Trump In Full Pivot Mode In Louisiana and Michigan

In Louisiana, Trump and Pence visit Baton Rouge to draw national attention to the devastating flooding, which the media has ignored. The new kinder, gentler Trump wants you to know – particularly suburban women – that he cares about people like you. Oh, and Obama and Hillary Clinton don’t.

In Michigan, Trump says he going to get 95% of the black vote when he runs for reelection in 2020. As in Milwaukee, he gave the speech in a White suburb around 90 miles away. He’s going to be so great for the black community. As in Milwaukee and Charlotte, the target audience here isn’t blacks. It is Cucked-Americans who live in the suburbs who suspect Trump is a racist. He’s giving them a fig leaf to jump on board.

Rick Wilson thinks we are idiots:

No, this move is actually the definition of the Nimble Navigator.

Trump is out there condemning “bigotry” on the campaign trail, but not in the sense that he chastising his supporters as a bunch of retrograde bigots, which is what the GOP has always done. Instead, the real racist is Hillary Clinton who takes the black vote for granted!

In such a way, Trump manages to sound like he is trying to win over the black vote to Cucked-Americans in the suburbs, the sort of people who voted for John Kasich, who aren’t supporting Trump because they think he is a “racist,” but he is doing it while sticking to his core message. It’s a pretty good solution.

Note: The Mike Pence rollout as Vice President helped quell most of the opposition from the former #CruzCrew. Just look at Texas where Cruz has plunged in the polls. The John Kasich voters are the problem Trump is addressing here.

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  1. Wilson has some weak trolling skills, I’m sure he will drag a few of the lesser talented types into debating “muh reich” but other than that he looks as unhinged as a SJW.
    He needs to spend more time debunking White genocide though, yep double down on that, that’s a sure fire Trucon winner, guaranteed.

    The weak spot for Cuckishness is White Guilt, WG is totally mockable, and so what if they double down on WG.

  2. A tricky balancing act: Trying to win over the cucks without risking loss of his hard core support. IMO, he should double down on Hillary without mercy. She’s very vulnerable on several fronts.

  3. I’m as hardcore as you can get and I know EXACTLY what Trump is doing and I praise him for it. I know he needs the cuck vote. As Hunter said, the way he is doing it does not offend me. Usually how it is done by the Rick Wilson’s of the world is to lecture American Whites on racism. Trump is calling out the failures of the Democrat party.

    A lot of what Trump says is true – the Democrats HAVE run the inner cities for decades and their policies of anti-police have brought us to the rise of Black Lives Matter. Trump is advocating a Rudy Giuliani type solution which is basically to crack down big time on Black dysfunction in order to create some type of stability where normal life can go on in these areas.

    There is a precedent to these policies and we saw them in New York when Giuliani ran the city. There is logic to what Trump is saying – he is not simply whining about racism and blaming Whites like Jeb Bush would have done.

      • Trump has to show his softer side which he as done splendidly over the last week – but not so soft where he comes off like a total cuck. I think so far he is getting it right. Unlike what Rick Wilson is laying out – I think Trump is going for a good balance. He is showing a softer side while doubling down on immigration, trade and the economy.

        Working class voters were the key to winning and something the Republican party never attempted to get before. I think Trump has a real shot to win this if he keeps giving speeches like he has done in the past week.

        • Women like to see a wild man civilized. See Tarzan. Get the savage in him must be just below the surface.

      • Trump is losing people with his erratic, bizarre behavior and statements. His policies are really good, it’s him that is the problem.

        I literally had a conversation with a guy this week that asked me if I had ever been to Tanzania. My cuckdar immediately started flahing. It wasn’t too long before he started bashing Trump and David Duke!

        What is this guy’s problem? They violate his Christian concept of Universality. What % of whites are like that? In the GOP? Add to that Trumps personal life and demeanor and we have a real problem.

        • Yeah, but in most cases his “his erratic, bizarre behavior and statements” are simply the excuses for the single-issue voters, mentioned above by Jenkins, to seize upon to denounce Trump. If Trump were a Democrat, which is the party catering to most single-issue voters, his “his erratic, bizarre behavior and statements” would be defended or ignored.

          • As I’ve said, if Trump were black running as the black candidate none of his behavior would matter. He could swill down a glass of purple drink at the podium or be caught on candid camera puffing crack like Marion Barry and his support amongst blacks wouldn’t budge. White people over intellectualize the whole thing to have large % voting against white interests. Blacks on the other hand vote 97% for Obama with 3% so incompetent they accidentally voted for Romney by mistake.

        • Trump is a fascist. All else follows. Every erratic statement is just a hook to hang your coat on rhetorically.

      • The problem Hunter is SINGLE ISSUE VOTING. Whites especially in the North are single issue voters. In other words they are so programmed into VOTING FOR THE UNION TICKET or a woman VOTING FOR FEMINIST CONCERNS or an environmentalist VOTING GREEN that they never see the entire picture.

        Single Issue Voting in the South was very simple for years, whats best for the White Race. Simple as that.

        In the North what you had with all the Ethnic Diversity was in the beginning each group voting against the other. If you were White American Protestant working man you were expected to vote for the White American Protestant candidate who promised a tariff to protect your jobs no matter if he was a Leftist abolitionist or not and if he hated Catholics and Jews that was four stars on his paper. This all changed with the enfranchisement of women in the 1920s which suddenly brought side issues into play. Such issues as Feminist rights, or protecting the environment or improving the schools were targeted SOLELY TO WHITE WOMEN.

        When FDR came to power in 1933 promising to end the starvation of Hoover, which was in fact caused by the Federal Reserve women supported him 10000 to 1 because after all he promised little Johnny and Suzy would have a bowl of soup and a pair of shoes and a coat and Mom wouldn’t ever have to worry again about barefoot children starving.

        This emotional tripe carried into the sixties and while only a pittance of Whites supported the Negroes, these same whites supported the politicians promising their children things like shoes, coats, food, and job protection most of whom were the Pro-Negro nasty libs.

        The deal in 2016 is this Hunter and lets be clear about this. We need people to COMPREHEND THE ENTIRE PICTURE and put aside their personal interests for the Greater Good. Most of the Southern Military Men in 1860 didn’t want secession or a Confederacy but they put aside their feelings for the Greater Good and came to support it wholeheartedly, We need to get these Enviro-Idiots, Pro-Fag idiots, Pro-Abortion idiots, Pro-Union idiots to put aside their personal interests and support the greater good.

        The Irony here is the Democrats always say they support the Greater Good when all they push are single issues. How did it work out for the UAW to vote Democrat once the Democrats began outsourcing your jobs alongside Republicans. When will people get the entire picture?

        • This is correct, though I don’t think the Catholic Divide you mention is relevant these days, at least not in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky regions I am most familiar with. I don’t think it is in places like Michigan, either, from anything I have read or heard, but maybe so. It may well still be in play in the North East, but they are hopelessly liberal anyway.

          At any rate, you are certainly correct about single-issue voters. I’ve been talking a lot with Union members (I was a building trades member for many years and know well all the ideology and tactics and mentality at work). Many of them here in southeast Indiana and Ohio, a radius about Cincinnati, are dead set against Trump. Right off the bat, he is not a democrat and, even worse, he is a businessman and, the ultimate evil, a billionaire. Those three attributes automatically conjure up the wrath of construction unions, and most other private sector unions, as well.

          Most of these building trades men are the epitome of low information people, they are not bad, they are in fact possessed of a fine work ethic, but few of them even keep up with their local news and end up repeating only local gossip as if it were gospel. They receive a monthly rag called the Union Builder. The publication is literally only articles penned during the 60s and touched up with a few name and detail changes each month since. The main subject is CEO pay. Over the years it has increasingly became shorter on labor issues and longer on SJW causes. The queer-cake incident, for example, became a cause, evidently, for these mostly redneck union members. It is cited first as one of the evils of Pence and Indiana not being a democrat stronghold.

          The market share of union construction is at all time rock bottom, and has decreased greatly under Obama. Beginning in 2009 and extending for about 3 years straight, you could not buy a job, in fact members dropped out and had to leave the trades in droves, yet the members talk today about how much Obama has helped them and how many jobs he created during his presidency.

          There is something else you should know about the union building trades. They are literally almost cult like. It is kind of weird, really. They are good trades to be in and fine skills to have, to be sure, but these men, to put it bluntly, suffer from a sort of delusion of grandeur. They think they possess skill levels and training comparable to, say, the finest surgeons. They think of themselves as being the bravest badasses on the planet, something like SEAL team six or the most elite special forces on the most dangerous and critical missions. They think it means something like that when they mention to other people they are ironworkers or boilermakers. Nobody else much cares, of course. You might get a minute of interest from someone and maybe a mild “that’s a demanding job” or something response, but nowhere like what most of these guys think. And they are clannish beyond the people in south Kentucky and the South in general. They want your entire life and social activities to be almost exclusively with fellow union workmates and members.

          The arch enemy and symbol of union wrath is Ronald Reagan. Reagan bears the same relation to unions as Adolph Hitler does to the Jews. The Reagan years are reported the same way Jews talk about the Holocaust and concentration camps. To this day older members still talk about what Reagan did to them and how wealthy he made businessmen.

          Union construction members love multi hundred million dollar and multi billion dollar tax payer financed projects. It does not matter if the project turns out to be a boondoggle or the building a white elephant later. The goal is a “seven twelves” work schedule. They care not one wit if it is a billion dollar bridge to nowhere, if it provided twelve hour shifts seven days a week and 2500 and up a week bring home pay.

          These men have no conception or even care how things actually work, which has played a large role in their now on-life-support existence. For example, they thought power companies would automatically jump and sink another half billion or billion dollars into half century old power plants when democrats passed all this clean air and anti-coal legislation. This right on the heals of a few hundred million they had already spent on installing air scrubber technology. Of course, Duke and AEP and others simply had to shut down these old plants instead. The power plants around here, and in many other regions of the country, kept building trades men working. But the unions fanatical demands and backing of the Democrats and their anti-coal agendas finally turned most of the power plants against them and today they turn to non-union contractors. One of the remaining union employers, though, an AEP plant about 65 years old, was one that closed its doors last year. Another local plant used non-union contractors for about a 3 year billion dollar project.

          • The Anti-Catholicism leftover is why white urban people in the North and whites in the rural areas still have a latent distrust of one another. The hatred died in the 1950’s but it has left enough of a bad taste in everyone’s mouth that trying to explain a WHITES ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER message goes over like a lead balloon. My mother is in her sixties and when she was a child, you would as soon as rented your rental home to Negroes as to White Catholics one was considered as bad as the other at least in the small towns.

            The Ku Klux Klan was a Freemasonic Organization and as such hated the Catholic Church although it did in the First Era 1865-1877 allow both Catholics and Jews in the KKK. The Second Generation Klan and ever since was hardcore anti-RC and this counterproductive state of affairs even today makes people immediately turn against any Pro-White Idea.

          • Union men are dumber than sh–. When my mom& dad read the papers, listened, and made up their minds to vote for Nixon in ’68, my dumbass uncles (all union men) thought we had become traitors to America. I was 14, when I realized Union men are dupes, and are (((( controlled.)))

            Nothing’s changed since then , except now niggers and spics are in the Union…something my uncles never saw coming… But my parents did.

          • Their justification for voting liberal democrat, and their single issue, is, in their words, “bread and butter issues,” or “their wallet.” Just the other day one flat out told me that everything came down to “his wallet. ” All other concerns–culture, etc–is subordinate. He even said a man is stupid for not thinking solely in terms of his wallet. I immediately shot back “why are you even f-ing with unions, then? Why not go the whole hog?” I let him know he was stupid then if money is his philosophy and he is going about it with liberal democrats when a Gordon Geico attitude and ruthless politics and ideology are what the money men of this world subscribe to.

          • In the Cincinnati Area you have alot of Southern Ex-Pats and their families who had a latent hatred of Republicans because of the War of Northern Aggression. Combine that with the Labor Union issue and others and you multiplied that by a million. My granddad went to his grave hating all Republicans and being angry with my father for becoming one, he saw any Southerner who didn’t vote for the Democrats as a lowdown traitor

          • Never forget especially in your urban areas ie Cleveland, Chicago, Metro Detroit/Toledo, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Newark, Philadelphia, and Baltimore probably 80% plus of White Union Workers are from Ethnic Backgrounds ie Italian Irish who were ROMAN CATHOLIC. Let me repeat this again ROMAN CATHOLIC.

            These people’s grandparents and great-grandparents believed that the Democrats were the only thing protecting them from the Nativist Protestant Whites ie most of us lynching them or burning their churches. The Klan burned a few RC Churches in the 1920s and 30s and where I live there was a shootout between some Klansmen and some White Catholics in the 20s.

            You have this latent Catholic hatred for Non-Catholics and vice versa which is still a powerful subliminal tool. You have the Labor Unions who supported Democrats because the Corporations were originally Republican. Combine that and you have a mess. Literally to reprogram these Urban and Suburban Dagos, Hunkys Slavs and others into realizing ALL EUROPEANS are in this fight together has been next to impossible for both the historical and economic reasons. Also the left has exploited this wonderfully. They even have used Pope Francis to paint Republicans as ANTI-CATHOLIC recently so you tell me if this aint still in play.

          • A great analysis that is consistent with my own experience with “working class” people, who reflexively hate anyone with a better education or who has achieved greater success than they have. The hatred of successful people by “the workers” is among the most destructive forms of bigotry. The “workers” have no long term vision or capability. If we could replace them with robots, what a step forward that would be. Unfortunately, robots can only manufacture products, not purchase them. You need a viable working class to have a market for consumer goods. Imagine a civilization of high IQ whites who relied on robots for life’s comforts. Hmmm….maybe we don’t need “workers” after all.

      • The Class Divide especially in the North at some level the ANTI-CATHOLIC divide is there at a sublimminal level. As White Protestants hated White Catholics and even burned and shot them as late as the 1940s how are they going to bury the hatchet for the white greater good?

        Thank God Dixie never had this problem

  4. I don’t these people get it. The alt right wants Trump to win, he’s already got our undying support from the moment he said wall + deportation.

    The fact that he wasn’t pivoting was causing people to move on to the next phase, knowing that his defeat would be inevitable.

    • It’s not like he’s kidding the wailing wall or appearing at the NAACP…

      He’s just pointing out to niggers that they have not exactly prospered in the last 60 years.

      And he’s pointing it out to overly sensitive suburbs.

  5. The Bannon/Trump marriage may portend some venture in expanding alternative right-wing media. What if Breitbart is expanded into a new television news network? A populist version of Fox News would be most helpful to the cause. If Trump loses the election, I doubt a man as narcissistic as himself could live without a continuation of the adulation (narcissistic supply in psych jargon) he has grown accustomed to over the past year. He will be itching for more. What better way is there to keep his fix coming in the shadow of defeat than to start a new TV network?

    Those whining that if Trump loses it is “the end” should pull their heads out of their asses. It is really only the beginning of Whites resisting their creeping genocide in earnest.

  6. Arguably, Trump is presently over-correcting–but that’s okay. If we who want him to win are lucky, he’ll soon recover his liveliness, but without the offensiveness and the inanities that have cost him so much. If we’re super-lucky, he’ll retain it, thus adjusted, for the campaign’s remainder; and if we’re super-super-lucky, the correction won’t have come too late for him to put himself in solid position against Clinton. Fingers crossed, as one says …

  7. Rickroller Wilson thinks that everyone not named Rickroller Wilson are all idiots.

    Because it’s Trump, because his agenda is alt-center citizenism and civic nationalism and mild populism, and not agenda-loaded neoconservatism or lamestream conservatism or party-ordained centrist establishmentarianism, I’m willing to overlook some of this cuckservative crap coming out of his mouth since the start of the pivot, and chalk it up to the requirement that politicians in the electoral realm say certain things just for gloss, slick and PR. Even European nationalist politicians have to do that. But the point is that nobody believes it, not they, not their supporters, not their enemies.

  8. I’ve been watching Trump give these speeches on tv and he’s said some things I don’t really care for like reminding the colored that the Republicans are after all, the Party of Lincoln. Of course he is putting in it in the terms of they, (meaning the blacks) are as hurt by mass immigration as anybody. Which is true. And you can’t really fight a war against terror by allowing any terrorist to come here. And this is better than looking at the wicked witch of the east for the next eight years.

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