to the one we saw in Charleroi in Belgium earlier this month:

“ISIS has claimed its first terror attack on Russian soil after jihadis armed with a gun and axes attempted to storm a traffic police checkpoint outside Moscow.

Two police officers were wounded during the assault late on Wednesday on the motorway in Balashika.

Russian officials confirmed two terrorists were killed during the attempted attack. …”

Although this was the first ISIS attack in Russia, the Russians have long had a problem with Islamic terrorism. The United States supported Osama bin Laden and his fellow jihadists in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Chechnya is practically synonymous with terrorism. The neocons supported the Chechans out of hatred of Russia.

It has always been obvious that Russia has an interest in containing Islamic terrorism given its large Muslim population and proximity to the chaos in the Middle East. That can never be acknowledged by the “foreign policy experts” over here though.

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  1. Not directly on topic, but maybe some or all of you will remember a 2002 incident, in which Islamist Chechens took hostages in a Moscow theater. Wikipedia’s entry about it is at the following:

    On an evening at the time of the incident, I telephoned a local radio talk-show, after the host or the broadcast’s news reader had remarked with some kind of disfavor on the actions of the Russian special forces who’d eventually stormed the theater and executed the attackers. The forces had not entered the theater until some sort of chemical agent had been pumped into it, so the attackers would be subdued. The news report that had prompted the remark in disfavor had been to the effect that, upon their entry into the theater, the special forces had summarily shot each of the attackers, at least some of whom, apparently, had been thought to be armed with, or otherwise carrying, explosives, with detonators.

    When I remarked to the radio show’s call-screener that the executions had been called for, since the attackers were known to be in control of explosives, I meant that the Russian forces, in entering the theater, could not safely assume that every one of the attackers had been completely subdued by the chemical agent. Every one of the attackers had instantly to be destroyed, lest he somehow still be able to detonate the explosives.

    Instantly, the call-screener, a grown man whose voice sounded black, responded with what he seemed to regard as a kind of sympathy with my point of view. He said that, yes, it had to be understood that “these”–meaning the attackers–“were not good people.”

    Keep that in mind, you non-liberals, the next time you’re inclined to rage morally against the Jews, the media, Hillary Clinton, etc. MORAL EVALUATION IS ILLUSION. It has nothing to do with reality. It doesn’t matter whether those attackers, in that theater, were “good people,” and that’s certainly not the point I was trying to make when I telephoned that radio show. All that matters is what had to be done to stop them.

  2. Pray for Mother Russia everyone, the last nation even attempting to defend Christianity. I do not know Putins motives or personal feelings but I know this. Anyone attempting to protect Christianity deserves my support. Obviously no leader in USA, Canada or Europe would ever attempt to Protect Christianity. Even in Once Holy Spain, Portugal and Italy the people spit on Christ, Sick Sick Sick

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